Lies of P: How To Change Handles

Learn about how you can swap and change the handle on your favorite weapon in Lies of P to unlock and explore new scaling and movesets.

In Lies of P, weapons play a huge role, but to make or modify one, players will need two necessary pieces – a blade and a handle. While the blade considers several stats like damage, the handle changes your moveset, stat scaling, and Fable Art. Apart from that, for better wins, you will need better weapons, and once you learn how to change the handle in Lies of P, you will be able to modify and make stronger weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • The weapon system in Lies of P contains two primary pieces, and one of them is the handle.
  • Players can change a weapon’s moveset, stat scaling, and Fable Art with a suitable handle.
  • However, to be able to do that, players will first need to defeat the second main boss, Mad Donkey, and unlock Eugenie in Hotel Krat.
  • Once the prerequisites are met, players can interact with Eugenie to change the handle.
  • So, to change Handle In Lies of P, players will need to:
    1. Select the Assemble Weapons option
    2. Select the Weapon
    3. Choose the combination
  • In total, there are 29 handles in Lies of P, each with a different type, fable art, and weight.

What Are Handles In Lies Of P?

Types of Handles
Types of Handles [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
You can modify your weapon’s moveset, secondary Fable Art, and Stat Scaling in Lies of P with a handle.

There are roughly 29 handles in-game, each with different Fable Arts, Weight classes, attribute scaling, and attack patterns. As such, these handles favor specific playstyles, and to utilize them properly, it’s best to analyze their supporting attributes and movement options.

How To Change Handles In Lies Of P?

Lies of P: Changing Handles
Changing Handles [Image Captured by eXputer]
After killing the Mad Donkey near Krat City Hall, players can visit Eugenie in Hotel Krat and select the “Assemble Weapons” option to swap the handles of different weapons in Lies of P.

As you know, you cannot get a weapon directly. Rather, you will need to go through certain combats and bosses to unlock the ability to create weapons.

  • The Hotel Krat and Mad Donkey play a vital role in changing handles in Lies of P.

Unlocking Eugenie

Lies of P: Eugenie
Eugenie [Image Captured by us]
Not only is Hotel Krat the Hub World for Lies of P, but it is also a place of visit for NPCs who are most pertinent.

  • In Hotel Krat, you will find a girl named Eugenie sitting in one of the alcoves of the hotel.
  • However, to interact with her, you must first unlock the hotel.
  • As you unlock it, you can modify and upgrade your weapons by interacting with her as she acts as a weaponsmith and upgrade station.

Defeating Mad Donkey

Lies of P: Mad Donkey
Mad Donkey [Image Captured by eXputer]
Once you unlock Eugenie, make sure you defeat Mad Donkey, the second main boss. Defeating him will get you the Enigma Assembly Tool, letting you modify the weapons.

Now that you have completed the prerequisites, you will need to:

  1. Interact with Eugenie.
  2. Then select the Assemble Weapons option.
  3. Furthermore, Select the Weapon you want to create or modify.
  4. Then, choose the combination of Blade and Handle that you would prefer.
  5. Lastly, confirm the selection by pressing the Okay button.

Once you know how to change the handle in Lies of P, you can craft and modify your weapons. Since the damage stats of a weapon are related to the blade, you will only be able to modify the weapon’s moveset, secondary Fable Art, and Stat Scaling.

Furthermore, players who prefer agility must know about the best Dex Build in Lies of P. Moreover, a beginner must look at the best starting class in Lies of P, which will align combat with your playing style and preference. 

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