Lies of P: How Legion Stat Works [Explained]

Learn how to increase the Legion Stat in Lies of P to maximize the number of Legion Arm uses.

Lies of P is a dark and challenging souls-like game that features a unique Stat System. One of the stats that players need to pay attention to is the Lies of P Legion Stat. Most of the players will neglect the Legion Stat as it has no visible advantage at the beginning, but it determines the number of times players can use their Legion Arms before resting.

Key Takeaways
  • Lies of P Legion Stat determines the Legion Arm uses before the Legion Bar depletes.
  • Increasing the Legion Stat will also increase the number of times a Legion Arm can be used.
  • The Legion Stat cannot be increased directly; however, increasing stats such as Capacity and Advance will increase the Legion Stat.
  • In Lies of P, increasing Capacity Stat allows players to carry heavy weapons without being slowed down.
  • Advance Stat increases the elemental damage inflicted on different enemies.

What Is Legion Stat in Lies of P?

Legion Stats
Legion Stat: 213
Important: The Legion Stat determines the number of times players can use their Legion Prosthetic Arms before the Legion Bar depletes.

The Legion Stat allows you to use your Legion Arm more frequently and effectively. The Legion Arm serves as a unique weapon, capable of morphing into various forms. Each form possesses distinct effects and damage attributes, encompassing elements like fire, electricity, or acid.

Employ the Legion Arm to unleash formidable damage, shatter enemy defenses, or impose a variety of status ailments. The Legion Arm can provide a significant advantage during combat, particularly when confronting formidable foes and boss opponents.

How Legion Stat Works

Legion Bar
Legion Bar, Marked in Red Circle

The Legion Stat bar indicates the number of times a Legion Arm can be used in Lies of P.

The Legion Stat is displayed as a bar in the bottom left corner of the screen. The bar indicates how many charges of the Legion Arm you have left. Each attack with the Legion Arm consumes a certain amount of charge, depending on the form and strength of the attack. 

For example, a Fire Blast will consume less charge than a Fire Explosion. You can see how much charge each attack will use by looking at the bar. If you run out of charges, you will not be able to use the Legion Arm until you rest at a Stargazer or use an item that restores Legion charges.

How To Increase Legion Stat

Increasing Legion Stat
Increasing Legion Stat [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
The Legion Stat can be increased by leveling up the following Default Abilities:

  • Capacity
  • Advance

The Legion Stat cannot be increased directly but depends upon Capacity and Advance Default Abilities. Increasing these abilities will automatically increase the Legion Stat, hence giving you significant growth in the Legion Stat Points.


Capacity is one of the six Default Stats you can level up with Ergo by talking to Sophia at Hotel Krat. Increasing your Capacity will also increase your Weight Stat, which affects how much equipment you can carry without being slowed down. Increasing the Capacity will also lead to an increase in the Legion Stat.


Advance is basically a damaging stat that will boost the elemental damage of your Legion Arm or throwable object inflicted upon different foes. In Lies of P, Advance functions as a counterpart to the Magic or Intelligence statistics found in other games.

It constitutes one of the three key attributes dictating the overall potency of your offensive capabilities. Advance enhances your resistance to numerous status afflictions and amplifies your elemental damage output. Apart from that, Advance Stat also boosts the Legion Stat, increasing your Legion Arm uses.

With all of the information provided above, my guide on Lies of P Legion Stat finally comes to an end. In this guide, I have explained Legion Stat along with its working. I have also explained other stats, such as Advance and Capacity, which affect the Legion Stat.

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