The 8 BEST Early Weapons In Lies of P [Expert’s Picks]

Start your journey with the best firearms to dominate the enemies in Lies of P!

The selection of the right weapon while embarking on the journey with Pinocchio is an important task. After seeing plenty of options to choose from, you might get confused about which one to go for. If you know about the Lies of P best early weapons that suit your playstyle, you’ll be able to advance through the storyline efficiently.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about 30 normal weapons in Lies of P, and it features three weapons to start with, and the weapon players will get depends on the path they choose at the start.
  • All the starting weapons have different stats in Lies of P, and players can select the ones that complement their build and playstyle. 
  • Selecting heavy-weight weapons will provide better Power and Durability, but players will have to compromise on Speed and Agility in Lies of P.
  • Going for lightweight weapons will provide Dexeterity and swift attacks, but Attacking Power will be relatively less.

Lies of P Best Starting Weapons

Here is an overview of the best weapons that you can consider in your early game stages showcased along with Weapon Name, Type, Weight, Durability, Attack Power, and Arts stats. 

Weapon NameTypeWeightDurabiltiyAttack PowerArtsHow to Get
Greatsword Of FateGreatsword13.8100111Link Slash, Absolute DefenseGet with Path of the Sweeper
Puppet SaberSword9.1140100Storm Slash, ConcentrateGet with Path of the Cricket
Electric CoilBlunt11.711.756Rush Smash, GeneratePurchase from Merchant in Elysion Boulevard
Salamander Dagger Blade Dagger7.910045Ignite, Retreating StabInside the locked room of Workshop Union Entrance area
Big Pipe WrenchLarge Blunt23.8117156Patient Smash, Payback SwingIn the Treasure Chest inside the cave near the Center of Vengini Works
Bone-Cutting SawbladeGreatsword15.9126152Link Chop, EndureInside the Chest in Malum District
Booster Glaive BladeGreatsword11.6120130Storm Slash, Patient SlashStorm Slash, Patient Slash
Wintry RapierSword6.310079Storm Stab, Guard ParryGet with Path of the Bastard

1. Greatsword of Fate

The Greatsword of Fate
The Greatsword of Fate [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Weapon TypeGreatsword
Total Weight13.8
Weapon Durability100
Physical Attack Power111
ArtsLink Slash, Absolute Defense
Motivity B

The Greatsword of Fate is a great choice as a starting weapon due to its high damage and piercing abilities. The weapon can be pretty reliable against common enemies as well as the early-game bosses. The Greatsword of Fate also possesses the ability to learn your enemy’s fighting moves and act accordingly. It is a unique ability that makes it a versatile melee option.

  • If you choose the path of the Sweeper, you will get the Greatsword of Fate; otherwise, you can buy it from the Cerasani Alley from the sword merchant for 300 Ergo.
  • The weapon comes with the Link Slash ability that allows you to perform multiple hits in a single attack.
  • The second ability is defensive, which blocks the enemy’s attack and saves your HP.
  • The one drawback of the Greatsword is that it is a bit heavy to wield and slows down your movement.

2. Puppet Saber

Lies of P Best Early Weapons
Puppet Saber Blade [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Weapon TypeSword
Total Weight9.1
Weapon Durability140
Physical Attack Power100
ArtsStorm Slash, Concentrate
Motivity C

Puppet Saber is another decent choice to start. The weapon allows you to perform fast attacks with its Slashing abilities. The weapon is considerably lighter than the Greatsword of Fate, allowing you to keep up your pace while fighting with multiple enemies. Although you get faster movement speed with the Saber, you have to compromise on damage a bit.

  • You will get the Puppet Saber for free if you choose the Path of Cricket.
  • You get multiple good abilities with Puppet Saber, such as Storm Slash and Concentrate, which allows you to target multiple enemies and enhance your damage temporarily.
  • The weapon also has the highest durability among the three default options.
  • However, the weapon lacks Motivity and has less Attack Power as compared to the Greatsowrd of Fate.

Important: All three default weapons can be purchased from the merchant. So, you can still try out the starting weapons, irrespective of the path you choose.

3. Electric Coil

Lies of P Best Early Weapons
Electric Coil [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Weapon TypeBlunt
Total Weight11.7
Weapon Durability100
Physical Attack Power56
ArtsRush Smash, Generate
Motivity C

Electric Coil is a unique weapon that uses electricity to shock enemies and deal high damage. The weapon makes a great fit in early game stages as the common enemies are weak against electric damage and could be taken down in a few blows.  

  • The Electric Coil weapon consists of two parts: the Electric Head and the Handle.
  • The interesting thing about the weapon is that you can change the parts to change its stats and make it more deadly.
  • The weapon comes with Run Smash and Generate abilities that enhance the electric effect to deal lethal damage.
  • You can get the Electric Coil in Area 2, where you can purchase it from the merchant in the house on Elysion Boulevard.
  • The price of Electric Coil is 1,200 Ergo.

4. Salamander Dagger Blade 

Salamander Dagger stats
Salamander Dagger [Image by eXputer]
Weapon TypeDagger
Total Weight7.9
Weapon Durability100
Physical Attack Power45
ArtsIgnite, Retreating Stab
Motivity D

If you’re focusing on a lightweight build with quick attacks and fast movement speed, then the Salamander Dagger Blade is the right option for you. The most interesting thing about the Dagger is that it deals fire damage, which is the weakness of many enemies. The dagger can perform smooth attacks without giving your enemies a chance to take any action.

  • It features the Ignite ability, which enhances your Fire damage temporarily, which you can use in heated situations.
  • Another unique attack animation is the Retreating Stab, in which the protagonist quickly stabs the enemy and takes a stab back to avoid any counterattack.
  • You can also disassemble the Blade and Handle and change the parts to enhance its capabilities.
  • The Salamander Dagger can be found in the Workshop Union Entrance area, inside the locked room.

5. Big Pipe Wrench

Lies of P Best Early Weapons
Big Pipe Wrench [Image by eXputer]
Weapon TypeLarge Blunt
Total Weight23.8
Weapon Durability117
Physical Attack Power156
ArtsPatient Smash, Payback Swing
Motivity B

Finally, here is the early-game weapon for a heavy build. The Big Wrench Pipe is a heavy-weight firearm that deals enormous damage and is focused on Motivity. With the help of the Wrench, you can take out enemies in a single critical hit. The weapon is also reliable against sturdy bosses with high hitpoints.

  • The Big Wrench features a Patient Smash ability that gathers all your strength to deal a massive blow.
  • Another interesting ability is the Payback Swing, in which the character performs a strong forward attack after guarding an attack.
  • You can change the Head and Handle of the Wrench to customize it according to your build.
  • The Big Pipe Wrench can be found in the Treasure Chest inside the cave that lies near the Center of Vengini Works.

6. Bone-Cutting Sawblade

Bone Cutting Saw Blade
Bone Cutting Saw Blade [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Weapon TypeGreatsword
Total Weight15.9
Weapon Durability126
Physical Attack Power152
ArtsLink Chop, Endure

The Bone-Cutting Sawblade is another heavy weapon that is suitable for players who want both Speed and Power. The weapon is available in Area V, meaning you have to progress a bit to get your hands on the lethal Greatsword. The Sawblade has high decent damage while giving better movement speed as compared to the Wrench, which makes it a good fit for Motivity-focused builds. The weapon is easy to carry as it provides a combination of agility and strength.

  • The Link Chop ability of Sawblade allows you to perform a downward blow, dealing a massive amount of damage.
  • The other ability, Endure, focuses on defense and allows you to temporarily withstand the enemy’s attack.
  • Just like other weapons, the Sawblade can also be disassembled and customized for enhanced effects.
  • You can find the Bone-Cutting Sawblade inside the Chest in the Malum District region.

7. Booster Glaive Blade

Booster Glaive Blade
Booster Glaive Blade [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Weapon TypeGreatsword
Total Weight11.6
Weapon Durability120
Physical Attack Power130
ArtsStorm Slash, Patient Slash
Motivity C

After mentioning the heavy weapons, I would like to mention Booster Glaive Blade, which is my personal favorite. The weapon provides balanced stats, which makes it a versatile choice. You can fit the firearm in any type of build due to its impressive offensive stats and decent agility. The hybrid stats make the weapon an all-rounder in the early game stages. 

  • Booster Glaive Blade comes with Storm Slash and Patient Slash abilities, which lets you perform multiple slashing attacks on the enemy when activated. 
  • One interesting thing about the Blade is that it cannot be disassembled, and you can not change any parts. 
  • The Booster Glaive can be found inside a chest near the Union Culvert Stargazer Workshop at the end of the drainage area.

8. Wintry Rapier

The Wintry Rapier
Wintry Rapier [Image by eXputer]
Weapon TypeSword
Total Weight6.3
Weapon Durability100
Physical Attack Power79
ArtsStorm Stab, Guard Parry
Motivity D

Lastly, there is the Wintry Rapier, which is an alright choice to start with. Wintry Rapier can perform well in the early game, but as soon as you start facing serious enemies, you might have to switch to a more deadly weapon with lethal capabilities. The weapon has the least damage and has a D grade in Motivity.

  • You’ll get the Wintry Rapier weapon if you choose the Dexterity path.
  • One beneficial feature of Wintry Rapier is that it is extremely light.
  • Players who prefer speed and swiftness over Attack Power can go for the Wintry Rapier,
  • The weapon is suitable for performing combo attacks and fighting multiple enemies.
  • Wintry Rapier can perform well against Puppets, but if you’re about to face a boss, it’s better to go for a weapon with higher DPS and Damage.

My Thoughts On Early-game Weapons

While I think Lies of P is a spectacular game, I’m not a fan of the early-game disparity, like how the early-game Technique weapons and much better than the early-game Motivity weapons. Personally, as a Technique build, I used the Greatsword of Fate Blade alongside the Wintry Rapier Handle, and it was such a sweet blend of damage and speed that I stuck with it until the final boss. Comparatively, the only potent Motivity weapon in the early-game phase is the Booster Glaive, which gets overshadowed relatively quickly.

save slot lies of p
My Lies of P’s save slots (Image Credit: eXputer)

I feel like the game intentionally wants you to pick the Technique class because of its early-game weapons, which is a shame because I can testify that Motivity Weapons have much better variety and potency overall. As such, I wouldn’t recommend switching to a Technique/Dex build just because of the early-game weapons since Motivity builds are rewarded with massively better late-game weapons.

That sums up the guide on the best early weapons. Each class comes with its unique strengths and weapon preferences, so choose a weapon that complements your desired build. Remember that getting the best weapons is all about customization and adaptation, so don’t be afraid to experiment and modify your character’s gear as you progress through your adventures.

Whether you’re slashing enemies with a Greatsword, giving electricity blows with a Coil, or busting heads with a Wrench, the Lies of P world is yours to conquer with the right weapon in hand.


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