Lies of P: BEST Dex Build [Stats, Weapons, Amulets, & P-organs]

Learn which weapons, Legion Arm, p-organs, amulets, and stats are required to create the BEST Dex build in Lies of P.

The Dexterity build is reserved for players wanting a quick and challenging playthrough of the Lies of P, with quick weapons and not having to deal with the slow animation speed of heavy weapons. But with so many weapons, amulets, and stats to choose from, one must know how to create the BEST Lies of P Dex build that will not only carry them through the New Game but will continue to live up to its name in the NG+ as well.

Key Takeaways
  • The Dexterity build in Lies of P is reserved for players who wish to be able to move around quickly and be agile at the cost of a bit of damage.
  • As a Dex build main, you are required to hit hard while being agile in Lies of P; therefore, players need to level up the stats that increase their health, stamina, and attack damage.
  • The main advantage of the Dex build is that it offers high speed, agility, and quick dodges to evade and counter enemy attacks.
  • The main disadvantage of Dex build is that its speed and evasion come at the cost of low damage.
  • Finally, in terms of P-organs, unlock the ones that increase your offense and defense and give you extra amulet slots.

Lies of P Best Dex Build

Here, I have prepared a table enlisting all the weapons, amulets, P-organs, Legion Arm, and which stats to focus on in order to create the best Dex build in Lies of P.

NameItems Required
Class-Path of the Bastard
Stats to upgrade-Vitality
Weapons-Twin Dragon
-Tyrant Murderers Dagger
-The Puppet Ripper
Legion Arm-Falcon Eyes
Amulets-Conquering Amulet
-Extreme Modification Amulet
-Carrier's Amulet
-Patience Amulet
Porgans-Link Dodge (Phase 1)
-Rising Dodge (Phase 2)
-Increase Pulse Cells 2 (Phase 2)
-Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 2 (Phase 3)
-Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness (Phase 4)

Starting Class And Stats

dex build stats lies of p
Stats required for the best dexterity build [Image Taken by eXputer]
Out of the three starting classes in Lies of P, the most suitable one for a Dex build is the Path of The Bastard. Of course, if you have already chosen some other class, then there is no need to worry, as Lies of P does allow you to level up any stat you want. It might just take you some extra time to fully reach the required stats of the best Dex build in Lies of P.

After starting your playthrough, the main stats you need to focus on leveling up are:

You also need to occasionally level up Vigor. Motivity and Advance are the two stats that you can fully ignore here. These are the ideal stats for the best dexterity build, and your stats should also look something like this once you hit levels 80-85.

Stats Attributes
Vitality 25
Vigor 15
Capacity 39
Motivity 5
Technique 37
Advance 6

Technique scales the weapons you will be using; therefore, having high Technique is paramount for this build, but the attributes get soft-capped at around 37, so I wouldn’t recommend leveling Technique above that.

The only reason Capacity is at level 39 is because you need a high weight limit to move freely. I will be listing multiple weapons that you can use at the same time. But if you plan on equipping only one weapon at a time, then you can take some levels off of Capacity and invest them in your health instead.


best weapons
Weapons for the best dex build [Image Credit: Lootward]
The three weapons I consider to be the best for a dex build in Lies of P are:

  • Twin Dragon
  • Tyrant Murderers Dagger
  • The Puppet Ripper

Twin Dragon

best weapons
The Twin Dragon
Physical Attack 107
Motivity  D
Technique A
Weight 12.9

Aside from an already fantastic move set that makes you feel as versatile as ever, the Twin Dragon is paired with the best parry system in Lies of P. This sword is a one-of-a-kind for a dexterity build, as it allows you to be agile and quick while offering lethal damage.

The Twin Dragon is a boss weapon and can be obtained after giving the Puppet Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo to Alidoro.

Tyrant Murderers Dagger

best weapons for dex build
Tyrant Murderers Dagger
Physical Attack 78
Critical Rate 30.00
Motivity  D
Technique B
Weight 5.9

While the Tyrant Dagger weapon doesn’t look like much, don’t be fooled, as looks can be deceiving. It is one of my go-to weapons when my opponent is too fast to be parried properly by the Twin Dragon. The agility and damage offered by this dagger make it a weapon worthy to be listed here. The only downside of the Tyrant Dagger weapon is that it does very little stagger damage.

Players can purchase the Tyrant Dagger weapon from Pulcinella in Hotel Krat for 2000 Ergo after giving him the Incredible Venigni Collection, which can be found at the entrance of Estella Opera House in Area 6

The Puppet Ripper 

best weapons
The Puppet Ripper
Physical Attack 132
Motivity  C
Technique B
Weight 16.4

The Pupper Ripper is a straight-up powerhouse in overpowering groups of enemies and is ideal for players who are not interested in parrying. It offers heavy damage and a unique spinning attack that can be used to hit multiple enemies close to you. 

The Puppet Ripper is another boss weapon that can be obtained by giving the Burnt White King’s Ergo to Alidoro.

Legion Arm

best weapons for dex build in lies of p
Legion Arms in Lies of P [Image Credit: TorteliniSensei]
There are two legion arms viable for this build. Players can pick whichever one they want.

  • Falcon Eyes
  • Pandemonium

Falcon Eyes

The Falcon Eyes is the Legion Arm for you if you wish to shoot your enemies from afar. It offers impressive damage and can be crafted with the Venigni Machine at Hotel Krat, but it requires a Legion Plug.


On the other hand, the Pandemonium fires acid on the ground, and enemies that stand on it will take damage over time. Some passive damage never hurt while you are on the offensive, making this Legion Arm a perfect fit for the best dexterity build. The Pandemonium can also be crafted by using a Legion plug at the Venigni Machine in Hotel Krat.


best amulets to increase stats for a dex build in lies of p
Different Amulets in Lies of P [Image Credit: PWARGaming]
The four amulets I will wholeheartedly recommend for the best dex build in Lies of P are the following:

  • Conquering Amulet
  • Extreme Modification Amulet
  • Carrier’s Amulet
  • Patience Amulet

Conquering Amulet

best amulets to increase stats for a dex build in lies of p
Conquering Amulet

Since parrying is one of the core elements of a dexterity build, the Conquering Amulet is paramount to this build as it increases your attack power after landing a perfect guard, making it a perfect amulet to pair with the Twin Dragon sword.

Players can obtain this amulet by exchanging x1 Kings Flame Ergo to Alidoro.

Extreme Modification Amulet

best amulets to increase stats for a dex build in lies of p
Extreme Modification Amulet

The Extreme Modification amulet, on the other hand, increases your overall damage by around 20-30%. Since you wish to be quick and strike hard, the Extreme Modification amulet can be considered one of the best amulets for a dex build in Lies of P.

The Extreme Modification amulet can be obtained in Lies of P by exchanging x1 Broken Hero’s Ergo to Alidoro.

Carrier’s Amulet

best amulets to increase stats for a dex build in lies of p
Carrier’s Amulet

The Carrier’s Amulet is your standard amulet that will increase your weight capacity, allowing you to equip heavier or more equipment. If you plan on equipping multiple weapons at a time, then you have no choice but to use the Carrier’s Amulet, as then you will have to deal with slower stamina regeneration without it.

The base version of the amulet can be obtained after defeating the Elite enemy in the caverns after the Venigni Works Control Room. The +1 variant of the Carrier’s Amulet is in the tall chest inside the Trinity Sanctum in the Krat Central Station. 

Patience Amulet

best amulet
Patience Amulet

The Patience amulet simply increases the recovery rate of your stamina. Allowing you to stay agile at all times. 

The Patience amulet can be looted from the enemy that rushes to you in the Malum District.


dex build lies of p
P-organs to unlock [Image Captured by Us]
In terms of P-organs, there is really not much to cover here as you only need to focus on unlocking P-organs that give you extra amulet slots, so you can actually equip all the amulets listed above. Aside from that, focus on unlocking the P-organs that increase your offense and defense capabilities, like adding more Fable Slots.

However, the P-organs I will recommend unlocking are the following:

  • Link Dodge (Phase 1)
  • Rising Dodge (Phase 2)
  • Increase Pulse Cells 2 (Phase 2)
  • Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery 2 (Phase 3)
  • Perfect Guard Cause Stiffness (Phase 4)

And with that, my guide on Lies of P BEST Dex Build, its stats, weapons, and amulets comes to an end. I hope my guide helped you out. Credit goes toward PWARGaming for creating this build, and do let me know what you think about Lies of P in the comment section below.

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