Lies of P: An Expert’s Take On The BEST Amulets [Top 6]

Learn about the best amulets in Lies of P which you can use to add several defensive, offensive, and healing capabilities.

Amulets in Lies of P add various passive buffs to your character, which you can utilize mid-combat against enemies. These buffs primarily range from defensive and offensive boosts to other healing capabilities. However, some amulets are situational, while others feel much more versatile, and as such, this versatility, combined with the amulet’s own potency, determines the optimal piece for your build.

Key Takeaways
  • Amulets are equipable items in Lies of P, which players can use to amplify their defensive, offensive, and healing abilities.
  • There are roughly 30 amulets in-game, each with unique abilities determining their versatility and usefulness.
  • Players start off with 2 equipable Amulet slots, which they can later increase by activating specific P-Organs.
  • The advantage of these items includes their game-changing abilities and extremely noticeable mid-combat.
  • They have a high Weight requirement, so players must upgrade their Capacity to equip them without reaching Heavy Load.
  • The Amulet options I recommend in Lies of P are Recharged, Ghost Walk, Arm of God, and the Extreme Modification amulet.

Best Amulets In Lies Of P

Here’s a brief overview of the recommended amulet options in Lies of P, detailing their item effects, weight, and unlocking procedure:

Amulet NameItem EffectWeightHow To Get
Ghost Walk AmuletFury Attack Dodge available14.9Can be traded with Alidoro for the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo
Nameless One's AmuletHas a chance of none being consumed when using Pulse Cells8.4Can be traded with Alidoro for the Twisted Angel’s Ergo
Arm Of God AmuletTemporarily increase physical damage upon a successful attack9.3Can be traded with Alidoro for the Reborn Champion's Ergo
Blue Guardianship AmuletIncrease max amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion1.7Can be purchased for 1,750 Ergo from Pulcinella after giving him the Fancy Venigni Collection
Recharged AmuletRestores HP continuously2.9Inside a chest beside the tower balcony near the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer
Conquering AmuletUpon a successful Perfect Guard, temporarily increase damage inflicted by weapon attack9.7Can be traded with Alidoro for the King’s Flame Ergo

1. Ghost Walk Amulet

If you’re still not perfect at parrying or want an easier way to escape unblockable attacks, this is the ideal amount for the case. As one of the best defensive-based items in Lies of P, the Ghost Walk Amulet enables Fury Attack Dodges, giving you invincibility frames against the enemy red-aura unblockable attacks.

Ghost Walk Amulet lies of p
The Ghost Walk Amulet (Image Credits: eXputer)

Here’s how to get the Ghost Walk Amulet from Alidoro:

  1. After killing the Green Monster/Puppet-Devouring Green Monster near the Barren Swamp Bridge Stargazer, interact with Alidoro at the boss arena’s entrance.
Alidoro at Puppet-Devouring Green Monster’s arena entrance (Image by eXputer)
  1. Exhaust his dialogue, then teleport back to Hotel Krat, where you’ll meet Alidoro in his old place at the northwestern corner of the hotel.
  2. Talk to him, then trade the Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo for the Ghost Walk Amulet.


  • The Ghost Walk Amulet lets you safely roll away from the enemy’s unblockable attacks.
  • Furthermore, you can chain it together with 2 or 3 dodges simultaneously.
  • The amulet is particularly good against most late-game bosses.


  • The Ghost Walk isn’t useful if you’re good at parrying, and it discourages using the aforementioned Conquering Amulet.
  • It’s also one of the heaviest amulets in Lies of P.

2. Nameless One’s Amulet

If you’re regularly struggling to maintain Pulse Cells against bosses, the Nameless One’s Amulet is arguably the best choice for you. This amulet grants a 20% chance to restore a Pulse Cell each time you use one. With luck, you can use the following ability to get several Pulse Cells to utilize mid-combat.

Nameless One's Amulet lies of p
The Nameless One’s Amulet (Screenshot by eXputer)

Players can purchase the Nameless One’s Amulet from Alidoro or Rookie Explorer Hugo (at Hotel Krat) by trading the Twisted Angel’s Ergo. The following Ergo can only be obtained after killing Fallen Archbishop Andreus at the Cathedral in Lies of P.


  • The Nameless One’s Amulet is the ideal item you can equip for endurance fights, like with challenging bosses.
  • The 20% chance is applicable to each Pulse Cell utilization, so you can heal yourself several times without using Pulse Cells.
  • The ability becomes more effective when you have more Pulse Cell uses via certain P-Organs.
p organs pulse cells Lies of P
P-Organ that increases maximum Pulse Cells (Image Source: eXputer)


  • The Nameless One’s Amulet is primarily dependent on RNG.

3. Arm Of God Amulet

If you’re an aggressive player focusing on quick and successive attacks in Lies of P, the Arm of God Amulet is for you. This item temporarily increases your physical damage by 5% upon a successful attack lasting 5 seconds. Once you attack the enemy again, the buff timer automatically resets.

Arm of God Amulet lies of p
The Arm of God Amulet (Image Source: eXputer)

You can obtain the Arm of God Amulet directly after the Recharged Amulet’s location near the Barren Swamp Stargazer via these steps:

  1. From the aforementioned tower balcony’s exit, interact with the contraption near the rail tracks.
  2. After a brief cutscene, head down to the tracks and take the first left.
path barren swamp stargazer lies of p
The narrow path left of the tracks (Image taken by eXputer)
  1. Proceed straight, and you’ll meet Alidoro next to a burning barrel.
  2. Upon exhausting his dialogue, you can access his shop and trade the Reborn Champion’s Ergo for the Arm of God Amulet.


  • The Arm of God Amulet favors both Motivity and Technique weapons.
  • As the buff timer resets, you can continuously hit your enemies to make the attack boost virtually unlimited.
  • You can stack the amulet’s attack buff up to 4 times to receive a maximum of +20% physical damage boost.


  • The Arm of God is relativity heavy with 9.3 Weight, so it’s still not as readily available to lightweight builds.
  • The amulet’s buff only works on physical attacks, so there’s no improvement to throwables, weapon coatings, or status effects.

4. Blue Guardianship Amulet

The Blue Guardianship Amulet is one of the strongest all-rounder Amulets you can get in Lies of P. It increases your max amount of HP, Stamina, and Legion by roughly 5%, 4%, and 10% each. As such, it helps raise your defensive and offensive capabilities and mobility.

Blue Guardianship Amulet lies of p
The Blue Guardianship Amulet (Image Credits: eXputer)

You can purchase the Blue Guardianship Amulet for 1,750 Ergo from Pulcinella after giving him the Fancy Venigni Collection item. This item can be found inside a chest stashed at the swamp’s eastern edge near the Barren Swamp Stargazer.

Fancy Venigni Collection
Chest with Fancy Venigni Collection at the Barren Swamp (Image by eXputer)


  • The Blue Guardianship is one of the most lightweight amulets on the list.
  • With raised HP and stamina, you’ll have a better chance of escaping out of deadly situations.
  • Furthermore, the added Legion makes your Legion Arm more useful via raised ammunition.


  • The Blue Guardianship’s amulet’s effect is only noticeable when you have high HP, stamina, and Legion Capacity.

5. Recharged Amulet

The Recharged Amulet is the only healing-based amulet on this list, but its effectiveness is unrivaled in the healing category in Lies of P. The amulet restores your HP continuously at roughly 2% per second, making it the ideal choice against hordes of enemies and nimble bosses.

Recharged Amulet lies of p
The Recharged Amulet (Image by eXputer)

Here’s the quick procedure to getting the Recharged Amulet in Lies of P:

  1. From the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer, follow the straight path to a tower’s entrance beyond a wooden bridge behind the Clown Puppet.
  2. Once inside the tower, head up the circular staircase to the exit on the balcony.
balcony barren swamp
Tower balcony’s exit (Screenshot Graab: eXputer)
  1. Turn right and climb the metal ladder, after which you must face the puppet with a burning sword in front of you.
puppet lies of p
Puppet with the burning sword (Image Captured by eXputer)
  1. Upon killing the puppet, open the chest at the back of the room to receive the Recharged Amulet.
chest barren swamp
Chest with the Recharged Amulet inside (Image taken by eXputer)


  • The Recharged Amulet works well during your Guard Regain.
  • If you have a low resistance to status ailments, the amulet can continuously restore any gradual-losing HP from status effects.
  • Furthermore, the Recharged Amulet has a reasonably low weight.


  • The gradual HP regain is extremely slow, so it won’t be effective against hard-hitting bosses.

6. Conquering Amulet

Like the Extreme Modification Amulet, the Conquering Amulet is one of the best early-game items for your build, as it encourages you to perfect parrying in Lies of P. This gear temporarily increases damage by roughly 20% of a follow-up weapon attack upon a successful Perfect Guard. 

Conquering Amulet lies of p
The Conquering Amulet (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Players can grab the Conquering Amulet from Alidoro in either St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Library, Hotel Krat, or the Barren Swamp by trading the King’s Flame Ergo. You can receive the following ergo after killing Flame King Fuoco near the Venigni Works Control Room Stargazer.


  • The Conquering Amulet offers one of the highest damage buffs out of any in-game amulet.
  • You can trigger the amulet’s effect more often by increasing your Perfect Guard windows, like using the Aegis Legion Arm.
Aegis lies of p
The Aegis Legion Arm (Screenshot by eXputer)


  • With 9.7 Weight, the Conquering Amulet is one of the heaviest in-game amulets.
  • You must have near mastery over Perfect Guards to effectively use it in Lies of P.
  • Your damage buff only applies to one hit, and if you achieve a Perfect Guard on one of the enemy’s attacks but miss it on the next, the amulet’s effect will disappear.

My Thoughts

As a Technique build, I’ve always needed extra stamina and damage output to tackle more challenging bosses. For these reasons, I adopted an aggressive close-range play style, and throughout my playthrough, I used the above amulets the most in Lies of P.

The ideal trio of Amulets in Lies of P (Picture Credits: eXputer)

In my experience, the Ghost Walk Amulet had the most significant impact on my build and made the gameplay much easier. It gave a significant edge against some of the most challenging bosses like LLaxasia the Complete. However, the suitable amulets will vary depending on your build and playstyle.

That wraps up this detailed guide on the best amulets in Lies of P, covering their item effects, pros and cons, and unlocking procedures.

As mentioned, these amulets are some of the most versatile and potent items in-game, but it’s recommended to prioritize the stats you find necessary and use amulets that amplify those specific stats. For more details, here’s the Lies of P’s Amulet Wiki Page, which you can visit to learn how to obtain all the other amulets.

If you like a nimble playstyle like me, consider reading up on the Best Dex Build in Lies of P to get your hands on the ideal items for it. If you want to upgrade your weapons instead, here are some reliable methods for Hidden Moonstone Farming. And be sure to check out the soft caps in Lies of P to see when and where you should utilize your Ergo.


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