Lies of P: Soft Caps For Each Stat

The Lies of P Soft Caps guide will showcase and explain how soft caps work and the soft caps for each stat!

Lies of P has a rigorous stat system with a soft cap system as the stats are leveled up. Soft caps offer a certain threshold, after which the corresponding stat skill point increases at a lower amount than a lower stat point. Players might want to know what the soft caps are for each stat. 

Soft caps will limit players from maxing out and investing too much into one stat, as it can make the character incredibly imbalanced in Lies of P.

LOP Soft Caps
How exactly do Soft Caps Work In Lies of P?
Important: Players will need to balance out each stat to avoid reaching the soft cap and make a well-rounded character in Lies of P!
Key Takeaways
  • Soft caps in Lies of P are thresholds for six stats, after which stat ability increase starts to slow down for the player. 
  • There are six stats: Vitality, Vigor, Motivity, Capacity, Technique, and Advance, and a soft cap exists for almost all of them in Lies of P. 
  • The main benefit of a soft cap is that it will allow players to allocate stat points between all six stats better and make their character more well-rounded. 
  • The drawback to a soft cap is that it limits the maximum capacity for a character and their full potential during combat. 
  • Players must significantly allot specific points into each stat to avoid wasting points and crossing the soft cap. 

Lies of P Soft Cap Limits

Below is the summarized version of each stat and their average soft caps: 

Lies Of P Soft Cap StatsAverage Soft CapsAverage Ability Increase
Vitality30-35Increases by one less HP point between 5 Vitality points.
Guard Regain (Vitality)30-40Increases by one less on Guard Regain point per 10-20 Vitality points.
VigorAround 30Gets enhanced by one less Stamina point per 3-5 Vigor points.
CapacityNo soft capAverage weight increase.
Legion Arm Ability (Capacity)No soft capEnhances 3 Legion levels per Capacity level.
MotivityAround 40Increases damage by one less point per 6 Motivity points.
TechniqueAround 40Enhances one less damage point per 5-6 Technique points.
AdvanceAround 30Same as Technique

Soft Caps For Each Stat 

Within each of the six stats, such as Vigor, Capacity, Motivity, Vitality, Technique, and Advance, it is important to know how much to invest into each stat and what the average soft cap in Lies of P will be. 


LOP Vitality

The Vitality stat governs the player’s general HP and Guard Regain, enhancing the Physical, Fire, Acid, and Electric Blitz defensive abilities. 

Typically, the HP gain from each Vitality level is stated as follows:

Vitality  HP Increase 
11-12 +20 HP
13-14 +18 HP
15 +17 HP
16-17 +16 HP
18-19 +15 HP
20-21 +14 HP
22-23 +13 HP
24-26 +12 HP
27-29 +11 HP
30-35  +10 HP
36-40  +8 HP

From this, it can be determined that after reaching a threshold of 30-35, the HP increase significantly slowed down. That’s the exact soft cap region for Vitality in Lies of P.

Guard Regain 

The Vitality Lies of P Soft Caps also features Guard Regain, which helps players guard against enemy attacks. If the Guard is successful, the character takes less damage but consumes stamina. 

The Guard Regain increase per point is as follows: 

Vitality Guard Regain Increases By
10-20  +5 or +6
20-30 +4 
30-40 +3
40-60 +2 or 3
60+ +2 or 1

The soft cap for Guard Regain increase should fall around 30-40 Vitality, after which Guard Regian increase also starts to dwindle. 

  • Keeping Vitality at 30-35 is the optimal solution for a balanced stat allocation and avoiding soft capping.


LOP Vigor

The Vigor stat determines the player’s ability to carry out actions in Lies of P, such as dodging incoming attacks or doing combos against enemies, and also determines your overall stamina. 

The Stamina increase per Vigor points are listed as follows:

Vigor Points  Stamina 
5-8 +6
9-11 +5
12-15 +4
16-21 +3
22-30 +2
30-38 +1 or +2
39-47 +1
47+ +0 or +2

The stamina increase through the Lies of P gameplay will be quite significant, and realistically, you only need to level up to 12-15 Vigor to have a good amount of stamina to carry you throughout. 

  • After reaching 30 Vigor, the stamina increase starts to slow down, determining the Vigor Soft Caps to be around 30, below which is ideal. 


LOP Capacity

The Capacity stat will focus on determining your total Equipment Load and ability to use your Legion Arm. It will also slightly increase the Acid, Fire, Electric Blitz, Fire, and Physical Defensive Abilities. 

  • The Capacity stat will increase your total Equipment Load limit by 3 for every level you allocated to it, making it incredibly balanced. 

As can be seen below, the Capacity percentage and weight increase are as follows: 

Capacity Percentage  Weight 
0-60% Average Weight
60%-80% A bit heavy 
81%-99% Adequately heavy 
100%  Extremely Heavy

During the start of Lies of P, you want to stop allocating 15-20 points into Capacity so the player can comfortably wear defense pieces. 

  • Trying to stay at or below 60% might be a good idea since a higher Equipment Load will eventually catch up, consume stamina, and always stay below 80%. 

Legion Arm Abilities 

The Legion Bar determines the number of times you can use your Legion Arm to carry out its abilities against opponents during the middle of a battle. 

  • There are also no Capacity soft caps in Lies of P for the Legion Arm, making it incredibly balanced. 
  • Essentially, increasing each capacity level will increase the Legion stat by 3 levels, making it easier to level. 

However, leveling Capacity more won’t affect your Legion Arm attack abilities much; therefore, keep the Capacity at 15-20 at the start. 


LOP Motivity

The Motivity will be equivalent to Strength in Lies of P, determining the damage output of weapons that scale off of Motivity. It enhances Physical Attack and the offensive abilities of the Legion Arm. 

  • Weapons with an A-scaling on Motivity will greatly benefit more than B or C-scaling. 

Below listed are the damage increases with Motivity: 

Motivity  Damage Increase
10-18 +7
19-23 +6
24-26 +5
27-32 +4
33-39 +3
40-45 +2
46-50 +1 or +2
51-63 +1
63+ +1 or 0

The Damage increase starts to drop after the 40 Motivity point. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that its soft caps will be around 40. 

  • As a rule of thumb, leveling the Motivity stat to around 30-35 and staying there might be a good idea since it provides a solid damage increase without reaching the soft cap. 


LOP Technique

Next, the Technique stat in Lies of P will focus on Dex, increasing the damage output of weapons that scale off of Technique weapons‘ Physical Attack and Legion Arm abilities. 

  • Weapons that scale off of A-scaling on Technique will benefit more than B or C-scaling. 

The average damage increase per stat allocation to Technique is as follows: 

Technique Damage Increase
10-18 +7
19-23 +6
24-26 +5
27-32 +4
33-39 +3
40-45 +2
46-50 +1 or +2
51-63 +1
63+ +1 or 0

After allocating 40 points to Technique, the damage increase threshold will start to decrease, making the soft caps for Technique fall around 40. 

  • Level Technique stats to around 30-35 for an adequate stat distribution and to avoid hard capping. 


LOP Advance

Last, the Advance stat will be equivalent to the Arcane stat and will affect the damage output of weapons that scale off Advance and the Legion Common Ability. 

  • All other stats in Lies of P will increase your Physical damage negation, but Advance can also enhance your elemental damage reduction. 
  • The Advance stat will also boost the Legion bar. 

The soft cap for Advance is around 30-40, which is ideally where players should ideally stop leveling it. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about Lies of P’s Soft Caps, and with that, let’s wrap up the guide! If you want to know more about stats besides soft caps, read this Fextralife page on it!

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