Paralyzed YouTuber Achieves All Lies Of P Endings Using Just His Mouth

He used a QuadStick, which is a video game controller for people with quadriplegia.

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  • YouTuber SteamyBiscuit, who has quadriplegia C4-C5, has achieved all endings in Lies of P by playing using only his mouth.
  • Although his YouTube channel only provides clips from some boss fights, he has streamed his journey of playing with a QuadStick on Twitch while setting an example for other fans.
  • Due to many players leaving the game early on due to its difficulty, SteamyBiscuit has set the title of some of his Lies of P streams as “If I can do it with my mouth, you can do it.”
  • This isn’t the only game that he has played; in fact, he has played and beaten many other challenging games, like Remnant 2, Armored Core 6, Elden Ring and even the Sekiro: Resurrection mod.

YouTuber SteamyBiscuit, who has quadriplegia C4-C5, has achieved all endings in Lies of P using only his mouth. He uses a QuadStick, a controller specifically designed for people with quadriplegia. Throughout his journey of completing Lies of P, the ambitious gamer has inspired several others who find these games to be difficult. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t his first time, as he has beaten notable titles like Elden Ring, Remnant 2, etc.

For the uninitiated, quadriplegia, also known as tetraplegia, is a loss of motor and sensory function in the cervical part of the spinal cord. This loss of motor function can be seen as either weakness or complete paralysis in all four limbs. Quadriplegia can differentiate based on the location of the affected vertebrae, which in SteamyBiscuit‘s case is the C4 and C5. 

His YouTube channel contains videos of several boss fights in the game, but to avoid any spoilers, you can check out the above video containing the first boss that players encounter in Lies of P. SteamyBiscuit makes use of a QuadStick, which is a mouth-operated game controller for people with quadriplegia. If you want to see his entire runs and how he achieved all the endings, you can find his streams on Twitch, where he plays all sorts of games.

In his journey to complete everything, SteamyBiscuit decided to motivate others to also finish the game by putting “If I can do it with my mouth, you can do it” as the title of his streams. Lies of P is considered by many as one of the most difficult soulslike games, which is why more people are likely to leave the game early on rather than dedicate themselves to the grind.

SteamyBiscuit‘s familiarity with Lies of P’s mechanics is not surprising, considering the amount of time he has put into gaming, indulging in titles like Elden Ring, Remnant 2, Armored Core 6, and much more. If that wasn’t enough, you could also find him adding more layers of difficulty, as seen in his Sekiro: Resurrection playthrough. This mod completely overhauls the base game, making Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice significantly challenging.

Beating difficult games in different ways has always been a staple among gamers, especially in the soulslike community. SteamyBiscuit continues that tradition while inspiring other gamers.

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Lies of P—a critically acclaimed non-FromSoftware soulslike game—was developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studios and published by Neowiz Games. It was released on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, macOS, and PC on September 19, 2023.

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