Streamer Beats Elden Ring Using Nothing But Kicks

Twitch streamer Ainrun finishes Elden Ring using only kicks.

Twitch streamer Ainrun has recently grown in numbers as a result of his Elden Ring challenge runs. The streamer started an absurd challenge in mid-December in which the player has to beat the game using only a kick attack. 

After 15 days of trial and error, Ainrun finally managed to defeat the final boss Elden beast, in his most recent stream. The viewers joined the celebration, and fans filled the chat with Twitch Prime subscriptions.

Major Takeaways

  • Twitch streamer Ainrun recently began a kick-only Elden Ring challenge.
  • The streamer finished the absurd category after 15 days of struggle.
  • The fans celebrated by gifting Twitch Prime subs to the streamer.

FromSoft’s Elden Ring is claimed to be one of the best and most difficult “souls-type” games up till now. Naturally, streamers and YouTubers make the base game look like a cakewalk by coming up with extremely difficult challenges.

A similar Twitch steamer Ainrun has gained popularity on Twitch in essence of these ludicrous Elden Ring challenges. Recently, he took on what players may claim “The hardest Elden Ring challenge” to this day. The challenge involves defeating the game using only the kick attack. 

For the nerds, the kick only does 3 points of damage no matter how many damage buffs one uses, making it one of the weakest attacks in the entire game. A must-do boss named Fire Gaint has an HP of 43,263 points, and it takes 14,421 kicks to bring down the beast.

On average, the boss fight can last up to 3 hours. Due to the sheer dedication and focus required, this challenge is claimed to be the hardest by the players.

Ainrun Facing Fire Gaint
Ainrun Facing Fire Gaint

The streamer Ainrun continued his runs of trial and error for 15 days until he finally managed to take down all the main non-optional bosses and finish the game. Ainrun even got a shoutout from the popular streamer Jake Lucky on his Twitter account.

The streamer was overjoyed when he finished the challenge, and the viewers celebrated by bombarding the stream with Twitch Prime subscription. Ainrun stated that this was the most difficult challenge he undertook. He added,

We did it! Elden Ring kick-only! Including Gideon, dude. We did get him as well. This is definitely one of the hard ones, I think. Yes, I know it’s not over. Oh my god, dude! Like legit, one of the hardest ones I’ve done, dude.” 

The final moments of the challenge can be viewed on the most recent Ainrun VODs and on the r/Livestreamfail Reddit.

Airun Beats Elden Ring Kicks Only
Airun Beats Elden Ring Kicks Only

A user asked in the comments if Malenia was part of this run, to which the steamer responded that he would try the challenge some other time. He said,

by u/Ainrun from discussion Twitch Streamer Ainrun beats ELDEN RING using only KICKS
in LivestreamFail

What is your take on the challenge? Do you think there is a challenge that is harder than this one? Let us know in the comments below.

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