Elden Ring Malenia: How To Find Malenia Boss

Our Elden Ring Malenia Location step-by-step guide entails all the necessary steps you need to take in order to reach Malenia boss.

Elden Ring introduced many open-world areas to explore and bosses to defeat. One of the giant bosses in the game is Malenia, which is entirely optional for players. But for the brave adventures that dare come across it, the Malenia Location guide can help them. 

Key Takeaways
  • Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, is considered one of the most difficult bosses in Elden Ring.
  • To find her, you will need two Haligtree medallions that are split are half one can be accessed through the Village of the Albinaurics and the other through Castle Sol.
  • Then Return to the Grand Lift of Rold. After hoisting the medallion, the lift will take you to a concentrated snowfield. 
  • Crossing the field north will take you to Ordina Liturgical Town thereafter, interacting with some statues, lighting lamps, and using a teleportation device will take you to Miquella’s Haligtree.
  • You will need to beat The Royal Knight Loretta’s boss, and after going down the Haligtree Roots Site of Grace, you will be face to face with Malenia.

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Who Is Malenia? 

Malenia, the Blade of Miquella, is one of the Bosses in Elden Ring and is considered one of the most difficult bosses in the game and, ultimately, among all the Soulsborne titles. Her aliases include Blade of Miquella and One Armed Valkyrie. Additionally, she is a Demigod Empyrean that can be found in the Brace of Halligtree. 

Malenia The Severed has warred with her siblings for centuries in order to win control over the Great Ruins. She has a twin brother named Miquella and they both are cursed. While she is inflicted by Scarlet Rot, she possesses power second to none, and fighting her is no less than a nightmare. 

Malenia Location Walkthrough

In short, to reach Malenia boss, you will need two Haligtree medallions that are split are half; one can be accessed through the Village of the Albinaurics and the other through Castle Sol. Then, venture across the Grand Life of Rold; you go to the Haligtree Dungeon, which will lead you to the Malenia Boss fight. You continue reading our guide or watch our complete walkthrough video here.

Haligtree Medallion (Right)

Elden Ring Village Headthrough
Village of the Albinaurics Entrance

The Haligtree Medallion (Right) can be accessed when players are moving their way across the Village of the Albinaurics, a village located a little bit across the Liurnia of the Lakes. When moving across the lake, the player needs to keep moving forward until they come across a small slope/hill laden with dead people. 

Elden Ring Pot Albus
Hit Pot To Reveal Albus Elden

Going into the village, skip the few houses and kill any enemies that you might feel like looting, and you will come across a small pot. Using your abilities, hit on the pot once, magically transforming the pot into an NPC named “Albus.” After completing a few dialogue options, Albus will hand you the first half of the Haligtree Medallion required to access the Elden Ring Malenia Location

Haligtree Medallion (Left) 

Elden Ring Melania Location Castle Sol
Castle Sol Entrance

Players can find the other half of the Haligtree Medallion in a castle known as “Castle Sol,” which the players can come across when they are venturing around the Mountaintops of the Giants. Adventurers will need to venture forth a little northeast to come across the castle when they take the bridge north from the Stargazer’s Ruins. 

Elden Ring Melania Location Castle Sol
Castle Sol Workthrough

When players come across the main entrance, they will encounter a “Lion Guardian,” doing rounds at the main entrance. You can easily defeat the Lion Guardian and head inside using your abilities. Heading a little bit northwest will lead you through a pathway of several wooden barricades, and eventually, adventurers will come across a room that will have countless Skeletal Slimes

Elden Ring Melania Location Finding Niall
Finding Commander Niall

Players can defeat the Skeletal Slimes and go towards the ladder, which they can easily climb using their abilities and then switch their position towards the eastern direction and head on top of the castle walls. Players can pick up some loot when crossing the castle walls, such as the Golden Runes in the corner. 

On the roof that players are traversing, there will be a few Castle Guards, and they will continue to launch projectiles at the adventurers. A few ballista operators can one-shot players can be taken out with melee or ranged attacks. Adventurers can pick up some Smithing Stones, and when they make their way down the ladder head into the building, they will need to go back to the main entrance after getting hold of the Sorcerer Painting as loot. 

Once players come across the main entrance, they can go into the central courtyard, from where they can head south to sneak past the Lion Guardian. Head down to the wooden walk path and get some free Smithing Stones. Continue moving in the building, which will lead the adventurer to a small corridor in the eastern direction. 

Sneak past the Castle guards, and climb up the stairs that will spawn a few guards you can easily defeat. Continue making your way to the Church of the Eclipse, and on the way, players can loot some Thawfrost Boluses and Golden Runes. Also, read our Elden Ring Church of Inhibition guide if you’re not able to reach it yet.

Elden Ring Melania Location Castle Running
Finding Commander Niall

Going inside the church, wield the Eclipse Shotel sword that is placed there, go out of the church while taking help from the exit, and climb up the ladder. When you take help from the walls for directions, continue making your way south, whereby adventures will come across a set of steps where they can head into a room littered with rats.

Elden Ring Melania Location Niall Door
Commander Niall Door

The loot here can be amongst Smithing stones and Rune Arcs. Climb up the ladder in the church again, head south, and steer clear of the Banished Knight. When the player is back at the church’s central location, go through the eastern exit and cross the main building. 

Going up the stairs, there will be another flight of stairs that you can climb and get out of the building on the central-eastern side of the castle. There will be the main door that players can activate, and players will come face to face with Commander Niall, a miniboss. 

Elden Ring Melania Location Niall Defeat
Commander Niall Boss Defeat

Use some tactics to defeat the boss and head into the Site of Grace, whereby players can go into the North-Eastern tower to access the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left). This is both the halves acquired needed for the Elden Ring Malenia Location

Elden Ring Melania Location Left Medallion
Haligtree Medallion (Left) Acquired

Grand Lift of Rold 

Elden Ring Grant Lift
Grand Lift of Rold

To continue forward with the Elden Ring Malenia Location, players will need to take hold of the two halves of the medallion and head over to the Grand Lift of Rold, which can be accessed when players traverse East from the central location of Royal Capital and move their way across the Forbidden Lands. 

Elden Use Secret Medallion
Hoist Secret Medallion Cutscene

Once they get to the location, they can go into the Site of grace, whereby they can come across a lift that will lead them to the Consecrated Snowfield. Move your way over there and have in hand both the Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left) and Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right) and select the “Hoist Secret Medallion,” and this will activate the lift and lead to the next area needed.

Haligtree Town Site of Grace Location

Elden Haligtree Branch Location
Miqeulla’s Haligtree Branch Location

When progressing through the Elden Ring Malenia Location, the following location that travelers will need to traverse is the Miquella Haligtree, which will hold Loretta (the miniboss) and the entrance to Elphael, where the Boss of Malenia is herself located. 

Miquella’s Haligtree itself is an enormous dungeon that is present when adventurers are moving to the Northern area of cleaning the Consecrated Snowfield. Players need to have impeccable fighting and traversing skills and excellent gut sense when traveling through the area. When first getting to the Haligtree, you want to do a swift 180 and grab a “Stonesword Key” that will be on top of a corpse, after which you can head over to a site of grace. 

Elden Big Branch Haligtree
Miqeulla’s Haligtree Big Branch

Start heading to the eastern area and knock back some Oracle Envoys that will appear. After knocking them off, you can switch your sight eastward and step to the branch nearest to you. Start inching to the left and continue going across the branch that is heading North-east. 

There will be three more Oracle Envoys guarding the area, who you can easily obliterate using a ranged weapon. Keeping your main direction towards the South, start sprinting up the left split branch to avoid getting hit by the envoys. You can get your hands on some Golden Runes right about here. 

Switch your sight South and start taking the path of the left branch, and using a ranged weapon, take out the Oracle Envoy and Poison Flower located there. When there is no more branch left, jump down to the safest branch to land on. After getting some loot, start traversing back to the branch where the Giant Ants were located. 

Elden Haligtree Bubbles
Miquella’s Haligtree Bubbles

Head a bit down, and you will come across an Oracle Envoy that will hit about five bubbles at you. Keep making your way down, using stealth as your best friend here, make a quick left at the main juncture, and dodge the bubbles that the envoy is shooting. Attack him and obliterate it. 

Travelers can then start to head in the southwestern direction, where there will be a corpse with an Ash of War that you can quickly loot. Keep making your way along the branch, and you will finally land upon the Haligtree Town Site of Grace.  

Elden Haligtree site of Grace
Miquella’s Haligtree Site of Grace

Vernturing Inside The Haligtree Town 

Elden Miquella's Haligtree Entrance
Miquella’s Building Entrance

Moving our way through the Elden Ring Malenia Location, when adventurers are done traversing across the tree and jump onto the central platform and go down the steps, they will be encountered by a wild Misbegotten, which will try to attack the player. Try as hard as you can to either dodge its direct attacks or instantly take him down. 

Elden Misbegotten
Haligtree Misbegotten Encounter

Once you are done defeating them, you can continue forward in two main directions, either back up the ladder or moving even down the main route down the stairs. If you decide to go up from the main ladder, you can encounter a dead Misbegotten, whereby you can also encounter a few Scarlet Rot Zombies. Take the loot such as Rot Grease and Pearldrake Talismans and jump back down the main ladder. 

Continue your main path down the steps, and try to steer clear of any zombies that may be there. Continue down the building and turn right, and steer clear of yet another zombie crowd that could attack you if they noticed you. Traverse your way down the steps, and another two Wild Misbegottens will try to ambush you. Use your abilities to take them down. 

Turn your direction to the southern door and make your way out of the main building, where you can loot a corpse with some golden runes. If you look into the distance, you will notice a wholly obliterated wall and a ladder; use some of the best ranged weapons you have to take them down. On the subject of weapons, read our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List and learn about the high damaging melee weapons in the game.

Continue traversing up the main ladder, and you will come face to face with a building. Turn to your left, and get in the building with the help of the open window. You can take out some zombies and then head back to your original position if you want to. When you come back out of the building, traverse your way through the main hallway on your left. 

When you head into the next building, players can either decide to continue moving straight or take a left. Either way that players go, they can take advantage of some Misbeggotens, some Golden Runes, Smithing stones, and some more loot before returning to the leading Haligtree Town Site of Grace. 

Elden Haligtree Roof
Miquella’s Haligtree Roof

Making your way south, leap down onto the main roof of the building, get hold of the Smithing Stones and start making your way back to the building from where you leaped onto the roof and head back inside. 

Elden Main Route Haligtree
Main Route in Building

Once you get out of the building, you can take a swift right to change your direction and get rid of the Spirit Snail lingering there. Make your direction to the southern-eastern side and head back onto the roof’s edge. You will be able to edge onto the next platform. Once you are steady on the platform, continue making your way up the ladder and get rid of the zombies to take some Smithing Stones from their corpses. 

Elden Haligtree Lift
Miquella Haligtree Lift

Traversing through the central west corridor, you can loot some more corpses before making your way east and following a small walk path. Players will likely encounter a few misbegotten here, which they can obliterate and then go back left.

Before coming to the bridge, make sure to defeat the Battlemages before getting onto the bridge. Make your goal the bridge in the utmost right direction and head to the lift near the bridge. This will bring you back to the Site of Grace. Once you cross the main northeastern bridge, adventurers will come across the central courtyard. 

Loretta’s Miniboss 

Venturing first thing into the central courtyard, you will come across Loretta, who you need to defeat to move forward with Elden Ring Malenia Location. Players can take a few moments, and while they are dodging her attacks, you can quickly notice her patterns. You can use some of the best weapons, especially the ranged ones to take her out. 

Dodging and using Ashen Remains will be your best friend, alongside ranged weapons to stay at a safe distance and take her out. Once you are done defeating her, you can loot it for 200000 Runes and Loretta’s War Sickle weapon. Moving your way north, you can go down the ladder where you can proceed to the following location, which is Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

Traversing Outskirts of Elphael 

Elden Site of Grace
Elphael Site of Grace

When you first venture into the main base, you will come across a bridge that you can cross on. Players will come across a few corpses where they can loot them for three Holy Grease.

Head on to the leading Site of Grace, and start moving in. when you first make your way down the stairs, head to the door to your left and kill some Haligtree Soldiers. Get out of the main room and continue moving along the central area. 

Elden Elphael Going Down Steps
Elphael Outside Stairs Going Down

You are taking help from the outer wall, moving down the steps, ignoring the room located in the player’s left direction. Near the stairs, players will find some Haligtree Soldiers. Continue moving south, and head right into the next corridor, and you will come across a statue. When you do a 180, you want to head back and keep moving north. 

Making your way down the steps, you will encounter a room you can enter. You will encounter two Cleanrot knights that you should instantly take out because they can severely deplete your HP.. Over here, adventurers can choose to take some loot like Smithing Stones and Golden Runes. Make your way back to the north-western corridor. 

Coming across the first doorway, which will be located to the player’s left location, there will be another big branch that will be twisted. It is recommended to get onto the branch, as you can get some loot there. Going back down to the outer pathway, keep heading down the stairs, and keep your direction northwest. 

Take a look at your surroundings, observe and then do a 180 and start heading back up the stairs. If you look to your left, you will see direct concrete support that adventurers can leap on. Keep following its main path, and you will come across a few Cleanrot Knights, which you can take out with your fighting abilities. 

Elden Lift Leading to Elphael
Leading to Elphael

Go back up the stairs, which are in the western direction, and kill two ballistae located there. Take the help of the beam and go into the main room that is located upstairs. Adventurers will need to keep heading west, whereby they will encounter the Erdtree Avatar, which they can kill for a few runes. 

Heading Into Elphael 

Elden Ring Elphael
Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree Elden

After grabbing some loot, players should make their way over to the Elphael Inner Site of Grace. Making your way over to the main corridor after going down the stairs, you will encounter a tree root on your left. Climbing it will lead you to some Crystalians that players can take out. Traversing back, continue heading southwest, turn left and start going up the tree root. 

Elden Ring Elphael Brace
Elphael Hole in Wall

The tree root runs through a broken wall, and players will come across some Flowers that will continue to deplete the player’s HP the longer they remain in the area. Kill off the Kindred of Rot guarding this area and go to the central island. Keep going up the tree roots to avoid staying in the water. 

Elden Ring Elphael Walkthrough
Elphael Brace Walkthrough

Instead of making up the hill entirely, you can go to the right to encounter a small room with a small site of grace, the Drainage Canal. With this becoming a teleport waypoint, keep going on the hill and back into the main area where the Scarlet Rot builds up. Heading southwest, players will come face to face with a big lake. 

Elden Giant Lake
Elphael Giant Lake

Heading near the lake will spawn a Great Grave Glovewort, another Tree Spirit, which players will need to defeat to progress with the Elden Ring Malenia Location. Start heading back to the Drainage Canal Site. 

If you make your way east, you will come across a door that will lead you out. Onto your right, you can get on a small support beam, and then leaping onto a giant tree root will lead adventurers to a roof with a broken hole that players can jump into. When you land onto the beams, start making your way down. 

Start traversing outside through the eastern doorway, and you will come outside a sizeable open-air courtyard. Players can loot the area for a few Numen’s Runes, Ghost Gloveworsts, and some Bell Bearings. Making your direction suitable, start heading out, whereby you will come out to a graveyard, loot some more and then keep going back in the main building. 

Following the direction of the southwestern location, players can encounter a lift that will help them go down to the leading Haligtree Roots Site of Grace. This is where the players need to mentally prepare themselves for the incoming battle. 

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Boss Battle

Going through the main fog door, adventurers will come face to face with Malenia herself, the boss located here. Being a difficult battle, players must learn the attack patterns beforehand and fully prepare themselves. You can check out this guide that will fully prepare you for the worst scenarios and make you prepared enough that you conquer the fight. Just in case you’re frustrated and not able to beat this boss, then read our Malenia Cheese Method guide.

With that, that concludes Elden Ring Malenia Location guide. Let us know what you think down below! 

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