Elden Ring BEST Ashen Remains With Locations

With over 700 hours in Elden Ring, here are my recommendations for the best Ashen Remains.

The Ashen Remains are the Spirits that you can summon in Elden Ring. There are different Ashen Spirits that you can summon from their Ashen Remains, and all of them serve different purposes. You can easily upgrade all of these Ashen Spirits to make them more powerful.

  • Why Trust Us: Daniyal Sultan Malik has spent more than 700 hours in Elden Ring, therefore, making his guide trustworthy.
Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring allows players to summon various kinds of creatures and characters to help them during the battle in the form of Ashen Remains.
  • These Ashen Remains vary from one another in terms of Health and their attacks when summoned, some are great at crowd Control, while some excel at long-range.
  • A few of the Best Ashen Remains to use include the fan-favorite Mimic Tear as well as the deadly Black Knife Tiche.
  • There are a total of 64 Spirit Ashes so far in Elden Ring but players can freely choose which one they want to use in any kind of situation or boss fight.

NOTE: It’s worth knowing that the Ashen Remains are different gameplay elements than the Ashes of War. Also, you can upgrade or Spirit tune the Ashen Remains to increase their efficiency by visiting the Maiden near Blacksmith.

Best Ashen Remains And Comparison

AshesFP CostItem EffectMax HeldMax StoredObtained
Stormhawk Deenh47.0Summon Stormhawk Dreenh spirit1.0600.0Chapel of Anticipation
Banished Knight Oleg100.0Summon spirit of Banished Knight Oleg1.0600.0-
Lhutel the Headless104.0Summon Lhutel the Headless spirit-600.0Tombsward Catacombs
The Mimic Tear-Summon spirit of Mimic Tear1.0606.0Mokron, Eternal City
Black Knight Tiche132.0Summon spirit og Black Knife Tiche2.0--
Redmane Knight Ogha106.0Summon Redmane Knight Ogha spirit1.0600.0-

6) Stormhawk Deenh

The BEST Aerial Ashen Remain.
Max Held 1
Max Stored 600
FP Cost 47
Item Effect Summon Stormhawk Dreenh spirit
Obtained Chapel of Anticipation

Moving on to the more advanced Ashen Spirits, first on my list is the Stormhawk Deenh. The Stormhawk is an extremely useful Ashen Spirit to summon from the Ashen Remains in the Elden Ring.

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The Stormhawk is agile and can fly, so when it attacks enemies, It’s not only quick but also swift, which protects the health of the Stormhawk itself.

How To Get

Elden Ring Stormhawk Deenh Ashen Remains Location
Elden Ring Stormhawk Deenh Location

Getting the Stormhawk Deenh Spirit from the Ashen Remains is done by fighting a boss battle. For this boss battle, you will need to head back to where you originally started the game, Chapel of Anticipation.

To get here, these are the steps I took:

  • Head to the Four Belfries as shown in the map above.
  • You will need to feed the Chapel of Anticipation portal with an Imbued Stone Key.
  • It will open a way to the Chapel of Anticipation.

Here you will need to reach the boss and, after reaching there, defeat him. Afterward, climb on the building there, and inside you will find the Stormhawk Deenh Ashen Spirit.

  • Offers high damage.
  • Is tough to kill thanks to its ability to fly.
  • Is swift and agile.
  • None.

5) Banished Knight Olad

The BEST Early Game Ashen Remain.
Max Held 1
Max Stored 600
FP Cost 100
Item Effect Summon spirit of Banished Knight Oleg
Obtained N/A

Banished Knight Olad is the best power Ashen Spirit in the Elden Ring to summon from the Ashen Remains. He is also considered the best Ashen Spirit in the Elden Ring for some solid reasons.

  • The first is his health and durability; he can hold up his own against boss-level enemies.
  • Unlike the Stormhawk, he is slow but way tankier than him.
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How To Get

Banished Knight Olad Location
Elden Ring Banished Knight Olad Location

To get the Banished Knight Olad, you will need to head all the way back to Fringefolk’s Hero Grave in the Stranded Graveyard.

  • Here you will need to feed the statue on the right with two Stone Keys, which will then open up a path.
  • This path will lead you to a boss fight, but it will be difficult to get there since you will need to be careful.
  • After reaching the boss, kill him, and it will reward you with the Banished Knight Olad Ashen Spirit summoning from Ashen Remains in Elden Ring. Along with a Golden seed to upgrade your flask.
  • Performs heavy damage.
  • Offers enough endurance to hold its own in boss fights.
  • Can be obtained very early in Elden Ring.
  • Is pretty slow compared to other Ashes of War.

4) Lhutel The Headless

The most durable Ashen Remain.
Max Held N/A
Max Stored 60
FP Cost 104
Item Effect Summon Lhutel the Headless spirit
Obtained Tombsward Catacombs

Lhutel the Headless is another great advanced spirit summon, and she goes on par with the Banished Knight Olad.

  • Her looks are what you would want from a Souls game; she is headless and very scary.
  • Other than her looks, she has some exceptional abilities to make up for a great Ashen Spirit in Elden Ring.
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How To Get

Lhutel the Headless Location
Elden Ring Lhutel the Headless Location

To get Lhutel Ashen Remains in Elden RIng, you will need to head all the way south and to the Tombsward Catacomb, south of the Church there.

The way into it is a bit hard to see, but you will see it once you look at it carefully. In there, you will have a boss battle, and after defeating the boss, it will reward you Lhutel Ashen Remains in Elden Ring. 

  • Is similar to Banished Knght Olad.
  • Performs heavy damage.
  • Offers enough endurance to hold its own in boss fights.
  • Can be quite very early in Elden Ring.
  • None.

3) The Mimic Tear

The BEST Ashen Remain for boss fights.
Max Held N/A
Max Stored 606
HP Cost 660
Item Effect Summon spirit of Mimic Tear
Obtained Mokron, Eternal City

The Mimic Tear is the best Ashen Spirit in the Elden Ring to summon from the Ashen Remains.

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  • The thing about the Mimic Tear that makes him so powerful is the fact that he is your double.
  • Think of it as there are two of you fighting the enemies instead of just one.
  • Once you summon him, he will have all your abilities, melee weapons, and moveset.
  • The possibilities and limitations of the Mimic Tear Ashen Spirit are endless, and this makes him truly the best Ashen Spirit in the entirety of Elden Ring, in my opinion.

How To Get

Elden Ring Mimic Tear Ashen Remains Location
Elden Ring Mimic Tear Location

Getting the Mimic Tear Ashen Remains is a lot tougher than most of the other Ashen Remains. The reason for that is you need to defeat Mimic Tear in a boss battle. You can do this boss battle in the underground region of Limgrave. You can only access this area after defeating The Starscourge Radahn.

  • Is a copy of your character so players can expect performance based on how good their build is.
  • Tough to obtain.

2) Black Knife Tiche

The BEST Ashen Remain for damage.
Max Held 2
Max Stored N/A
FP Cost 132
Item Effect Summon spirit of Black Knife Tiche
Obtained N/A

The Black Knife Tiche is the most agile Ashen Spirit to summon from the Ashen Remains.

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  • She has many solid abilities to deal crazy amounts of damage to enemies.
  • You can expect her to run around and dodge most of the enemy attacks.
  • But when it comes to 1v1 in boss fights, Tiche is not recommended since she is not a tank-type spirit.

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How To Get

Black Knight Tiche Location
Elden Ring Black Knife Tiche Location

You can get the Black Knife Tiche’s Ashen Remains at the top of the Moonlight Altar Site of Grace in Elden Ring. 

  • Can perform heavy damage.
  • Agile enough to dodge attacks.
  • Overall, a very capable Ash of War.
  • Locked behind a very lengthy questline.
  • Not recommended for boss fights.

1) Redmane Knight Ogha

The BEST Ashen Remain in Elden Ring.
Max Held 1
Max Stored 600
FP Cost 106
Item Effect Summon Redmane Knight Ogha spirit
Obtained N/A

Lastly, I have the Redmane Knight Ogha, who happens to be the BEST Ashen Spirit to summon from the Ashen Remains in Elden Ring.

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  • He is great when it comes to sniping enemies from afar and can deal a good amount of damage.
  • Ogha can easily handle multiple enemies at once, and not only that but also deal deadly damage to them.
  • If your build is to go and fight enemies head-on to deal damage, then Ogha is an awesome backup Spirit to have to back you up.

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How To Get

Elden Ring Redmane Knight Ogha Ashen Remains Location
Elden Ring Redmane Knight Ogha Location

Getting the Redmane Knight Ogha is fairly easy. First, you will need to head to the Starscourage Radahn Site of Grace and fight with Radahn. From there, make your easy way up to the War-Dead Catacombs Site of Grace. 

  • Capable Ash of War that can hold its own in ranged situations.
  • Performs heavy damage.
  • Have ample endurance.
  • Can fight groups of enemies with ease.
  • None.

Similar Options To Go For

While there are other good choices for the Best Ashen Remains in Elden Ring, I chose not to include them in my top 10 list because of certain factors:

  • Omenkiller Rollo: It’s a handy summon, but the main problem is that it costs a lot of FP.
  • Greatshield Soldier: A solid pick, but its poison spit is not effective, and neither are any of its melee attacks.
  • Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff: A commendable choice, though it proves ineffective against Ancient Dragon enemies, unlike the other Ashen Remains I’ve chosen previously.
  • Bloodhound Knight Floh: It has some issues in group fights and doesn’t last too long in a battle. 
  • Radahn Soldier Ashes: While it is a viable option, locating it proves more challenging than the other Ashen Remains I’ve selected above.

My Personal Opinion On Ashen Remains

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

Ashen Remains can be used as a completely separate build in Elden Ring. However, even after hundreds of hours of playtime on my WaterJuice account, I personally did not find myself enjoying using Ashen Remains. They feel very unbalanced, some are too powerful and some feel too weak, there is no point where I could efficiently use them as a genuine build.

elden ring profile
My in-game save slots

In certain situations, if you want to have fun fighting lots of enemies or having many creatures in the same arena, Ashen Remains can be quite enjoyable but to me, they are simply an overexaggerated addition. If you were to ask me about the best Ashen Remains in Elden Ring, the Mimic Tear is my choice by a mile. From the title’s initial launch till the latest patch, I’ve seen that the Mimic Tear has always been a part of the meta, but with its overpowered and unique mechanics, I still feel it trivializes most challenges.

And that concludes my guide on Elden Ring Best Ashen Remains. The list is not in a particular order, and no Ashen Spirit is better than the other. Everyone has different builds so the different Ashen Spirits will have different effects on their game.

But if you believe I have missed your favorite on my list, you can let me know about it by commenting below. While you’re at it, why not read the starting classes guide if you want to replay Elden Ring with a much better class this time?

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Keith Stewart

mimic tear is overrated af! I prefer Black Knife Tiche, good to see this list is based

Jeffrey Doozer

Crazy how Mimic Tear and Tiche makes the others so irrelevant


Black Knife Tiche above is Mimic is objectively correct.


Lhutel the Headless is a beast! Her shield and tankiness make her perfect for boss fights. Definitely adding her to my lineup.


Banished Knight Engvall is my go-to for a balanced fighter.


Just grab the mimic tear and you\'ll be good to go

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