Elden Ring: How To Beat Radahn [Cheese Method]

Beating Radahn is challenging and that is why I have mentioned the best cheese method to beat Radahn easily in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring features many difficult bosses that players are supposed to defeat to clear the game. Beating these bosses is no walk in the park and can be very challenging. If you thought that Margit or Godfrey were the most difficult bosses, you have greatly underestimated the difficulty of this game. Elden Ring has much more in store for you, as Radahn is truly one of the most difficult bosses you will face in any game.

Key Takeaways
  • Starscourge Radahn is one of the strongest bosses in Elden Ring, who puts players up against their most challenging battle yet.
  • Radahn has fast sweeping attacks which, if caught in any of them, can stagger you instantly, so carefully learn his move set if possible.
  • One of the methods that players can use to cheese him includes closing distance on him and using the NPC summons.
  • Another method includes using the Rotten Breath incantation, which will deal massive damage.
  • The 2nd Phase will make him summon purple projectiles, so use Torrent to dodge them efficiently to overcome the fight.

Cheese Method Steps To Beat Radahn

Best Elden Ring Radhan Cheese strategy
Radahn – toughest optional boss in Elden Ring

Radahn can be an extremely challenging boss, and it might take a lot of tries to defeat him. Here is a Cheese method to beat Radahn, making the challenge much less tedious. My cheese method doesn’t even require you to do co-op

Reducing The Distance

getting near to Radhan
Summoning NPCs
    • Getting closer: Closing the distance to Radahn can be challenging due to his wide attack range. Avoid dashing with your horse, as it makes it harder to evade his beam attacks. Instead, approach on foot.
    • Watch out for attacks: Radahn uses purple laser beams and a rainfall attack with blades. Stay alert and dodge or block these attacks.
    • Utilize NPCs: Summon all available NPCs to distract Radahn. This will draw his attention away from you, providing an opportunity to attack. Keep in mind that NPCs won’t last forever, so act quickly.
    • Act swiftly: I would suggest you take advantage of the distraction caused by the NPCs and deal damage to Radahn using your offensive abilities.
    • Be cautious: Despite the distraction, remain vigilant as Radahn’s attacks are powerful. Stay responsive and adapt to his moves.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve your chances of defeating Radahn while minimizing the damage taken.

Using the Rotten Breath Incantation

Cheese method Radhan Elden Ring
Rotten breath attack

Distract Radahn with NPCs, then exploit an opening to use Rotten Breath incantation for ranged attacks, causing substantial damage and inflicting rot. Continue this strategy in the second phase to steadily wear down Radahn while avoiding its attacks.

Acquire Rotten Breath from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southern Caelid, requiring a dragon heart obtained after defeating any dragon. Ensure a faith stat of 15 and an arcane stat of 12, along with a sacred seal weapon, to use the incantation effectively. This method serves as an effective and safe strategy for defeating Radahn.

Tackling Its Third Phase

Beating radhan elden ring
Radahn Third phase

During his final phase, Radahn will summon purple projectiles that you must dodge. Moreover, Radahn will ride around in the field with his small horse, so at this stage, you can also use your horse to dodge and reduce distance.

The horse will be helpful if you want to avoid Radahn lightning attacks. You can revive your NPCs that can distract Radahn again so that you can close in on him to attack it effectively. Beware of his spinning attack that can be lethal and kill your character in no time. Avoid Radahn attacks while you carefully get near him to attack it effectively while keeping a safe distance.

This cheese method will help you beat Radahn easily in Elden Ring. Remember to utilize your NPCs to reduce the damage your character takes. When you get an opening, Dodge Radahn attacks carefully and inflicts massive damage with the rotten breath incantation. Following the few simple steps will help you in taking out Radahn effectively.

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