Elden Ring Wheatstone Knife: Location & Tips

Can't see the Ash of War option? Well, you probably don't have the Wheatstone Knife yet.

Like Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro, Elden Ring features a system of Weapon Arts, dubbed “Ashes of War,” that allows you to perform special attacks or skills using various weapons. However, allocating different Ashes of War to weapons requires a specific item. The item required for that is a Wheatstone Knife which is found in the underground area of Gatefront Ruins in Elden Ring.

Key Highlights

  • Wheatstone Knife is a special item in Elden Ring that allows the players to use and assign different Ashes of War to weapons.
  • Wheatstone Knife is located in a chest found in the underground area of Gatefront Ruins.
  • After picking up Wheatstone Knife, a new option by the name of “Ashes of War” will appear on the menu screen while resting at any Site of Grace or interacting with any blacksmith.
  • Compatibility is a big factor when assigning Ashes of War. Knowledge about the weapon type is necessary for allocating various Ashes of War.
  • Additionally, there are certain weapons in Elden Ring whose Ashes of War cannot be altered and are permanent. Likewise, the Ashes of War of these weapons cannot be allotted to other weapons as well.


Location of Gatefront Ruins on the map [Image Captured by eXputer]
Wheatstone Knife isn’t very far from where you begin the game from. After traveling to the area marked above, you’ll see a couple of guards resting, guarding, and patrolling the area. They seem to guard an abandoned caravan, but that is not our concern here. However, you can open the chest in the back of the caravan to get Lordsworn’s Greatsword

Additionally, if you have just begun the game, the map will be grayish, without any details on it and the reason for that is that you haven’t picked up the first piece of the map yet, which is also located in Gatefront Ruins as well.

Wheatstone Knife can is found in the chest located in the underground area of Gatefront Ruins. Additionally, you get Ashes of War: Storm Stomp from the same chest as well.

Wheatstone Knife
The chest in the underground area of Gatefront Ruins [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
You can either run past the guards or try picking them off one by one. If confronting the enemies head-on is your option, make sure you take out the guard with trump first since he alarms all nearby enemies. Also, rest at the nearby Site of Grace as well in order to have a checkpoint.

Wehatsone Knife
New the Grate Front Ruins Site of Grace [Screenshot Captured by eXputer]
After picking up the Wheatstone Knife, you’ll be able to allot your desired Ashes of War to your favorite weapon.

Use of Wheatstone Knife

After you have Wheatstone Knife, a new option by the name of “Ashes of War” will appear on the utility screen while resting at any Site of Grace.

The process of allotting Ashes of War to the weapon is fairly simple and straightforward. To assign an Ash of War to the weapon:

  • Rest at any Site of Grace or visit any blacksmith.
  • Interact with any of the two, and select the Ashes of War option.
  • A new window will open that displays all the weapons present in your inventory.
  • Select your desired weapon.
  • After selecting the weapon and new window will open that shows all compatible Ashes of War for that weapon.
  • Pick your desired Ash of War plus affinity and click confirm.
Ash of War
Selecting Ash of War: Determination [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Assigning the desired Affinity to weapon [Image Captured by us]
Now you’ll be able to use your new Ashes of War to triumph in the various battles of the Lands Between.


Before we conclude our guide, one thing would like to point out here is that some weapons in Elden Ring have pre-defined Ashes of War which cannot be removed or replaced by other Ashes of War like Bolt of Gransax, Rivers of Blood, Godslayer’s Greatsword, Legendary Armaments and more.

Additionally, there is a compatibility system at play here as well, like in the Ashes of War, for bows cannot be used for swords and vice versa. Since we are discussing Ashes of War, why not read our guides on Bloodhound Step and Hoarfrost Stomp location in Elden Ring?

This concludes our guide on the location and use of Wheatstone Knife in Elden Ring. Let us know your queries in the comments below.


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