Elden Ring Merchant Locations [All 31 Merchants]

Our Elden Ring merchant locations guide lists all the merchants you need to visit and buy items that otherwise are hard to get in the game.

Like all other Soulsborne games, Elden Ring requires you to interact with various merchants, especially if you want to buy some of the best early-game weapons, armor sets, ranged weapons, crafting recipes, stonesword keys, other items, and gear. So, in this guide, I will show you the location of All merchants in Elden Ring. 

Key Takeaways
  • Merchants are important NPCs found spread throughout Elden Ring.
  • These guys will provide you with weapons, items, armor, and whatnot.
  • Hence, it’s important that every Elden Ring player knows where to find at least some of them.
  • Here are some common areas and regions that hold more than one merchant:
    • Limgrave.
    • Roundtable Hold.
    • Stormhill.

Elden Ring Merchant Locations Summary

Here are all Elden Ring Merchant Locations:

Merchant Location
Merchant KaleLimgrave, Church of Elleh
Nomadic Merchant-SaintsbridgeLimgrave, Saintsbridge
Nomadic Merchant – MistwoodLimgrave, Mistwood
Sorceress SellenLimgrave
Knight BernahlStormhill, Warmaster’s shack
Sorcerer RogierRampart Tower in Stormveil Castle.
Nomadic Merchant- Weeping PeninsulaCastle Morne Rampart
Isolated Merchant-Weeping PeninsulaZombie Beach.
Nomadic Merchant-Coastal CaveLimgrave
Nomadic merchant-Liurnia of the LakesChurch of Irith
Abandoned Merchant- Siofra RiverWorshipper’s Woods
Nomadic Merchant-South CaelidSouthern Caelid
Wandering Merchant-Caelid Highway NorthCaelid Highway North
Nomadic Merchant-Mt.GelmirMount Gelmir
Wandering Merchant In Ainsel RiverAinsel River
Nomadic Merchant Bellum ChurchBellum church
Isolated Merchant In Raya LucariaLiurnia of the Lakes
PatchesLimgrave, Northwater cave
PidiaCarian Manor
Imprisoned MerchantMohgwyn Palace
ThopsChurch of Irith
MirielChurch of Vows
D Hunter Of The DeadSummonwater Village
Brother CorhynRoundtable Hold
Gurranq Beast ClergymanBestial Sanctum
Twin Maiden HusksRoundtable Hold
EniaRoundtable Hold
War Counselor IjiKingsrealm Ruins
Smithing Master HewgRoundtable Hold
Boc the SeamsterAgheel’s lake

Below, I have discussed the location of each merchant in detail and the various valuable items you can get from them.

Merchant Kale

Elden Ring Merchant Locations
Merchant Kale Location

Merchant Kale can be found in Limgrave in the bottom-right corner of the map. Look for the merchant inside the Church of Elleh. You can purchase various useful items and equipment from this merchant, including a chain armor set, telescope, cookbooks, crafting kit, and arrows.

To reach Merchant Kale, simply head to the location where your character teleported, and you’ll find him sitting beside a fire. Interact with him to buy valuable items.

Nomadic Merchant-Saintsbridge

saintsbridge nomadic merchant
Saintsbridge merchant location

To find this Nomadic Merchant in Elden Ring, go to Saintsbridge, an upper corner of the Limgrave map. The merchant is located in Saintsbridge and offers useful items, including weapons like a short sword and a Halberd.

You can also buy items such as a Bandit Mask, Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook, Cracked Pot, and Picked Turtleneck from this merchant.

Once you reach Saintsbridge, head east over the bridge, and you’ll find the merchant next to a campfire. Interact with the merchant to trade.

Nomadic Merchant – Mistwood

elden ring merchant locations
Mistwood merchant locations

You can find this merchant in Mistwood, situated in the eastern part of Limgrave, near a road between the Mistwood ruins and Fort Haight. Head northeast from the road to locate the merchant sitting by a fire. He offers a Festering Bloody Finger for co-op and sells valuable materials for upgrades, along with a Hand Axe and some shields. I would recommend visiting him.

Sorceress Sellen

Sellen location elden ring
Sellen’s location

Unlock Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave for valuable sorceries, In my opinion, she is great for magic builds. Find her in Waypoint Ruins cellar at Limgrave’s center. Spells include Glintstone Pebble, Glintstone Stars, Crystal Barrage, and Scholar’s Shield.

To reach her, defeat the Mad Pumpkin boss, find a site of grace, and open the nearby door in Waypoint cellars. Gather more spell books for additional spells (details in Sorceress Sellen guide).

Knight Bernahl

Elden ring merchant locations
Knight Bernahl location

You can easily find Knight Bernahl, a helpful Ashes of War merchant, in Stormhill. He is located inside the Warmaster’s shack, standing beside a fire. Interact with him to initiate a conversation, and he will offer to teach you some skills.

Sorcerer Rogier

merchant locations elden ring
Sorcerer Rogier location

Here’s the optimal path I would recommend following to get to Sorcerer Rogier:

Sorcerer Rogier is a valuable merchant in Elden Ring, offering powerful Ashes of War and spells like the Carian Greatsword. To locate him, head to the Rampart Tower in Stormveil Castle. Exit the tower and proceed forward, then descend the stairs on the right. Enter a room and drop through a hole, where you’ll find Sorcerer Rogier in the nearby Church. After defeating Godrick, you can find Rogier exclusively in the Roundtable Hold.

Nomadic Merchant- Weeping Peninsula, Castle Morne Rampart

weeping peninsula
Weeping Peninsula merchant location

In the eastern Weeping Peninsula area, you can encounter a merchant who offers a range of goods, including weapons, Stonesword keys, armor, and various items. This merchant can be found near Castle Morne Rampart. I suggest simply following the main road from your teleport location until you reach a Site of Grace, and you’ll find the merchant nearby.

Isolated Merchant-Weeping Peninsula

Isolated merchant
Isolated Merchant Location

This merchant can be found on the western side of the weeping peninsula. He sells a few essential items, weapons, and arrows. You might want to unlock this merchant if you want a Zweihander, which is often considered one of the best strength weapons.

If you pass through the zombie beach, I suggest taking on the zombies roaming around. Head forward till you see a small shack; you will find the merchant sitting inside. Interact with the merchant to begin trade.

Nomadic Merchant-Coastal Cave

Coastal Cave
Coastal Cave merchant location

This merchant can be found inhabiting the western side of Limgrave. He can be located just south of the Coastal Cave. You will find him sitting beside a ruined stone structure beside a campfire.

To reach this merchant, head near the coast cave entrance and head south along the cliff to contact the merchant. This merchant sells a few valuable items, including a cookbook and some boluses. You can also get a few shields and weapons from him, so Getting to the location of this merchant is what I recommend as he will sell you a lot of valuable items.

Nomadic merchant-Liurnia of the Lakes

Liurna of the Lakes nomadic merchant
Liurnia of the Lakes nomadic merchant location

This merchant can be found near the Church of Irith, situated in Liurnia of the Lakes. He can be found near Liurnia’s shore, right beside a campfire. You can find him just before you enter the forest once you pass through an outpost located to the southwest of the Church of Irith.

You can buy an Astrologer Armor set from him and the astrologer’s staff, allowing you to use sorceries. So, visiting this merchant is recommended, primarily if you use an Astrologer build. Besides Astrologer items, he sells Lanterns, Estoc, and a Nomadic warrior cookbook.

Abandoned Merchant- Siofra River

elden ring merchant locations
Siofra River merchant location

This merchant can be found in the Worshipper’s Woods, located in the Siofra River. In my opinion, getting to this merchant is not easy because you would be required to climb many wooden structures once you climb up the wooden stairs. Keep climbing up with the ladders’ help, then head towards a rocky area to find a cave. You will find the merchant near an unlit campfire.

This merchant sells three Stonesword keys that can help unlock a few locations. Moreover, he also sells a few cookbooks and arrows that you can use with Elden Ring bow build.

Nomadic Merchant-South Caelid

elden ring merchant locations
Elden Ring Caelid Merchant location

The Nomadic Merchant in South Caelid can be found near a junction by the road, sitting beside a campfire. This merchant offers the Champion’s armor set, arrows, and Stonesword keys for unlocking hidden locations. You can teleport to the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace to reach this merchant, then proceed on the rocky road to Caelem Ruins. Continue on the Caelid Highway, defeat the Decaying Ekzykes boss, and you’ll find the merchant by the campfire.

 Wandering Merchant-Caelid Highway North

Caelid Highway North
Caelid Highway north merchant location

Wandering Merchant-Caelid Highway North merchant can be spotted easily; teleport to the Caelid Highway North and head east until you spot this merchant beside the campfire. The Merchant isn’t too far off from the site of grace so you can locate the merchant with no trouble.

This merchant sells a few valuable items such as poisoned stones, poisoned darts, and poisoned stone clumps. Moreover, he also sells preserving boluses and a few arrows, so I recommend checking out this merchant.

Nomadic Merchant-Mt.Gelmir

elden ring merchan locations
MT Gelmir merchant location

To get to this merchant’s location, teleport to the Bridge of Inquity in Mount Gelmir. Move forward, turn left, and Head up the ladder. Then move forward alongside the cliff. Cross over the bridge, and after moving forward, you will see another ladder. Climb it and move left to find a ladder so start climbing it. Once you are done climbing, you will find the merchant beside the campfire.

Nomadic Merchant-Mt.Gelmir merchant sells the Confessor armor sets, so visit this merchant if you want the armor. Moreover, this merchant also sells a Stonesword key and a variety of valuable arrows for your bow.

Wandering Merchant In Ainsel River

elden ring merchant locations

Wandering Merchant In Ainsel River Merchant can be found near the coast of the Ainsel River. To get to this merchant, teleport to Eastern Tableland and make your way to the Ainsel River well. Make your way inside the cave to reach the ruins. Head deep inside the ruins to find this merchant near the campfire.

The merchant sells essential items such as the Celestial Dew and Lost Ashes of War which are necessary items. Moreover, you can also get gravity stones, a cookbook, and a Prisoner Armor set.

Nomadic Merchant Bellum Church, Liurnia of the Lakes

bellum church
Bellum Church Nomadic Merchant location

Teleport to the Ravine to make your way to the Bellum church to visit this merchant. Once you get near the Bellum Church, you will see a hole in the ground. You will find the Merchant sitting beside the fire.

I would advise you to get a composite bow from this merchant for your bow build. This merchant also sells a few shields and arrows. You can also buy a few pieces of cured meat from the merchant. Also, consider reading our Church of Inhibition Location guide if you’re missing this key location in the game.

Isolated Merchant In Raya Lucaria

Raya Lucaria academy location
Raya Lucaria Merchant location

Getting to this merchant is easy; you can find him outside the Raya Lucaria Academy in Liurnia of the Lakes. Locating it is much easier as he is right beside the Academy. Also, consider reading our Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set Location guide.

You can get three stonesword keys that can be useful in your exploration. Moreover, this merchant also sells a few Armor pieces. You can also get a Ferver’s Cookbook, Eye of Yelough, and lost ashes of war from this merchant.


elden ring merchant locations
Patches location

Find Patches near Limgrave’s central lake in Northwater cave, north of the lake. Battle Nerjius and Yura. Rest at the cave’s site of grace, defeat bandits, and proceed to discover Patches inside. Patches offers Furlcalling Finger remedy, Festering Bloody Finger for co-op, weapons, arrows, and the Stonesword key for a secret location.


Pidia‘s Location

Pidia is a Carian Servant; you can locate him inside the Carian Manor. To reach the Carian Manor, you would have to fall from the cliff in the Three sister Towers area. Making an effort to get to the location of this merchant in Elden Ring is recommended because Pidia sells a lot of valuable items.

Pidia will sell you Carian Retaliation, sorcery you can use for your intelligence build. You can also get a celestial dew and larval tear from her. Pidia also sells a Ripple Blade and Black Leather Shield, which in my opinion are valuable pieces of equipment for your character.

Imprisoned Merchant

elden ring merchant locations
Imprisoned merchant location

In Mohgwyn Palace, head west to Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. Keep going left at intersections until you reach the merchant at a dead end. The merchant sells five Stonesword keys for unlocking locations, arrows, consumables, and lost ashes of war.


merchant locations elden ring
Thop’s location

Locating Thops is easier; players can find him residing inside the Church of Irith. Teleport to the Church of Irith’s Site of Grace; Head left to find the merchant sitting on a bench.

Thops will sell you some useful sorceries that can aid you in combat. You can buy a Glintstone pebble, Glintstone arc, and Starlight for a few runes from Thops.


Miriel location

You can find Miriel in the eastern Isle of Liurnia of the Lakes. He is located inside the Church of Vows. Teleport to a Site of Grace near the Church and Make your way towards the Church of Vows to get to Miriel quickly.

You can buy some of the best incantations and sorceries from Miriel. So visiting the location of this merchant is what I recommend if you are using a magical build. Some valuable magical skills include Carian Greatsword, star shower, Glintstone Cometshard, and Lord’s Heal.

D Hunter Of The Dead

elden ring merchant locations
D hunter of the dead location

Hunter of the Dead can be found in Limgrave near the Stormhill area. You will see him mourning someone’s death. You can find him near the road located to the west of Summonwater village. He can also be found in the Roundtable Hold during the later part of the game.

You can buy two great Incantations from him that are helpful in combat. These Incantations are Litany of Proper Death and Order’s Blade.

Brother Corhyn

elden ring merchant locations
brother Corhyn location

Find Brother Corhyn in Roundtable Hold or near the Altus Plateau site of grace. He also appears outside the Lyndell Royal Capital Coliseum once you unlock the location. He sells healing and support spells like Urgent Heal, Great Heal, Immutable Shield, and Magic Fortification, which if you ask me, are important.

Gurranq Beast Clergyman

Gurranq beast clergyman
Portal location

Locate Gurranq in the northeastern area of Caelid, inside the Bestial Sanctum. Use a secret portal near a site of grace to reach him. Gurranq sells dangerous Incantations and Sorceries with a bestial style, including spells like Bestial Sling, Stone of Gurranq, and Beastclaw Great Hammer.

Twin Maiden Husks

elden ring merchants
Twin maiden husks

The Twin Maiden Husks can be found in the Roundtable Hold easily. This is one of the most valuable merchants in Elden Ring. You can find all kinds of items at Twin Maiden Husks. Even those sold by other merchants.

In my experience, visiting Twin Maiden Husks is recommended as you can get a lot of valuable weapons, shields, spells, armor, and everything you require for a few runes. So do not miss out on the special equipment sold by this merchant. Also, if you’re low on runes, then our Fastest Rune Farming Methods will surely help you. 


Enia location elden ring

Enia can be found in Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrick. She sells valuable armor sets that enhance your character’s survivability in battles, including the Radahn Armor set, Briar Armor set, and Queen Armor set. So, visiting her is also suggested.

War Counselor Iji

War counselor Iji
War counselor Iji’s location

The War Counselor Iji can be found in the northwestern area of Liurnia of the Lakes. You can find him just beside the Kingsrealm Ruins after moving through the Northern shore of Liurnia of the Lakes. You may even encounter him in Ranni’s Rise in a different form later in the game.

The War Counselor can sell you a lot of smithing stones that can be useful if you want to upgrade a few of your weapons. Moreover, he will also sell you a Carian Filigreed crest, a helpful Talisman. He can also enhance your weapons.

Smithing Master Hewg

elden ring all merchants
Master Hewg

The Smithing Master Hewg is a Blacksmith found in the Roundtable Hold in Elden Ring. He can strengthen armaments and if you bring him Lost Ashes of War to duplicate a lot of other Ashes of Wars. Also, read our All Legendary Armaments guide and learn about the best ones in the game. 

Master Hewg can upgrade your weapons, making them more Formidable in combat. You can upgrade your equipment beyond +3 when you visit this merchant. So, you can bring out the full potential of your weapons.

Boc the Seamster

elden ring all merchants
Boc the Seamster

Boc can be found in multiple locations throughout the game, starting south of Agheel’s lake in Limgrave. He provides tailoring services and can alter your character’s garments. Unlocking this merchant is useful if you want to change your clothing in Elden Ring, which in my opinion is not that important.


Roderika Location

She can be found in various locations during her questline in the game. She will give you some valuable items as you progress through her questline. If you interact with her again and again in Stormhill, she will provide you with Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

When you meet her at Roundtable Hold, she will lend you a Golden Seed. Moreover, you can now use her services as an Ashen Remains or Spirit Tuner if you give her a Chrystalids’ Memento. Spirit Tuning will allow your summoned NPCs to become even stronger in combat.

My Experience Discovering Merchants

Finding a new merchant was always a joy for me whenever I was exploring the world of Elden Ring. But after finding all the 31 merchants, I have to say, I miss the small amount of dopamine I used to get whenever I was in a hostile area and just found a Merchant sitting by his campfire trying to sell their goods. It certainly gave me some sense of easiness, knowing that I’m in a somewhat safe zone and can let my guard down.

hammad ijaz elden ring save slot
My Elden Ring playtime on Steam (Steam ID: Future_Bird)

That’s all about my Elden Ring All Merchant Locations guide. You can locate them quickly if you follow the steps in this guide. Getting to some of these merchants is recommended to get the proper equipment and gear they sell to aid you in combat.

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