20 Best Elden Ring Incantations With Locations 

We have listed the best Elden Ring Incantations in our guide/tier list that you should use in your playthrough.

In Elden Ring, you as the tarnished will venture through countless terrains as you battle your way through the quests. That is why you need an arsenal to fight your way through, and let us tell you that Elden Ring comes packed with some of the best incantations and spells. This is why we have listed the best Elden Ring incantations that we think are too good to be true. 

Key Highlights
  • Incantations combine elements from the previous Souls games, namely Pyromancies, and Miracles.
  • These incantations all scale with Faith, while only some scale with Arcane.
  • You can buy Heal, Catchflame, Cure Poison, Rejection, Flame Sling, and Honed Bolt from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold.
  • You can exchange Dragonfire, Dragonclaw, Agheel’s Flame, Greyoll’s Roar, and Ezykes’ Decay at the Church of Dragon Communion for Dragon Hearts.
  • You can acquire Divine Fortification, Bloodflame Blade, and Frenzied Burst by killing Teardrop Scarabs near Tombwsward Ruins, Rose Church, and north of Frenzied Flame Village respectively.
  • You can purchase Blessing Boon from Miriel at the Church of Vows.
  • You can get the Flame of the Fell God by defeating Thief of Fire Adan at the Malefactor’s Evergaol.
  • You can find the Elden Star incantation on a corpse in the Deeproot Depths.
  • Gurranq gives you the Bestial Sling in exchange for a second Deathroot in the Bestial Sanctum.
  • You can get the Ezykes’ Decay by killing the humongous dragon at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.
  • After defeating Rykard, kill Lady Tanith, causing her bodyguard to attack you. Defeat him to get the Crucible: Breath incantation.
  • You can find the Golden Vow incantation by pillaging a corpse in the Corpse-Stench Shack in the northern part of Mt. Gelmir.

Elden Ring Best Incantations

Elden Ring Incantations can combine the elements of Pyromancies and Miracles, which have previously come in handy in the other Souls games. On the other hand, some Incantations focus on enhancing your combat abilities. They offer damage bonuses, which can allow you to deal increased melee as well as increased AoE damage, rendering your foes useless. All things aside, below are all the Elden Ring Incantations you should go with.

Heal Incantation 

Best Elden Ring Incantations

One of the first chants that we come across is the Heal incantation, a spell used by the player in the world of Elden Ring. When fighting with difficult foes that seem to be slashing you and your party members down, it is very natural that your HP will fall below a certain point. 

This is where the Heal Spell comes in, which, upon casting, will return a certain amount of HP, bringing your health back up and helping you regain the strength needed to defeat the toughest of enemies. 

  • It works exceptionally well for the player casting “Heal Spell,” helping you regain a set amount of health. 
  • Upon casting, it will also help your allies gain back a certain amount of HP by your side, assisting you in battle. 

The Heal spell is essentially known as the “Incantation of the Two Fingers’ Faithful,” which sets its hopes in you and your allies to continue fighting to gain victory and get rid of your foes. 


When it comes to Heal’s stats, they are pretty easy to understand, as stated below: 

  • The required amount of FP is around 32, a little below average. 
  • The Incantation itself will scale off “Faith,” an essential investment in Elden Ring. The Faith points required to cast Heal are 12.

Heal Location 

If you are venturing through the world to find Heal and cast it, look no further. Players who aim to claim the “Prophet” class can easily cast Heal Incantation, as the class requires high Faith investment. The class will provide Healing bonuses for you and your party. 

Another location where you can come across Heal is by venturing forward to approach the NPC named “Brother Corhyn,” who is well-versed in Incantations that are based on Faith, such as Heal itself. You can interact with him at the location of “Roundtable Hold,” The Heal Spell itself will cut you back 1500 Runes, which is the currency used in Elden Ring. 

Basic guide 

  • You can only equip the Heal Spell in a singular Memory Slot and no more. 
  • The faith Points required are low. 
  • You can cast the Spell at an acceptable speed, greatly aiding you and your allies. 
  • The Spell cost is “Medium.”

Catch Flame Incantation 

Elden Ring Incantations tier list

The following Elden Ring Incantation that we come across is the Catchflame Incantation, which focuses on helping players in combat rather than offering healing bonuses. Players who want to increase their damage in combat, specifically long-ranged combat, can take assistance from CatchFlame to emit sparks of fire from their hands. 

Fighting formidable foes can be daunting, but having the best incantations In Elden Ring along with you is helpful. The Catchflame is a spell that can provide you with combat-focused buffs

  • Upon casting, players can deal Fire damage for a moment to enemies, rendering them useless. 
  • After performing the next slash/ attack, the player can cast this Spell yet again, which can significantly increase your AoE damage and the duration of your long-ranged attacks against the strongest of enemies. 

The catch flame is the “incantation that origins from a sinister prophecy,” which aims to enhance your powers with the help of the “Erdtree” and has Faith in you to fight with all your might. 


Best Elden Ring Incantations

When it comes to “Catch Flame’s” stats, they are as follows: 

  • The required amount of Focus Points is 10, which is extremely low compared to “Heal Incantation.” 
  • The scaling of “Catchflame” in Elden Ring comes from Faith, which the player should invest in, and to cast Catchflame, you will need 8 Faith points. 
  • Intelligence and Arcane points required are 0. 


Let’s take a look at the location of Catchflame

  • Players shooting to get into the “Prophet Class” know that it will require heavy investment into Faith points, which this Spell also scales off; therefore, this catch flame is one of the starter equipment for Prophet
  • The NPC “Brother Corhyn,” which can be approached by the player to gain Catchflame Spells, is notorious for giving out Faith-focused spells such as this one. You can come across him when you get close to the “Roundtable Hold,” and he will lend you this Spell for a total of 600 Runes. 

Basic Guide 

  • Catchflame Spell is only able to get allotted into a singular Memory Slot. 
  • Faith investment is comparatively low, with the faith points being set at 8. 
  • Well-versed in aiding players with Fire Damage, rendering enemies useless on the battlefield. 
  • You can cast this Spell with incredible speed, over and over again. 
  • Upon casting, you will shift your location to cater to the enemy’s positions. 

Cure Poison 

Incantations tier list

Following through with the next one in our Best Incantations, the cure Poison incantation is coming up next. This is for when the players are out on the battlefield, striking down their enemies, and they get Poison launched at them. Poison is dangerous for the player, but it also puts a lot of debuffs on the player. 

This is when “Cure Poison” comes into play; with its abilities, the player can be rid of the “Poison” status displayed on them by their opponents. 

  • When in battle, the player will find themselves labeled with Poison, “Cure Poison” aids significantly by removing the debuff from the player. 
  • When labeled with the Poison status, the player will continue to take increased Poison according to a set “gauge,” which will continue to fill up.
  • Once the slot has filled up, the HP of the adventurer will continue to fall as time passes. 

The “Cure poison” is also known as the “Incantation that is taught by maidens of the Finger Reader” as told in-game. This Spell aims to support you throughout your battle, helping you get rid of foes fast. 


When it comes to describing the stats of “Cure Poison,” they are as follows

  • Cure poison’s Spell Type is Incantation, a form of the “Dark Arts.” 
  • The overall FP required to cast Cure Poison is 7, even lower than some other Incantations. 
  • Since it fully scales off of Faith, it will require 8 Faith Points from the adventurer, which will stop you from casting the Spell until you have the required stats. 


If you are someone who is venturing through the world of Elden Ring, you might want to cast Cure Poison to aid you in battle; this is where you can find it: 

Since the Cure Poison Incantation is not belonging to any particular class such as the “Prophet” class, it will not be naturally equipped. Instead, you will need to head over to the NPC called “Brother Corhyn” that we mentioned before. He is located in the area of “Roundtable Hold.” You can approach him, and he will demand about 1000 Runes for you to purchase the Cure Poison Spell. 

Basic Guide 

  • You can only allot one Memory Slot for this Incantation Spell to use it. 
  • The required Faith Points are comparatively low compared to other spells, requiring only faith points. 
  • Its Sorcery cost is also comparatively low as compared to other Incantation spells. 
  • You are not able to cast this Spell at high speed. Instead, the casting is going to be relatively slow. 
  • You can continue in motion, such as being in battle, and still cast the “Cure Poison” Spell. 

Rejection Incantation 

Best Elden Ring Incantations

Following our fourth Spell, the Rejection Incantation is unlike any others. While fighting opponents, there is a high chance that they might come too close to comfort and deal a visible amount of damage, accounting for low health, decreased stamina, and possible death. 

This is where Rejection comes into play, with the ability to provide players with a spell, which upon casting, allows players to push away foes to a considerable distance. 

  • Upon casting the spell “Rejection,” as the name suggests, the player will reject enemies, pushing them away and obliterating them with AoE damage. 
  • If the Incantation spell is at low energy, the Spell will only push foes away to a few feet away. However, the more charged the Spell is, the further the shockwave’s effect. 

The Rejection spell is also known as “the Incantation which was brought down by the maidens of the Finger Reader,” which aims to assist players in battle when opponents get too close. 


In the world of “The Lands Between,” the Rejection Spells come into play with the following stats: 

  • The Spell Type in Incantation can help players get rid of enemies quicker. 
  • If the player aims to cast this Incantation, the required FP is 9, a reasonable amount. 
  • This Spell also scales off of Faith; therefore, the player is advised to invest in as many Faith Points as possible to cast Rejection which requires 12 Faith Points. 
  • Required Intelligence and Arcane Points are 0. 


With so many Elden Ring incantations available, trying to get hold of Rejection Incantation can become problematic. You can get hold of the NPC known as Brother Corhyn, who will be located in the Roundtable Hold area in the area of “The Lands Between.” Though the NPC cannot speak or physically interact with you, you can still acquire the Rejection Incantation from said NPC. Its respective Spells by paying up 1500 Runes, the desired currency in Elden Ring. 

Basic Guide 

  • Players who aim to cast more significant AoE damage need to look no further, as casting this Spell will allow the adventurer to launch AoE damage all around their radius, highly affecting the enemies. 
  • The Rejection Spell does not ask for a higher Sorcery Cost. Instead, for every cast that the player does, it will cost 9 Focus Points in total. 
  • There is no need to invest in Faith Points to cast Rejection Spell. 
  • The casting speed is rapid, allowing players to increase their overall AoE damage. 
  • This Spell can only be allotted to one Memory Slot at any given moment. 

Flame Sling Incantation 

burn foes using flame arts

Moving right along, another important incantation is Flame Sling. The main aim of this Spell is to cast FIreballs that are enhanced with Fire powers, and these can be launched at enemies. For players that want to dominate the battlefield and finish off enemies with style and the ultimate damage, this Spell is for them. 

Flame Sling comes incredibly handy when surrounded by crowds of enemies that refuse to leave you alone and you want to deal excessive damage: 

  • Upon casting the said Spell, adventurers will be able to craft a ball made of fire, whose main aim is to obliterate enemies. 
  • Launching it will cause the enemies to take increased Fire damage. The more this Spell is charged, the stronger the AoE Fire damage. The ball will also be able to explode, launching enemies out of your way and giving you instant victory. 

The Flame Sling incantation is also known as” the Incantation that is gifted by the Fire Monks, who are the guardians of flames of Ruins.” This Spell supports the player with enhanced Fire damage. 


Best Elden Ring Incantations

The stats of the Flame Sling spell are listed as follows: 

  • If the adventurer has the intention to cast this specific Spell, it will require a total of 11 FP costs and no more and no less. 
  • Due to the excellent scaling of the Flame Sling incantation being with Faith, you might want to catch up on your Faith Point investment since Flame Sling requires 11 Faith Points. 
  • The required Arcane and Intelligence Points are 0. 


A specific NPC named Brother Corhyn located in Elden Ring can sell players the Flame Sling incantation along with its respective spells and countless other spells. While venturing on the map, you can find him stalling at the Roundtable Hold, and purchasing this Spell, will cut you back 800 Runes. 

Basic Guide 

  • Adventures that want to cast this Spell should know that it can only be allotted with one Memory Slot at one point. 
  • Its overall Sorcery Cost is pretty low, with Flame Sling costing about 11 Focus Points every time you cast it. 
  • The player can cast Flame Sling with insane speeds, allowing you to render enemies useless by launching Fire attacks on them. 
  • Low Faith Points are required to cast this skill. 

Dragonfire incantation

dragonfire eats health 

The following Elden Ring Incantation that we look at is DragonFire. When in times of doubt, such as battling foes that are getting a little too tough to bear on your own, or perhaps your team members are having trouble clearing a problematic boss, this Spell is here to help you out. 

In essence, DragonFire is a spell that up in casting will create a dragon that will sit on top of you and continuously shoot out balls of flame, dealing massive Fire damage, rendering enemies useless, and dealing significant damage. 

  • Upon first casting the Dragonfire spell, the adventurer can expect a dragon to appear that will launch fire from its mouth and increase AoE fire damage. 
  • Upon charging this Incantation, the overall duration of Dragonfire will continue to extend until the final Fire launch, and then it disappears. 

The Dragonfire spell is also known as “the incantation of the dragon Communion,” which aims to help those adventurers who have hunted dragons in the past; only those can rival their power. 


The Stats of Dragonfire are listed as follows: 

  • When and if the adventurer aims to cast this Spell, it will require a total of 28 FP, which is comparatively higher than other spells. 
  • The Dragonfire spell scales off Faith, and the adventurer needs to invest heavily in it, costing about 15 Faith Points to cast this Spell. 
  • Arcane points in cost are about 12, meaning the player should invest in them too.


Venturing into the map of Elden Ring, when you continue into the island of “Church of Dragon Communion,” you can start by heading to “Limgrave.” There will be an NPC to exchange 1 Dragon Heart for the Dragonfire incantation and its respective spells. Once you pass the Coastal Cave, you will finally reach the island, whereby you can start venturing over to the cathedral of dragon communion. 

Basic Guide 

  • Players can only allot the Spell into one Memory Slot at one time. 
  • The Sorcery cost is medium at best, with the Spell itself costing only 28 Focus Points every time the player casts it. 
  • The adventurer can cast the Spell at incredible speeds, and you can switch the position of flames in the direction of the enemies. 
  • Overall, faith points are 15. 

Dragonclaw Incantation 

The following Incantation is the Dragonclaw Spell. The player takes help when they are in a challenging position during combat. Enemies that are getting too difficult to tear apart or are taking away too much of your HP. 

This is where the Dragonclaw Spell comes in handy; with the help of a dragon by your side, the player can use the claws of a dragon to tear through enemies, and instantly achieve victory, leaving the corpses of opponents in your wake. 

  • Upon casting Dragonclaw Incantation once, the player will transform into a dragon. The player will use dragon claws to tear apart opponents. 
  • After the Spell’s duration has finished, there will be one extra attack that will deal extra Physical Damage. 

This Incantation is also known as “the Incantation rewarded by the Dragon Communion,” which aims to provide increased power to the caster so that victory is no longer difficult to achieve. 


The Stats of Dragonclaw Incantation is as follows: 

  • Comparing it to the Dragonfire spell, dragon claw incantation requires an even higher FP, as it needs 32 FP. 
  • While investing in its skill points, you might want to invest in Faith since Dragonclaw scales off of Faith, requiring a total of 17 Faith Points. 
  • Along with Faith investment, players are advised to invest in Arcane, as the Spell requires 13 Arcane Points. 


Venturing through the land of Elden Ring, you will come across many locations, one of which will be known to you as the “Church of dragon Communion.” When you first wander into the island, you will come across the Cathedral of dragon Communion, where the adventurer can buy the Dragonclaw Spell for a total of 1 Dragon Heart at the location of the Dragon Communion Altar. 

Basic guide 

  • It can only be allotted to one Memory slot at one time. 
  • Casting speed is average, meaning that the player can deal with Physical damage at solid intervals. 
  • Faith Points cost is 17. 

Divine Fortification 

The next Spell that we will talk about is the divine fortification spell which is another incantation in the world of Elden Ring. When battling with foes, a type of damage can be cast known as Holy Damage, which will slowly start to eat away at your HP until there is none left in your health bar. 

This is where the divine Fortification comes to help, where the player who casts the Spell will cover you in a layer of Magic that will protect you against Holy Damage, and it will offer you increased resistance. 

  • Upon casting for the first time, the player will be covered with protective Magic, and enemies will not be able to damage you with Holy Damage. 
  • While inconsistent motion, you can cast the Spell over and over again. 

The divine Fortification spell is also known as “the incantation provided by the Two Finger’s Faithful,” which aims to protect the player from Holy Damage under all aspects. 


The stats of Divine Fortification are as follows:

  • Compared to other spells such as Drawgonclaw, Divine Foritficaition Spell’s FP will be significantly lower, costing a total of 20. 
  • Players are recommended to invest in as much Faith as possible, as Divine Foritfaction Spell requires about 10 Faith Points. 
  • Intelligence and Arcane points required are 0. 


When talking about the location of Divine Fortification, it can be found while venturing on the location of the Weeping Peninsula, which is present on the map of Elden Ring. When you come across the “Tombsward Ruins,” you will continue marching forward until you come to a stop near a structure that is made of stone. You will come face to face with a “Teardrop Scarab” that the player can defeat without taking any damage. It will drop the Divine Fortification Spell. 

Basic Guide 

  • Players will only be allowed to allot one Divine Fortification Spell in one singular memory slot. 
  • Casting speed is pretty average, allowing players to protect themselves with ease. 

Bloodfame Blade Incantation 

Following through with the next Spell is the Bloodflame Blade Incantation which aims to aid players in battle with the toughest of foes by providing your weapon with the “Bloodflame” power, which upon casting will cast a debuff upon your enemies. This can increase the damage the adventurer deals with enemies, and it is a great way to deal additional damage. Instant victory is not very far when using this Spell. 

  • Upon casting Bloodflame Blade for the first time, the weapon is enhanced with Bloodflame itself and extensively applies a debuff to your foes. 
  • After it has been cast for a while, Bloodflame Blade will continue to drain the blood of your enemies for a set amount of time. 


The stats of the Blood Flame blade are as follows:

  • FP cost is significantly lower than other spells, with the FP cost set at a total of 20. 
  • When it comes to Faith Points, Bloodflame Blade Spell requires 12 Faith Points. 
  • The total Arcane points required are 10. 
  • The intelligence points required are 0. 


While roaming through the map, the location known as Liurnia of the Lakes will be the home to the blood flame blade incantation and its respective spells. When you start venturing through the island, you will come across a lake close to the Rose Church, where you can find some Teardrop Scarab, which will grant you the Spell upon defeating. 

Basic Guide

  • Only one Spell can be allotted to the player at one time. 
  • Casting speed is adequate to enhance the player’s overall damage. 
  • The player can stay in motion when casting Bloodflame Blade. 

Agheel’s Flame Incantation 

Last but not least, we look at the Agheel Flame incantation, which significantly helps the player by striking down lines of fire from the skies, cascading upon the enemies and rendering them useless. 

Agheel’s Flame incantation can be insanely grateful for players who are a bit weaker and need a consistent source of damage from the sie. 

  • Upon first casting the Agheel Flame, the player who casts the Spell will be turned into a dragon and allowed to throw down fire from above. 
  • Upon consistent casting, the overall duration of the Spell will increase. 


  • The overall FP points required to cast this Spell is 36.
  • The total faith points required to cast Agheel’s Lake are 23.
  • Arcane points also need to be invested in, with the arcana points being 15.


Venturing to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion location, you can find it after you defeat the Flying Dragon Agheel. You need to head over to the Dragon Communion alter where you can find the Spell and buy it for a total of 2 dragon hearts. 

With that, these are some of the best incantations In Elden Ring that we can provide!

Greyoll’s Roar 

One of the major reasons of Elden ring is popular is its wide variety of powerful incantations. Out of all three legendary incantations in Elden Ring, Greyoll’s Roar is one. It’s used for casting a wide AoE that not only debuffs the enemy but temporarily reduces their attack power. Greyoll’s Roar Dragon Communion Incantation. This is why it works a little bit differently. It channels the power of Greyoll, which holds the status of the Elder Dragon. Greyoll was known to be the mother of dragons, and it dwarfs all who stood before her. It transforms the caster into a dragon. It emits a terrible roar while reducing the attack power & defense of close enemies.

Elden Ring Best incantations
Greyoll’s Roar Incantation
  • Greyoll’s Roar is a powerful spell that is effective for wiping out hordes of fragile enemies with a single blow. It’s great to use against outnumbered enemies.
  • Greyoll’s Roar will be of good use when the opponent is being knocked back by the use of some other spell such as Rejection or, even better, if put down to sleep with Trina’s Arrows.
  • Greyoll’s Roar takes a little time to be cast while leaving you open to attacks. That is why it can be highly effective when the target is primarily focused on the other player or summon.


Grell’s Roar stats are listed below:

  • It costs a 5 FP for use despite its relatively low 28 FAI & 14 ARC constraint. Dragon Communion Seal can also be used for increasing two other Dragon-related incantations.
  • Its stamina Cost is 80 with 75 Focus Points per cast.
  • Legendary incantation emits AoE roar, which can deal significant damage while decreasing enemy attack by up to 20%.


As Greyoll roar is a legendary incantation, it can be a little difficult to obtain. The incantation can be purchased directly at Dragon Communion Altar at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion, but the cost is Dragon Heart. It can only be obtained by slaying Greyoll that’s visible from a distance at the location.

Another way is teleporting gamers to the Bestial Sanctum by using a portal. The portal can be found by heading to the Third Church of Marika of Limgrave which lies in the Mistwood region. The Portal will send a player to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow. They find Fort Faroth, activate it and head south to find a stuck Greyoll in the ground. Slaying it will reward gamers with a legendary incantation.

Basic Guide 

  • The player will be required to slay Greyoll for obtaining this incantation Note that killing him will get you thousands of runes as well.
  • Greyoll roar incantation is equipped with two memory slots.
  • Its high cost, lesser speed & short duration make it best for stacking buffs before it bursts the boss down.

Blessing’s Boon

A big portion of game stress can be avoided with the use of the right incantation. It’s worth investing some points into inactions so you can make them of use while facing big opponents. Blessing’s Boon inaction offers a buff not only to the gamer but to his nearby allies. It is an antiques Erdtree incantations. That showers blessing on the caster and his nearby allies, along with restoring HP. 

Elden Ring Best incantations
Blessing Boon Incantation
  • It lets you hold for continuing prayers while delaying activation. Blessings fell in tears from Erdtree; the incantation is a remnant of the power.
  • You will be required to have a Sacred Seal that’s specifically equipped and 24 Faith, 0 Arcane, and 0 Intelligence for casting this spell.


Stats for Blessing’s Boon are described as follows:

Elden Ring Incantations
Blessing’s Boon Stats
  • The incantation requires a stamina cost of 30 FP for 8 HP/s for a total duration of 90 seconds, while the Erdtree costs 60 FP for 12 HP/s for 90 seconds.
  • It can be recharged without affecting potency or total duration, but others may enter within range before its casting has been completed.
  • Blessing Boon has one slot and no attack power. 


Like many other Elden Ring incantations blessing boons isn’t too hard to get your hands on. Blessing Boon can be purchased directly from Miriel, Pastor of Vows at the Church of Vows, but it requires an investment of 4,000 Runes. It can also be found by making the first ancestral spirit taste defeat after lighting the pillars underground.

Basic Guide

  • Blessing Boon does not scale up with Faith. Also, it does not stack with different Regen-buffs but Lifereg-Talisman.
  • It will successfully cause damage to certain undead enemies certainly if they’re ‘hit’ by the AOE
  • It especially works on NPCs, cooperators & spirit summons
  • Blessing boon incantation can pose heavy damage to Wraith Caller and Revenant enemies.

Flame of the Fell God 

Any Elden Ring Player will never deny the effectiveness of Incantations. It’s too powerful and effective to be overlooked. The flame of the Fell God incantation is an amazing tool for inflicting massive damage on your enemies. It enables gamers to summon raging fireballs for exploding and causing AOE fire damage. It’s an amazing incantation for crowd control.  

lden Ring Best incantations
Flame of the Fell God Incantation


Flame of God incantation has some good stats that are listed below.

  • The total cost of the flame of the fell god incantation is 50 P, and it uses a single slot.
  • Acquiring this incantation can be a game-changer. The player must be equipped with a Sacred Seal 41 Faith, 0 Arcane, and 0 Intelligence for casting this spell.


For obtaining the flame of the Fell God incantation start by traveling North of Stormveil Castle to Liurnia Lake Shore. There, hike up the cliff to find a structure on the floor called Malefactor’s Evergaol. Examining it will enclose you in the area & summon Thief of Fire. There you will have a fight. Defeating thief if fire Adan will reward your flame of the fell god incantation. 

Basic Guide

  • It’s a legendary incantation that draws directly from Fire Giants’ power. It works by releasing the ball of raging fire that fireball floats toward rivals and explodes, setting surroundings on fire.
  • Another worth-acquiring feature of this incantation is that it gives time to heal and replenish your magic.
  • The player must know how to use this incantation in the right ways for his advantage.

Elden Star

Trials for obtaining incantations can be a real struggle. Some of them you get to discover, unlock at certain levels, or purchase. Elden star is a legendary incantation, an ancient one derived from the Erdtree. It projects golden shooting stars that storm the area. Moreover, it aces up healing.  

lden Ring Best incantations
Elden Star Incantation


Read on to learn more about Elden Star stats:

  • The Stamina Cost for casting Elden Star is 47, and 2 slots.
  • Acquiring this incantation can be a real deal. The player must be equipped with a Sacred Seal 50 Faith, 0 Arcane, and 0 Intelligence.


For finding the incarnation, follow these directions. Head towards the western side of Deeproot Depths until you reach roots. Follow them as they will lead you to the cave entrance; as soon you enter, you will have to fight Giant Ants; there, you will find Elden Stars on a corpse. 

Basic Guide

  • This incantation summons a gold projectile that shoots off tiny projectiles. The caster can not only move while casting it but also perform other actions while projectiles are active.
  • Small projectiles can cause trivial harm while inflicting heavy & unceasing posture damage.
  • Elden star deals with holy damage only. If the large projectile touches an enemy, it will detonate for much greater damage.

Frenzied Burst

Frenzied Burst incantation releases an intense flame blast of frenzy. Charged blast has the ability to penetrate through the enemy’s defenses and shields. It projects Madness ailment when any player gets hit with it. Incantation costs little FP for casting it, but it causes massive damage.

lden Ring Best incantations
Frenzied Burst Incantation
  • Due to its overpowered perks, Frenzied Burst can be a potent Spell for using in PvE and powerful in PvP situations.
  • Also, the player can find this incantation in the open world, meaning no Dungeons or prerequisites for acquiring the spell.


Following are the stats of Frenzied Burst incantation. 

  • The frenzied burst incantation requires 22 Faiths.
  • The acquiring cost of this flame incantation is 24 FP peruse & the player needs to have just 1 memory slot for memorizing this incantation.
  • Charging it deals with 20% more harm and penetrates enemies while causing massive damage to the shields.


Frenzied burst incantation is one of the most powerful and effective tools in the game. Therefore it’s really hard to find. The incantation is placed by a Teardrop Scarab in Liurnia of Lakes. The scarab containing incantation can be found towards the southern side of the Church of Inhibition & directly towards the north of Frenzied Flame Village. The Scarab is placed in the forest, followed by a few frenzied rats.

Basic Guide

  • The frenzied burst incantation releases concentrated flame from the caster’s eyes that causes a big deal of damage to enemies.
  • Charging it not only enhances potency but also enables the blasts to penetrate into the enemy’s guard.
  • Every single person who attempted to control the flame of frenzy succumbed to madness after being engaged in a desperate internal struggle. 

Bestial Sling

It is one of the earliest Incantations players can get their hands on. Bestial Sling is acquired from Gurranq after he is given Death root. Its casting is versatile and powerful. Bestial Sling works by spraying beans of stones in an archaic manner at the front of the caster without any delay. It takes so less casting time.

Elden Ring Best incantations
Bestial Sling Incantation

The stone projections in the bestial Sling were the first weapon of the beats before the times of Erdtree, who had acquired intelligence.


Get to know the stats of bestial sling incantation by going through the following.

  • Bestial Sling has an incredibly low FP cost. It uses only one slot. You will be required to have a Sacred Seal Equipped and 0 Intelligence, 10 Faith, and 0 Arcane for casting this spell.
  • Damage that causes the opponent is of physical nature. The caster can even cast it in mid-air surprising the opponents in PvP. 


Gurranq will give you items and incantation in exchange for a few Deathroots in Caelid at the Bestial Sanctum. The player can earn the incantation after giving a second Deathroot. Handing Deathroots to Gurranq is an essential step in getting their hands on his quest line.

Basic Guide

  • Bestial Sling incantation immediately throws stones at the enemies. It is high, but it is highly versatile.
  • It allows the caster to swiftly fling fiery rock shards without any delay.

Honed Bolt 

Honed Bolt is one of the powerful incantations in Elden Ring that players can pick up during the initial stages of mid-game. It is one of the capital’s ancient dragon cult incantations. The cast works by summoning the Bolt of lightning that hits foes from above. It can be cast multiple times in a repeated manner. This incantation serves well throughout the game and also in PvP matches.

Elden Ring Best incantations
Honed Bolt Incantation


Stats for Honed Bolt’s Incantation are listed below:

  • The stamina cost for casting honed bolt incantation is 12. It uses only a single slot.
  • It acquires the player to be equipped with 23 faith, 0 intelligence, and 0 arcane.


Honed Bolt is purchased from the merchants Corhyn or Miriel, Pastor of Vows, in exchange for the Dragon Cult Prayerbook. The player can obtain a dragon cult after assassinating and roaming Leyndell Knight at Artist’s Shack, its site of Grace located at the east of the Liurnia of the Lakes region.

Basic Guide

  • The incantation hits the target with a lightning beam. It’s more difficult for enemies to dodge than a Lightning spear and Lightning strike.
  • Honed Bolt has more power but a lesser range compared to other beam strikes. Icrushes nearby enemies with just one lightning strike.

Ekzykes’ Decay

Elden Ring inhabits multiple Dragon bosses that players are required to defeat for getting their hands on Dragon Hearts. Some of these dragons possess special Incantations that can be achieved after defeating them. Ekzykes’s Decay Incantation is one of them. The spell summons a dragon head that spits a cloud of rotting breath on a broad front area in front. It’s guaranteed that your target will end with Scarlet Rot; there’s no area on the battlefield that Ekzykes’ Decay won’t reach. The casting time of enzymes decays incredibly slowly. It can also be cast while jumping. 


Ekzykes’ Decay is a dragon incantation that has the following stats:

  • The stamina cost of casting the rotting cloud is 60. It uses only one slot. The damage caused will be of physical nature.
  • Players must acquire a Sacred Seal & 23 Faith15 Arcane, and 0 Intelligence for casting this spell.
  • Covers a vast area on the battlefield, can be spewed in different directions, and also inflicts magic damage.  


A player can get his hand on this incantation after defeating the dragon itself at the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. You will find the Decaying Ekzykes in the terrifying region of Caelid.  

Dragon is camouflaged in traffic, red, & polluted moss. As you move further, you will find it moving. Players can defeat the dragon by slicing it. After the slaying, the dragon player will be rewarded with 38,000 runes.

Basic Guide 

  • Dragon resides in mid of an open field surrounded by trees, bounders, and hanging branches.
  • While the player fights, Decaying Ekzykes will spew Incantation, and hiding behind boulders and branches will save the gamer.
  • This mighty Dragon is resistant to slashes, but Piercing damage can cause a deal of harm.

Crucible Breath

Elden Ring contains three Crucible Incantations; combined, they are known as Aspects of the Crucible. All the Crucible Incantations are significantly useful. All of them are traces of Erdtree’s primal vital energies. It manifests that it was a crucible when all these lives were blended together once.

Elden Ring Best incantations
Crucible Breath Incantation

Like the rest of the Crucible incantation, it also requires you to defeat a specific Crucible Knight for obtaining it. By casting this incantation, the caster forms a pouch for their throat, which allow them to breathe fire while moving. The golden fire breath spews out of your mouth in a wide arch form. You can change it to enhance its duration.


Following are the stats of crucible breath incantation:

  • FP cost of this incantation is 28. While stamina cost is 40 and it uses a single slot.
  • Players must acquire a Sacred Seal & 27 Faith15 Arcane, and 0 Intelligence for casting this spell.


For equipping yourself with crucible breath, go to the boss arena, and engage in a fight with Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy. After fighting him off, find Lady Tanith eating Rykard’s corpse. Kill her too. While trying to kill her, you will encounter Lady Tanith’s bodyguard, who is Crucible Knight. Once you get him down, you will be rewarded with Crucible: Breath.

Basic Guide 

  • Crucible breath might appear disturbing because of the way how it looks, but it has pretty cool functionality.
  • The incantation forms a throat pouch for spewing the fire as the caster walk
  • The attack does fire damage by affecting a significant area at the front.

Golden Vow

Elden Ring is widely known for the wide array of incantations it offers that can be directly utilized for combat or to support the gamer. A golden vow is one of the most useful incantations. It equips the player with a buff which increases the attack & defense of not only the character but its allies as well. The buff lasts up to 80 seconds. It’s good for PvE but really shines in PvP.

Elden Ring Best incantations
Golden Vow Incantation


Here are all the Golden Vow Stats you need to be aware of:

  • Golden Vow spell costs 47 FP for casting. It requires a faith stat of 25 in order to get used. It uses up to one memory slot.
  • It increases the player’s and ally’s damage by 15% and gives a damage reduction of 10% for each 90-second round.


Gamer will be going to Corpse-Stench Shack which has been placed in the northern part of Mt. Gelmir. The way to reach this location starts at the Bridge of Iniquity at the site of Grace. Head forward from there till Shack’s picture is found. Inside it, there’s a corpse called pillage. The corpse will give you a Golden Vow incantation. It isn’t too hard to get.

Basic guideline

  • Golden Vow incantation is passed down by the Knights of City, Leyndell.
  • It makes gamers swear an oath for enhanced attack and defense power. An amazing incantation that allows the use of combined weapons and incantations. Has a comparatively short casting duration.
  • For making the most of this incantation, make sure you are surrounded by as many allies as possible; that way, it will strengthen everyone.

Why Pick Incantations In Elden Ring? 

With the game being set in a dark era, there is no doubt there is a consistent use of Magic. With that, Incantations can be described as a form of “Magic” in the game, which you can use to increase the overall damage and improve your combat in battles. As it is a form of Magic, players use “Dark Arts” to get hold of several support and defense stats. 

With the help of certain “Incantations,” players can get Healing bonuses and support. Incantations are mainly used for “Healing” purposes. The player will be low on health and require assistance getting their HP back up. 

Weapons That Work With Incantations 

Incantations will only work with a specific type of weapon in the world of Elden Ring. They are also known as “Catalyst,” which can launch non-melee attacks on enemies. Specifically, catalysts by the name of “Sacred Seals” come in handy to cast Incantations and improve damage output. 

Where To Find Incantations In Elden Ring 

Since incantations cannot essentially be crafted by hand, they are instead sourced with the help of certain NPCs strewn about in the land of Elden Ring. The NPCs that sell you the incantations will pose as “Trainers” and guide you further on what you need to do. With the help of this Elden Ring Incantation guide, we can help you locate them. 

Some of the best NPCs that will lend you these spells include: 

  • D Hunter
  • Brother Corhyn 
  • Gurranq

That is pretty much everything you need to know about 20 of the best incantations in Elden Ring with locations. Which incantations have been your favorite in the game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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