Elden Ring: Rose Church [Location, Items, And Quest]

This guide covers the location of the Rose Church in Elden Ring, as well as its importance, including loot and Varré's quest progression.

Out of the many landmarks you’ll visit, Elden Ring’s Rose Church is probably the most visually unique. But aside from its rather abhorrent looks, it serves as an important location for progressing through Varré’s questline. And based on my gameplay experience, as the quest goes forward, there are a lot of interesting lore facts and rare items for you to uncover.

Key Takeaways
  • To reach the church, follow these steps after entering Liurnia:
    1. Head north from Liurnia Highway South to Liurnia Highway North via Gate Town Site of Grace.
    2. Jump into the lake, go northeast along Raya Lucaria’s outer wall, then take a sharp left to Rose Church on a small island.
  • Meet and interact with Varré at Rose Church to advance quest line.
  • To progress Varré’s quest:
    1. Talk to Varré, invade worlds with Festering Fingers, then return.
    2. Obtain Lord of Blood’s Favor, soak it in a dead maiden’s blood at the Church of Inhibition.
    3. Return soaked sheet to Varré at Rose Church for Pureblood Knight’s Medal and access to Mohgwyn Palace teleportation.
  • Continue quest at Mohgwyn Palace using Medal for Varré’s Bouquet, a potent Arcane weapon.

Here’s a quick overview of Rose Church in Elden Ring:

LocationDescriptionAccess PointFightsQuest
Rose ChurchFound on a small island in Liurnia of the LakesFollow the road from Liurnia Highway South to Gate Town Bridge and navigate north along debrisDefeat the Sanguine Noble and find the Nomadic Warrior's CookbookProgress through Varré's questline involving Festering Bloody Fingers and the Lord of Blood's Favor at the Rose Church

Elden Ring’s Rose Church Location

After beating Godrick the Grafted inside Stormveil Castle and progressing through the first major in-game area, you can find the Rose Church on a small island in the deep southwestern region of Liurnia of the Lakes. Following are the steps that I took to reach the Rose Church location:

    1. Starting from the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace, which is one of the earliest grace sites in the region, follow the road up north until you reach the Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace just beyond the Sword Monument.
Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes Elden RIng
Liurnia Highway North Site of Grace near the Sword Monument (Image by eXputer)
    1. Continue following the road straight ahead to reach the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace at the foot of the landmass just before the lake.
gate town bridge in eastern liurnia
The Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. Navigate the broken bridge, enter shallow waters, and use Torrent to move north along debris and rooftops. Run straight until you align with the town next to the Academy of Raya Lucaria on your right.
    2. As you move along, you’ll encounter some Magic Giant Mirandas accompanied by several smaller hostile flowers once you cross the town’s outer wall. 
giant miranda sprout liurnia
The Giant Miranda Sprout next to Raya Lucaria’s outer wall (Image by us)
    1. When you’re directly in front of these mobs, simply take a sharp left and head to the Rose Church you’ll easily spot just a few meters away from you.
rose church elden ring
The Rose Church (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Inside The Church

    1. If you spoke to Varré in Limgrave, find him outside the Church’s entrance. Interact with him about your initial meeting with the Two Fingers at the Roundtable Hold.
    2. Heading inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the mass amounts of blood and rot engulfing the area.
rose church elden ring
Inside the Rose Church (Image by eXputer)
    1. After a few seconds of exploring the structure, a Sanguine Noble will spawn at the center of the Church, whom you’ll have to take down.
    2. This enemy is extremely quick and is fully equipped with close-range and long-range items that cause Blood Loss, so try to keep your distance when tackling him.
noble fight elden ring
The Sanguine Noble in Rose Church (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. Once you kill the noble, you’ll receive 470 Runes, which is rather disappointing given his difficulty.
    2. Nonetheless, besides the fight, you can pick up the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [12] from the corpse on the Church’s left side, which lets you make Cursed-Blood Pots that you can throw at enemies.
nomadic crafting book
The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [12] (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    1. There are also a few Bloodroses you can pick up and craft several items with.
    2. Other than that, the rest of the items you can uncover from this location are by progressing Varré’s quest line.
Important: If you die to the Sanguine Noble, remember to respawn at the Stake of Marika to avoid the tedious runback to the Church.

Progressing Varré’s Questline

As mentioned, one of the key highlights of visiting the Rose Church is to progress through White Mask Varré’s quest, one of the first NPCs to meet at Elden Ring’s starting location. It’s worth noting that this quest will become much more difficult after its tenure at the church, so you’ll likely need a high level to fully complete this storyline.

    1. When you first meet Varré at the Church, and he asks you about your first impression of the Fingers, reply with the option “They didn’t seem right” to continue the quest line.
Varré quest
Varré’s dialogue options (Image taken by eXputer)
    1. After exhausting his dialogue, Varré will give you your first 5 Festering Bloody Fingers, which you can use to invade worlds.
Getting the Festering Bloody Finger (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Now, partake in a PvP invasion to use up one of your Bloody Fingers and return to Varré at the Rose Church once you’ve done that.
    2. Fortunately, thanks to Patch v1.06, you can also do this step if you’re playing offline by invading an NPC whose red summon sign is located near the Writheblood Ruins in the Altus Plateau.
red sign altus plateau
The red summon sign in the Writheblood Ruins (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
    1. With the invasion now completed, exhaust Varré’s dialogue at the church, and he’ll give the Lord of Blood’s Favor a sheet of paper that needs to be soaked in maiden blood.
getting the lord of blood's favor at the rose church
Lord of Blood’s Favor (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. Advance in the quest by visiting the dead maiden at the Chapel of Anticipation through the Four Belfries portal or at the Church of Inhibition. The latter, located past the Bellum Highway in the southeastern region of Liurnia, is generally the easier option.
    2. Approach the dead maiden at the Church until the “Dye Cloth with Maiden’s Blood” prompt appears. This action will grant the Lord of Blood’s Favor, now soaked in blood.
church of inhibition elden ring
Dyed Lord of Blood’s Favor cloth at the Church of Inhibition (Image by us)
    1. Now, go back to Varré at the Church, and after exhausting his dialogue again, click on the “Offer finger” to view a small cutscene that’ll give you a Bloody Finger, which you can use to invade worlds as much as you want.
bloody finger rose church
Getting the Bloody Finger (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. Talk to Varré again after this, and he’ll gift you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which you can use from your inventory to teleport to the audience grounds in Mohgwyn Palace.
medal to teleport to mohgwyn palace
Receiving the Pureblood Knight’s Metal (Screenshot by eXputer)

Finishing The Other Half Of The Quest

Now that the Rose Church saga of the quest line has finished, the other half of it takes place exclusively in Mohgwyn palace, a difficult but extremely rewarding late-game area with tons of rare items and bosses. And With a substantial part of Varré’s arc completed, go the extra mile and finish it once and for all.

The Audience Grounds at Mohgwyn Palace (Image Credits: eXputer)
    1. Begin by touching the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance Site of Grace near the stairs in front of the audience grounds. Exit and defeat three Nameless White Mask NPCs in the area.
    2. You can find the first NPC just before the Blistered Crow in the lake of blood, which you can reach by circling the cliff from the audience grounds.
varre quest npc 1
The first White Mask NPC in the blood lake (Image Source: eXputer)
    1. The next NPC will spawn after you’ve picked the Golden Seed from atop the plateau located on your right.
white mask npc 2 varre quest
The second White Mask NPC near the Golden Seed Tree (Image by eXputer)
    1. The third and final White Mask NPC will spawn on the other stone plateau on the southern side.
3rd white mask npc in mohgwyn elden ring
The third White Mask NPC at the stone plateau (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
    1. After killing all 3 NPCs, you’ll receive the Arcane-based White Mask armor set, which includes:
      1. White Mask
      2. War Surgeon Gown (Altered)
      3. War Surgeon Gloves
      4. War Surgeon Trousers
    2. Teleport to the Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance, climb stairs, ascend the mountain, avoid Blistered zombies and slugs, reach the Dynasty Mausoleum.
mohgwyn palace
The Dynasty Mausoleum Entrance (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
    1. Equip a light source like a lantern beforehand and head inside the mausoleum, blitzing past the enemies until you get to the exit and touch the Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace.
Dynasty Midpoint varre quest
The Dynasty Mausoleum Midpoint Site of Grace (Screenshot by eXputer)
    1. Return inside the mausoleum, and shortly after, encounter a red summon sign allowing you to invade White Mask Varré’s world.
varre summon sign
White Mask Varré’s Red Summon Sign (Screenshot taken by eXputer)
    1. Accept the invasion to take on Varré who’ll be deep inside the mausoleum.
    2. Upon defeating him, you’ll be teleported back to your world and see Varré on top of his summon sign praying to Mohg.
varré's death
Dying Varré at the Mausoleum (Image Source: eXputer)
    1. Once his dialogue finishes and he’s completely dead, you’ll receive 6 Festering Bloody Finger and Varré’s Bouquet, an extremely powerful Arcane weapon with incredible Blood loss buildup.
varre's bouquet – one of the best arcane weapon
Varré’s Bouquet in Elden Ring (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)


That wraps up our guide on Elden Ring’s Rose Church and how the location plays a pivotal role in an NPC quest. There’s a lot to learn from the church’s eerie looks, and while the backstory is as unclear as Varré’s motivation, this Subreddit Post dives deep into the lore to find a possible explanation. Of course, Fromsoft games are open to interpretation, and you always have the option to derive your narrative from the setting.

If you want to explore more intriguing quest lines in the game, here’s a guide on Seluvis’ Quest. For partaking in other challenges besides the combat, check out the guide on solving Chelona’s Puzzle in the Altar’s South. And apart from that, consider reading the Elden Ring Boss order to see which behemoths to tackle first.


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