Elden Ring Bosses Tier List: Best & Worst Bosses Ranked

Proceed the Elden Ring storyline in a breeze! The Elden Ring Bosses Tier List will keep you informed of all the foes you may encounter along. 

As you’d already anticipated from a Souls game, Eldin Ring bolsters a plethora of challenging bosses to keep you always on the edge of your game seat. When you’re gearing up to enter the Elden Ring field, you might want to consider what’s the best class and build for your playing approach, but the intense storyline you are about to enter also expects from you some knowledge of its lethal enemies too! Hence here’s an Elden Ring Bosses Tier List for that. 

Key Highlights
  • Elden Ring challenges players with up to 36 distinct bosses divided into three categories based on difficulty level–Demigod (Main), Great Enemy (Mini), and Field Bosses. 
  • Amongst Demigod Bosses, the Godfrey, First Elden Lord, and the Margott Omen King are the most dangerous.
  • As far as Field Bosses are concerned, beware of the Ulcerated Tree Spirit and Royal Knight Loretta. 
  • Black Knife Assassin and the Dragonkin Soldier are bosses you should not worry about (they are the weakest of the horde!).
Elden Ring Bosses Tier List Ranking Table
Tiers  Demigod Bosses Great Enemy  Field Bosses 
S-Tier  Cemetery Shade, Godfrey First Elden Lord, Margott The Omen King, Starscourge Radahn, Godrick the Grafted Flying Dragon Agheel Royal Knight Loretta, Ulcerated Tree Spirit, Draconic Tree Sentinel, Crucible knight 
A-Tier  Ancestor Spirit, Rennala Queen of the Full Moon Decaying Ekzykes , Margit, The Fell Omen Spirit-Caller Snail, Night’s Cavalry, Demi-Human Chief,  Grafted Scion, Mad Pumpkin Head, Bloodhound Knight Darriwil 
B-Tier  Dragonkin Soldier  Valiant Gargoyle, Borealis the Freezing Fog, Red Wolf of Radagon, Leonine Misbegotten, Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella Tree Sentinel, Beastman of Farium Azula, Soldier of Godrick, Stonedigger Troll, Erdtree Burial Watchdog, Grave Warden Duelist, Demi-Human Queen Gilika, Tibia Mariner, Ruin Golem, Black Knife Assassin

Eldin Ring Bosses Tier List 

Elden Ring Tiers S-A
Elden Ring Bosses Tier List Explained (S-A)

Elden Ring Demigod Bosses Tier List 

Elden Ring Main Bosses Tier List.
Elden Ring Demigod Bosses (Main Bosses) Tier List

Demigods heavily rely on cutscenes for preceding and transiting into the next phase of the fight. Here are all the Demigods you’ll encounter in the Elden Ring to pass through. I have ranked each one according to their difficulty level. 

Tier Elden Ring Boss Short Description
S Godrick the Grafted Godrick the Grafted rules the Stormveil Castle of the Elden Ring and is the final hindrance players must overcome to proceed through the arena. You can also opt to fight him later in the game, but it’s recommended to deal with him before as the Elden Ring pathway ahead isn’t short of mighty bosses. 
S Starscourge Radahn The massively destructive Starscourge Radahn makes players experience one of the most ambitious and unique boss fights of the Elden Ring. He is located in Caelid and can not be delayed to a later part of the game like Godrick. It’s necessary to kill Starscourge Radahn in order to enter the Legacy Dungeon. 
S Margott The Omen King Again, this boss is not an optional enemy and must be killed to reach the Legacy Dungeon. Players will come across Margott at Leyndell, Royal Capital. 
S Godfrey First Elden Lord Godfrey is yet another antagonist of the Elden Ring whom you will see in the Leyndell, Royal Capital, after beating the Demigod Morgott. 

To overcome Godfrey’s waves of ax attacks, spam him with as many ashes of war as you could till he finally moves to the second phase. 

S Cemetery Shade Cemetery Shade will probably meet you in an open area of the Tombsward Catacombs. The dark creature is known for its melee attacks and how he constantly vanishes and reappears, making the fight even more intense.
A Rennala Queen of the Full Moon The Queen of the Full Moon Demigod Boss, often only called Rennala, is found in the Academy of Raya Lucaria and is the last living member of the Carian Royal Family.  Unlike the Demigod bosses you have been through until now, this one is unnecessary to beat, and you can still proceed to the next level. 
A Ancestor Spirit This is a terrifying horned boss of the Eldin Ring who arrives upon lighting the traditional braziers at specific circumstances. Though very massive in size, his moveset is extraordinarily agile and quick. 
B Dragonkin Soldier  Like Rennela, Dragonkin Soldier is another optional Demigod that you may or may not fight depending on how much you enjoy facing challenges. 

Elden Ring Great Enemy Tier List  

Elden Ring Mini-Bosses Tier List.
Elden Ring Great Enemy (Mini Bosses) Tier List

Mini-Bosses of the Elden Ring are generally unique, more robust than average enemies that players usually meet halfway through the dungeons before encountering the main boss– Demigod. 

Though Great Enemies (Mini-Bosses) are supposed to be less challenging than the Demigods they protect, it’s not a definite rule. I think many of them will make you stand on your toes! Here is our Elden Ring Mini-Bosses Tier List.

Tier Elden Ring Boss Short Description
S Flying Dragon Agheel Flying Dragon Agheel is an optional boss who will welcome you to the Church of Elleh. The boss is highly mobile and is backed by a massive health pool; hence it is preferred to deal him with only the high damage rendering weapons (ideally a +2 one) and awesome builds. 
A Margit, The Fell Omen You will have to face this boss before meeting the Demigod, Margott. Hence assuming that you still aren’t experienced in dealing with Margott, Margit might be tricky. Otherwise, this boss isn’t giving expert players a hard time. 
A Decaying Ekzykes  This boss is a white dragon who guards the highway in the Caelid. Though Decaying Ekzykes is not necessary to be defeated in order to proceed further in the Elden Ring’s play, the rewards it packs are worth collecting. 
B Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella You might be excited to adventure the underground waterways of the Eldin Ring, but be informed that there sits the Dragonkin Soldier of Nokstella to repel you off. 
B Leonine Misbegotten Leonine Misbegotten is a beast enemy hence lacks defense against fire. Therefore it is recommended to stock yourself with as many Fire Pots and Fire Grease as you can. 
B Red Wolf of Radagon The Red Wolf of Radagon is a severely mobile boss of the Elden Ring that employs multiple magic spells to inflict the players with substantial damage. He also wields general swipes of his mouth, but that isn’t very lethal. 
B Borealis the Freezing Fog  Borealis is a huge winged dragon that, similar to Decaying Ekzykes, sends icy breaths toward its foes to render massive damage. The boss lurks over the power of ice and can be encountered in the Mountaintops of Giants. 
B Valiant Gargoyle Another winged beast but this time far smaller than Decaying Ekzykes and Borealis. He switches between a battleax and sword to inflict damage to the players. 

It is preferred to cater to this boss via jumping attack while also using your horse. This strategy will not only give you more mobility but will also keep you away from Valiant Gargoyle’s continuous attacks.  

Eldin Ring Field Bosses Tier List 

Elden Ring Field Bosses
Eldin Ring Field Bosses Tier List

Field bosses are another mighty breed of foes you need to deal with in the Elden Ring. They are strong but not like the Demigod Bosses. Field Bosses are well-equipped and sturdy enemies by whom players will mostly be greeted in the Lands Between. I have ranked the Field Bosses below.

Tier Elden Ring Boss Short Description 
S Crucible knight  The Crucible Knight lurks in one of the hills of the Stormhill Evergaol. He has two phases to show like any other Elden Ring boss. 

How to cheese him? Keep a safe distance from his ranged sword lunges and tail whipping while attacking with cleverly timed magic spells.  

S Draconic Tree Sentinel Draconic Tree Sentinel’s AoE attacks and the unusual act of summoning lightning from the sky make him one heck of a challenging Elden Ring Boss. 

I recommend summoning a friend where both of you combat him on foot to divert his attention. The key to dodging his horse spitting flames is rolling immediately as you see him dipping his shield. 

S Ulcerated Tree Spirit The most excellent way to outclass the Ulcerated Tree Spirit field boss is to stick as near to him as possible and inflict critical damage whenever there’s a chance. 
S Royal Knight Loretta  She is a horseback knight who is pretty daunting to be outclassed easily. What makes Royal Knight Loretta, so challenging is her continuous wave of sorcery attacks.

Her second phase intensifies the magic attacks. Your only way out of this is to study the boss’s attack pattern and input your attacks whenever there’s a gap to chip Royal Knight Loretta’s health bar to zero. 

A Mad Pumpkin Head  This boss has a huge wobbly metal head and employs a giant rod topped with a striking head that results in a considerable buildup of blood loss. 
A Grafted Scion  The Grafted Scion has many limbs, unique combos, and a severely irritating scream. The best possible way out of the misery is to employ long-reach attacks while staying in his back with a shield to repel inevitable back smashes. 

Don’t just rely on dodging, as this will not work against Grafted Scion combos’ sheer speed and frequency.

A Demi-Human Chief  There are two of them, and it’s better two fight each separately. Both the Chiefs are incredibly aggressive; hence players would most likely need to summon the Old Knight Istvan at the very start of the game. 
A Night’s Cavalry  This boss is also very aggressive, but you can still lay him down by staying far and rendering damage in gaps. Watch out for his horse’s quick side barges if you stay close or the jumping downward slash. 
A Spirit-Caller Snail Just as weird as his name, this boss is a snail accompanied by many Crucible Knights to fight you. A cherry on top: The Spirit-Caller Snail is himself a spirit, that too, an invisible one with a very minimal glow of light. 
A Bloodhound Knight Darriwil  Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is aggressive for sure. To uppercut the player, this boss will scrape his claws along the ground, preceded by a flashy overhead slash. Staying at a safe distance while pondering the boss with long reach damage is the key.
B Erdtree Burial Watchdog You will most probably encounter him in the dungeons of the Church of Elleh.  The boss isn’t very tricky to defeat. You just need to be careful in tackling his weirdly timed hovering attacks that may come straight towards you anytime and from anywhere. Perish the boss before that using as many Ashes of War you can. 
B Stonedigger Troll  This boss is not more than a usual troll. In fact, he equips a somewhat weaker arsenal of weapons. Stay close to his legs while doing random back and forth motions between them.
B Soldier of Godrick Soldier of Godrick makes use of a greatsword and is relatively easy to outclass. He only has a running stab attack and nothing else to worry about. Counteract via a jumping-charged attack to take most of his health. 
B Beastman of Farium Azula  Given that the boss doesn’t have much health on board, just staggering him with a couple of attacks while dodging and blocking his retaliation will get Beastman of Farium Azula down quickly.
B Tree Sentinel  If you know how to wield a torrent while riding a horse, Tree Sentinelis becomes no more of a challenge. 

Maintain a reasonable distance from his halberd and continue running past your horse to achieve a couple of hits on the boss’s shielded side. You could also employ a bunch of Rowa Raisins here. 

B Black Knife Assassin  The Black Knight Assassin dwells in the dungeons of the Stormhill Warmaster’s Shack. Summon a mob in his case, and he will be down in no time. If you do not prefer that, use a colossal weapon instead. 
B Ruin Golem  The Ruin Golem is not so tricky to kill if you stay near to his ankles while also dodging his stomps cleverly. During this time, slash his ankles as much as you can so the boss topples to give you an expansive room of striking his chest. 
B Tibia Mariner You will come across not one but a bunch of Tibia Mariners throughout your journey in the Lands Between. They become more stubborn after each encounter. 

Anyways, the best way out is to focus on the skeletons it summons after breaking out. Once defeated, engage with the boss employing your melee weapon or magic attacks. 

B Demi-Human Queen Gilika This wolf-like giant seems pretty scary at first, but she isn’t tough to beat at all. She will begin the fight with calm attacks; hence take maximum advantage of the moment to inflict as much damage as you can. 
B Grave Warden Duelist   It’s better to be close to Grave Warden Duelist since a lot of his attacks just don’t output considerable damage if the target is right up in his face. 

You can take advantage of these conditions and use Ashes like Lone Wolf Ashes to attack while remaining concealed behind pillars. 

Our Criteria

In this Elden Ring tier list, I’ve ranked nearly all the bosses according to their difficulty levels and how intense of an Elden Ring experience they give. Those with the most epic manifestation of action and mobility are graded before those who are easier to outclass and lack exceptional moves. 

Our team will continue updating this post with new bosses as we advance through the intense storyline of the Elden Ring and encounter god-knows-how-many more epic bosses that the makers have packed within. 

Rankings Based On Experience And Research

Our team did considerable web research to compare a dozen bosses that lurk around the fields and dungeons of the Elden Ring. Only then we start dividing all of them into tiers keeping bosses who are worth contesting for above and the others below. 

Also considered opinions taken from expert Elden Ring players who have already been halfway through the storyline to include as many bosses and as much information about them as possible. If you find any boss missing, it might not have been unleashed in that part of the Elden Ring saga yet, and the tier list will be kept updated frequently.

Why Trust Us

Our team consists of experts as well as casual gamers, all of whom remain excited to make our readers aware of the most up-to-date pieces of game information. We do that by actively participating in games ourselves, and Elden Ring is no different. We have come up with this Elden Ring Bosses tier list with the least amount of bias.

A substantial amount of time was invested in order to put forth the most credible information for you. Tier lists have always been a subjective matter where differing opinions of individuals are common. Therefore we welcome you to further discussions about the bosses in the comments below. Also, make sure to go through our Elden Ring Best Weapons List.

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