Elden Ring Nagakiba [Location & Stats]

Nagakiba is a melee weapon that has a blade that is very lengthy and causes more blood loss to accumulate in the Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana is among the greatest, particularly for the early-game content. The Nagakiba is the Uchigatana’s more genetically favored companion; it received the tall genes from Elden Ring’s Katana family. It is suitable for a little more defensive playstyle. The Nagakiba is a melee weapon from the Katana Class. In comparison to the Uchigatana beginning Katana, it has a blade that is very lengthy and causes more blood loss to accumulate in the Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • The Nagakiba is a melee weapon from the Katana Class, and it has a blade that is very lengthy and causes more blood loss to accumulate in the Elden Ring.
  • There are three potential ways to acquire the Nagakiba Katana:
    1. Players can either fully complete the questline involving Bloody Finger Hunter Yura
    2. By simply killing Yura and looting from his corpse.
    3. Obtaining the Nagakiba via Yura’s Camp.
  • After finishing Yura’s quest line for the Bloody Finger Hunter, you can obtain the Nagakiba Katana from him.
  • If players further continue the quest, they may need to journey to Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes, where you need to assist Yura in defeating a few NPCs.
  • Meet Yura at Murkwater Cave and eliminate several Bloody Finger Hunters to complete this quest.
  • You can get Nagakiba Katana by simply eliminating the Bloody Finger Hunter, Yura, at Murkwater Cave.
  • Looting Yura’s camp will also get you the Nagakiba Katana; you can also trade this Katana with your friends and other players.
  • Of all the Katanas in Elden Ring, it has the greatest reach, making it an extremely potent and versatile weapon.

Important: You can either finish Yura’s quest or kill him in order to get his Nagakiba Katana. It is advised to complete this quest because doing this quest will progress the Elden Ring story and allow you to explore more current locations.

How To Get Nagakiba Katana 

You can obtain the Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana in three separate ways:

  • Complete Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline
  • Kill Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura
  • Loot the Katana from Yura’s Camp

Complete Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s Questline

Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Encounter Bloody Finger Nerijus in Limgrave

After finishing Yura’s quest line for the Bloody Finger Hunter, you can obtain the Nagakiba Katana from him. Start the quest by engaging with him at the Murkwater Cave rather than killing him to begin. Throughout Elden Ring, you will have to visit several locations and eliminate the Bloody Finger Hunters in each one. When you have vanquished every hunter, Yura will give you the Nagakiba Katana as a prize.


  1. Yura is the first person you’ll meet in Limgrave.
  2. He is relatively concealed, so you won’t discover him if you don’t actively search for him or know where to look.
  3. Northwest of Agheel Lake South is where Yura may be located and if you continue that route, you will ultimately encounter a stone building.
  4. You can find Yura dozing off close to a campfire beneath the arch.
  5. You must speak with the Yura after locating him in order to begin the mission.
  6. You may then obtain the Nagakiba Katana by finishing the mission.

After speaking with him, proceed to Murkwater Cave and ride in the nearby small river. Bloody Finger Invader will invade you. You must overcome him if you want to move on. Simply hold out if you are having trouble winning this battle, and an ally will come to your aid. When you’ve defeated the Bloody Finger Invader, speak with Yura. The river where you are standing is where you will discover Yura. Talk to him to further the mission.

Liurnia Of The Lakes

  1. When you speak to Yura, she will give you a tip telling you to go to Raya Lucaria Academy.
  2. From the Site of Grace, turn right at the academy’s main entrance, and you will eventually come across a red summons sign.
  3. When you interact with it, you can help Yura defeat an intruder.
  4. You will immediately be transferred to Yura when you have vanquished the enemy.

Altus Plateau

Elden Ring: Yura's Questline
Meeting Yura at Altus Plateau

At this point, proceed in the direction of the Second Marika Church. The first thing you’ll see at this moment is a wounded Yura. Talk to him until he runs out of things to say.

  1. He will then offer you the Nagakiba Katana and discuss Eleonora, the strongest Bloody Finger.
  2. Walking about the chapel for a time will cause Violet Bloody Finger, Eleonora, to barge in on you.
  3. If you succeed in defeating her, you will receive the fabled Eleonora’s Pole Blade and Purifying Crystal Tear.
  4. By completing this quest and attempting to obtain the Katana, you can acquire a ton of incredible weapons.
  5. If all you wanted was the Nagakiba Katana and other weapons, you ought to turn around right here.
  6. Continue this quest, nevertheless, if you wish to finish Yura’s mission and get extra awards.
  7. You must go to the Mountaintop of the Giants outside the Capital after obtaining the Katana and beating Eleonora.

Till you reach the Zamor Ruins, keep moving forward through this region. Yura is in the vicinity, near the Site of Grace. Nevertheless, because Shabriri is now inhabiting Yura’s body, this is not the actual Yura. He will request that you descend into the capital to obtain the Frenzied Flame.

To obtain Yura’s armor set, you can either complete this task or kill him. It is preferable to finish this quest since it advances the Elden Ring mythology and lets you discover more recent locales. Return to this location and speak with Yura to obtain his armor and finish his mission after obtaining the artifact and speaking with the Three Fingers.

Kill Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura

Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Killing Yura at Murkwater Cave

To obtain the Nagakiba Katana, eliminate an NPC by the name of “Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers.” Yura may be found in Murkwater Cave. To get to Yura, though, you must first murder another NPC. Run toward the river’s center after first seeing the Murkwater Cave. As you arrive, an invasion will start, and Bloody Finger Nerijus will start attacking you.

Kill Bloody Finger Nerijus, then make your way to the bridge at the river’s northern end. Bloody Finger Hunter Yura may be found beneath the bridge. To obtain the Nagakiba Katana from the Yura, you must kill him. Keep your distance from Yura during the fight because he’ll be using the Nagakiba Katana. You can take the Nagakiba Katana from the body of the Bloody Finger Yura after killing him.

Loot the Katana from Yura’s Camp

If you don’t finish this task before encountering Shabriri at the Mountaintops of the Giants, you won’t be able to obtain the Katana from Yura through this questline.

At Yura’s camp, you may also find the Nagakiba Katana. Find the Place of Grace by going to the Seaside Ruins. When you locate it, you will see Yura’s camp nearby. You may pick up the Nagakiba Katana on the ground next to the fire once you’ve entered the camp.

Nagakiba Katanas are also available for trade with other players and friends. By trading with other players, you may acquire a variety of weaponry. You can make a private game if a friend is willing to lend you their Katana. Ask them to put the Nagakiba down once they enter your world so you may pick it up.

Nagakiba Katana Stats

Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana
Nagakiba Katana Stats

The Nagakiba katana is excellent, especially towards the middle of Elden Ring. This katana increases damage by applying an additional blood loss effect to its victim in addition to dealing good physical damage to it. Of all the Katanas in Elden Ring, it has the greatest reach, making it an extremely potent and versatile weapon.

This Katana has a unique skill known as Piercing Fang that creates a strong thrust that cannot be deflected. This katana may also be leveled up and used for a Samurai bleed build. You may also use this Katana to perform the double slash ash of war. The initial assault only costs 6 FP, while the second strike only costs 3 FP. Your double slash strike will be from the Rivers of a Blood move set.

The Nagakiba Katana has the following stats:

Base StatsAttackGround
Holy Damage033
Critical/ Boost10033
  • Use the Keen affinity to receive an A-tier scaling for Dexterity at 24 or above.
  • 18 Strength and 22 Dexterity are the minimum prerequisites for attributes.
  • With a rating of 45, the Nagakiba Katana will also result in a buildup of blood loss.
  • This Katana’s light attack combination consists of a sequence of five forward slashes, while its heavy attack combo consists of two thrust assaults from a distance.

Moreover, the Nagakiba’s Ash of War may be modified, enabling you to create some unbelievably potent builds. Use Seppuku for increased blood loss or the Nagakiba Katana’s Bloody Slash Ash of War to defeat bosses.


That concludes the discussion of  Elden Ring Nagakiba Katana. Killing Yura and looting his corpse are the easiest ways to obtain the Nagakiba Katana. Nonetheless, if you choose to pursue him and finish his quest, you will receive this sword as a reward. If you like this guide, see more Elden Ring guides, including Elden Ring: All Celestial Dew Location, BEST Axe In Elden Ring, and Elden Ring: Poison Mist.

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