Elden Ring: All Celestial Dew Locations 

Don't just stop at one Celestial Dew, get them all in Elden Ring by knowing all their locations!

In the vast and treacherous world of Elden Ring, there are many powerful items and artifacts waiting to be discovered by daring adventurers. One such item is the Celestial Dew, a rare and mystical substance that is said to possess the power of absolution. With this powerful elixir in hand, players can seek absolution at the Church of Vows, allowing them to resurrect any NPCs they may have inadvertently killed during their travels. Elden Ring Celestial Dew is also easily found at more than 7 locations in the game. 

Important: In order to have all the Celestial Dew and use it, players need to know all 7+ locations where they can be found. 
Key Takeaways
  • Obtain Celestial Dew at 7+ locations: Pidia, Ainsel River Well (twice), Hallowhorn Grounds, Main Academy Gate Area, Night’s Sacred Ground, Nokstella Eternal City, and Raya Lucaria Academy.
    • In Moongrazing Grounds, buy from Twin Maiden Husks for 5000 runes using Pidia’s Bell Bearings.
    • At Ainsel River Well, find Celestial Dew in Uhl Palace Ruins and buy from Hermit Merchant in the statue base for 7500 runes.
    • In Hallowhorn Grounds, locate Celestial Dew near circular pillars, close to an arched gateway.
    • Main Academy Gate Area: Descend from the hexagon shape, pick up Celestial Dew at the base of the gate.
    • Night’s Sacred Ground: Loot a corpse to obtain Celestial Dew.
    • Nokstella Eternal City: From the site of grace, pick up Celestial Dew near the arched gateway.
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Now, one of the first places that place can discover Celestial Dew Locations is after they can get their hands on the bell bearings of Pidia. 

  • Players will want to first obtain Pidia’s Bell Bearings, through which they can get the celestial dew.
Royal Moongrazing Grounds
Royal Moongrazing Grounds ER
  • To start, players want to open up their map and locate Royal Moongazing Grounds on their map, which can be seen below. 
Renna's Rise ER
Renna’s Rise
  • The area should be located towards the bottom right from the Renna’s Rise location on the map and can be marked out. 

Main Grounds

Once you’ve teleported to the main grounds, start running across from the pool of water you are standing in. 

Chairs Along The Edge ER
Chairs Along The Edge
  • Start heading towards the chairs on the edge of the water pool and run past them.
  • After that, players want to locate the gate that is infront of them that is open all the way, and you can pan your camera a bit to the left, with which you should be able to start running towards the gate. 
Running Towards The Gate ER
Running Towards The Gate
  • Run through the gate until you get the Three Sisters option on the screen. 
  • Turn to the left, start trotting past the crystals, and continue. 
ER Edge Of Cliff
Edge Of Cliff
  • Keep heading forth until you reach the edge of the cliff. 
ER Large Platform
Large Platform
  • At this point, players should be able to safely hop off the edge of the cliff until they reach the large platform on the bottom. 
ER Wooden Platforms
Wooden Platforms
  • From there, head towards the right edge, and there should be 2 wooden platforms that you can jump down towards, so do that. 
ER Square Hole
Square Hole
  • After that, jump even further down, and players should be able to locate a square hole that they can jump through. 
ER Three Guards
Three Guards
  • As you enter the building through the square hole, there should be three guards behind you and a body lying on the floor. 

Pidia’s Bell Bearing 

From here, you want to go towards the body lying on the floor, and you can easily interact with it. 

ER Pidia's Bell Bearing
Pidia’s Bell Bearing
  • After doing so, you should be able to pick up the Pidia’s Bell Bearing. 
  • They can venture around the room for a bit if players want, since some loot is scattered here and there. 

Table Of Lost Grace

After that, players want to head toward the Roundtable Hold, and if players take a look at the map, they should be able to locate it on the bottom left, labeled as the “Table of Lost Grace.” 

ER Table Of Lost Grace
Table Of Lost Grace
  • Travel to the Table of Lost Grace. 
ER Roundtable Hold
Roundtable Hold
  • Once in the main Roundtable Hold area, pan your camera to the left and run through the hallway to the left. 
ER Twin Maiden Husks
Twin Maiden Husks
  • Locate the room where the twin maiden husksare present and go close to them so that you can interact with them. 
ER Offer Bell Bearing
Offer Bell Bearing
  • From here, after you interact with them, you should be able to offer a bell bearing which is the third option. 
  • Players want to use the Pidia’s Bell Bearing they got before, and you want to offer it here. 
  • After that, select the Bell Bearing Shop 2 option. 
ER Celestial Dew
Celestial Dew
  • From there, select Pidia’s Bell Bearing, and it should open up a list of items that players can purchase, including the Celestial Dew for 5000 runes.

Ainsel River Well Location 

The next Elden Ring Celestial Dew Location where players can look for the Celestial Dew is the Uhl Palace Ruins area. 

ER Ainsel River Well
Ainsel River Well
  • On your map, locate the Ainsel River Well area. 
ER Open Door
Open Door
  • From there, players want to start heading past the door that is present in front of them. The door should be open. 
ER Circular Platforms
Circular Platforms
  • Keep running until you reach the circular platform and stand on it.
  • Once you do so, it should activate, and once it has activated, players should be able to start riding it and take it down. 
ER Down The Stairs
Down The Stairs
  • Start heading down the stairs that are present infront of you. 
ER Steep Path
Steep Path
  • Pan your camera to the left, go downhill, and head down the steep path. 
  • Towards your left, there should be another entrance in the wall, and players want to head inside. 
ER Through The Cave
Through The Cave
  • As you head through the cave, you will also be able to come across giant ants thatwill pounce on you the second they notice you, but the best thing to do here is to just ignore them and keep running past them. 
ER Right Path At The Intersection
Right Path At The Intersection
  • Keep heading straight, and then take the right path at an intersection. 
ER Jump Up
Jump Up
  • After heading out of the cave, turn left and jump up to head even further in. 
  • Keep heading through the cave, which involves a steeper downhill descent too. 
ER Uhl Palace Ruins
Uhl Palace Ruins

Eventually, players head out, and they should be able to take note of the giant statue that is present in front of them, indicating that they have reached the Uhl Palace Ruins which is one of the Celestial Dew Locations.

ER Ledge Below
Ledge Below
  • Head towards the left cliff edge, and jump onto the ledge below. 
  • Head even further left, and jump down, where there should be a small shiny item towards the edge in front of the giant statue overlooking further.
ER Celestial Dew
Celestial Dew
  • Players can pick up the celestial dew here. 

Second Ainsel River Area 

Moving on, another one of Elden Ring Celestial Dew Locations that players can locate is also present in the Ainsel River area. 

  • Players want to start in the same location where they got the last celestial dew in the Uhl Palace Ruins mentioned before. 
ER Cliff Edge
Cliff Edge
  • From here, move a bit toward the cliff’s edge, and players need to jump off the edge. 
ER Base Of Statue
Base Of Statue
  • Once you do so, players will be at the base of the statue, and about 3 or 4 enemies are awaiting them, ready to be fought. 
ER Enemy At Entrance
Enemy At Entrance
  • Another enemy will be present right towards the entrance of the building, and players can either decide to fight it or simply ignore it, and run right through the main entrance and further in. 
ER Run Through The Corridor
Run Through The Corridor
  • Keep running through the corridor, ignoring the enemies fighting you, and instead, keep running. 
ER Stream Of Water
Stream Of Water
  • After heading through the corridor, players want to jump down then and head through the stream of water that they encounter in front of them. 
  • Go up the stairs right across from the river stream, and a few stones will be hurled and thrown toward you. 
ER Go Up The Stairs
Go Up The Stairs
  • Turn right and start heading further up the stairs. 
ER Through The Pillars
Through The Pillars
  • Run through the pillars, and players should be able to encounter a vendor that is sitting towards the far end of the room. 
ER Hermit Merchant
Hermit Merchant
  • The Hermit Merchant, as they are known to be, will sell the Celestial Dew for a surprising 7500 runes, and players can buy it. 

Hallowhorn Grounds 

When it comes to the next place where players can encounter Celestial Dew also includes the Hallowhorn Grounds. 

ER Ancestral Woods
Ancestral Woods
  • In the Siofra River area, players need to be at the Ancestral Woods area that they can see on the map. 
  • From this site of grace, start riding Torrent towards the right and then downhill, making sure to turn right. 
ER Broken Off Pathway
Broken Off Pathway
  • Keep heading straight until you encounter the broken-down pathway, and run past it. 
ER Circular Beams
Circular Beams
  • Head towards the edge of the cliff, where tons of circular pillars are present right across from the cliff edges, standing on a few ruins.
ER Deep Jump
Deep Jump
  • From here, players want to look down, and they should be able to see quite a deep jump that they need to make to get to the platform below. 
  • Jump down, and you want to start running along the platform’s edge. 
ER Platform Breaks Off
Platform Breaks Off
  • You will also be able to head further down and encounter that the platform breaks off at the end. 
  • Heal up, and make another large jump towards the platform that is even further down. 
ER Arched Gateway
Arched Gateway
  • Right in front of you, players should be able to see an arched gateway. 
  • Jump onto a circular beam that can be used as a support, and get on the ground. 
ER Celestial Dew At Bottom Right
Celestial Dew At Bottom Right
  • Towards the bottom right corner of this area, players should be able to pick up the Celestial Dew alongside a smithing stone being there as well. 

Main Academy Gate Area 

Next, the next area where players should encounter one of the Celestial Dew Locations will be in the Main Academy Gate Area. Open up your map to see the location on the map. 

ER Main Academy Gate
Main Academy Gate
  • From this site of grace, pan your camera to the very left, and call for your ride. 
ER Hexagon Shaped Light
Hexagon Shaped Light
  • There should be a hexagon-shaped light that is present in front of you, and players want to start heading for it. 
  • After that, head past it, and continue making your way down, and players want to continue past the foliage they encounter as well. 
ER Heading Down
Heading Down
  • Keep riding down until you can come across a blockage of trees in your path, and at this point, players should get off Torrent and get back on foot.
ER NPC By Campfire
NPC By Campfire
  • Keep heading down until you can come across an NPC that is sitting beside a lit campfire and has their belongings scattered about. 
ER Interacting With The NPC
Interacting With The NPC
  • Interact with the NPC sitting down, and they will tell you how they haven’t seen a customer in ages, and the NPC turns out to be the Isolated Merchant. 
ER Closed Gate
Closed Gate
  • Right in front of you, a few feet ahead, a massive gate should be closed. 
ER Celestial Dew
Celestial Dew
  • Pan your camera a bit to the left, and start running towards the left side of the gate, and there should be an item that you can interact with in front of you. 
  • The item in question will be the Elden Ring Celestial Dew. 

Night’s Sacred Ground 

Another area in the general Siofra River area is the Night’s Sacred Ground, where players can get celestial Dew once again. 

ER Ancestral Woods
Ancestral Woods
  • Players want to start by being at the Ancestral Woods site of grace that can be seen on the map. 
ER Building Infront
Building Infront
  • From here, you want to pan your camera to the right, and right in front of you, there should be a building. 
ER Diagonal Ledge
Diagonal Ledge
  • Jump off the edge, and hop onto one of the diagonal ledges of the building. 
ER Opening To The Right
Opening To The Right
  • Start running across it until you can encounter a small opening to the right, and you want to jump onto a ledge located below that leads you into the opening. 
ER Dome With Spike
Dome With Spike
  • Head towards a dome that is spikier on the top jump down from there, and hop onto the ground. 
  • Start running straight, and then turn left and start running along the ledge. 
ER Arched Gateway
Arched Gateway
  • Jump and keep running along the wall boundaries until you reach two archways. 
ER Sphere
  • Jump down, and players will be able to land in a room that has a giant sphere located in the middle of it. 
  • Run past the sphere and the hoard of benches that are present in the room, and head out through the main door. 
ER Body With Arms
Body With Arms
  • Head down the stairs, and on the ground, there should be a body with its arms splayed towards its side, and the corpse has the Celestial Dew that can be picked up. 

Nokstella Eternal City 

Another place where players can search for the Celestial Dew is the Nokstella Eternal City. Players should be easily able to locate it on the map. 

ER Nokstella
  • From the site of grace, players want to start heading straight and keep running past the stairs. 
ER Pillars In The Grass
Pillars In The Grass
  • Head past the pillars that are standing in the grass too. 
  • Tilt right, and start running along the stream of water. 
ER Running Past The Stairs
Running Past The Stairs
  • Turn right, head up, and you should be able to see an arched doorway in front of you. 
  • The Celestial Dew should be present right in front of the arched door. 
ER Celestial Dew Near The Arched
Celestial Dew Near The Arched Door

Other than this, there should be one that can be found on a corpse in the Raya Lucaria Academy and another one in Noktella. 

My Thoughts On Celestial Dews

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

From my experience of playing Elden Ring for roughly 850 hours on Steam, the Celestial Dews weren’t too necessary on subsequent playthroughs. However, I do think that on initial playthroughs, they can be game changers if you’re looking to get NPC-oriented gear and Key items.

elden rinng profiles waterjuice
My Elden Ring save slots on Steam

In later runs, like me, you usually know which NPCs are hostile and which ones are critical for obtaining unique items and storyline pieces. However, it’s still best to reserve 2-3 Celestial Dews in your inventory since you might accidentally attack an essential NPC and make them hostile, rendering their questlines inaccessible.

In my opinion, questlines are a core component in Elden Ring, and as such, using Celestial Dews offers you a second chance to pursue them, making them equally important.

And there you have it! All the locations that players can try to access are the Celestial Dew Locations, and with that, I will wrap up my guide!

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