Elden Ring BEST Dragon Build

This Elden Ring Dragon Build will prepare you for every type of boss in Elden Ring and come out victorious!

Elden Ring has now been out for a few weeks, and with it comes a lot of builds that players can experiment with, some of the best weapons, incantations, and spells, armor sets that adventurers can take advantage of to decimate the enemies with ease and achieve victory when they are in the battlefield. The Elden Ring Dragon Build will primarily focus on incantations to obliterate enemies. All of the builds we have listed in our Builds guide will assist you with all sorts of future builds!

Key Takeaways
  • The 3 primary Attributes you should invest in for the Dragon Build are Faith, Arcane, and Vigor.
  • The Weapons we recommend are River of Blood, Eleonora’s Pole Blade, Magma Blade, and Dragon Communion Seal.
  • The Armor Sets we recommend are the full Veteran’s Set and the full Bull-goat Set.
  • The Incantations we recommend are “Flame, Grant Me Strength!“, Agheel’s Flame, Ekzykes’s Decay, Borealis’ Mist, Greyoll’s Roar, and Dragonclaw.
  • The Talismans we recommend are Fire Scorpion, Flock’s Canvas, Great Jar’s Arsenal, Dragoncrest Greatshield, and Ritual Sword.
  • The Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear and Opaline Bubbletear are the 2 main Crystal Tears that players should have with them at all times.
  • The Dragon Build’s main aim is to focus on dragon communion incantations to allow you to destroy your enemies with the spells.

Dragon Build

Here’s a quick summary of the Best Dragon Build in Elden Ring:

AttributesWeaponsArmor SetsIncantationsTalismansCrystal Tears
River of Blood
Eleonora's Pole Blade
Magma Blade
Dragon Communicaion Seal
Veteran’s Armor Set
Bull-goat Armor Set
Flame, Grant Me Strength!
Agheel’s Flame
Ekzykes’s Decay
Borealis’ Mist
Greyoll’s Roar
Fire Scorpion
Flock’s Canvas
Great Jar’s Arsenal
Dragoncrest Greatshield
Ritual Sword
Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear
Opaline Bubbletear

For players that want to seem like they are becoming dragons themselves and get in close to their enemies and breathe fire onto them that will kill them off, this Dragon Build will be the ultimate build they will require. With its overpowered weapons, incantations, and armor sets, players can expect to achieve victory every time they pair this build with their play style.


Elden Ring Dragon Build Attributes
Character Attributes

For the Elden Ring Dragon Build, there are three primary attributes and one main secondary attribute that players should invest in. 


Starting things off with Faith is one of the crucial attributes that adventurers will need to invest in if they want to pull off the dragon build. It is essential, but it also decides how strong the build will be for the player. 

In essence, Faith controls how well a player can cast incantations toward enemies and what weapons players can wield to allow the incantations to be launched. Players using the dragon build are highly advised to invest in the faith attribute, as it can massively boost their overall casting ability. 

Another thing that it boosts is the overall magic power of spells or incantations that primarily scale off of Faith, making the incantations more overpowered. Hence, the player has a clear upper hand while in battle. You might be interested in this Elden Ring Faith Build in the future! 


Another important attribute that players should look into is Arcane, which can help them decimate enemies when they step foot on the battlefield. Essentially, Arcane itself will control how well a player can “discover” items when enemies surround them and what kind of loot they can come across. 

Arcane also enhances players’ overall Holy Defense and guards them against any Holy damage coming from any enemy. Arcane will also boost the overall vitality of players so that they survive for longer. For this reason, the higher the points players invest in Arcane, the more they will experience these boosts. Our Elden Ring Arcane Build might assist you with a few more options! 


Moving forward with the Dragon Build, another important attribute is Vigor, which controls and looks after how well a player can maintain their HP or Health Points and how long they can survive when they are out in the arena fighting tough enemies and bosses. 

After investing points into Vigor, players will experience that their overall maintenance of HP will greatly improve. Vigor will also massively boost the widespread Fire Resistance of players while also enhancing their immunity to take on higher-leveled enemies without dying. 


Lastly, another attribute that is not that crucial but can be invested in still is the Mind, which controls the overall Focus Points of players. The stronger the investment in Mind, the better the Focus Points of players will be. 


There are a few options that we can recommend if players want to become invincible in Elden Ring. 

Here are the stats for Dragon’s Build: 

WeaponsPhysical DamagePhysical GuardFire DamageFire GuardLight GuardHoly GuardBoost Guard
River of Blood76367652262631
Eleonora’s Pole Blade72337247232328
Magma Blade96446244303027
Dragon Communion Seal2525015151515

River of Blood 

Elden Rivers of Blood
Rivers of Blood Weapon

Perhaps the best weapon we can recommend as a player for the Dragon Build is the Rivers of Blood. It is a weapon that players can wield in one hand and make their way over to the enemies and slash their way through them. It is perfect for mid-range combat with enemies, so it becomes incredibly viable for this build. Check out another build for the Elden Ring Rivers of Blood Build guide. 

It helps the adventurers take over the battlefield and dominate the enemies with great physical damage while also focussing mainly on its Pierce and Slash attacks. It scales off mainly Arcane and Dexterity, perfect for the dragon build.

With its weapon skill, “Corpse Piler,” players can wield the blade coated with blood, go with normal and charged attacks, and continue to decimate their foes. It’s scaling off of Arcane D, Dexterity D, and Strength E requires players to invest in 20 Arcane Points, 18 Dexterity Points, and 12 Strength Points. Here is a location guide for the Rivers of Blood Location

Physical Damage76
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage76
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard36
Magic Guard26
Fire Guard52
Light Guard26
Holy Guard26
Boost Guard31

Eleonora’s Pole Blade 

Elden Eleonora's Poleblade
Eleonora‘s Poleblade Weapon

Another excellent weapon option is the Eleonora Pole Blade, a Twinblade that can come incredibly handy for the dragon build. It mainly focuses on exerting excessive blood loss buildup on enemies, which can cause them to deplete their HP throughout the battle and eventually fall to their knees before dying. 

The weapon is capable of doing physical damage while outputting Fire damage towards enemies. With the weapon scaling off of Arcane D, Dexterity D, and Strength E, adventurers need to have at least 19 Arcane, 21 Dexterity, and 12 Strength Points to wield this weapon. 

The skill “Bloodblade Dance” allows players to create tornadoes that will obliterate enemies with little to no effort and finish it all off with a graceful attack. 

Physical Damage72
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage72
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard33
Magic Guard23
Fire Guard47
Light Guard23
Holy Guard23
Boost Guard28

Magma Blade 

Elden Magma Blade
Magma Blade Weapon

Moving forward with the Dragon Build, the Magma Blade is yet another excellent option. With it being a curved sword, you can unleash a good amount of Fire damage to enemies, which will also render them useless when you are in combat with them. 

The weapon itself scales off of Faith, Strength, and Dexterity, which is perfect since the dragon builds itself mainly focuses on Faith investment, and it can output a high amount of physical damage too. While wielding the weapon, the “Magma Shower” skill can support the player by twirling around enemies and throwing magma around them, burning them, and killing them off. 

The weapon scales off Faith D, Dexterity D, and Strength D and requires about 16 Faith, 9 Strength, and 15 Dexterity Points. 

Physical Damage96
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage62
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard44
Magic Guard30
Fire Guard44
Light Guard30
Holy Guard30
Boost Guard27

Dragon Communion Seal 

Elden Dragon Communion Seal
Dragon Communion Seal Weapon

Lastly, the Dragon Communion Seal is specifically required to cast incantations, specifically Dragon Communion Spells, that will greatly aid the players in the arena and fight down the toughest of bosses. 

The seal itself scales off Arcane C and Faith D and requires 10 Arcane Points and 10 Faith Points from the player to cast deadly incantations. The higher the upgrade of the seal, the better the incantation power will be, so players are recommended to buff it as much as possible. 

Physical Damage25
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Incantation Damage60
Crit Damage100
Physical Guard25
Magic Guard15
Fire Guard15
Light Guard15
Holy Guard15
Boost Guard15

Armor Sets

To get the most out of the Elden Ring Dragon Build, players will need to put on some heavier armor to take in more serious hits without needing to worry about their health. These are the sets we recommend. Also, read our Elden Ring Armor Sets article.

Check out the Armor Sets stats for Dragon’s Build: 

Armor SetsPhysical NegationStrike NegationSlash NegationLight NegationImmunity ResistanceRobustness ResistancePoise Resistance
Veteran’s Armor Set4137.24127.915021579
Bull-goat Armor Set4554.440.231170197100

Veteran’s Set 

The Veteran’s Set is an excellent option for the dragon build that will allow players to absolutely obliterate enemies anytime they bother to cross your path. The set is paired with its Helmet, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Chest Armor. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation41.0
Strike Negation37.2
Slash Negation41.0
Pierce Negation38.1
Magic Negation29.3
Fire Negation30.7
Light Negation27.9
Holy Negation28.9
Immunity Resistance 150
Robustness Resistance 215
Focus Resistance 110
Vitality Resistance 110
Poise Resistance 79
Veteran’s Helmet 
Elden Veteran's Helmet
Veteran’s Set Helmet

Kicking things off with the Veteran’s Helmet, it is placed gracefully on the player’s head and looks incredibly cool. It mainly aims to support the player by protecting them from several inevitable headshots while fighting opponents in the arena. 

The headpiece itself is quite heavy, therefore might add quite a bit to the Equip Load Limit, but it means that the player will be incredibly protected from all kinds of attacks that enemies launch. The main focus is placed on the Physical, Slash, and Pierce Damage negation, while the player will receive increased Robustness and Immunity Resistance. 

The weight is held at 8.1, and the headpiece is considered heavy armor. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation6.8
Strike Negation6.1
Slash Negation6.8
Pierce Negation6.3
Magic Negation4.8
Fire Negation5.0
Light Negation4.6
Holy Negation4.7
Immunity Resistance 27
Robustness Resistance 39
Focus Resistance 20
Vitality Resistance 20
Poise Resistance 12
Veteran’s Armor 
Elden Veteran's Helmet
Veteran’s Set Helmet

Keeping the Dragon Build going with the Veteran’s Armor, it is an essential part to be adorned on the player’s body if you want to be guarded against all kinds of attacks launched when you are obliterating foes on the battlefield. While the armor is quite heavy, standing at 18.9 weight, it does an impeccable job at helping players tank hits. 

The main aim of the armor itself is to enhance the overall physical, strike, and slash damage negation while also providing impressive amounts of robustness and immunity resistance, while not forgetting elemental dissolution as well. You can check out the stats and damage negation numbers down below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation18.7
Strike Negation17.0
Slash Negation18.7
Pierce Negation17.3
Magic Negation13.5
Fire Negation14.1
Light Negation12.8
Holy Negation13.3
Immunity Resistance 63
Robustness Resistance 90
Focus Resistance 46
Vitality Resistance 46
Poise Resistance 37
Veteran’s Gauntlets 
Elden Veteran's Gauntlets
Veteran’s Set Gauntlets

Keeping things going, we have the Veteran’s Gauntlets at hand now, which solely focus on protecting the player from enemy attacks that are either surprise attacks or aimed attacks launched at the hands and arms. The gauntlets themselves are on the bulky side but are more than able to protect players. 

While physical damage negation is considered and focussed on the most, elemental damage is also negated adequately. Players will experience enhanced immunity, robustness, and focus resistance while also providing personal protection. Take a look at the stats below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation4.7
Strike Negation4.3
Slash Negation4.7
Pierce Negation4.4
Magic Negation3.3
Fire Negation3.5
Light Negation3.2
Holy Negation3.3
Immunity Resistance 21
Robustness Resistance 30
Focus Resistance 15
Vitality Resistance 15
Poise Resistance 8
Veteran’s Greaves 
Elden Veteran's Greaves
Veteran’s Set Greaves

Finishing this set off with the Veteran’s Greaves, they are typically worn around the player’s feet and do an excellent job at helping the player’s tank hits aimed at the feet. The main protection will be against physical and strike attacks, and personal resistance and defense are also increased. Check out the stats here. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation10.8
Strike Negation9.8
Slash Negation10.8
Pierce Negation10.1
Magic Negation7.7
Fire Negation8.1
Light Negation7.3
Holy Negation7.6
Immunity Resistance 39
Robustness Resistance 56
Focus Resistance 29
Vitality Resistance 29
Poise Resistance 22

Bull-goat Set 

Following the Dragon Build, the Bull-goat set is another great viable option for players who want to stay under the guard of heavy armor but also be able to obliterate enemies. With this set, it is accompanied by its very own chest armor, helmet, gauntlets, and greaves. 

Bull-Goat Helmet 
Elden Bull Goat Helmet
Bull Goat Set Helmet

Starting things off with the Bull-goat Helmet, it can be recognized with its identifiable motif that is made to represent a bull-goat. With it being a heavy armor, it can certainly add to the player’s Equip Load Limit but increase the overall tanking and personal protection that medium-weight armors can not provide. 

After being adorned on the head, players will experience enhanced personal damage absorption and increased overall resistance. The main aim is to help players get increased defense while also being able to launch heavy and normal attacks. See below for numbers and stats. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation7.5
Strike Negation7.4
Slash Negation6.7
Pierce Negation6.7
Magic Negation4.7
Fire Negation4.8
Light Negation5.3
Holy Negation4.6
Immunity Resistance 31
Robustness Resistance 35
Focus Resistance 20
Vitality Resistance 23
Poise Resistance 15
Bull-goat Armor
Elden Bull Goat Armor
Bull Goat Set Armor

Moving on with the Bull-goat Armor, it is yet again differentiated by the horns that are displayed all across the chest armor itself. While it is adorned over the torso, no enemy will be able to deplete the player’s health no matter how many heavy attacks they may launch. 

The armor is extremely tanky, which is perfect for the dragon build as the player can end up being quite vulnerable, so they would need excessive personal protection and defense. You can view the stats down. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation20.4
Strike Negation20.2
Slash Negation18.3
Pierce Negation18.3
Magic Negation13.3
Fire Negation13.5
Light Negation13.5
Holy Negation12.8
Immunity Resistance 71
Robustness Resistance 83
Focus Resistance 46
Vitality Resistance 55
Poise Resistance 47
Bull-goat Gauntlets 
Elden Bull Goat Gauntlets
Bull Goat Set Gauntlets

The Bull-goat Gauntlets are a perfect addition to the armor set, as they aim to aid the player when they are fighting bosses or lighter enemies on the battlefield or even fighting against their closest friends in a personal PvP battle. It can provide just the amount of protection that the adventurer would require to stay alive until the end of the fight. 

With the main aim to enhance the overall damage negation such as physical, strike, and elemental negation, all kinds of resistances are also increased, as can be seen below. Along with our basic attributes, Strength is another one, for which you can look into the Elden Ring Strength Build

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation5.2
Strike Negation5.2
Slash Negation4.6
Pierce Negation4.6
Magic Negation3.3
Fire Negation3.3
Light Negation3.7
Holy Negation3.2
Immunity Resistance 24
Robustness Resistance 28
Focus Resistance 15
Vitality Resistance 18
Poise Resistance 10
Bull-goat Gauntlets 
Elden Bull Goat Greaves
Bull Goat Set Greaves

The Bull-goat Gauntlets are a perfect addition to the armor set, as they aim to aid the player when they are fighting bosses or lighter enemies on the battlefield or even fighting against their closest friends in a personal PvP battle. It can provide just the amount of protection that the adventurer would require to stay alive until the end of the fight. 

With the main aim to enhance the overall damage negation, such as physical, strike, and elemental negation, all kinds of resistances are also increased, as can be seen below. 

 Damage Negation
Physical Negation11.9
Strike Negation11.8
Slash Negation10.6
Pierce Negation10.6
Magic Negation7.6
Fire Negation7.7
Light Negation8.5
Holy Negation7.3
Immunity Resistance 44
Robustness Resistance 51
Focus Resistance 29
Vitality Resistance 34
Poise Resistance 28


For players to get the most out of the Elden Ring Dragon Build, they should consider equipping these incantations, which upon casting, will allow them to become stronger and gain victory faster when they are in the arena. 

Flame, Grant Me Strength! 

Elden Flame, Grant Me Strength!
Flame, Grant Me Strength! Incantation

We have the Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation, which is extremely useful when using the dragon build. It mainly aims to enhance the player’s overall physical attack power while also boosting fire affinity. Players will experience that they can launch deadly attacks aimed at their opponents with this spell. 

It requires around 16 stamina, which is quite adequate, and the duration of the Flame, Grant Me Strength incantation is 30 seconds, just about enough to sweep in and decimate enemies with it. For PvE battles, players get a 20% physical boost in attack power and 15% while they are in PvP. 

Agheel’s Flame 

Elden Agheel's Flame
Agheel’s Flame Incantation

The Agheel’s Flame spell is one from the dragon communion selection. It is tailor-made for dragon builds, with its main aim being to launch a flame breath at enemies that will burn them mercilessly and deplete their HP repeatedly until they are dead. If the cast button is held for a while, the duration of the incantation will increase, allowing players to cast even deadlier flames. 

The incantation itself uses up 1 Memory Slot and costs about 60 stamina, requiring 15 Arcane Points and 23 Faith Points. Players can take advantage of the incantation as they can jump while using it and breathe flames unto their foes. 

Ekzykes’s Decay 

Elden Ekzyke's Decay
Ekzyke’s Decay Incantation

With the Ekzykes’ Decay incantation in hand, adventurers will be able to charge forward towards their enemies and cast down deadly rotten breath that will kill off enemies faster than any other method. The player that casts the incantation is transformed into a dragon, and it looks cool. 

Upon holding the cast, it will enhance the overall duration of the spell, allowing players to launch even more rot breath in the general direction of enemies. The attack requires 15 Arcane Points and 23 Faith Points to be cast. 

Borealis’ Mist 

Elden Borealis' Mist
Borealis’ Mist Incantation

The next incantation is the Borealis’ Mist, which instantly contradicts the other fire-based incantations that we have mentioned before. It mainly aids the player by converting the player into a deadly dragon that will cause a mist that will be extremely cold towards foes that will frost them. 

The incantation only requires 15 Arcane and 23 Faith Points and takes up 60 stamina from the player. It is an excellent choice to have by your side to defeat enemies. 

Greyoll’s Roar 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Greyoll’s Roar Incantation

The Greyoll’s Roar is an excellent spell to have for the Elden Ring Dragon Build. While players have it in their arsenal, they should be able to conquer any enemy or boss in the game. Upon casting, it will cause a debuff to apply to enemies based on the AoE range, reducing the overall attack power of all enemies. 

Compared to other incantations, Greyoll’s Roar uses up 2 Memory Slots and requires 17 Arcane Points and 28 Faith Points, which is a bit heavy on the attribute investment. It also requires 80 stamina, so ensure that you use it on your own accord. 


Elden Ring Dragon Build
Dragonclaw Incantation

Lastly, we have the Dragonclaw, which will cause the caster to take in the claws of a dragon that has the ability to absolutely tear apart enemies and leave them to shreds and dead on the battlefield. It costs 42 Focus Points and uses up one Memory Slot. 

While being a little lighter on the Arcane investment, it still needs 13 Arcane Points while also needing 17 Faith Points. 


Following through with the Elden Ring Dragon Build, we have some of the best talisman suggestions that will provide many buffs for the adventurers looking to conquer their worst enemies in Elden Ring! 

Fire Scorpion 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Fire Scorpion Charm Talisman

The first talisman is the Fire Scorpion, which will easily take the cake as one of the most viable talismans for this build. It mainly enhances the overall Fire damage output and attack power for the adventurer, allowing you to charge toward your opponents and hit them with fiery hits. 

The overall damage enhancement that players will experience is around 12%, but the main side effect is that players will intake enhanced physical damage. 

Flock’s Canvas 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Flock’s Canvas Talisman

Flock’s Canvas is another impeccable talisman to have in player’s arsenal, as it can massively boost their overall incantation potency so that players can launch deadly spells at opponents and render them useless when in PvE or PvP. the general buff will be around 7.5% which can greatly assist players in the arena. 

Great Jar’s Arsenal 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Great Jar‘s Arsenal Talisman

The Great Jar’s Arsenal is not a dragon build centric talisman. However, it is still good to have nonetheless, as its main focus is to increase the overall Equip Load Limit of adventurers to wear heavier and tankier armor to be more secure when they are in combat. 

The overall buff to the Equip Load Limit will be around 19%, allowing players to be more guarded in their battles. 

Dragoncrest Greatshield 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Continuing the Elden Ring Dragon Build with the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman is essential for players who want to protect themselves from physical attacks aimed at them by the enemies, as the talisman mainly boosts the overall physical damage negation by around 20%. If you are biased towards melee weapons, then make sure to take help from our Elden Ring Melee Build

Ritual Sword 

Elden Ring Dragon Build
Ritual Sword Talisman

Ending the talismans with the Ritual Sword Talisman will boost the adventurer’s attack power if their Health Points are at their max, allowing for increased damage towards the enemies, decimating them and leaving them dead. The overall boost is by 10%. 

Crystal Tears

Now, there are two main Crystal Tears that players would want to have with them at all times because they are running this build.

Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear 

The Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear is an excellent item to equip for the dragon build. It will give the players an overall enhancement of overall fire damage, which can cause enemies to intake excessive damage and render them useless. 

Opaline Bubbletear

When the Opaline Bubbletear is placed in the Wondrous Physick Flask, it will cause players to experience increased damage negation, allowing them to stay alive for longer while also obliterating enemies. 

Dragon Build Playstyle & Tips 

The Elden Ring dragon Build has a playstyle like no other. Its main aim is to focus on dragon communion incantations and allow the players to decimate enemies with the spells; it is an exceptional build. 

Wielding the Rivers of blood in one hand, players will be able to cause severe blood buildup to enemies while also piercing their way through their guts, with the help of spells like Flame, Grant Me Strength, experience a sudden boost to your fire damage while also having Agheel’s Flame which will cause players to become a dragon and cast out fire breath unto enemies. 

Pair it all down with talismans like Fire Scorpion, which will enhance the fire damage output while also casting deadly incantations with the help of Flock’s Canvas. With the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, players can protect themselves with improved physical damage negation. 

Boost your protection with the Opaline bubbletear, which will boost personal damage negation, while the Flame Shrouding Cracked Tear will enhance the fire damage output. Protect yourself while battling foes in the arena with the Veteran’s Set and decimate enemies! 

With that, this ends the Elden dragon build! Let us know what you think in the comments down below! Along with this dragon build, you might enjoy our Elden Ring Blood Build

Build and Images Courtesy: iSeraph

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