Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location Walkthrough

Our Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location Walkthrough guide entails how to get the best dragon spell casting sacred seal in the game.

In Elden Ring, the Staff is used to cast magic sorcery whereas sacred seals are used to cast some of the best incantations. The Dragon Communion Seal is an amazing seal for incantation casting that lets you cast spells that scale well with Arcane scaling and also boost substantially dragon-type incantations. The best part of this sacred seal is that you can get it very early in the game. So, our Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location guide mentions the step-by-step process of how to get this sacred seal in the game.

Key Highlights
  • The Dragon Communion Seal is used if you want to cast dragon incantations and dominate the PvP and the PvE segments of the game. 
  • Helps in increasing damage when doing incantations and using weapons that have arcane
  • To acquire the Dragon Seal you will need to reach Stranded Graveyard Site Of Grace and use the stonesword keys in order to move forward.
  • After reaching the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave try not to get killed by the Chariot which you can do by dodging it or moving away from it.
  • Once you fight the Castle Guard Phantom you will reach an Imp across the hallway which you will need to defeat by using the Mohgyns Spear. 
  • After defeating the Imp he will provide you with the Dragon Communication Seal.

Finding Dragon Communion Seal In Elden Ring

This particular seal is definitely going to be a must-have, especially right after the patch 1.03 where arcane weapons and incantations received major buffs. That is why now is the perfect time to have the dragon communion seal for you if you like to cast dragon incantations in Elden Ring and dominate PvE and PvP segments of the game. Also, this is going to help you do even more damage when either doing incantations or using weapons that have arcane.

Using Stonesword Keys At Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location
Stranded Graveyard site of Grace

When you arrive at the first Lost Grace at the “Stranded Graveyard”, there’s a gargoyle sculpture right next to it which needs a Stonesword Key to unlock. So once you have your Stonesword Key you are going to come here and open it up.

When you come to this location for the first time, you would encounter the white fog door blocking you from accessing this part of the area. Also, after putting the stonesword key, the fog wall disappears and gives you the freedom to roam in the previously restricted area. 

Before you jump off of this area right here we would recommend you to equip yourself with the lightest weapon you have in your arsenal which would also do substantial damage just like a dagger. It is going to make us a tad bit heavier but it is not too much of a problem. 

Moving along with the Dragon Communion Seal Location in Elden Ring, work your way within the poison just keep running straight if you have very low health and now take a right.  

Encountering Chariot At Fringefolk Hero’s Grave

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location
Chariot dodge elden ring

When players reach this area, there is this gigantic mechanized rotor coming to and fro which frankly is reminiscent of a big chariot with wheels that will kill you if you do not dodge it or move away from it.

What you are going to do is wait for it to come and when it turns around, you are actually going to move with it all the way to the bottom. Theoretically speaking you do not need a weapon for this bit, but if you do we would recommend the little dagger.  

As soon as it comes back up you are going to run, and also avoid the arrow being shot. Now you enter the next hallway, avoid the enemy there, and just jump off.

There won’t be any fall damage when you jump off, keep going straight. Nw you are going to make your way down this pathway. Moving down you are going to use the hallway to the left to dodge the chariot that is coming. In the hallway to the left there is going to be an enemy, knock him down. When you don’t hear the voice of the chariot make your way out of the hallway and straight to the left.

Now make your way up this hill, keep on walking straight. Now making a quick right up the hill, avoid the enemies coming your way. Keep traversing your way up, the chariot is still not coming back so that is a good thing. Now you must take this part right here, in case you die afterward so as to avoid playing all the way.

Once you reach the archway, you are able to equip the items you actually want to use. Until an enemy comes and decides to knock you out. Anyways dodging and killing the enemy, pick your best choice weapon just like Mohgyns Spear. After that you will need to defeat the guard which will also be your last step in getting to dragon communion seal location in Elden Ring.

Fighting the Castle Guard Phantom

encountering guard
encountering guard elden ring

There is going to be an imp across the hallway, all you have to do is focus on that enemy and hit him with Mohgyns Spear. When you knock this Add out, he is going to give us the stuff we really want which is a dragon communion seal. Dragon Communion Seal is the best seal to use especially when you are using arcane magic.

Acquiring Dragon Communion Seal

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Seal Location
dragon communion seal

The reason this Dragon Communion Seal is important is that it allows you to scale off arcane. Another cool thing about this Seal is that you are pretty much able to get it really early in the game. It is an S-tier arcane Seal, when you look at the attribute scaling it scales of arcane.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Dragon Communion Seal Location in Elden Ring. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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