Elden Ring: 13 Best Arrows & How To Get Them

Here are the best arrows that you can find in Elden Ring, along with the ones that are craftable and the ones you can buy

Arrows or bolts are basically these ammunitions you use for different kinds of bows. These Arrows vary from one another through different damage statistics and passives. Arrows can be really impactful in PVP and PVE battles. Whenever you are hanging on low health and want to buy some time, arrows really come in handy. Most of the best Elden Ring arrows are craftable, and some you can buy as well.

Key Takeaways

Here are the 13 Best Arrows in Elden Ring:

  1. Golem’s Magic Arrow does magic damage that multiple Talismans can increase.
  2. Bone Ballista Bolt is an extremely quick bolt that does a whopping 150 damage.
  3. Sleepbone Bolt has a sleep effect that lingers around so you can heal up or take a pause.
  4. Golden Great Arrow does an insane Holy damage that can kill an enemy with just a few of them.
  5. Serpent’s Arrow has a beautiful snake-like design that gives a wobbly snake effect when in the air.
  6. Lightningbone Arrow literally obliterates an opponent in the rain.
  7. Radahn’s Spear does an additional 20%+ damage to the gravity-type bosses.
  8. Fire Arrow does fire damage and is not craftable, but you can buy it in Elden Ring.
  9. Explosive Greatbolt does the most damage of all bolts and arrows.
  10. Lightning Greatbolt has the most range of all bolts and arrows.
  11. Bloodbone Bolt builds up a blood loss of 60 upon hitting the enemy.
  12. Rainbow Stone Arrow can help bring down invisible opponents like Mages easily.
  13. Poisonbone Arrow creates a good poison buildup which is good enough to kill small opponents.

Best Elden Ring Arrows Table

Arrow Name /strong>PhysicalMagicFireLightHolyCritical
Golem's Magic Arrow40125000100
Bone Ballista Bolt1500000100
Sleepbone Bolt250000100
Golden Great Arrow40000110100
Serpent's Arrow300000100
Lightningbone Arrow (Fletched)300000100
Radahn's Spear1000000100
Fire Arrow1509500100
Explosive Greatbolt50015000100
Lightning Greatbolt50001500100
Bloodbone Bolt250000100
Rainbow Stone Arrow250000100
Poisonbone Arrow (Fletched)100000100

Golem’s Magic Arrow

Golem’s Magic Arrow In Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Golem’s Magic Arrow – Image Captured by eXputer



Golem’s Magic Arrow is one of those that will save you from the attacks of bosses like Malenia easily. Basically, it is a Magic Arrow and definitely deserves a spot in our list of best arrows Elden Ring.

Magic arrows basically do magic damage and physical damage, and in this case, you will have a round-up of 165 Damage. This ammunition can be used with any bow. Using this arrow can significantly affect your battle strategy against certain foes. 


  • The Golem’s Great Arrow has quite a range on them and is the perfect arrow for extremely ranged shots.
  • Magic Damage is a big deal for such an arrow as you can keep shooting bosses vulnerable to magic.
  • It has a special ability to pierce through the armor of bosses.
  • Farming these arrows is rather easier than most of the arrows found in the game.
  • You can slap on Magic Scorpion Talismans and Terra Magika Spell with high int to make an elite build.
  • This version is even better than the Great versions of the Golem’s Arrows.

How To Get

The Golem’s Magic arrows aren’t craftable, and you cannot buy them in Elden Ring. These are basically dropped by the different magic Golem Archers across Caelid. You can farm most of these at Caelid Colleseum and the Great Jar. Both these locations can provide you with good amounts of Golem Archers.

Bone Ballista Bolt

Bone Ballista Bolt In ER
Elden Ring: Bone Ballista Bolt – [Image credit: eXputer]



Bolts cannot be applied to bows. Bolts are used primarily for Crossbows and the Bone Ballista is a great choice for constant aggression. Bone Balissta is the other variant of the Balissta Bolt which is better at range but cannot be farmed as easily. Nonetheless. the Bone Ballista Bolt is a Great Arrow which means that it deals a good amount of damage to your opponents. 


  • Many players argue that they aren’t able to craft many arrows so it’s a big bonus that you can craft it.
  • You can literally have an infinite amount of it, even at the beginning of the game if you are able to craft it.
  • 150 damage is a lot for an arrow of such range and ability.
  • Making builds with this arrow will be rather easy.
  • Even though it doesn’t have huge flight it is decently fast for you to hit projectiles.
  • You can even buy it from a merchant, so it is both craftable and buyable. 

How To Get

Since it is craftable you would have to get the Normadic Cookbook 13 in order to craft it. You can buy it for about 2000 Runes. In it, you will find that you will need crafting material known as the Hefty Beast Bone which can make about Five of these Bone Ballista Bolts. Further ahead down the road of the Bellum Church, you will find a merchant. You can buy these arrows from the Nomadic Merchant. 

Sleepbone Bolt

Sleepbone Bolt In ER
Elden Ring: Sleepbone Bolt– Image Captured by us



No this is not a sign for you to sleep now because this is a very interesting bolt. This bolt is actually a secret cheese method to defeat big enemies like the Godskin Apostle Duos. The Sleep effect that comes with this is actually the winner that brings it to our list. You can use it in battles whenever you need a slight breather or a quick heal. It is an extremely important addition to your arsenal and can become very helpful in situations.


  • The sleep effect it causes to your massive enemies.
  • A fair bit of damage, not that bad when you are literally spamming these bolts.
  • Use the pulley crossbow with the Sleepbone arrows to have a maximum effect on your bosses.
  • In just three shots, you can make huge bosses go to sleep, but be careful it is not long-term.
  • It does a sleep ailment of about 90.

How To Get 

It is indeed a craftable item in the game which is a blessing. To craft it,, you would need some materials that may be hard to find. But of course, first things first, you need the Cookbook for it. Specifically, you need Fevor’s Cookbook, which can be purchased from the Isolated Merchant. To craft the arrows, you will need about:

  • Three of the Thin Beast Bones
  • One of Trina’s Lily. 

Golden Great Arrow

Golden Great Arrow In Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Golden Great Arrow – Image Captured by us



Yet another extremely reliable Great Arrow, we have the Golden Great Arrow. Now this arrow is particularly fantastic as it will make you choose a Warrior Class and become an Archer! This Godlen Great Arrow actually deals both physical and magical damage. With the combination of both these damages stacking up, you can have great damage per shot to an enemy.


  • It has the property of piercing through the enemy’s armor and doing good physical damage.
  • As mentioned above, the Golden Great Arrow is religious and does Holy damage of about 110.
  • Once stuck to the enemy, it does a damage negation of 7.5+%.
  • Rather are more Aura Buffs to it to further do an extra bit of damage.
  • It has a good enough range to hit targets from a safe distance and evade when the boss charges at you.
  • Whenever you are near any and shoot it in a close enough range, your attacks will be buffed if you are in that range.

How To Get

So there are two ways to get it into your arsenal of arrows. The first one is pretty simple. You have to get it from a certain small chest from the nearby area of Sage’s Cave. Mostly it will be found inside the cave. For the second, you have to buy it from a shack. Specifically, the Hermit Merchants Shack will sell a bundle for a cheap price of 500 runes. I would personally suggest you buy a bunch because they will definitely run out soon. 

Serpent’s Arrow 

Serpent’s Arrow In Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Serpent’s Arrow – Image Captured by eXputer



Serpent’s Arrow is a pretty popular one among the Archers of Elden Ring. The design of it makes it literally look like a snake flying through the air. I even personally used these arrows to defeat the likes of Radahn. It literally took me a few minutes at level 10. There is one thing that should be pointed out; it does not apply deadly poison like the weapon Serpentbone Blade.


  • Once it hits the target, it causes an extremely high and heavy poison buildup on them.
  • It will be enough to make them immobile in no time.
  • Serpent’s Arrows also have the piercing ability as they pierce through different enemy armors.
  • You get a good amount of ranged damage with these arrows, which is a big bonus if you ask me.
  • It can be farmed by visiting multiple different locations. 
  • The heavy poison buildup is 78.
  • You can buy an infinite amount of these without running out. 

How To Get

These arrows are buyable as you can buy them off of the Dragonbarrow’s Isolated Merchant. He will sell these for a fair price of 120 runes each for these bad boys. Two types of creatures carry this, Serpent Snails and Skeletal Snails.

You can get five arrows each from the Serpent Snails at Nokstella, The Eternal City, and Volcano Manor. Similarly, five arrows will be received from the Skeletal Snails at Royal Capital Outskirts and the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Lightningbone Arrow (Fletched)

Lightningbone Arrow In Elden Ring
Elden Ring: Lightningbone Arrow (Fletched) – Image Captured by eXputer



Okay, now we look for some agility and quick damage buildup from an arrow. You don’t have to look further since we have the Lightningbone arrow. This arrow can be considered a personal favorite with the way it feels when you shoot it at an enemy. It is where your inner archer is satisfied with the kills you get. Since the arrow is a fletched version, many normal abilities of the arrow are enhanced now. 


  • A good sizzling amount of light damage can be done upon hitting the projectile of your choice.
  • It is a craftable arrow which is an extremely good thing if you are on a low budget.
  • When it comes to holding the lightning arrow, you can hold up to 99 of them at a single time.
  • Storing them is also a great option, as you can store up to 600 Lightningbone arrows.
  • In the rain, it does an extra amount of damage since the natural lightning absorption is reduced.
  • Bosses in water can get wrecked by these arrows if you shoot them at the water nearby.

How To Get

Since the lightning arrows are craftable, you can craft them by using Cookbooks. For this specific arrow, you will need Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook. You have to have the crafting materials to craft it and get about 10 arrows from a single craft: 

  • Three Thin Beast Bones
  • One Fulgurbloom
  • One Flight Pinion

Radahn’s Spear 

Radahn’s Spear In ER
Elden RIng: Radahn’s Spear – Screenshot Grab: eXputer



Now we are going to talk about an extremely powerful weapon that can actually be considered the best arrow currently in Elden Ring that you can buy but are not craftable. Radahn’s Spear is no staff that you can wield but is actually a Great Arrow. Great Arrows are a different category than normal arrows. These arrows are embedded with Radahn’s own power. There is one downside to them, and that is that they are not craftable.


  • You have about 30 Radahn’s Arrows at hand at a single time during battle.
  • In your inventory, you can easily add up to 600 of the Radahn’s Spears, ensuring you do not run out of them.
  • You can do a good amount of ranged them with one of these bad boys, and it probably goes the farthest of all arrows.
  • This arrow also has the ability to pierce through the enemy armor and stay there as it looks cool on them.
  • These are so fast and ranged that the enemy can easily get hit from far away, even if they’re fast.
  • If you have the Lion’s Greatbow equipped, the arrow will be given a passive damage increase of 20%.
  • You can deal an extra +20% damage to the enemies who are gravitational types by their nature.
  • Even if the Lion’s Greatbow is on your off-hand, you will still get the extra increased bonus of 20%.
  • The Astel boss right after Radahn can easily get absolutely destroyed if you use it on him.

How To Get

In order to find a piece of these amazingly powerful arrows, you may have to search around a bit at the Wailing Dunes Location. You may also find these in Radahn Boss’s Room. But Wailing Dunes is a great location to farm these arrows.

If you are not able to find them, then you can just simply buy them. The first condition is that you have to defeat the boss Radahn and only then will you be able to buy it from Enia at the roundtable Hold for about 800 Runes.

Fire Arrow

Fire Arrow In ER
Elden Ring: Fire Arrow – Screenshot Grab: eXputer



Now the Fire Arrows are kind of the main arrows for you against bosses with fire weaknesses. These arrows are incredible at delivering the required damage to the enemies that try to keep a safe distance. These can be really hard to avoid, especially in PVP matches. The damage statistic it provides is enough reason to keep it in your inventory. The distance it can go to is also pretty wild so overall a good type of arrow to use.


  • Well, the obvious part first is that they apply fire damage to the opponents they get stuck into. 
  • If we count the entire damage statistic, it is probably the highest out of all arrows up until now.
  • Using multiple arrows at a single enemy can do damage up to 4000, which is well enough to kill most bosses.
  • There are plenty of ways to farm these arrows to be used against enemies.
  • You can also pierce through the enemy’s armor with one of these and get stuck in them while they get fire damage.

How To Get

One thing you should know is that these are not Craftable at all. You get these arrows initially when you start with the Samurai Class.

There are plenty of other ways to farm it if you don’t wanna choose the Samurai Class. Some arrows can be looted from a body found in Siege Tower. The best way to farm these is by going to the nomadic merchant just east of the “Astray from Caelid Highway” near the Aeonia Swamp Shore grace. He will sell it for 120 Runes.

Explosive Greatbolt 

Explosive Greatbolt In ER
Elden Ring: Explosive Greatbolt – Screenshot Grab: eXputer



Now we have talked mostly about the arrows now, we should jump to the high-powered Greatbolts. Bolts are ammunition for Crossbows, and this Greatbolt is, topping the charts. Explosive Greatbolts, as the name suggests. Explodes and deals an insane amount of fire damage that the name cannot comprehend. Since Crossbows are a bit slower to load, it is counteracted by the speed of the Greatbolts.


  • You can buy any amount of arrows you want from the respective merchant and never run out.
  • Deals an elite amount of fire damage and is probably the highest fire-dealing arrow.
  • There is an armor-piercing damage set to it, so that is an additional form of damage for you.
  • You can add different Talismans to increase the fire damage further on.
  • It is a bit pricey, but it can definitely do the required amount of damage to big bosses.
  • The animation for these arrows is pretty cool to look at.
  • Finding and farming the Explosive Greatbolt isn’t really that hard to do, plus the adventure is also worth it.

How To Get

Unfortunately, you can again not craft the explosive greatbolt. A Nomadic Merchant will sell you these Explosive Greatarrows for the price of 800 runes on Mount Gelmir. If you want to test it out for yourself, then you can check out the corpse lying on the battlefield of Mount Gelmir. 

Lightning Greatbolt

Lightning Greatbolt In ER
Elden Ring: Lightning Greatbolt – Image by eXputer



Okay, so why not add yet another Greatbolt to our list that deals a great amount of physical and elemental damage to your opponents?

The Lightning Greatbolt is extremely similar to the Explosive Greatbolt we just mentioned. Both are Explosive Elemental Greatbolts, and both deal literally the same amount of damage. The Difference is, of course, that the Explosive Greatbolt deals fire damage while the Lightning Greatbolt is in lightning.


  • It does a good amount of Physical Base damage apart from the elemental damage that is done.
  • For some reason, in the game mechanics, these have the most range of all arrows or bolts in the game.
  • Total damage of 200 is done upon the enemy, and don’t even ask me about the critical damage.
  • The Arrows Reach talisman can make you feel like gravity doesn’t even exist with these arrows.
  • Due to the factor it is a Greatbolt, it flies really quickly and reaches projectiles at a quick speed.
  • There is an AOE impact when it reaches the projectile it is meant to damage.
  • You can have a good consistent supply of these bolts from the merchants.

How To Get

There are plenty of areas from where you can either buy or find these arrows in the game:

  • From the Giant Crashed Vehicles On the Atleaus Plateau, you can find the Lightning Greatbolts.
  • At the location of the Elphael on the Brace of the Haligtree Five can be found off of a body on the walkway done east.
  • Near the Deeproot Depths, you can loot a corpse under the Waterfall for some bolts.
  • The best way to buy is to farm from the Nomadic Merchant on the Ancient Snow Valley Mountain Top for 500 Runes.

Bloodbone Bolt

Bloodbone Bolt In ER
Elden Ring: Bloodbone Bolt – Image by eXputer



Looks-wise, it looks like a very normal-looking bolt that can be shot. Even the physical damage isn’t much and is pretty average. So what makes the bolt so special that it can be counted amount the best arrows? You see, this Bolt is not only incredibly agile and fast, but it has really special passive. It’s passive and does blood buildups when it hits the target. It is one of the few bolts that can do this and provide such great damage.


  • It is a perfect accessory for Blood Buildups and can be paired with Bleed weapons.
  • There is a good amount of blood loss built up on enemies that are vulnerable to blood loss damage.
  • There is also piercing damage which means that heavily armored opponents will also be greatly affected.
  • Use it with a pulley bow to have the most range and power in every shot. 
  • Buying Bolts every now and then can be really exhausting and expensive, which is why it is craftable.
  • Now the damage on the Burred Bolt may be more, but you cannot craft those, and they are expensive.

How To Get 

So you cannot really buy the arrows in Elden Ring, but they are craftable. This is great because you will be saving a lot of Runes from which you can purchase Talismans or Spells. Just like any other Bolt or Arrow, you need a Cookbook to craft them. For that purpose, you have to get the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 6. After that, all you need is the ingredient to craft any amount of bolts you like in it. 

  • Two Thin Beast Bones
  • One Bloodrose

Rainbow Stone Arrow

Rainbow Stone In ER
Elden Ring: Rainbow Stone – Image by eXputer



So these arrows are definitely the most beautiful arrows can be; I mean, looking at their name, they literally do what they preach on impact. These are just stunning arrows with small rainbow rocks embedded in them that change color on impact every single time. There is something fun in these arrows as they make the whole arching experience great. Now they may not be that damaging, but they are really fun to use.


  • Most mages and assassins turn invisible, so to counter that, you can stick a Rainbow Arrow on them to track them.
  • Now add on the Ash Of War Rain Of Arrows and just sit and see the view of the arrows getting the enemy.
  • While exploring, many invisible floors can kill you, so use these arrows to light the way.
  • Marking Areas can be made easy as well.
  • You can check fall areas too to see whether you would die from a fall or not because if the colored stones break immediately, it means you will die too.

How To Get

Now unlike their fletched counterpart, this arrow is actually craftable, and you don’t have to buy it in Elden Ring. In order to craft it again, you will be a Cookbook and specifically the 7th Cookbook of the Nomadic Warrior. And for the materials you will need:

  • Three Thin Beast Bones
  • Three Ruin Fragment 

Poisonbone Arrow [Fletched]

Poisonbone Arrow In ER
Elden Ring: Poisonbone Arrow – Image by eXputer



Now we are onto yet another elemental buildup arrow. These are special because they can be enhanced through many talismans and spells. The Poisonbone Arrow is a special type of arrow and is in leagues of the Bloodbone Arrow. We are adding the Fletched version of the arrow so it is up to its full potential of it. They have a really beautiful green design, too, which is not that talked about whenever it sticks to an enemy; it looks so cool.


  • So for these weapons, we will use the Poison Build-up of 70 to increase its overall damage.
  • Your targets are the opponents whose weakness is the Poison damage.
  • On the hand, you can have about 99 Arrows to Shoot at a single time.
  • Inside your inventory, you can save up to 600 Poisonbone Arrows, which is a good number.
  • Since these are fetched, the speed and distance are 40% increased from the normal version of the arrows.


Yet again, you have some good news, and that is that these best arrows Elden Ring are craftable, and you won’t have to buy them. For the Cookbook, you would want the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook 3. The ingredients are pretty easy to farm, which is why you will be able to make plenty of them. 

  • Three Thin Beast Bones 
  • One Poisonbloom 
  • One Flight Pinion 

So these were the best arrows Elden Ring could possibly have, and it is good that there is a good ratio of craftable arrows and arrows to buy. Of course, in the end, it is your decision which arrow you will choose. Do tell me, though, in the comments. Apart from the best arrows Elden Ring has to offer, you can see the best bows in the game as well. We have a whole walkthrough to help you clear the Altar South Chelona’s Rise Puzzle.


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