Elden Ring Caelid Map Fragments Location

The Elden Ring Caelid map fragments location isn't that hard to find, especially when you know where to look with this handy guide.

If you want to uncover the entirety of the in-game map of this freshly released action RPG, you need to obtain map fragments in Elden Ring. For this purpose, the Elden Ring Caelid map fragments location is going to be an integral part of your journey, and in this guide, we’ll be going over just that. Keep on reading for a detailed tutorial on how to unearth the map markings of the Caelid region and explore the area effectively at your convenience. 

  • Caelid is just one part of a massive picture. Read our map fragments guide and obtain all map fragments in the Lands Between.  
Key Highlights
  • Map fragments are required to uncover the hidden parts of the world map.
  • Caelid is a region in the Lands Between, characterized by a blood-red sky hinting at impending doom.
  • There’s a total of two map fragments to find in Caelid. One is called the Caelid map fragment, and the other is the Dragonbarrow map fragment.
  • After arriving in Caelid, go south through the Swamp of Aeonia, past the site of grace, to find the map fragment beside a merchant on the main road.
  • You’ll find the Dragonbarrow map fragment along the northwestern main road from the Sellia Crystal Tunnel grace site.

What is Caelid in Elden Ring?

Caelid is one of the many different regions in Elden Ring that you can get to, housing its own unique set of enemies, bosses, rewards, weapons, and other secrets to explore. It’s characterized by a blood-laden sky that gives off a red hue most of the time, hinting at the impending semblance of doom in the proximity. 

There is a total of 19 Sites of Lost Grace in the Caelid area with multiple different subregions to traverse and overcome. You’ll find plenty of NPCs in this area as well, including two Nomadic Merchants in different locations, Gowry, and Millicent.

As for the collection of obtainable weaponry in Caelid, the region definitely doesn’t disappoint. Legendary Armaments range from the Gargoyle’s Blackblade, Nox Flowing Sword, and Rock Blaster to Venomous Fang, Rune Arc, and Gargoyle’s Black Halberd. In addition, there are plenty more that you can get your hands on in Caelid, so exploring on your own will pay off sooner or later. 

What makes Caelid stand out as compared to other regions is one of the major bosses of Elden Ring that it comprises. You get to fight Starscourge Radahn in this area—a dark, foul creature with immense strength and ability. Your encounter with General Radahn is one of the highlights of Elden Ring since it is nothing short of a noteworthy battle taking place on a large scale.

It bears mentioning that beating Starscourge Radahn can be quite difficult, given the innumerable attack types of the cursed General and his far-flung reach. However, there is a Radahn cheese method that you can employ to best Radahn and his treacherous sorcery. 

Laying waste to Starscourge Radahn opens up a series of quests and other pathways for you, essentially allowing you to get more out of Elden Ring. Moreover, as iterated earlier, you need to kill him off to get one of the multiple endings of the game. Now, coming back to the topic at hand, there are three main subregions in Caelid that you can discover. 

These three are Swamp of Aeonia, Dragonbarrow, and Wilding Wastes. Apparently, each subregion will house its own set of things to do, so we definitely encourage going for a stroll and getting the most out of this whole area. Let’s get onto the number of map fragments in Caelid and where to get them from subsequently.

How Many Map Fragments Are There for Caelid?

There are two attainable map fragments that you’ll find in Caelid. The first one is called Map: Caelid eponymously, while the other is called Map: Dragonbarrow. Caelid is a sizable region in Elden Ring, and you get to it by heading east of Limgrave, which is the game’s starting point.

While the initial map fragment of the area will cover most of the ground, you will need to get the second map fragment as well to unlock all of Caelid, and this is something we truly recommend that you do. Without any further chit-chat, let’s get right down to the Elden Ring Caelid map fragments location

Caelid Map Fragments Locations in Elden Ring

Quite thankfully, Caelid map fragments’ locations aren’t hard to dig out as compared to some of the other shards of the map in Elden Ring. Let us break down the two map pieces, so you can have it easier finding them both. 

Map: Caelid Location

The first map fragment in Caelid is found close to the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace, right up the main road at the base of an obelisk. To get here from Limgrave, which is the region where you first start out, you need to head east from The First Step Site of Grace. As soon as you travel far enough, you’re going to come in contact with a place called Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

Caelid map fragments location
Getting to Dragon-Burnt Ruins

This section can be promptly utilized to get to Caelid for the first time. When you get there, you’ll have to find the entrance to the ruins and go down them. The following screenshot depicts the starting area of the Dragon-Burnt Ruins.

Going Down Dragon-Burnt Ruins
Going Down Dragon-Burnt Ruins

When you finally enter the area and make your way to the end of the tunnel, you’re going to pop open a chest. Surprisingly, doing that will “ensnare you in a transporter trap” and take you straight to the outskirts of Caelid.

Getting Teleported to Caelid

When you get to the other side, you’re going to find yourself in a cavernous tunnel yet again. Get out of this place as soon as you can. When you finally reach the outside area, you’ll observe how you’re in a completely different place now.

From there, you will have to gallop across the swamp area on your horse. Be mindful not to travel on foot or the swamp will take you in. Keep heading south past the Swamp of Aeonia until you see the Caelid title strip appear on the screen. Now, pop open your map and you’ll observe the map fragment icon in close vicinity. There’s also going to be the aforementioned Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace nearby.

Another helpful hint is the presence of a merchant who’s sitting in a campfire. The Caelid map fragment location is right beside the NPC along the main road. The following screenshot depicts the exact location of the map piece. 

Caelid map fragments location
Caelid Map Fragment Location

Go up to the map-containing monument and pick up the shard of the Caelid map. You might as well be back on your journey afterward. 

Caelid map fragments location
Caelid Map Fragment Found

Let us now talk about the other map fragment of the Caelid region, so you can unlock all of this area and explore it to your heart’s content.

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Map: Dragonbarrow Location

Getting to the Dragonbarrow map fragment is easy once you have a precursor to start from. In our case, we’ll take the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Grace as a starting point and make our way from there. You simply have to go northeast from the said checkpoint until you find the Sellia Crystal Tunnel Site of Grace. Even then, however, the ride won’t end.

The next step is to make your way northwest until you see the map fragment location on your map. Check out the following image for a clear visual illustration of where you need to go to find the Dragonbarrow map fragment. 

Lands Between massive open world
Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Location

You’ll travel past multiple different areas, such as Caelem Ruins and Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow until you finally arrive at the desired location. The Dragonbarrow map fragment obelisk is just going to be downhill on the right side of the road.

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Found
Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Found

That’s about it for Elden Ring Caelid map fragment locations. We’ve gone ahead and gone over both of the relevant map pieces in the region with step-by-step instructions. You probably won’t be needing to ask for further guidelines now. With that said, the time is nigh to conclude the article. 


Elden Ring’s world is brimming with tip-top details, mysteries, and tons of rewards that surface only in the wake of exploration. Doing that effectively, however, isn’t quite desirable when half the part of your map is missing and all blacked out. The action RPG encourages players to seek out map fragments for this purpose. These are key in-game items that improve map visibility by unlocking perceivable areas on the map. 

Each region has its own unique map fragment(s). As we’ve discussed Caelid in this write-up, we’ve discovered that Caelid comprises two distinct shards of the in-game map. One is called Caelid itself whereas the other one is known as Dragonbarrow. The guide at hand has covered the location of both of these map fragments, so you can get to them effortlessly. 

Do let us know down in the comments section if you found this guide helpful. As always, eXputer wishes you happy gaming! 

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