Elden Ring: All Map Fragment Locations Walkthrough

Elden Ring map fragment locations will help you uncover more of the Lands Between. Find out where they're hidden in this complete guide.

Unlike any other Soulsborne game i’ve seen before, Elden Ring features a wide and booming world with dynamic starting classes and a massive free-roam gameplay element. This means you’ve got an entire map to explore and find many areas in the Lands Between. This challenging task can be made a little easy if you play Elden Ring co-op with friends or random tarnished ones. This guide will aim to give you all of the various map fragment locations in Elden Ring.

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Only a small portion of it is unlocked at the beginning of the title. The rest of it is blacked out, beckoning for you to gather what is called a map fragment to unlock more perceivable areas. As the name depicts, map fragments are basically pieces that the character can join together to discover more of the game’s world map. Doing so will help you unearth secrets, different pathways, bosses, and a lot more.

Elden Ring map fragments locations
Elden Ring Map at the Beginning

Map Fragment Locations

The following is an expanding list of all the map fragments in Elden Ring, along with their locations. The list will be consistently updated as I stumble upon more fragments in the game. 

Here are all the fragment locations in Elden Ring summarized: 

Map Fragment NameLocation
Limgrave, WestNW Limgrave, Gatehouse Ruins
Limgrave, EastCentral Limgrave, Mistwood Ruins
Weeping PeninsulaSouth main road, Site of Lost Grace
DragonbarrowCaelid, south Divine Tower
Liurnia, SouthLiurnia Lakes, grace site
Liurnia, NorthAcademy Gate Town, lost grace site
Altus PlateauPast Grand Lift of Dectus, main road
Mt. GelmirWest Bridge of Inquiry, climb ladders
Leyndel, Royal CapitalOuter Wall Phantom grace
Mountaintops of Giants, EastGrand Lift of Rold, main road
Mountaintops of Giants, WestProceed to Freezing Lake grace
Lake of RotShoreside grace, loot body
Siofra RiverEntrance to Hallowhorn Grounds, near pillar
Mohgwyn PalaceMohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
Ainsel RiverAinsel River Well, lift down, Uhl Palace Ruins
Consecrated SnowfieldHidden Path to Haligtree, grace site in blizzard

Limgrave, West – The First Elden Ring Map Fragment 

To find the Limgrave, West map fragment, I followed these steps:

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  1. After completing the game’s tutorial, you’ll start in the Limgrave area. Look for your first Site of Lost Grace, which serves as a resting point and respawn location for enemies.
  2. Head northwest from your starting point in Limgrave towards the Gatehouse Ruins.
  3. The Limgrave, West map fragment is at the bottom of a tall stone pillar resembling an obelisk. Its yellow handwriting makes it easy to spot.
  4. Remember that north of the Gatehouse Ruins, you’ll find the Stormgate entrance leading to the Stormhill region.
  5. I suggest you should be cautious when approaching Gatehouse Ruins, as it will be filled with enemies that can be challenging, especially for early-game players. You can choose to sneak around, engage the enemies directly, or use stealth kills as preferred.
Limgrave, West chart
Limgrave, West Map Fragment Location

Limgrave, East 

In order to find the Limgrave, East map fragment, I suggest doing the following steps:

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  1. Head to the left-hand side area of the central part of Limgrave, which is where you start the game after the tutorial.
  2. Brave the Mistwood Ruins to find the map fragment. Beware of the immense bears roaming in this area.
  3. The map fragment can be obtained along the main road, marked on the map. Look for a large tree symbolizing the Mistwood.
  4. In this area, you’ll encounter a bear standing on two legs, scratching a tree. As long as you avoid disturbing the bear, it won’t attack you.
  5. Near this tree-scratching bear, you’ll find a stone pillar with yellow-colored engraving on it, which is where the map fragment is located.
Elden Ring map fragments locations
Limgrave, East Map Fragment Location

Weeping Peninsula 

To collect the Weeping Peninsula map fragment, Here’s what I did:

The map fragment to open up the area of the Weeping Peninsula is one of the easiest map fragment locations to track down. You’ll find it on the very south side of the map along the main road. The following image should help clarify things for you. 

Weeping Peninsula Map
Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Location

Continue south toward the main road, and you’ll soon find a Site of Lost Grace toward the left-hand side. In addition, there’s also going to be a merchant sitting around a campfire with his horse, offering you his wares at the cost of runes. 

Elden Ring map fragments location
Merchant Near the Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment

Once you go past the merchant, you’ll see a sizable opening that looks as if a large wall was broken down to form a hole in the middle. Go past this area and travel downhill until you find the obelisk comprising the Weeping Peninsula map fragment at its base. Do yourself a favor: Pick up the map and go right back where you came from unless you’ve got a death wish. 

Advancing any further from the obelisk will allow you to discover ballistic arrows shot at you with shuttle-launch accuracy. You’re obviously not well-built at this stage in the game to handle what’s coming next, so the most logical approach here would be a prompt retreat. 


In order to find the Dragonbarrow map fragment, I suggest implementing these steps:

Caelid region will be your next destination for finding more map fragment locations. This is where you’ll find the sky painted in red in the early day, hinting at a persevering sense of lurking doom. Be sure to explore this area with your magical horse for the best results and painless navigation. 

Certain world details that will help you find the area of the Dragonbarrow map fragment include the Dragonbarrow West Site of Lost Grace and the Divine Tower as well. Venture toward the south side of the latter, and you’ll eventually stumble upon the map-containing stone pillar.  

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Location
Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Location


In order to locate the Caelid map fragment, these are the steps I did:

The Caelid area in Elden Ring’s colossal game world is situated in the southeast area and comprises tons of different subareas waiting to be explored and dugout. It’s definitely an involved section, allowing players to collect weapons, spells, and a diversity of other items. If you’re looking for an easier time traversing Caelid, you’ll need its map fragment. 

Luckily, the Caelid map fragment’s location isn’t that hard to find. You’ll need to take your horse for a ride through Rotview Balcony and end up circling the main road, as shown in the image below. The following screenshot specifies the exact location of this specific piece of the map.

Caelid Map Fragment Location
Caelid Map Fragment Location

After arriving at this location, you’ll find a familiar monument engraved with yellow hieroglyphics. This will indicate that you’ve run into a map fragment. Go up to it and collect the item to discover the Caelid map fragment. Beware though. Fire-breathing dragons are roaming around Caelid and you can possibly be their next prey. 

Caelid Map Fragment Found
Caelid Map Fragment Found

Liurnia, East 

I did these steps to get the Liurnia east map fragment:

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  1. Head to the Stormgate, an early game area.
  2. Dash past the dropping troll and ignore various enemy types.
  3. Enter the Stormhill region with strong winds and an ascending path.
  4. Continue to Liurnia of the Lakes. Descend from the Site of Lost Grace.
  5. Pass through spiky obstacles, archers, and other enemies without engaging.
  6. Enter a swamp area with swarming creatures; ignore them.
  7. Open the map to find the Liurnia map fragment beacon.
  8. The map fragment is in the swamp area within Liurnia of the Lakes.

Check out the screenshot below for a visual indication of where to find this specific map fragment. 

Liurnia, East Map Fragment Location
Liurnia, East Map Fragment Location

Liurnia, North 

In order to locate the Lirunia, North map fragment, I recommend the following steps:

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  1. Head east first, then move on to Lirunia, North.
  2. Lirunia, North is easy to find, situated in a spacious and safe location.
  3. Locate the Academy Gate Town within the region.
  4. Find a Site of Lost Grace next to the monument with the map fragment.
  5. Refer to the provided screenshot for clarity.
  6. Note that the map is already collected in the image, unlocking the area west of the player’s location.
  7. Lirunia, North is located in one of the far corners of the Elden Ring game world.

The screenshot should provide visual assistance in locating the fragment.

Liurnia, North Map Fragment Location
Liurnia, North Map Fragment Location

Liurnia, West 

If you want to find the Liurnia, West map fragment, follow the steps I did:

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  1. Start from the Sorcerer’s Isle Site of Lost Grace in the Liurnia of the Lakes region.
  2. Head northwest on your mount.
  3. Continue until you cross a lake.
  4. Keep moving straight until you come across a path that leads uphill.
  5. Follow this path and continue ahead to reach the Liurnia, West map fragment location.

Refer to the provided screenshot for additional guidance to help you locate the map fragment in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring map fragments location
Liurnia, West Map Fragment Location

Altus Plateau  

To get the Altus Plateau map fragment, Here’s the path that I would recommend:

The Altus Plateau is a region in the Elden Ring that can only be accessed when you have both halves of the Dectus Medallion. As you try getting past from Liurnia to the Altus Plateau, you will find a great obstruction in between, asking you for the Dectus Medallion in full. Once you’ve grabbed this item, you’ll be able to enter Altus and explore this new section for a ton of diversity. There will also be a Site of Lost Grace at the entrance of this area.

Finding the Altus Plateau map fragment location in Elden Ring gets super easy afterward. As soon as you go past the Grand Lift of Dectus, which is the obstruction I mentioned earlier, keep going along the main road until you come across a divide. Take a left here and keep following the pathway until you stumble upon the map-containing monument.

The following screenshot of the Elden Ring map should help you make things come to focus. 

Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location
Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location

Mt. Gelmir

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Bridge of Inquiry Site of Grace Location

Here is my recommended method for getting to the Mt. Gelmir map fragment:

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  1. Activate the Site of Lost Grace at the Bridge of Inquiry.
  2. Head west from this location to a camp area with fences, blood, and rocky structures.
  3. Stay left upon entering and look for a ladder with lanterns.
  4. Be prepared for a tough enemy; if avoiding, quickly climb the ladder.
  5. The climb is lengthy, but you’ll reach your destination eventually.

Refer to the provided image for a visual reference of the starting point.

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Climbing Up the Ladder for the Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment
  1. After reaching the surface, continue straight and cross a bridge.
  2. Find a Site of Lost Grace and touch it for a checkpoint.
  3. Use the nearby Spirit Spring to perform a high jump.
  4. After landing, you’ll face the “Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast” boss. You can fight or flee.
  5. To get the map fragment, head to the designated location on the map by descending from the mountain’s top.
Mt. Gemir Map Fragment Location
Mt. Gemir Map Fragment Location

Beware though. You’ll find an extremely creepy monster at the site of the map-comprising obelisk. This creature will be no less than a lovechild of a hand and a spider with both of these being extra large. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital 

Here’s how you should be able to collect the Leyndell Royal Capital map fragment:

Getting your hands on the Leyndell, Royal Capital map fragment is definitely easier compared to some of the other ones in this guide. You need to be at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, which is a circular area with a golden tree in its center. At the roundabout, you’ll find the obelisk with the map fragment painlessly. 

Check out the following screenshot for a visual depiction of this region’s location. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location
Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location

Mountaintops of the Giants, East

I have to admit, the best way to get the Mountaintops of the Giants, East map fragment is the following:

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  1. Gather the Rold Medallion to activate the Grand Lift of Rold.
  2. Summon your mount after unlocking the area on the other side.
  3. Head straight along the main road until you see “Mountaintops of the Giants” on the screen.
  4. Focus on the right side of the road as you ride.
  5. After a short distance from the Grand Lift of Rold, find the monument with the Mountaintops of the Giants, East map fragment.

The following screenshot should pinpoint things for you nicely.  

Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment Location
Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment Location

Having the west part of this area’s map fragment in the bag should set you up for the remaining portion perfectly. Let’s get into that in the section below.

Mountaintops of the Giants, West

Freezing Lake Checkpoint in Elden Ring
Freezing Lake Checkpoint in Elden Ring

To collect the Mountaintops of the Giants, West map fragment, I advise following these steps:

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  1. After obtaining the previous map fragment, continue straight to the Freezing Lake Site of Lost Grace at the far western end of Mountaintops of the Giants.
  2. From the Freezing Lake Site of Grace, follow a southeast path turning inward.
  3. This leads to the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace.
  4. Continue on the designated path from Whiteridge Road Site of Grace.
  5. You’ll reach the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Lost Grace.
  6. The Mountaintops of the Giants, West map fragment is close to this checkpoint.
  • A quick tip: It’s advised to keep checking the map whenever you’ve approached a new area in the game. This will help you find map fragments more efficiently, since these pop up on their own in the form of Beacons on the map. The trick works especially when you’re in the vicinity of a map piece. 
Elden Ring map fragment locations
Mountaintops of the Giants, West Map Fragment Location

Lake of Rot

As someone who has wasted hours in Elden Ring, here’s what I suggest:

The Lake Of Rot map fragment location in Elden Ring is a little further out from the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. You’ll be able to pillage a dead body for the map piece easily in that area. The following screenshot depicts the site of this section.

Lake of Rot Map Fragment Location
Lake of Rot Map Fragment Location

Siofra River

Based on what I experienced, the best path to get the Siofra River map fragment is:

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  1. Start at Siofra River Well Site of Grace.
  2. Head straight to the lift, descend to Siofra River, touch the nearby Site of Lost Grace.
  3. In Siofra River Well Depths, go north through alleys, reach a waterfall.
  4. Near the waterfall, find a lift and go up.
  5. On the surface, summon your mount, exit, go straight, take a right at the main road fork.
  6. Look for a body against a pillar at stairs leading to a bridge for the Siofra River map fragment.

Unlike other map fragments, this one is not at the base of a typical obelisk. Refer to the provided screenshot for a clearer view of the item’s location in the Elden Ring game world.

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Siofra River Map Fragment Location

Mohgwyn Palace

To collect the Mohgwyn Palace map fragment, I followed these steps:

The Mohgwyn Palace is another sinister place in Elden Ring. It brims with a crimson red sky, pools of blood, and, of course, nefarious foes lurking to cut you down. You’ll find the map fragment beside a wasted body at the base of the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, which is as soon as you step foot into the area. Take a quick look at the following location on the map to get to the map piece. 

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Mohgwyn Palace Map Fragment Location

Ainsel River

To get the Ainsel River map fragment, these are the steps I did:

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  1. Descend the Ainsel River Well, which acts as a lift.
  2. Navigate the underground area. Find another lift leading to the Uhl Palace Ruins.
  3. Beware of an aerial attacker throwing rocks; take cover, then move right.
  4. Look for stairs leading to the front entrance.
  5. Go behind the enemy and exit. Continue straight until you find a pile of bodies.
  6. Search one of the bodies to obtain the Ainsel River map fragment.

Refer to a screenshot for its exact location.

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Ainsel River Map Fragment Location

Consecrated Snowfield

To get the Consecrated Snowfield, this is the route I recommend:

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  1. Obtain the Haligtree Secret Medallion. Combine medallion halves and place it at the Grand Lift of Rold.
  2. Use the correct medallion to access the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.
  3. Proceed straight, take left stairs, and climb cautiously, watching out for two witches. Reach the summit and encounter a giant crab; avoid conflict if seeking map fragments.
  4. Find entrance behind the crab leading to more stairs and a Site of Lost Grace. Save progress.
  5. Continue past the save point into the Consecrated Snowfield, a blizzard-covered area with low visibility. Descend to lower levels for better visibility and watch for hints of improved visibility.
  6. Explore the Consecrated Snowfield to discover the map fragment.

Stay alert and navigate carefully through this challenging location.

Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location
Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location

My Experience Finding And Using Map Fragments

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

I have explored every corner of the Lands Between in Elden Ring, and even after a year of playtime. I still use the world map often to navigate through the terrain. In my experience, I found the map fragments extremely helpful in all my save slots and playthroughs, and I used them to mark important landmarks, merchants, and NPCs.

elden rinng profiles waterjuice
My Elden Ring save slots on Steam

All map fragments are placed at distances and locations where they’re neither annoying to reach nor feel unnecessary to obtain in Elden Ring. I felt rewarded for going slightly out of my way to unlock a map, which eased out my traversing experience heavily. Fortunately, it was extremely easy for me to find Map Fragments thanks to their small yet noticeable marks on the incomplete map screen.

That wraps up my extensive guide on all of Elden Ring’s map fragments, covering their location and my experience using them. While you’re here, check out this guide on the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia.

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