Elden Ring: All Map Fragment Locations Guide

Elden Ring map fragment locations will help you uncover more of the Lands Between. Find out where they're hidden in this complete guide.

What are Map Fragments? 

Unlike any other Soulsborne game we’ve seen before, Elden Ring features a wide and booming world with dynamic starting classes and a massive free-roam gameplay element. This means that you’ve got an entire map to explore and find a multitude of areas in the Lands Between. This challenging task can be made a little easy if you play Elden Ring co-op with friends or random tarnished ones. However, speaking of the map, the latter isn’t something that you can unlock easily right from the get-go. 

Key Highlights
  • Map Fragments unlock hidden parts of the world map as you obtain them. 
  • Once you’re in the general vicinity of the map fragment, it’ll appear on the world map as a beacon
  • You can find Limgrave, West fragment by heading northwest of the starting area towards Gatehouse Ruins.
  • Limgrave, East fragment is found alongside the main road in the Mistwood Ruins
  • Head south on the main road until you see a broken-down wall. Head downhill and find the obelisk with the Weeping Peninsula fragment.
  • Dragonbarrow map fragment is in Caelid, south of the Divine Tower.
  • After crossing Rotview Balcony, where you meet the road on the other side, you can find the Caelid map fragment.
  • Find the site of grace when you arrive in Liurnia of the Lakes from Stormhill. Head downhill into the swamp area, where the beacon will pop up on your map.
  • You can find the Liurnia, North fragment near a lost grace site near the Academy Gate Town.
  • Northwest from Sorcerer’s Isle site of grace, cross the lake and go uphill, where you’ll find the Liurnia, West map fragment.
  • From the Grandlift of Dectus, follow the main path, take a left at the crossroads and keep going until you find the Atlus Plateau map fragment.
  • Go west from Bridge of Inquiry, and make your way up a bunch of ladders until you find a Spirit Spring. From here, you can go downhill to find the Mt. Gelmir fragment.
  • The Leyndel, Royal Capital fragment is at the roundabout near the Outer Wall Phantom lost grace site.
  • Follow the path straight after the Grandlift of Roid. You’ll find the Mountaintops of Giants, East map fragment on your right.
  • From the previous fragment, go straight to the Freezing Lake grace site. Follow the southwest inwards path past the Whiteridge Road grace site until you see the Mountaintops of the Giants, West map fragment.
  • You can loot the Lake of Rot fragment from a body some distance from the Shoreside grace.
  • The Siofra River map fragment is found right before the entrance to Hallowhorn Grounds. You need to loot it from a body lying next to a pillar.
  • The Mohgwyn Palace fragment is within a deceased body found when you enter Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum
  • In Ainsel River Well, take the lift down to Uhl Palace Ruins. Head straight through the section until you find a pile of bodies in which you’ll find the Ainsel River fragment.
  • You can find the Consecrated Snowfield fragment after unlocking the Hidden Path to the Haligtree and climbing up all the stairs to a grace site. The fragment is within the blizzard area.

Only a small portion of it is unlocked at the beginning of the title. The rest of it is blacked out, beckoning for you to gather what is called a map fragment to unlock more perceivable areas. As the name depicts, map fragments are basically pieces that the character can join together to discover more of the game’s world map. Doing so will help you unearth secrets, different pathways, bosses, and a lot more.

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Elden Ring map fragments locations
Elden Ring Map at the Beginning

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The cherry on top is that this RPG favors the brave, especially those who are willing to dive into the unknown. Rewarding gameplay is just one of the highlights of Elden Ring, so this is a well-grounded incentive for gathering all the map fragments in the game. Moreover, the RPG gives you a slight advantage in this regard. At first, you’ll find your unlocked map area covered with misty fog.

This will only disappear and uncover the area underneath when you travel past it yourself, either on foot or with your trusty mount. To speak of the aforementioned advantage, map fragments in Elden Ring are symbolized by “Beacons.” These will pop up on the map whenever you’re in close vicinity of one, given that you’ve also cleared the fog effect in the area as well. Therefore, spotting these beacons can get exceedingly handy for you. 

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Map Fragment Locations

The following is an expanding list of all the map fragments in Elden Ring, along with their locations. The list will be consistently updated as we stumble upon more fragments in the game. 

Limgrave, West – The First Elden Ring Map Fragment 

As soon as you complete the game’s tutorial, Limgrave is bound to be the first area you’ll be introduced to. You’ll also find your very first Site of Lost Grace—resting points where you can level up your character, restore health, and make the enemies of the area respawn. Fans of the franchise will easily recognize what these are.

Anyhow, to find what is probably the first map fragment most players will run into in Elden Ring, you’ll have to head northwest of where you first start out. The area of interest, in this case, will be Gatehouse Ruins. The first map fragment—Limgrave, West—will be placed at the bottom of a tall stone pillar that looks more like an obelisk. This monument will also comprise handwriting on it in yellow, so it’s pretty much an easy spot. 

In terms of its location, you’ll also find Stormgate north to the Gatehouse Ruins—a large entrance that leads players toward the Stormhill region. By keeping these details in mind, you’ll be able to navigate to the Limgrave, West map fragment quickly. However, be warned about what you can potentially get yourself into. 

Gatehouse Ruins is definitely something to watch out for, especially when you’re this early into the game. The place will be brimming with baddies that will wipe you out on the spot if you’re not experienced enough. Therefore, try sneaking your way around the area and finding the map-containing obelisk from the back. You’re more than welcome to take on the enemies head-on, though, or stealth-kill them as well.  

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Limgrave, West chart
Limgrave, West Map Fragment Location

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Limgrave, East 

Proceeding further with our map fragment locations guide, the second map that you can find in the initial phase of the game is Limgrave, East. This is basically the left-hand-side area of the center part of Limgrave, and that is where you start out in Elden Ring after finishing the tutorial. Finding the Limgrave, East map fragment can certainly scare the living daylight out of some players. You’ll need to brave the Mistwood Ruins for it, and this is where you’ll find immense bears wandering about.

The map fragment can be grabbed right alongside the main road seen on the map. There’s also going to be a large tree that symbolizes the Mistwood in Elden Ring. Going across this area will even make the beacon surface for it, so you should be able to find the item pretty easily. 

The specific area where you’ll find the second map fragment will be in close proximity with a bear scratching a tree on two legs. The good news is that as long as you mind your own business, the gigantic animal won’t bother you. The stone pillar with yellow-colored engraving on it will be right opposite the tree-scratching bear. 

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Elden Ring map fragments locations
Limgrave, East Map Fragment Location

Weeping Peninsula 

The map fragment to open up the area of the Weeping Peninsula is one of the easiest map fragment locations to track down. You’ll find it on the very south side of the map along the main road. The following image should help clarify things for you. 

Weeping Peninsula Map
Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment Location

Continue south toward the main road, and you’ll soon find a Site of Lost Grace toward the left-hand side. In addition, there’s also going to be a merchant sitting around a campfire with his horse, offering you his wares at the cost of runes. 

Elden Ring map fragments location
Merchant Near the Weeping Peninsula Map Fragment

Once you go past the merchant, you’ll see a sizable opening that looks as if a large wall was broken down to form a hole in the middle. Go past this area and travel downhill until you find the obelisk comprising the Weeping Peninsula map fragment at its base. Do yourself a favor: Pick up the map and go right back where you came from unless you’ve got a death wish. 

Advancing any further from the obelisk will allow you to discover ballistic arrows shot at you with shuttle-launch accuracy. You’re obviously not well-built at this stage in the game to handle what’s coming next, so the most logical approach here would be a prompt retreat. 

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Caelid region will be your next destination for finding more map fragment locations. This is where you’ll find the sky painted in red in the early day, hinting at a persevering sense of lurking doom. Be sure to explore this area with your magical horse for the best results and painless navigation. 

Certain world details that will help you find the area of the Dragonbarrow map fragment include the Dragonbarrow West Site of Lost Grace and the Divine Tower as well. Venture toward the south side of the latter, and you’ll eventually stumble upon the map-containing stone pillar.  

Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Location
Dragonbarrow Map Fragment Location

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The Caelid area in Elden Ring’s colossal game world is situated in the southeast area and comprises tons of different subareas waiting to be explored and dugout. It’s definitely an involved section, allowing players to collect weapons, spells, and a diversity of other items. If you’re looking for an easier time traversing Caelid, you’ll need its map fragment. 

Luckily, the Caelid map fragment’s location isn’t that hard to find. You’ll need to take your horse for a ride through Rotview Balcony and end up circling the main road, as shown in the image below. The following screenshot specifies the exact location of this specific piece of the map.

Caelid Map Fragment Location
Caelid Map Fragment Location

After arriving at this location, you’ll find a familiar monument engraved with yellow hieroglyphics. This will indicate that you’ve run into a map fragment. Go up to it and collect the item to discover the Caelid map fragment in Elden Ring. Beware though. Fire-breathing dragons are roaming around Caelid and you can possibly be their next prey. 

Caelid Map Fragment Found
Caelid Map Fragment Found

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Liurnia, East 

The Liurnia region in Elden Ring is nothing but substantial and is almost as big as the introductory Limgrave. The section is riddled with bosses, rewards, secrets, and tons of other goodies that make this title great. To get started, finding the Liurnia, East map fragment seems like the appropriate choice. Depending on where you are in-game, the Stormgate is one of the first areas you’ll have to get past in order to get the map fragment in question. 

If you recall correctly, this is the same place where the Limgrave, West map fragment can be found in close proximity. As soon as you make your way inside Stormgate, prepare to dash past the troll jumping down from above right in front of you. Moreover, this whole initial area will be filled with other enemy types too, so best believe that the smartest choice, for now, is to ignore everything and keep heading straight. 

You’ll soon enter the Stormhill region characterized by strong winds and an upward ascending area. You’ll have to make your way to Liurnia of the Lakes from here. Once you’ve arrived at the specific Site of Lost Grace of this location, keep going downhill. You’ll pass a spiky section comprising archers at the front and other enemy types in the middle. Don’t let any of that distract you and keep on horsing down. You’ll find a swamp area next that’ll be covered with swarming creatures. 

Again, you truly have to learn when to pick your fights in Elden Ring. Ignore anything that comes after you and pops open your map to find the beacon of the Liurnia map fragment. It’ll be somewhere along the swamp area within Liurnia of the Lakes. Check out the screenshot below for a visual indication of where to find this specific map fragment. 

Liurnia, East Map Fragment Location
Liurnia, East Map Fragment Location

Liurnia, North 

Lirunia, North is what comes next after you’re done getting to grips with the east section of this region. It’s certainly one of the easier ones to find in Elden Ring, considering its spacious and danger-free location. The specific area where you’ll find the fragment is called Academy Gate Town and there will also be a Site of Lost Grace right beside the monument comprising the map piece. 

The following screenshot should help clear things up for you. Do note that the map has already been collected in the image below, thus the reason the area is unlocked west of the player’s location. Liurnia, North is located in one of the far corners of Elden Ring’s game world. 

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Liurnia, North Map Fragment Location
Liurnia, North Map Fragment Location

Liurnia, West 

Finding the map fragment for Liurnia, West in Elden Ring is fairly straightforward. You need to be at the Sorcerer’s Isle Site of Lost Grace to uncover it easily on your end. This is one of the several Sites of Grace in the Liurnia of the Lakes region. If you’ve managed to grab the Liurnia, North map fragment by following the instructions given above, you’ve probably reached the Sorcerer’s Isle by now. 

From there, you will need to head northwest on your trust mount, as always, and continue until you cross a lake. Keep on going straight until you find a way going uphill. Follow it and keep going further ahead to find the Liurnia, West map fragment location in Elden Ring. 

The following screenshot should help you pinpoint things to a reasonable extent. 

Elden Ring map fragments location
Liurnia, West Map Fragment Location

Altus Plateau  

The Altus Plateau is a region in the Elden Ring that can only be accessed when you have both halves of the Dectus Medallion. As you try getting past from Liurnia to the Altus Plateau, you will find a great obstruction in between, asking you for the Dectus Medallion in full. Once you’ve grabbed this item, you’ll be able to enter Altus and explore this new section for a ton of diversity. There will also be a Site of Lost Grace at the entrance of this area.

Finding the Altus Plateau map fragment location in Elden Ring gets super easy afterward. As soon as you go past the Grand Lift of Dectus, which is the obstruction we mentioned earlier, keep going along the main road until you come across a divide. Take a left here and keep following the pathway until you stumble upon the map-containing monument.

The following screenshot of the Elden Ring map should help you make things come to focus. 

Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location
Altus Plateau Map Fragment Location

Mt. Gelmir

We’re now approaching a fairly difficult part of the game, even by Elden Ring’s standards. One of the first areas that will help you get started with traveling toward the Mt. Gelmir map fragment is the Bridge of Inquiry. Make sure that you’ve activated the Site of Lost Grace there. Check out the player’s location in the image below to get a clear idea of where to begin from. 

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Bridge of Inquiry Site of Grace Location

Head west from there and you’ll gradually approach a camp area, riddled with fences, blood, and rocky mountainous structures on the left side. We recommend keeping left as soon as you enter this section as there will be a ladder there that you’ll need to climb up. The space where you’ll find this ladder will have lanterns protruding out as well, so this is a good tip regarding what to look for.

There’s going to be a tough enemy lurking in this area, so you’ll have to be quick with getting to the ladder if you’re not in the mood to take on something at the moment. It’s going to be a long climb up that ladder though, but you’ll get there eventually.

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Climbing Up the Ladder for the Mt. Gelmir Map Fragment

After getting to the surface above, you can summon your mount and continue charging straight ahead. You’ll soon pass a large tower on the left side in addition to a bunch of normal enemies. Shortly after that, a rocky bridge will appear and you’ll have to get across to the other side to continue. The next step is to take a right after crossing the bridge and find another ladder that you’ll have to climb.

Right at this very moment, a sizable enemy will drop down from above and stand in your way, impeding you from reaching the ladder. Take no notice of this and keep pushing toward this ladder. Climb up yet again and take a hard left as soon as you’re on the next platform. Keep going ahead until you see another ladder. Begin the climb one more time. Upon reaching the surface, you’ll find your trusty merchant, providing you with multiple trading options right there and then. 

You can interact with him if you wish at this point. To continue, find another ladder adjacent to the merchant. You already know what to do next. Make your way to the top for the last time. You’ll now have reached a fair amount of height in this mountain-centric region. However, you’re far from done yet. 

You’ll find a bridge in the next section that will need to be crossed. As soon as you do that, you’ll find a Site of Lost Grace. It’s definitely a good time to touch the grace and form a checkpoint. It’ll be easy to spot a Spirit Spring here. In case you don’t know, this is an in-game mechanic that launches the horse to great heights, mostly allowing the player to get from one location to the next. 

After landing the jump, you’ll encounter a boss called “Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast.” You can choose to engage it or simply flee from the site—whatever bakes your cake. To finally get the Mt. Gemir map fragment location in Elden Ring, you will need to get to the following location on the map. This will be fairly easy to tread toward now, mainly because of how you only have to descend from the top of the mountain. 

Mt. Gemir Map Fragment Location
Mt. Gemir Map Fragment Location

Beware though. You’ll find an extremely creepy monster at the site of the map-comprising obelisk. This creature will be no less than a lovechild of a hand and a spider with both of these being extra large. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital 

Getting your hands on the Leyndell, Royal Capital map fragment in Elden Ring is definitely easier compared to some of the other ones in this guide. You need to be at the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, which is a circular area with a golden tree in its center. At the roundabout, you’ll find the obelisk with the map fragment painlessly. 

Check out the following screenshot for a visual depiction of this region’s location. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location
Leyndell, Royal Capital Map Fragment Location

Mountaintops of the Giants, East

The Mountaintops of the Giants area is part of the final unlockable area in Elden Ring. You will have to slay at least 2 main bosses to get here, although there are exploits that let you reach the section without doing any of that. While we will leave that up to you to deal with, getting the Mountaintops of the Giants, East map fragment has a prerequisite. You will need to gather the Rold Medallion in order to activate the Grand Lift of Rold.

It’s only from there that you can get to the Mountaintops of the Giants section. As soon as the area unlocks and you can get to the other side, call your mount and keep heading straight along the main road. You’ll shortly observe the “Mountaintops of the Giants” strip on the screen as well. Focus on the right side of the road as you’re galloping onward to find the map-containing monument. It’ll only be a little further out from the point you start out after getting through the Grand Lift of Rold.

The following screenshot should pinpoint things for you nicely.  

Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment Location
Mountaintops of the Giants, East Map Fragment Location

Having the west part of this area’s map fragment in the bag should set you up for the remaining portion perfectly. Let’s get into that in the section below.

Mountaintops of the Giants, West 

You’ll get to the Mountaintops of the Giants, West map fragment chronologically after picking up the previous fragment. The key here is to follow the path straight ahead from the area you got the latter map piece from and continue until arriving at the Freezing Lake Site of Lost Grace. This one is quite at the end of the west portion of Mountaintops of the Giants. 

Freezing Lake Checkpoint in Elden Ring
Freezing Lake Checkpoint in Elden Ring

There’s going to be a trackway in the southeast direction turning inward from one corner of the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. You have to tread along this road and eventually get to the Whiteridge Road Site of Grace. It’s going to be a cakewalk from here on out. All you’ll have to do is follow the designated track and you’ll eventually end up at the Giants’ Gravepost Site of Lost Grace. The Mountaintops of the Giants, West map fragment will be in close proximity with the aforementioned checkpoint. 

  • A quick tip: It’s advised to keep checking the map whenever you’ve approached a new area in the game. This will help you find map fragments more efficiently, since these pop up on their own in the form of Beacons on the map. The trick works especially when you’re in the vicinity of a map piece. 
Elden Ring map fragment locations
Mountaintops of the Giants, West Map Fragment Location

Lake of Rot

The Lake Of Rot map fragment location in Elden Ring is a little further out from the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace. You’ll be able to pillage a dead body for the map piece easily in that area. The following screenshot depicts the site of this section. 

Lake of Rot Map Fragment Location
Lake of Rot Map Fragment Location

Siofra River

Next up we have the Siofra River map fragment in Elden Ring. This one’s fairly simple to collect, given that you’ve already arrived at the Siofra River Well Site of Grace. If you’re exploring this specific area for the first time, getting around can be a bit difficult, but not impossible.

You’ll need to head straight toward the lift from the aforementioned checkpoint and make your way down to Siofra River. Make sure to touch the Site of Lost Grace right beside the lift. You’ll now be centered at the Siofra River Well Depths and this is where you have to head north. Keep on going through the narrow alleys with a few enemies spawns here and there until you spot a waterfall. 

Beside the waters will be an entrance and inside it, another lift. Pull the lever to call your magical hoist and make your way up. Call your mount as soon as you reach the surface and exit to the outer area. The item of our keen interest isn’t too far out now. Continue heading straight and take a right at the fork of the main road. Unlike most other pieces of the grand Elden Ring map, the Siofra River map fragment won’t be lying at the foot of a usual obelisk. 

Instead, you’ll find it within the confines of a deceased body leaned against a sizable pillar. The monumental structure will be present at the base of some stairs leading up to a bridge. You can collect the map fragment easily from there If it’s any help, this is where you can run into the Hallowhorn Grounds. Take a look at the following screenshot for a clearer idea of the item’s location in the Elden Ring game world. 

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Siofra River Map Fragment Location

Mohgwyn Palace

The Mohgwyn Palace is another sinister place in Elden Ring. It brims with a crimson red sky, pools of blood, and, of course, nefarious foes lurking to cut you down. You’ll find the map fragment beside a wasted body at the base of the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, which is as soon as you step foot into the area. Take a quick look at the following location on the map to get to the map piece. 

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Mohgwyn Palace Map Fragment Location

Ainsel River

The Ainsel River map fragment can be obtained by going down the Ainsel River Well, which is, in essence, a lift. The hoist will take you to the main Ainsel River location underground and you will have to traverse your cavernous surroundings from there on out. You’ll come across another lift that’s bound to take you even further down the section, ultimately leading you to the Uhl Palace Ruins

Be careful as you proceed from this place. You’ll soon see a large creature rising in the air and magically hurling rocks toward you with full force. Dodge your way to cover and wait for the moment where the avalanche stops. Follow the cover toward the right side in this area until you see a flight of stairs leading you to the front entrance. Be even warier as you get near to the source of the constant attack. Find a route behind the enemy and exit the section hurriedly. 

Keep heading straight ahead from here on out until you find a pile of bodies lying on the ground. One of these bodies is going to contain the Ainsel River map fragment. Pick it up promptly to finalize the toil. The following screenshot should help you out with the location of this map piece. 

Elden Ring map fragment locations
Ainsel River Map Fragment Location

Consecrated Snowfield

The Consecrated Snowfield is the last map fragment in Elden Ring. This is true if you acquire the various pieces of the game map in sequential order. Getting to this section warrants the retrieval of a key item called Haligtree Secret Medallion. This component is split up into two different halves thereby compelling the player to look for both of them for the best results.

The Haligtree Secret Medallion, after its acquisition, is hoisted at the Grand Lift of Rold. You will have to input a specific button there to switch what medallion to raise since this is also where the Rold Medallion comes into play. Once you hoist the right item, a new area will unlock for you called Hidden Path to the Haligtree. Get started from here by heading straight until you find some stairs to the left. Take a turn and go up the stairway until you reach the top. Beware of the two witches with death-meaning scythes on the stairs though. 

The stairs at the top will allow you to come face-to-face with a gigantic crab. It’s advisable to avoid all conflicts if your sole purpose, for now, is to get to all the Elden Ring map fragment locations. The crab will have an entrance behind them, leading up to more stairs and eventually a Site of Lost Grace. Do give the checkpoint a swift touch to save it to your list of accessible Sites of Grace. 

Going past your save point will lead you into a blizzard-ridden location, hence called Consecrated Snowfield. Visibility will be extremely low here, so proceed with caution. The following image should get you started in the right direction. The key is to descend to lower levels of this snowy area. As you get closer to the map fragment, you’ll find the visibility improving as well, so do lookout for this hint. 

Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location
Consecrated Snowfield Map Fragment Location

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