Elden Ring Blacksmith Location Guide

Finding the Elden Ring Blacksmith Location is a hassle at the start of the game, so our guide mentions how to find the Blacksmith faster.

Now you might think that finding the Elden Ring Blacksmith Location is a fairly easy task because why would you assume otherwise? Most titles by From Software give players access to a blacksmith or an NPC that performs the task of upgrading gear fairly early on in the adventure because these are difficult games. You want access to methods of strengthening your weapons and armor as soon as possible. 

Key Highlights

The First Blacksmith

    • Find it in the Round Table Hold area.
    • Accessible by defeating Margit, the Fell Omen and accepting an invitation from Melina at the Site of Grace.
    • Smithing Master Hewg can be found in this friendly settlement.
    • Can upgrade weapons to +4 and beyond with the right resources and Runes.

The Second Blacksmith

    • You must beat Storm Veil Castle and the first Legacy boss of the game.
    • Travel to the Raya Lucaria Academy and follow the path to the Caria Manor.
    • Find the Kings Realm Ruins and break through the illusory wall.
    • The blacksmith, Smithing Master Iji, is located in the Kings Realm Ruins.

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location Guide

Unlike previous From Software games, Elden Ring gives players the option to be able to upgrade weapons by themselves to a certain extent. If they can locate a Smithing Table out in the world, then Runes and Smithing Stones can be used to reinforce Armaments up to a maximum of +3. After that point, they’ll have to locate the blacksmith to be able to upgrade further.

Early on in the game, +3 weapons are fairly effective against regular enemies and bosses alike, and the Smithing Stone resource is easy to come across. But the difficulty spikes in this game are frequent and punishing, so finding the Elden Ring Blacksmith Location is key to surviving. I mean, it probably feels nice to wield that new sword you found, but what’s the point if it can’t even take down a giant. Speaking of new swords, check our Elden Ring Twinblade Location guide, one of the popular weapons during the network test.

So before we start, fair warning to all readers. We might be going into some early game spoilers below.

The First Blacksmith

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
First Moments In Elden Ring Open World

When you first emerge into the open world at the start of the game, you will find yourself in the region of Limgrave. If you head north from where you are facing and follow the rays of guiding light, you will eventually come across the abandoned Church of Elleh. This is also the area where the first Smithing Table can be found.

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Head further north from the Church and through a small grove of trees until you come across an enemy encampment called Gatefront Ruins. You don’t have to engage with these enemies if you don’t want to, but more Runes are never a bad thing. This is also the area in the game where you can acquire the Spectral Horse named torrent.

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
Stormveil Castle Entrance.

To the west of the encampment, there is a massive stone gate that leads to Stormveil Castle, the game’s first Legacy dungeon. So make your way through the stone gate, and continue following the rays of guiding light all the way up the winding path.

There are a lot of new distractions on the route, but your end goal is the heavily guarded castle entrance at the end. Take your time getting there, but be prepared for the game’s first major boss fight when you do.

Approach The Stormveil Castle 

Margit, the Fell Omen.

As soon as you arrive at the gates of Stormveil Castle, your path will be blocked by Margit, the Fell Omen. Defeat him, and then rest at the Site of Grace that appears in the middle of the boss arena. You will now be able to automatically engage in some dialogue with the maiden Melina at this site, during which she will offer to teleport you to the Roundtable Hold.

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Melina’s spawn can be random as well. One of the writers in our team reached Margit, The Fell without dying in Elden Ring and when the boss killed his character, the Site of Grace before the boss triggered Melina’s appearance and she offered a visit to the Roundtable Hold area. 

Accept her invitation, and after a small loading screen, you will arrive at a friendly settlement populated by key NPCs and vendors.

The Rountable Hold

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
Smithing Master Hewg In The Roundtable Hold.

One of these vendors is the Smithing Master Hewg, who is our first Elden Ring Blacksmith. If you bring him the relevant resources and Runes, he will upgrade your weapons to +4 and beyond. And trust me, you will desperately require his help in the coming hours.

The Second Blacksmith

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
The Map Open Up.

In order to reach the second Elden Ring Blacksmith Location, you’ll actually have to play though a fair bit of the game and beat Stormveil Castle. This involves beating the first Legacy boss of the game, Godrick the Grafted, which is no easy task. Check out our Elden Ring Best Samurai Build guide for a starting build if you’re having trouble with this enemy.

After this point, the northern region of the world map will really open up, allowing you to travel to locations like the Raya Lucaria Academy, where the second Legacy dungeon is located.

Kingsrealm Ruins

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
Kingsrealm Ruins.

To the west of the academy, is a long winding path that leads to the extremely creepy Caria Manor. For reference, this is one of the key locations you’ll have to visit as part of the quest to acquire the Elden Ring Moonlight Greatsword

As you make your way up this path, you’ll eventually come across a bunch of old decrepit buildings going by the name of Kingsrealm Ruins on your map. Once here, fight your way north though a few relatively unchallenging enemies until you come across a large wall that looks completely impassable.

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
This Path Is Blocked By An Illusory Wall.

This is actually an illusory wall, and striking it with your weapon or simply rolling through it will cause it to disappear. The image above shows you what the wall looks like after the illusion has been shattered.

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Now continue through this new open path, and look left immediately to find a giant sitting on a large boulder. Don’t attack this NPC, because he is our second Elden Ring Blacksmith.

Elden Ring Blacksmith Location
Smithing Master Iji.

His name is Smithing Master Iji, and he can sell you upgrade materials as well as upgrade your weapons to greater than +3. 

And that’s about it for our Elden Ring Blacksmith guide. While you’re here, why not also check out our Elden Ring Review

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