Elden Ring Best Armors + Locations [750+ Hours Experience]

After having explored everything Elden Ring has to offer, Here are my top picks for the Best Elden Ring Armors that you can find in the Lands Between.

The challenge and the steady learning curve have been the mantra of FromSoftware’s game, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game features a wide variety of weapons, spells, talismans, bows, and unique armor sets for the tarnished ones to fancy. If you’re looking for top-tier Elden Ring Armor, then you’ve come to the right place my guide lists the 5 best Elden Ring Armors that the game has offered to you. 

Key Takeaways
  • Armor in Elden Ring is vital for providing resistance against enemy attacks and has a significant impact on various aspects of your character’s performance and stats.
  • These include different stat boosts, equipment loads, properties, bonuses, and item discovery.
  • Some armor pieces and sets, like the Brave Set, Tarnished Wrap, Grass Hair Ornament, and Deathbed Small, cannot be acquired in Elden Ring.
  • Be cautious and remove them from your inventory if obtained through cheating or hacking.
  • Consider acquiring sets like the Astrologer Set, Bandit Set, Banished Night Set, Black Knife Set, and Black Flame Monk Set, which can be beneficial for challenging boss battles in Elden Ring.

My Top Picks For Armors 

Here are all the Best Elden Ring Armor sets, along with their stat comparison:

Armor SetBest ForPhysical NegationMagic NegationFire NegationLightning NegationHoly Negation
Cleanrot ArmorThe Highest Strike Defense In Medium-Weight Armors28.524.925.322.626.5
Twinned Armor SetThe Highest Slash Defense In Medium Armors27.423.523.519.021.5
Carian KnightThe Best Early-Game Defensive Armor23.524.523.519.123.5
Raptors Black Feather OutfitThe Best Armor For Jump Attack Builds15.119.419.420.718.1
Royal Remains Armor SetThe Spookiest Armor In Elden Ring23.619.120.416.217.8

1- Cleanrot Armor

The Highest Strike Defense In Medium-Weight Armors.

Cleanrot Armor - Elden Ring Best Armor
The Cleanrot Armor in its full glory

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The Cleanrot armor looks stunning and offers excellent protection, allowing you to absorb significant damage. However, it’s quite heavy, which can noticeably reduce your agility and mobility in battles, especially against nimble foes. Nevertheless, landing hits with this armor will put you in a strong defensive position.


To find the Cleanrot armor in Caelid, head to the inner swamp area and farm three knights for the drops.

Damage Denial Resistances
Physical Defense: 28.5

Strike Defense: 31

Slash Defense: 26.3

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 24.9

Fire Defense: 25.3

Lightning Defense: 22.6

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 159

Focus: 66

Vitality: 77

Poise: 58

Armor Weight 35.7 is the total weight.

If you’re having trouble farming this set, I suggest using the Crucible Axe Set. With only a slightly heavier weight, it provides almost equivalent if not better defenses.

  • Substantial Immunity and Robustness boost.
  • High Physical strike and pierce defenses.

  • Can only be obtained by farming Cleanrot Knights, which are tough enemies.
  • Slightly higher weight than defense benefits

2- Twinned Armor Set

The Highest Slash Defense In Medium Armors.

Twinned Armor Set
The Twinned Armor Set in the Lands Between

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The Twinned Armor depicts entwined twins in gold and silver, significantly boosting your defense and resistance, and reducing vulnerability to enemies. This set also gives you a distinct, holy appearance. You might recognize it from D Hunter at the Roundtable.


To obtain D Hunter’s armor set without disrupting the game’s questline, follow these steps:

  1. Progress through the main story and defeat the three main bosses.
  2. Return to the Roundtable.
  3. Speak to Fia, who is sitting on a bed in one of the side rooms. She will eventually give you a dagger.
  4. Show the dagger to D Hunter.
  5. Teleport back to the Roundtable and discover a new area in the back.
  6. You’ll find D Hunter dead with Fia nearby. Loot D Hunter’s corpse to obtain his armor set.
Damage Denial Resistances
Physical Defense: 27.4

Strike Defense: 25.4

Slash Defense: 29.6

Pierce Defense: 25

Magic Defense: 23.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19

Holy Defense: 21.5

Immunity: 83

Robustness: 135

Focus: 53

Vitality: 135

Poise: 50

Armor Weight 30 is the total weight.

  • Provides a substantial buff to Robustness and Vitality. 
  • Can unlock optional content in Fia’s questline.

  • Slightly lower Lightning dmg reduction.
  • Provides low Focus and Poise bonus.

3- Carian Knight

The Best Early-Game Defensive Armor.

The Royal Knight Armor features a more paladin-like look. It has a shield with it and does its best to make you look like a knight in shining armor for the most part. You have to head over to the library pretty much all the time to get this armor set.

It also features the third main boss fight in the game and it’s easily accessible and pretty easy for the most part in that region of the game. You’ll reach a cathedral but you won’t be stopping there as you move onto a graveyard-like area and from then onwards, you’ll want to cross the bridge ahead.


To Get the Full Carrion Knight Armor Set without fighting, follow these steps:

  1. Progress to the next section of the region until you encounter a gap.
  2. Descend into the gap and explore the area, ignoring the nearby enemies.
  3. Locate loot next to a statue and collect it.
Damage Denial Resistances
Physical Defense: 23.5

Strike Defense: 21.6

Slash Defense: 24.5

Pierce Defense: 23.5

Magic Defense: 24.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19.1

Holy Defense: 23.5

Immunity: 66

Robustness: 110

Focus: 50

Vitality: 55

Poise: 40

Armor Weight 25.1 is the total weight

  • Provides decent Physical and Magic defenses.
  • Can be easily acquired early-on and stays relevant for quite some time.

  • Provides Low Poise and Immunity.
  • Comparatively lower Lightning dmg reduction.

4- Raptors Black Feather Outfit

The Best Armor For Jump Attack Builds.

Raptor Black Feather Armor Set
Blaidd wearing the Raptor Black Feather Armor Set

The Raptors Black Feather Outfit is hands down, one of the best armor sets with its dark and gritty overall look. If you have a thing for dark and gothic outfits, then this armor set is just the thing you’d be looking for, and worry not, I’ll get into the details of where you can find this armor set.


To obtain the Raptors Black Feather Armor Set in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Head north and make your way towards the mines in the region.
  2. Ignore the enemies and the optional boss fight if you wish.
  3. Look for Sage’s Cave in the area.
  4. From the side of grace, follow the river bed to the larger side of the lake.
  5. Keep to the right side of the map and proceed until you find a gap between the map and the trees.
  6. Enter the cave, which may have hidden walls marked by previous players.
  7. Explore the cave and locate two chests and one hidden chest behind a wall.
  8. The hidden chests contain pieces of the Raptors Black Feather Armor Set.

The Raptors Talons, found in these chests, are melee weapons that deal bleed damage and have a special ability that allows you to dash or dodge while attacking.

Damage Denial Resistances
Physical Defense: 15.1

Strike Defense: 16.6

Slash Defense: 18.1

Pierce Defense: 18.1

Magic Defense: 19.4

Fire Defense: 19.4

Lightning Defense: 20.7

Holy Defense: 18.1

Immunity: 129

Robustness: 77

Focus: 136

Vitality: 136

Poise: 29

Armor Weight 16.8 is the total weight

  • Has very high status resistance for its weight.
  • Increases jump attack damage by 10%

  • Provides low poise which reduces stagger resistance.
  • Can be difficult to locate if you don’t know where to look.

5- Royal Remains Armor Set

The Spookiest Armor In Elden Ring.

Royal Remains Armor Set
The Royal Remains Armor Set

The Royal Remains Armor Set grants you the appearance of the undead, which I find quite awesome. To obtain it, you must defeat Godrick and then venture into the Village of the Albinaurics. Look for a landmark with numerous crosses and bodies hanging from them.


To get the Royal Remains Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the top of a hill.
  2. Proceed to the left side at the top of the hill.
  3. Interact with a pot, and an NPC will appear.
  4. Talk to the NPC to receive a shiny medallion piece.
  5. Defeat the character spawning towards the back of the Roundtable.
  6. You should then get access to the character who will give you the medallion.
  7. Head to Gideon’s office and pick up the armor set there.

The Royal Remains Set has a gritty undead aesthetic that changes your appearance in the Elden Ring world. Although it’s on the heavier side, it’s worth checking out.

Damage Denial Resistances
Physical Defense: 23.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 25.5

Pierce Defense: 23.6

Magic Defense: 19.1

Fire Defense: 20.4

Lightning Defense: 16.2

Holy Defense: 17.8

Immunity: 84

Robustness: 135

Focus: 57

Vitality: 27

Poise: 44

Armor Weight 25.3 is the total weight

  • Slowly replenishes HP over time.
  • The passive prevents fatality by DoT damage.

  • Low-status resistances other than Robustness.
  • Has comparatively lower lightning and holy dmg negation.

Similar Armor Sets

While there are various Armor Sets in Elden Ring that I did not include in my top list because of a few factors.

  • Tree Sentinel Armor Set: A good option, but it has zero resistance to lightning attacks.
  • War Surgeon Armor Set: Finding the War Surgeon Set is tough, and players need to go into risky areas to get it.
  • Fire Prelate Armor: This Armor is heavier than the others I’ve mentioned above, so it’s not suggested unless you have the Bloodhound step.
  • Beast Champion Armor: A solid pick, but it has comparatively low lightning and holy negation.
  • Azur’s Glintstone Set: Despite having the highest magic damage negation, some of the armor in the set doesn’t provide any passive bonuses.
  • Bull-Goat Armor Set: An incredible set, but it might be unappealing for fashion purposes.

My Thoughts On The Best Armor After Playing Elden Ring For 750 Hours

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

Armor is a crucial part of any build in Elden Ring, but it’s highly subjective, depending on your build and weight limit. As a Faith and Strength user with dozens of hours, I’d recommend going for the Veteran’s Armor Set since it’s got the best blend of weight and protection. For mid-weight and lightweight builds, the ideal choices are the Carian Knight and Blue Cloth set, respectively.

elden rinng profiles waterjuice
My Elden Ring save slots on Steam

As mentioned, I find armor extremely important, which is why I recommend using weight-enhancing talismans like Radagon’s Scarseal or the Great-Jar’s Arsenal. Ultimately, you need to ensure that your weight limit stays under ‘Heavy Load’ to avoid fat-rolling.

That wraps up my extensive guide on Elden Ring’s best armor sets, detailing their location and stats. Of course, as highlighted, focus on your Weight Limit to ensure you have the most suitable armor possible, but avoid reaching Heavy Load since it lowers your invincibility frames. Besides that, check out the best thrusting swords and best fist weapons in Elden Ring to pair with your preferred set.


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Archie Smith

Strong choice of sets here! but my favorite is Blaidd\'s Black Raptor Feather set due to the fashion from the cape


Royal Remains set is super underrated!


Twinned and Royal Remaisn are absolute solid recommendations. nice


Twinned Armor Set is my go-to for PvP duels. The slash defense is unmatched, and it looks badass too!


Raptors Black Feather Outfit is my jam! Perfect for my aggressive jump attack playstyle. Plus, it looks sleek!

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