Elden Ring BEST Armor [Top 20]

This guide shines upon the Best Elden Ring Armors that you can find in the Lands Between and to make the most of your Elden Ring Experience.

The challenge and the steady learning curve have been the mantra of FromSoftware’s game, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game features a wide variety of weapons, spells, talismans, bows, and unique armor sets for the tarnished ones to fancy. If you’re looking for the top-tier Elden Ring Armor, then you’ve come to the right place our guide lists the 20 best Elden Ring Armors that the game has offered to you. 

Key Takeaways
  • Armor in Elden Ring plays a crucial role as it will give you resistance against all enemy attacks.
  • Depending on what armor you equip, your stats will increase and you will also attain some bonus effects. Furthermore, it will affect your Poise and Equipment Load.
  • Armor has a great impact on your Maneuverability and Agility. It will also grant your character some unique properties essentially influencing their performance and stats.
  • If you wear all pieces of armor from the same set, no additional buffs are granted.
  • Upon wearing an armor set, players will have protection from Holy Damage,  Fire Damage, Light Damage, and Magic Damage.
  • There are several armor pieces and armor sets that you cannot acquire in Elden Ring that includes the Brave Set, Tarnished Wrap, Grass Hair Ornament, and Deathbed Small. Be aware that it’s crucial to remove these items from your inventory immediately if a hacker or cheater puts them into your safe.
  • You can increase your Arcane stat points to ramp up your item discovery rate. This will significantly increase your chances of finding unique armor pieces.
  • The Astrologer Set, Bandit Set, Banished Night Set, Black Knife Set, and Black Flame Monk Set are some good armor sets you should grind for if you want to defeat Bosses in Elden Ring.

Best Armor Sets In Elden Ring 

Elden Ring Armor
An Elden Ring Player in the Lands Between

You’ll find exciting and amazing pieces of loot throughout the Elden Ring World. They are spread far and wide so you can expect to venture into deep caves and unknown dungeons to get your hands on the best 10 Armor pieces in the game.

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Many of the goods are looted from chests after beating boss battles and beefed up enemies so you can expect to find some armor sets that way as well but mark our words, enemies won’t always drop the same loot and so you’ll need to grind up on your combat pretty hard and face some enemies multiple times to get increase the success rate of acquiring the item that you want. And there’s a way to do so. You can add points into your Arcane state to boost your item discovery rate and tremendously increase the odds of coming across some awesome drops

Now, we’re just getting into the good parts of the guide where we present to you 20 of the Best Elden Ring Armors, so let’s go

Cleanrot Armor

Cleanrot Armor - Elden Ring Best Armor
The Cleanrot Armor in its full glory

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The Cleanrot armor is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous sets in the game that makes sure you can tank up some heavy damage but with heavy damage also comes its apparent heaviness that makes sure to slow you down considerably so make sure to beware that this armor set will surely slow down your agility and maneuverability when it comes to battling against agile foes but if you manage to get some hits in, you’ll still be in a good position.


You can find the armor in the inner sections of the swamps over at Caelid which is a pretty easy journey if you ask us. You’d want to teleport into the inner part of that area to make sure you drop off nearby. You’ll have to farm three knights consistently to make sure the armor drops eventually. You want to head southwest over in grace where you’ll find the first knight. In the same vicinity, proceed a bit further and you’ll find another island-esque area and that’s where the second knight will spawn.

Proceed to take him down as well. Go behind the area and that’s where you’ll find the third knight spawn. If you don’t get the drop instantly, don’t be discouraged as spawns don’t happen that fast in Elden Ring. You’ll have to teleport back and start again and it will take you about a good 45 minutes before you get the armor set. But it’s totally worth it as the Cleanrot armor is indeed pretty clean and gorgeous and makes the most of your experience in Elden Ring.

Now, this particular armor set has some pretty neat stats, to begin with, which will make your journey in the lands between all the easier. The armor set provides you with the immunity of 150, the robustness of 150, and vitality, poise, and focus which averages around 60.

The hefty amount of robustness makes sure that you can tank up some great damage without falling to your demise, which is a pretty normal thing to happen in Elden Ring. These stats are pretty good and paired with the clean look of the armor make it one of the best armor sets.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 28.5

Strike Defense: 31

Slash Defense: 26.3

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 24.9

Fire Defense: 25.3

Lightning Defense: 22.6

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 159

Focus: 66

Vitality: 77

Poise: 58

Armor Weight35.7 is the total weight.

Twinned Armor Set

Twinned Armor Set
The Twinned Armor Set in the Lands Between

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The Twinned Armor depicts the entwined twins of gold and silver. It beefs up your defense and resistance substantially making you less vulnerable to enemies. The armor also changes up your overall look as well making you look like a holy figure. You might have seen this Armor set somewhere before, think hard. And you’d be right if you said D Hunter over at the Roundtable.


You can fight D Hunter and acquire the armor piece if you’re that greedy but we wouldn’t recommend that as it might mess up the questline of the game. You can go the other route by progressing with the main story of the game. First of all, you have to finish the three main bosses in the game and after you’ve accomplished that, proceed to head back to the Roundtable.

Then proceed to talk to Fia who is sitting on a bed in one of the side rooms. She will proceed to hug you creepily a couple of times talking about a dagger which she will eventually hand over to you after she exhausts her dialogue. Now, head over to D, Hunter, and show him the dagger and you’ll strike up a conversation with him in regards to the dagger.

After that, what you want to do is teleport yourself back to the Roundtable and this time you’ll find a new area that’s opened up in the back of the Roundtable, and in this case, you’ll find D Hunter pretty much dead with Fia right beside him. You can basically loot the poor lad and gain his armor set and that’s pretty much it.

Make sure you follow the questline and do your best to stay up to date with whatever he has to teach you because there are some pretty interesting things in there.

The armor set features some of the best stats and it looks pretty striking with that said, it also boosts your vitality a lot in contrast to all the other armor available on this list. It provides you with an immunity of 38, a robustness of 60, a focus of 24, and a whopping vitality of 60. It also boosts your poise points by 21. 

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 27.4

Strike Defense: 25.4

Slash Defense: 29.6

Pierce Defense: 25

Magic Defense: 23.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19

Holy Defense: 21.5

Immunity: 83

Robustness: 135

Focus: 53

Vitality: 135

Poise: 50

Armor Weight30 is the total weight.

Carian Knight

The Royal Knight Armor features a more paladin-like look. It has a shield with it and does its best to make you look like a knight in shining armor for the most part. You have to head over to the library pretty much all the time to get this armor set.

It also features the third main boss fight in the game and it’s easily accessible and pretty easy for the most part in that region of the game. You’ll reach a cathedral but you won’t be stopping there as you move onto a graveyard-like area and from then onwards, you’ll want to cross the bridge ahead.


You’ll want to move on to the next section of the region where you’ll come across a gap. Now, go down the gap and traverse the area and ignore all the enemies in the vicinity. You’ll find some loot right next to a statue so don’t be shy, no one using it. Pick it up for yourself.

And that’s pretty much it, you get the Full Carrion Knight Armor Set without having to fight or do anything. Just beware of the enemies that start chasing you down. Fight them to the death or run for your life. That’s your choice.

The Carian Knight is an amazing set of armor that boosts your immunity by 66. It offers you a robustness of around 110 and a focus of 50. It enhances your vitality by 55 and offers a Poise of 26. It’s a pretty good armor to pick up early on and will definitely boost your damage and defense against enemies in the Elden Ring’s world. It also features an incredible damage negation of around 25 overall and also provides protection against magical, holy, light, and fire effects.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.5

Strike Defense: 21.6

Slash Defense: 24.5

Pierce Defense: 23.5

Magic Defense: 24.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19.1

Holy Defense: 23.5

Immunity: 66

Robustness: 110

Focus: 50

Vitality: 55

Poise: 40

Armor Weight25.1 is the total weight

Raptors Black Feather Outfit

Raptor Black Feather Armor Set
Blaidd wearing the Raptor Black Feather Armor Set

The Raptors Black Feather Outfit is hands down, one of the best armor sets with its dark and gritty overall look. If you have a thing for dark and gothic outfits, then this armor set is just the thing you’d be looking for, and worry not, we’ll get into the details of where you can find this armor set.


To get this armor set, you need to make sure to proceed forward up north and continue working towards some mines. There, you’ll be faced with multiple enemies which you could ignore if you’re in a hurry to get to the armor set. You can ignore the boss fight as well which is pretty much optional in our hunt for the Raptors Black Feather Armor Set. You need to make your way into a place known by the name of the Sage’s Cave.

From that side of grace, head up to a river bed that you’ll come across until you reach the larger side of the lake. Keep yourself to the right side of the map and proceed in that direction till you find a gap between the map and the trees. Now, you’ll make your way into the cave which houses a great number of annoying enemies and there are also multiple hidden walls that have probably been conveniently marked by previous players.

You’ll make your way into the caves and come across 2 chests and one chest hidden behind a wall that consists of Talon weapons which are pretty useful for their melee damage. Make your way forward and you’ll come across a waterfall with a small passage next to it and there you’ll come across a room that features two chests that consist of the raptor’s black armor pieces.

The Raptors Talons are pretty amazing when it comes down to doing bleed damage throughout the game. The weapon also features a special ability that you can use to dash or dodge while performing the ability so to speak.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 15.1

Strike Defense: 16.6

Slash Defense: 18.1

Pierce Defense: 18.1

Magic Defense: 19.4

Fire Defense: 19.4

Lightning Defense: 20.7

Holy Defense: 18.1

Immunity: 129

Robustness: 77

Focus: 136

Vitality: 136

Poise: 29

Armor Weight16.8 is the total weight

Royal Remains Armor Set – Spookiest Elden Ring Armor

Royal Remains Armor Set
The Royal Remains Armor Set

The Royal Remains Armor Set features an armor set that gives you the appearance of the undead and it looks pretty awesome in our opinion but to get it, you have to pretty much go through the rounds, and it’s kinda worth it for this armor set. But first of all, you have to make sure that you’ve defeated Godrick and then make your way into the Village of Albinoris. Then, you should find a landmark with a bunch of crosses from which you can find bodies hanging them.


You’ll have to make your way to the top and then proceed to the left side at the top of the hill and maybe also encounter a really annoying enemy if you’re unlucky. What you’ll want to do is interact with a pot and out pops an NPC that you’ll want to talk to. If you talk to them, you get a shiny medallion piece.

In case this character doesn’t spawn in this region, you’ll want to proceed to complete a few invasion quests so head on to Murkwater cave and complete a few invasion quests before you make your way to the Village of Albinoris. You should also complete the invasion near the Smoldering Church to make sure that you gain access to the NPC over at Albinoris.

You’ll also have to deal with a character spawning back at Roundtable where a character will keep spawning towards the back of the Roundtable. You gotta beat the crap out of this character and in theory, you’ll get access to the character who will hand over the medallion to you. Once, this is done, you have to head back to the Roundtable and again, you get invaded the fourth time.

So proceed to defeat the enemy and you’ll be met with a surprise. You should spawn into the area once again and after that, you should go back to where the invasion character previously spawned, and when you do that, you’ll find the full armor set waiting for you to equip it.

The armor has this gritty undead aesthetic look which changes up things in the Elden Ring World. Although the armor is indeed on the heavier side, it is indeed worth checking out.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 25.5

Pierce Defense: 23.6

Magic Defense: 19.1

Fire Defense: 20.4

Lightning Defense: 16.2

Holy Defense: 17.8

Immunity: 84

Robustness: 135

Focus: 57

Vitality: 127

Poise: 44

Armor Weight25.3 is the total weight

Malformed Dragon Armor Set

Now, this armor set is pretty beautiful with its overall golden and royal aesthetic, and to get it is pretty straightforward as it features you to deal with a single boss fight.


Head on over to Farum Azula where you’ll have to make your way up a bridge and next to it, you’ll come across a tornado minding its own business. As you make your way up the included bridge, you’ll come across a Malformed Dragon Knight with his trusty steed. Make sure to wipe him and there you go, you pretty much get the Malformed Dragon Armor set to drop from the knight.

But think twice before equipping this armor set as it’s on the heavier side of things. The armor set pretty much limits your ability to maneuver around and thus, you should know how to handle yourself while wearing this armor set.

The Armor set makes you able to tank up some great amounts of damage as you can easily soak up damage dealt with you by enemies but it greatly limits your agility and you won’t be able to dodge lots of attacks or get a hold of enemies that are too fast for you unless you accurately time your moves.

The armor set features multiple images of various dragons and is worn by the misshapen Tree Sentinels. It’s stated in the lore that after the great ancient dragon Gransax attacked, the sentinels had an epiphany and they found that the only way to truly become the sole protectors of Erdtrtee was to become dragons themselves.

Overall, we think this is another excellent set that deserves to be included in our Best armor guide.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 32.3

Strike Defense: 29.2

Slash Defense: 33.5

Pierce Defense: 32.3

Magic Defense: 25.6

Fire Defense: 25.6

Lightning Defense: 27

Holy Defense: 25.6

Immunity: 135

Robustness: 181

Focus: 91

Vitality: 91

Poise: 67

Armor Weight38 is the total weight

Drake-Knight Armor

Drake Knight Armor Elden Ring Best Armor
An Elden Ring Player wearing the Drake-Knight Armor

The Drake-Knight Armor is without a doubt an excellent armor set but it all comes down to your class. If you don’t polish up on your exploring, you might not be able to come across it on your first try and you will need to progress miles into the game and have played mandatory story missions to proceed to the Crumbling Farum Azula. It’s a really striking Elden Ring Armor


The Drake-Knight Armor is hidden in a chest tucked away in the Crumbling Farum Azula. To get this far, you need to make sure that you’ve defeated the Godskin Duo and then head on over to the Site of Grace. When you get to the area with birds trying to get a bite out of you, you’ll be greeted by an elevator lift with no switch in sight.

If you try to make the jump down below, you’ll die in an instant. If you make your way to the ledge of the building with the ladder, you can get to the bottom instead of encountering the dragon. Proceed the other way and jump down and go to the side of the building. In a treasure chest, you’ll find a chest with the Drake-Knight Armor. This set will include Armor, Helm, Gauntlets, and Greaves too.

If you’ve already completed tons of side quests, you might have already gotten your heads on better armor in Elden Ring. In case you have the Twin Armor Set or Scaled Armor Set, you might be better off with those and if not, this should certainly beef up your defenses as you make your way into tougher parts of the game.

The Armor has a weight of around 25.3 putting it on the heavier side. It has a damage negation of around 28.5 with resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy effects like most of the armor sets in this guide. It has immunity of 66, the robustness of 75, the focus of 43, vitality of 43, and poise of 40. It’s a pretty well-balanced armor set and makes sure you enjoy your journey in the Elden Ring’s world.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 22.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 19.1

Pierce Defense: 22.6

Magic Defense: 20.4 

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 17.8

Holy Defense: 20.4

Immunity: 60

Robustness: 110

Focus: 50 

Vitality: 50

Poise: 40

Armor Weight22 is the total weight

Radahn’s Lion Armor

General Radahn's Armor Elden Ring Best Armor
General Radahn in His Full Glory

Radahn’s Lion Armor is easily one of the best Armor pieces in the game as it has the best defensive and offensive attributes that an armor piece can possess. We would recommend this armor piece for its stylish looks and its ability to fend off enemies.

The Radahn’s Lion Armor is part of the General Radahn Set and is one of the heaviest but also one of the most powerful armor sets in the game. It offers high levels of defense and resistance to physical and magical attacks.

The Golden Lion is stated to symbolize Godfrey, the Elden Lord, and his beast regent, Sarosh. Even in his younger years, Radahn was naturally captivated by the Lords of the Battlefield. The armor offers 143 Immunity, a whopping 235 Robustness, and a Focus of 100. It also serves a vitality of 91 and a poise of 60. The Radahn Armor is certainly one of the nicer and better Elden Ring Armors.


To acquire this piece of beautiful armor, you need to first defeat Radahn which we know is a really hard boss battle to do, but trust us, it’s worth it as you’ll get one of the best armor pieces in the game. Head on South East over to Radahn’s Castle and proceed to enter the castle where Radahn lays. Proceed to defeat Radahn and you’ll get a hold of Radahns rune.

Once you’ve acquired the Rune, head on over to the Roundtable Hold and go over to Finger Reader Enia, the old hag with the staff. Now, you can acquire Radahns armor for around 12000 Runes. That’s a lot but it’s pretty much worth it. You can now also acquire Radahn’s helmet as well and now you look like a real lord in the Elden Ring World and the Lands Between.

Small Fry is a piece of cake to kill with this and boss battles become considerably easier as well. So, congratulations, now you got the Radahn Armor Set. The Radahn armor set looks pretty incredible with the horns protruding and the thick red mane at the back.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 34.9

Slash Defense: 29.2

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 27.6

Lightning Defense: 24.9

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 143

Robustness: 235

Focus: 100

Vitality: 91

Poise: 72

Armor Weight41.6 is the total weight

Dung Eater Armor

The Dungeater Armor Set
The Dung Eater Amor set is the heaviest Armor Set in the Elden Ring Universe

The Dung Eater Armor is perhaps the heaviest armor within the game but it is known to have the best all-round damage negation and resistance to holy, magic, light, and fire attacks.

The Dung Eater is one of the characters who was getting hung in the opening cutscene of the game. At the time where you’re making your way into The Capital City Leyndell, the Dung Eater will appear before you as a red phantom within the Roundtable Hold in the room next to the Twin Maiden Husks.

He’ll ignore you for the duration until you acquire the Seedbed Curse the mirrored location in the Roundtable Hold located within the city.

It is located towards the end of a road next to the Erdtree Avatar. After you’re done getting the Seedbed Curse, make your way back to him and there, he’ll hand you a key to the Leyndell sewers. To gain access, you should proceed down the stairs from the Avenue Balcony grace and should jump over a wall located to the left, and then climb down a well that you find.

You should proceed through the Shunning-Ground until you come across the Dung Heater who you’ll find locked up inside of a cell. You can reach him by going past some big plants and up the ladder in contrast to down the pipes.

If you fight him to the death and win, you’ll get his armor set and also his sword but mark our words, as he’s not an easy character to defeat as he fights pretty aggressively and his screaming skill makes things even worse as it heavily decreases your damage negation.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 34.9

Strike Defense: 29.2 

Slash Defense: 35.5

Pierce Defense: 35.5

Magic Defense: 25.6

Fire Defense: 28.3

Lightning Defense: 28.9

Holy Defense: 27

Immunity: 159

Robustness: 150

Focus: 135

Vitality: 181

Poise: 91

Armor Weight55 is the total weight

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Banished Knight Armor 

The banished knight armor is a great chest armor piece that is well known for providing Robustness Resistance. It provides a good boost in defense and resistance. What’s good about this armor piece is that it also boosts your defense and resistance as well. It is stated that the armor was worn by knights who were struck by misfortune or committed acts of misdeed and were forced to abandon all that they considered home.

However, these warriors were pretty much accomplished despite the loss of territory, and hence, they were named knights


In the Eastern Section of the map, you can come across a dragon church by the name of Caelid. As you approach south, you’ll find the bottom of the country hitting a peninsula bridging into another section. The church is located west of the bridge and a bit north.

There, you’ll find a knight guarding the entrance. Proceed to backstab the poor idiot and you’ll probably get the helm and chest armor. The only difference between this and the helm is that it isn’t modified and you’ll have to use fire in StormVeil Castle for that bit.

It has decent damage negation in addition to resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy stats. It has immunity of 63, massive robustness of 90 for the chest plate alone, a focus of 42, a vitality of 42, and a poise of 28. 

And that’s pretty much for the best Armors in Elden Ring that we got in store for you. Some of these, you can acquire pretty early on to make the most of your journey in the beginning but you’ll have to battle long and hard to get some of the other armor pieces for they are pretty difficult to come across or even farm in the first place.

Maliketh’s Armor

Maliketh's Armor Elden Ring
Maliketh’s Armor Stats

A bulky armor set crafted from black iron and ornamented with gold. Maliketh’s Armor is a graceful set that serves the purpose of defense and resistance in a majestic way as it can bear heavy attacks from opponents and withstand serious damage.

Impressive work is done in crafting this incredible armor set as it can change its appearance too when equipped. This Armor set is available for all types of characters, but some pieces may vary for male and female heroes.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 29.2

Slash Defense: 36.4

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 26.5

Lightning Defense: 25.6

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 143

Robustness: 197

Focus: 91

Vitality: 160

Poise: 72

Armor Weight41.6 is the total weight


In order to get this Armor set, you have to go to the capital, into the forbidden lands where fire giants are habituated. When you kill the fire giants in the Forge of Giants area, you will be teleported to the Crumbling Farum Azula. Once you reach the specified location, you will counter Maliketh: The Black Blade. Maliketh is a sturdy boss that can deal heavy damage, so make sure to go prepared before fighting this beast. Once you defeat Maliketh, you get the Maliketh’s Armor set as a reward.

Maliketh’s Armor has pretty decent stats. Although there is a more powerful Armor present in Elden Ring, this Armor is liked due to its attractive appearance and adequate resisting perks. In addition to that, you also receive a Maliketh’s Black Blade, which is a deadly Melee weapon that can be used in close-range fights to hit opponents. The base variant of Maliketh’s comes with 35 Immunity57 Robustness, 24 focus, 50 vitality, and 19 poise points which makes it a pretty reliable armor to wield.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 255.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 27.5

Pierce Defense: 26.5

Magic Defense: 21.7

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 19.1

Holy Defense: 25.4

Immunity: 84

Robustness: 135

Focus: 57

Vitality: 120

Poise: 51

Armor Weight30.5 is the total weight

Black Knife Armor

Black Knife Armor Elden Ring
Black Knife Armor

Want to complete some quests in stealth mode and look for a suitable armor for it? Nothing will fit more than equipping the best Stealth Armor Set in Elden Ring i.e. Black Knife Armor set, which is made specifically for stealth missions. No matter how aggressive a player you are, sometimes you have to be cautious against several monsters and get sneaky to catch them off guard to backstab them with serious hits in order to win.

The Black Knife Armor set assists you in sneaky fights and lets you march silently without grabbing any unwanted attention. It is also lighter to wield, which allows you to make swift and muffled movements without creating much noise.


Getting Black Knife Armor set is relatively easy. You just need to reach Ordina, located in Liturgical Town, in the Consecrated Snowfield. On the Northside of the area, you can spot a large staircase there. Under the stairs lie a corpse wielding the Black Knife Armor set from where it can be received.

This Armor type has relatively low stats and is not the best option for resisting heavy hits from opponents, but the special perk of this Armor is that it can help you move swiftly like a pro Assassin without attracting the attention of enemies.

It also comes with the passive effect of suppressing movement noises while walking or sprinting. This significantly lowers the requirement of Dex-builds for sneaking. The base variant of the Black Armor Knife set has Immunity of 26, Robustness of 46, Focus and Vitality of 23, and 14 Poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 22.5

Strike Defense: 21.6

Slash Defense: 24.4

Pierce Defense: 24.4

Magic Defense: 17.5

Fire Defense: 18.9

Lightning Defense: 13.5

Holy Defense: 22.5

Immunity: 65

Robustness: 108

Focus: 54

Vitality: 54

Poise: 40

Armor Weight21.8 is the total weight

Veteran’s Armor

Veteran Armor Elden Ring
Veteran Armor

Veteran’s Armor set comes from ancient times and carries the legacy of veterans how they used to face battles bravely and face their opponents with courage. This Armor set might look old and dusty, but it is considered effective in defense and protection. The complete Armor set comes with A veteran’s Helm, Veteran’s Armor plate, Veteran’s Gauntlets, and Greaves.


In order to get the Veteran’s Armor, you have to go all the way up to the Mountain of Giants. Once you reach the location, enter the Castle Sol and go to the Rooftop where the boss is located. Once you defeat the Castle Sol Boss in order to get the Veteran’s Armor set. Once you kill the boss, go to the round table, and interact with the NPC standing there. After that, you can go to the purchase section to find the Veteran’s Armor set.

Although The Veteran’s Armor Set is bulky and heavy to wield, the stats are quite impressive. It is pretty reliable and can be equipped in serious fights as well.

The base variant of Veteran’s Armor set has remarkable Immunity of 150 that gives it an edge in resisting serious damage. The Armor also has massive Robustness of 215, Vitality and Focus is 110 Poise is 79. The overall stats of this set are quite impressive and reliable.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 22.7

Slash Defense: 35.5 

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 27.6

Lightning Defense: 25.3

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 215

Focus: 110

Vitality: 110

Poise: 80

Armor Weight45 is the total weight

Lusat’s Armor

Lucats-Armor Stats

Having this Armor set is flex on its own. Lust’s Armor set has not only the highest magic negation in the Elden Ring, but it is one of the most attractive-looking armors present in the game. Lust’s set is ornamented by sparkling blue Glintstones followed by a bulky look with the addition of a feather to the rear.

Lust’s Armor set will let you swing heavy attacks on enemies and will block their attacks effectively in return without taking any heavy hits. The complete Armor set includes Lusat’s Grindstone Crown, Lusat’s Robe, Lusat’s Manchettes, and Old Sorcerer’s Legwraps for lower body protection.


Although Lusat’s Armor set is hard to get, it is definitely one of the best magical Armor sets that you want to add to your collection. In order to get this Armor set, you need to reach “The First Step” to initiate the quest. After that, march to the WayPoint Ruins, where you can find an underground tunnel. Once you go down the tunnel, you counter a boss who is relatively easier to defeat. Once the boss is killed, march forward through the gate and speak to Sellen.

Once you have spoken to the NPC, you need to complete the quest by going all the way up to Volcano Mana, where you can find Primeval Sorcerer: Azur. Once you reach the location and interact with Azur, he will give you a Comment Azur. Now return to Sellen and show her the Azur’s Sorcery. After that, you will be granted Sellen’s Seal Breaker once the interaction is finished.

For the final step, you have to find Lust, who is located in the Hideaway near Fort Faroth. Once you reach the location, you will find an enemy which can be defeated easily; past that is a secret gateway that leads to the hideaway. Enter the hideaway to find Lust to get his spell. Once you get the spell, you have to get back to Sellia and interact with her, where she will tell you about her imprisoned body located in witchbane Ruins.

Once you rip out the soul of Sellia, now you have to find her a new body. After you do all the above-mentioned steps and complete the quest, you are rewarded with graceful Lusat’s Armor.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 15

Strike Defense: 9.7

Slash Defense: 15

Pierce Defense: 9.7

Magic Defense: 29

Fire Defense: 24.6

Lightning Defense: 25.7

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 109

Robustness: 55

Focus: 181

Vitality: 209

Poise: 21

Armor Weight14.3 is the total weight

White Witch Armor

Snow Witch Robe Elden Ring
Snow Witch Robe Armor Stats

White Witch Armor is exclusively special for all the mages of Elden Ring. This Armor Set surely grabs our attention due to its impressive stats and aesthetic look. The Armor is crafted with white fabric with a big Snow Witch Hat as headgear.

Although this armor set has relatively less Robust and Immunity but it comes with extra Focus and Vitality point that proves beneficial for doing mage tricks. The complete White Witch Armor set comes with three primary items are Snow Witch Hat, Snow witch Robe, and a Snow Witch Skirt.


Some effort is required to get the White Witch Armor set in Elden Ring. After pledging to become the hireling of Ranni, you need to visit the Eternal City of Nokron and look for the subterranean ruins. After some exploration, you will surely find the location of the Fingerslayer Blade as it is not hard to find and is hidden in a loot box that can be looted.

Once you get this key element, return back to Ranni’s Rise and hand over the Fingerslayer Blade to the Witch. Once done, you will be rewarded with a Carian Inverted Statue, which is basically a key to the hidden location in Carian Study Hall.

This hall is located near the western side of Liurnia, past the river of Raya Lucaria Academy. After activating the inverted version of the Carian Study Hall in the Academy and finding the Cursemark of Death from the corpse in Divine Tower, return back to northwest Liurnia.

After completing all the steps, reach the tower in the northeast of Ranni’s Rise and climb up the ladder to find the Snow Witch Armor Set placed inside a treasure box. This best Mage Armor set comes with pretty good stats and has 78 Immunity, 66 Robustness, 146 Focus and Vitality, and 4 Poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 10.1

Strike Defense: 11.5

Slash Defense: 11.5

Pierce Defense: 8

Magic Defense: 23.4

Fire Defense: 23.4

Lightning Defense: 23. 2

Holy Defense: 23.4

Immunity: 78

Robustness: 66

Focus: 146

Vitality: 146

Poise: 16

Armor Weight10.4 is the total weight

Alberich Armor

Alberich Armor Elden Ring
Alberich Armor Stats

Alberich is in early game Armor Set in Elden Ring with decent stats. This Armor can also be wielded by Mages and is relatively easier to obtain. Alberich Armor Set is ornamented with red flintstones, which are said to be crafted from the blood of sacrifices.

The Armor belongs to an insane heretical sorcerer who is said to have been driven mad and crafted this deadly Armor set with his dark magic. Alberich Armor set has four armor pieces that are Pointed Helm, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Trousers.


Alberich Armor is hidden in the Capital City of Leyndell where the Roundtable is located. Reaching the area is quite a walk, but the effort is worth getting hands on this early game Mage Armor set. To enter the city, head towards the North of the eastern ramparts and defeat the boss that cone in the way.

Once the boss is defeated, you can have access inside the East Capital Rampart where you will have the first Site of Grace. From there, make your way to the mains of the city streets until you find a gate that leads to the second Site of Grace.

From there, go to Stone Dragon and climb it to find your third Site of Grace near the retaining wall. Now, head the giant roots of the Erdtree and follow onto the roofs of the shacks, which will lead you to the Alberich Armor location hidden on the first floor.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 10.9

Strike Defense: 8.6

Slash Defense: 10.9

Pierce Defense: 10.9

Magic Defense: 25.3

Fire Defense: 23.6

Lightning Defense: 24.6

Holy Defense: 25.3

Immunity: 93

Robustness: 55

Focus: 159

Vitality: 170

Poise: 15

Armor Weight9.7 is the total weight

Zamor Armor

Zamor Armor Elden Ring
Zamor Armor Stats

Zamor Armor is a Lightweight set in Elden Ring that grants light Physical as well as Magical defense. The Armor has pretty high Robustness and has the ability to take serious hits and magic attacks. Most of the players are not well aware of Zamor Armor and miss this set as it is a bit tricky to achieve this Armor. Zamor Armor comes with four primal pieces, which are Zamor Mask, Chest Armor, Bracelets, and Leg wraps.


In order to get this high-strength armor, you need to talk a walk towards the Mountaintops where the Giants are located. Once the way is unlocked, make sure to go prepared as you might counter some sturdy opponents in the way.

To get to the location, you have to kill Morgoth in the Capital City first, as defeating him will grant you a medallion that activates the Grand Lift of Rold. Follow the main road that leads to the path on the eastern end, to the Forbidden Lands. From there, you can make your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Once you reach the location, head towards the northeast area, past the river to the frozen lake, and turn to the west side.

Now, climb the mountains of the fort and keep marching forward past the mountains till you spot a large structure which is basically the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave. Enter the building and kill the Ancient Hero of Zamor living inside. Once you take him down, loot the Zamor armor set from him.  

The set has a pretty good defense with Immunity of 47, Robustness of 147, Focus of 16, 37 Vitality, and 28 poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.2

Strike Defense: 18.6

Slash Defense: 24.2

Pierce Defense: 21.2

Magic Defense: 17.2

Fire Defense: 17.2

Lightning Defense: 11.9

Holy Defense: 15.6

Immunity: 47

Robustness: 147

Focus: 16

Vitality: 37

Poise: 38

Armor Weight20.5 is the total weight

Malenias Armor

Malenias Armor
Malenias Armor Set – Elden Ring.

If you’re looking for a good lightweight armor set that has the ability to grant decent protection being light enough, then the Malenias Armor Set is a great choice. The Armor is made of unalloyed gold and is worn by Melania, Blade of Miquela.

Malenias Set is one of the lightest medium armor sets in Elden Ring that offers pretty good stats. You can wield this Armor without worrying about a heavy load on your back that reduces your movement and attack speed. The complete Malenias Armor set is composed of four armor pieces which are Winged Helm, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.


The only way to get the Melania Armor set is by defeating Melania. Make sure to upgrade your weapons, enhance your attributes, and craft some spells before facing her.

You can find Melania near the Brace of the Haligtree, at the bottom of Elphael. Once you have defeated this sturdy boss, go to Enia to purchase the set for 56,000 runes. Malenias Armor set has decent Immunity of 108 with 90 robustness, Focus, and Vitality of 36 and 24 Poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.3

Strike Defense: 17

Slash Defense: 24.3

Pierce Defense: 21

Magic Defense: 14.4

Fire Defense: 17

Lightning Defense: 11.4

Holy Defense: 18.4

Immunity: 108

Robustness: 90

Focus: 36

Vitality: 36

Poise: 37

Armor Weight20.5 is the total weight

Lionel’s Set

Lionel Armor Set Elden Ring
Lionel Armor Set Elden Ring

Lionel’s set is one of the most liked heavy Armor in Elden Ring. It might not look the best Armor in appearance, but the overall balance between weight, damage resistance, and poise is pretty impressive. Lionel’s set is a splendid choice for Strength builds and can be worn in serious battles due to its high Endurance. The complete set is composed of four primalpieces which are Lionel’s Helm, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.


Lionel’s Armor set is relatively easy to get as you can find this Heavy Armor in the west of the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital, where it is placed in a tiny bedroom. The Armor has impressive Immunity of 150 and astonishing Robustness of 235. It also offers 100 Vitality and focuses on 79 Poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 33.5

Strike Defense: 31.5

Slash Defense: 36.4 

Pierce Defense: 37.2

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 28.9

Lightning Defense: 25.6

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 235

Focus: 100

Vitality: 100

Poise: 86

Armor Weight50.5 is the total weight

Spellblade Set

Spellblade set Elden Ring
Spellblade Armor Set

 The Spellblade Armor is another Mage Set In Elden Ring with impressive perks and decent resistance against enemies attacks. Spellblade set is ornamented with an intricate, aristocratic decoration that enhances its immunity effect.

This powerful Armor has the ability to dodge great magical damage negation, including Glintstone attack. The Armor Set comes with four primal pieces, which are a Pointed Hat, Travelling Attire, Gloves, and Trousers. All the pieces boost the performance of Flintstone sorcery skills.


The Spellblade Armor set is obtained from the Sorcerer Rogier. To get the Armor, you either have to kill Rogier or complete his questline. It is recommended to go for the quest as it is relatively easier than fighting the Sorcerer, but it will consume more time.

The Spellblade Armor does not disappoint in terms of resistance as the base variant offers 86 Immunity with 44 Robustness. The Armor offers an incredible Focus of 141 and splendid Vitality of 151 with 2 poise.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 8.9

Strike Defense: 5.9

Slash Defense: 8.9

Pierce Defense: 8.9 

Magic Defense: 25.11

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 23.5

Holy Defense: 25.1

Immunity: 86 

Robustness: 44

Focus: 141

Vitality: 151

Poise: 15

Armor Weight8.6 is the total weight

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