Elden Ring: Best Armors [750+ Hours Experience]

This guide shines upon the Best Elden Ring Armors that you can find in the Lands Between and to make the most of your Elden Ring Experience.

The challenge and the steady learning curve have been the mantra of FromSoftware’s game, and Elden Ring is no exception. The game features a wide variety of weapons, spells, talismans, bows, and unique armor sets for the tarnished ones to fancy. If you’re looking for the top-tier Elden Ring Armor, then you’ve come to the right place my guide lists the 20 best Elden Ring Armors that the game has offered to you. 

Key Takeaways
  • Armor in Elden Ring is vital for providing resistance against enemy attacks and has a significant impact on various aspects of your character’s performance and stats.
  • These include different stat boosts, equipment loads, properties, bonuses, and item discovery.
  • Some armor pieces and sets, like the Brave Set, Tarnished Wrap, Grass Hair Ornament, and Deathbed Small, cannot be acquired in Elden Ring.
  • Be cautious and remove them from your inventory if obtained through cheating or hacking.
  • Consider acquiring sets like the Astrologer Set, Bandit Set, Banished Night Set, Black Knife Set, and Black Flame Monk Set, which can be beneficial for challenging boss battles in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Best Armors Comparison 

Here are all the Best Elden Ring Armor sets, along with their stat comparison:

Armor SetPhysical NegationMagic NegationFire NegationLightning NegationHoly Negation
Cleanrot Armor28.524.925.322.626.5
Twinned Armor Set27.423.523.519.021.5
Carian Knight23.524.523.519.123.5
Raptors Black Feather Outfit15.119.419.420.718.1
Royal Remains Armor Set23.619.120.416.217.8
Malformed Dragon Armor Set32.325.625.627.025.6
Drake-Knight Armor22.620.422.617.820.4
Radahn’s Lion Armor18.713.514.112.613.5
Dung Eater Armor34.925.628.328.927.0
Banished Knight Armor35.526.526.525.626.1
Maliketh’s Armor26.521.722.619.225.4
Black Knife Armor11.
Veteran’s Armor35.526.527.625.326.1
Lusat’s Armor15.029.024.625.726.1
White Witch Armor10.123.423.423.223.4
Alberich Armor10.925.323.624.625.3
Zamor Armor11.
Malenias Armor23.314.417.011.418.4
Lionel’s Set33.526.528.925.626.5
Spellblade Set8.925.1122.623.525.1

Best Armor Sets In Elden Ring 

1- Cleanrot Armor

Cleanrot Armor - Elden Ring Best Armor
The Cleanrot Armor in its full glory

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The Cleanrot armor looks stunning and offers excellent protection, allowing you to absorb significant damage. However, it’s quite heavy, which can noticeably reduce your agility and mobility in battles, especially against nimble foes. Nevertheless, landing hits with this armor will put you in a strong defensive position.


To find the Cleanrot armor in Caelid, head to the inner swamp area and farm three knights for the drops.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 28.5

Strike Defense: 31

Slash Defense: 26.3

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 24.9

Fire Defense: 25.3

Lightning Defense: 22.6

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 159

Focus: 66

Vitality: 77

Poise: 58

Armor Weight35.7 is the total weight.

2- Twinned Armor Set

Twinned Armor Set
The Twinned Armor Set in the Lands Between

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The Twinned Armor depicts entwined twins in gold and silver, significantly boosting your defense and resistance, reducing vulnerability to enemies. This set also gives you a distinct, holy appearance. You might recognize it from D Hunter at the Roundtable.


To obtain D Hunter’s armor set without disrupting the game’s questline, follow these steps:

  1. Progress through the main story and defeat the three main bosses.
  2. Return to the Roundtable.
  3. Speak to Fia, who is sitting on a bed in one of the side rooms. She will eventually give you a dagger.
  4. Show the dagger to D Hunter.
  5. Teleport back to the Roundtable and discover a new area in the back.
  6. You’ll find D Hunter dead with Fia nearby. Loot D Hunter’s corpse to obtain his armor set.
Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 27.4

Strike Defense: 25.4

Slash Defense: 29.6

Pierce Defense: 25

Magic Defense: 23.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19

Holy Defense: 21.5

Immunity: 83

Robustness: 135

Focus: 53

Vitality: 135

Poise: 50

Armor Weight30 is the total weight.

3- Carian Knight

The Royal Knight Armor features a more paladin-like look. It has a shield with it and does its best to make you look like a knight in shining armor for the most part. You have to head over to the library pretty much all the time to get this armor set.

It also features the third main boss fight in the game and it’s easily accessible and pretty easy for the most part in that region of the game. You’ll reach a cathedral but you won’t be stopping there as you move onto a graveyard-like area and from then onwards, you’ll want to cross the bridge ahead.


To Get the Full Carrion Knight Armor Set without fighting, follow these steps:

  1. Progress to the next section of the region until you encounter a gap.
  2. Descend into the gap and explore the area, ignoring the nearby enemies.
  3. Locate loot next to a statue and collect it.
Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.5

Strike Defense: 21.6

Slash Defense: 24.5

Pierce Defense: 23.5

Magic Defense: 24.5

Fire Defense: 23.5

Lightning Defense: 19.1

Holy Defense: 23.5

Immunity: 66

Robustness: 110

Focus: 50

Vitality: 55

Poise: 40

Armor Weight25.1 is the total weight

4- Raptors Black Feather Outfit

Raptor Black Feather Armor Set
Blaidd wearing the Raptor Black Feather Armor Set

The Raptors Black Feather Outfit is hands down, one of the best armor sets with its dark and gritty overall look. If you have a thing for dark and gothic outfits, then this armor set is just the thing you’d be looking for, and worry not, we’ll get into the details of where you can find this armor set.


To obtain the Raptors Black Feather Armor Set in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Head north and make your way towards the mines in the region.
  2. Ignore the enemies and the optional boss fight if you wish.
  3. Look for Sage’s Cave in the area.
  4. From the side of grace, follow the river bed to the larger side of the lake.
  5. Keep to the right side of the map and proceed until you find a gap between the map and the trees.
  6. Enter the cave, which may have hidden walls marked by previous players.
  7. Explore the cave and locate two chests and one hidden chest behind a wall.
  8. The hidden chests contain pieces of the Raptors Black Feather Armor Set.

The Raptors Talons, found in these chests, are melee weapons that deal bleed damage and have a special ability that allows you to dash or dodge while performing the ability.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 15.1

Strike Defense: 16.6

Slash Defense: 18.1

Pierce Defense: 18.1

Magic Defense: 19.4

Fire Defense: 19.4

Lightning Defense: 20.7

Holy Defense: 18.1

Immunity: 129

Robustness: 77

Focus: 136

Vitality: 136

Poise: 29

Armor Weight16.8 is the total weight

5- Royal Remains Armor Set – Spookiest Elden Ring Armor

Royal Remains Armor Set
The Royal Remains Armor Set

The Royal Remains Armor Set grants you the appearance of the undead, which I find quite awesome. To obtain it, you must defeat Godrick and then venture into the Village of Albinoris. Look for a landmark with numerous crosses and bodies hanging from them.


To get the Royal Remains Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the top of a hill.
  2. Proceed to the left side at the top of the hill.
  3. Interact with a pot, and an NPC will appear.
  4. Talk to the NPC to receive a shiny medallion piece.
  5. Defeat the character spawning towards the back of the Roundtable.
  6. You should then get access to the character who will give you the medallion.
  7. Head to Gideon’s office and pick up the armor set there.

The Royal Remains Set has a gritty undead aesthetic that changes your appearance in the Elden Ring world. Although it’s on the heavier side, it’s worth checking out.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 25.5

Pierce Defense: 23.6

Magic Defense: 19.1

Fire Defense: 20.4

Lightning Defense: 16.2

Holy Defense: 17.8

Immunity: 84

Robustness: 135

Focus: 57

Vitality: 127

Poise: 44

Armor Weight25.3 is the total weight

6- Malformed Dragon Armor Set

Now, this armor set is pretty beautiful with its overall golden and royal aesthetic, and to get it is pretty straightforward as it features you to deal with a single boss fight.


To obtain the Malformed Dragon Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Head to Farum Azula.
  2. Make your way up a bridge in the area.
  3. Near the bridge, you’ll encounter a Malformed Dragon Knight with his steed.
  4. Defeat the Malformed Dragon Knight to obtain the Malformed Dragon Armor Set.

The Royal Remains Armor Set is quite heavy, impacting your agility and maneuverability. It excels in absorbing damage but might hinder your ability to dodge or deal with swift foes. This set bears dragon-themed imagery and is worn by the transformed Tree Sentinels, who chose to become dragons to safeguard Erdtree following Gransax’s attack.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 32.3

Strike Defense: 29.2

Slash Defense: 33.5

Pierce Defense: 32.3

Magic Defense: 25.6

Fire Defense: 25.6

Lightning Defense: 27

Holy Defense: 25.6

Immunity: 135

Robustness: 181

Focus: 91

Vitality: 91

Poise: 67

Armor Weight38 is the total weight

7- Drake-Knight Armor

Drake Knight Armor Elden Ring Best Armor
An Elden Ring Player wearing the Drake-Knight Armor

The Drake-Knight Armor is, without a doubt, an excellent armor set, but it all comes down to your class. If you don’t polish up on your exploring, you might not be able to come across it on your first try, and you will need to progress miles into the game and have played mandatory story missions to proceed to the Crumbling Farum Azula. It’s a really striking Elden Ring Armor.


To get the Drake-Knight Armor Set in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat the Godskin Duo and travel to the Site of Grace in Crumbling Farum Azula.
  2. Beware of attacking birds in the area.
  3. Locate an elevator lift without a visible switch.
  4. Avoid a risky jump; go to the building’s ledge with a ladder.
  5. Safely descend without confronting the dragon.
  6. On the building’s side, find a treasure chest with the Drake-Knight Armor Set.

Keep in mind that the Drake-Knight Armor Set has a weight of approximately 25.3, making it relatively heavy. It provides good damage negation, resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy effects, immunity, robustness, focus, vitality, and poise. This well-balanced armor set will enhance your defenses as you face tougher challenges in the game.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 22.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 19.1

Pierce Defense: 22.6

Magic Defense: 20.4 

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 17.8

Holy Defense: 20.4

Immunity: 60

Robustness: 110

Focus: 50 

Vitality: 50

Poise: 40

Armor Weight22 is the total weight

8- Radahn’s Lion Armor

General Radahn's Armor Elden Ring Best Armor
General Radahn in His Full Glory

Radahn’s Lion Armor is a top-tier armor set with exceptional defensive and offensive attributes. It’s part of the General Radahn Set and is both heavy and powerful. This armor provides high defense and resistance against physical and magical attacks.


To get the Radahn Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat Radahn, a challenging boss battle located in Radahn’s Castle in the southeastern part of the game world.
  2. After defeating Radahn, you will receive Radahn’s Rune.
  3. Travel to the Roundtable Hold.
  4. Find Finger Reader Enia, the NPC who can unlock the potential of Remembrances and purchase Radahn’s armor for approximately 12,000 Runes.
  5. You can also acquire Radahn’s helmet.

Equipping the Radahn Armor Set significantly boosts your defense and makes facing smaller enemies and even boss battles much easier. The armor set features a distinctive appearance with protruding horns and a thick red mane, giving your character a lordly appearance in the Lands Between.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 34.9

Slash Defense: 29.2

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 27.6

Lightning Defense: 24.9

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 143

Robustness: 235

Focus: 100

Vitality: 91

Poise: 72

Armor Weight41.6 is the total weight

9- Dung Eater Armor

The Dungeater Armor Set
The Dung Eater Amor set in Elden Ring

To get the Dung Eater Armor Set, complete the Dung Eater’s questline.

The Dung Eater Armor Set is known for its heavyweight but offers excellent damage negation and resistance to holy, magic, light, and fire attacks.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 34.9

Strike Defense: 29.2 

Slash Defense: 35.5

Pierce Defense: 35.5

Magic Defense: 25.6

Fire Defense: 28.3

Lightning Defense: 28.9

Holy Defense: 27

Immunity: 159

Robustness: 150

Focus: 135

Vitality: 181

Poise: 91

Armor Weight55 is the total weight

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10- Banished Knight Armor 

The banished knight armor is a great chest armor piece that is well known for providing Robustness Resistance. It provides a good boost in defense and resistance. What’s good about this armor piece is that it also boosts your defense and resistance as well. It is stated that the armor was worn by knights who were struck by misfortune or committed acts of misdeed and were forced to abandon all that they considered home.

However, these warriors were pretty much accomplished despite the loss of territory, and hence, they were named knights.


To get the Banished Knight Armor Set in Elden Ring, follow these steps:

  1. Head south in Caelid’s eastern Section until you reach a peninsula bridging into another section. You’ll find the dragon church, Caelid, to the west of the bridge and slightly to the north.
  2. At the entrance of the dragon church, you’ll encounter a knight guarding the area. Engage the knight and defeat them. You may receive the helm and chest armor pieces.

The Sunflame Armor Set offers decent damage negation and resistance to magic, fire, light, and holy effects. It boasts an immunity of 63, robustness of 90 (for the chest plate), focus of 42, vitality of 42, and poise of 28. This set provides a good balance of protection and resistance for your character.

11- Maliketh’s Armor

Maliketh's Armor Elden Ring
Maliketh’s Armor Stats

A bulky armor set crafted from black iron and ornamented with gold. Maliketh’s Armor is a graceful set that serves the purpose of defense and resistance in a majestic way, as it can bear heavy attacks from opponents and withstand serious damage.

Impressive work is done in crafting this incredible armor set, as it can change its appearance, too when equipped. This Armor set is available for all types of characters, but some pieces may vary for male and female heroes.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 29.2

Slash Defense: 36.4

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 26.5

Lightning Defense: 25.6

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 143

Robustness: 197

Focus: 91

Vitality: 160

Poise: 72

Armor Weight41.6 is the total weight


To get Maliketh’s Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the capital city, where you’ll find the forbidden lands inhabited by fire giants.
  2. In the Forge of Giants area within the forbidden lands, defeat the fire giants. Upon their defeat, you will be teleported to the Crumbling Farum Azula.
  3. In the Crumbling Farum Azula, you will encounter Maliketh: The Black Blade. He is a formidable boss, so be well-prepared for a tough battle.
  4. Defeat Maliketh in combat to earn the Maliketh’s Armor Set as your reward.

Maliketh’s Armor Set offers decent stats, and while there may be more powerful armor sets in Elden Ring, this one is popular for its attractive appearance and adequate resistance bonuses.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 255.6

Strike Defense: 23.6

Slash Defense: 27.5

Pierce Defense: 26.5

Magic Defense: 21.7

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 19.1

Holy Defense: 25.4

Immunity: 84

Robustness: 135

Focus: 57

Vitality: 120

Poise: 51

Armor Weight30.5 is the total weight

12- Black Knife Armor

Black Knife Armor Elden Ring
Black Knife Armor

The Black Knife Armor Set enables you to move silently and swiftly, allowing you to catch enemies off guard and deliver devastating backstab attacks. Its lightweight design ensures you can make muffled movements without creating unwanted noise, making it ideal for sneaky gameplay.


Obtaining the Black Knife Armor Set is a straightforward process:

  1. Travel to Ordina, which is located in Liturgical Town, situated within the Consecrated Snowfield region.
  2. In the northern part of the area, you will come across a large staircase.
  3. Beneath the stairs, you’ll find a corpse that holds the Black Knife Armor Set. Simply interact with the corpse to acquire the armor.

The Black Knife Armor Set may not have the highest stats for resisting heavy attacks, but it offers unique benefits for stealthy gameplay. When equipped, it allows you to move silently, reducing the noise generated while walking or sprinting.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 22.5

Strike Defense: 21.6

Slash Defense: 24.4

Pierce Defense: 24.4

Magic Defense: 17.5

Fire Defense: 18.9

Lightning Defense: 13.5

Holy Defense: 22.5

Immunity: 65

Robustness: 108

Focus: 54

Vitality: 54

Poise: 40

Armor Weight21.8 is the total weight

13- Veteran’s Armor

Veteran Armor Elden Ring
Veteran Armor

Veteran’s Armor set comes from ancient times and carries the legacy of veterans how they used to face battles bravely and face their opponents with courage. This Armor set might look old and dusty, but it is considered effective in defense and protection. The complete Armor set comes with A veteran’s Helm, Veteran’s Armor plate, Veteran’s Gauntlets, and Greaves.


In order to get the Veteran’s Armor, you have to go all the way up to the Mountaintops of Giants. Once you reach the location, enter the Castle Sol and go to the Rooftop where the boss is located. Once you defeat the Castle Sol Boss in order to get the Veteran’s Armor set. Once you kill the boss, go to the round table and interact with the NPC standing there. After that, you can go to the purchase section to find the Veteran’s Armor set.

Although The Veteran’s Armor Set is bulky and heavy to wield, the stats are quite impressive. It is pretty reliable and can be equipped in serious fights as well.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 35.5

Strike Defense: 22.7

Slash Defense: 35.5 

Pierce Defense: 33.5

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 27.6

Lightning Defense: 25.3

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 215

Focus: 110

Vitality: 110

Poise: 80

Armor Weight45 is the total weight

14- Lusat’s Armor

Lucats-Armor Stats

Lusat’s Armor is a flex in itself. It boasts the highest magic negation in Elden Ring and offers an attractive appearance adorned with sparkling blue Glintstones and a feathered rear. With this set, I can deliver powerful blows to enemies while effectively blocking their attacks without taking heavy hits. The complete set includes Lusat’s Grindstone Crown, Lusat’s Robe, Lusat’s Manchettes, and Old Sorcerer’s Legwraps for lower body protection.


Acquiring Lusat’s Armor Set is a multi-step process that involves completing a series of quests. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to obtain this powerful magical armor:

  1. Start by reaching “The First Step,” then head to WayPoint Ruins, locate the underground tunnel, and defeat the boss inside.
  2. Proceed through the gate after defeating the boss.
  3. Interact with NPC Sellen to advance the quest.
  4. Travel to Volcano Manor and meet Primeval Sorcerer Azur for Comet Azur.
  5. Show Azur’s Sorcery to Sellen and receive Sellen’s Seal Breaker.
  6. Find Lusat near Fort Faroth, defeat the guard, and speak to Lust to obtain his spell.
  7. Return to Sellen, interact with her, and learn about her imprisoned body in Witchbane Ruins.
  8. Retrieve Sellia’s soul from Witchbane Ruins.
  9. Complete the questline to be rewarded with Lusat’s Armor Set.

Lusat’s Armor Set is considered one of Elden Ring’s best magical armor sets, making this questline a worthwhile endeavor for magic-focused characters.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 15

Strike Defense: 9.7

Slash Defense: 15

Pierce Defense: 9.7

Magic Defense: 29

Fire Defense: 24.6

Lightning Defense: 25.7

Holy Defense: 26.1

Immunity: 109

Robustness: 55

Focus: 181

Vitality: 209

Poise: 21

Armor Weight14.3 is the total weight

15- White Witch Armor

Snow Witch Robe Elden Ring
Snow Witch Robe Armor Stats

I’ve found the White Witch Armor to be a mage’s delight. Its impressive stats and aesthetic appeal make it a standout choice. The white fabric and distinctive Snow Witch Hat give it a unique look. While it may not offer the highest Robustness and Immunity, it compensates with extra Focus and Vitality points, which are advantageous for casting mage spells. The complete set includes the Snow Witch Hat, Snow Witch Robe, and Snow Witch Skirt.


  1. To acquire the White Witch Armor Set, pledge to become Ranni’s hireling.
  2. Visit the Eternal City of Nokron, explore the subterranean ruins, and locate the Fingerslayer Blade in a loot box.
  3. Return the blade to Ranni in Ranni’s Rise to receive the Carian Inverted Statue.
  4. Use the statue to unlock Carian Study Hall near Liurnia’s western side. Activate the inverted version, find the Cursemark of Death in Divine Tower, and return to northwest Liurnia.
  5. Head to the tower in the northeast of Ranni’s Rise, climb the ladder, and discover the Snow Witch Armor Set in a treasure box.
Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 10.1

Strike Defense: 11.5

Slash Defense: 11.5

Pierce Defense: 8

Magic Defense: 23.4

Fire Defense: 23.4

Lightning Defense: 23. 2

Holy Defense: 23.4

Immunity: 78

Robustness: 66

Focus: 146

Vitality: 146

Poise: 16

Armor Weight10.4 is the total weight

16- Alberich Armor

Alberich Armor Elden Ring
Alberich Armor Stats

I’ve come across the Alberich Armor Set, and it’s a solid choice for the early game. It’s versatile enough to be used by Mages and relatively easy to obtain. The set is adorned with red flintstones, supposedly crafted from the blood of sacrifices. It’s associated with an insane heretical sorcerer who created it using dark magic.


To get the Alberich Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Reach Leyndell’s Capital City in the Consecrated Snowfield by going north of the eastern ramparts and defeating the blocking boss.
  2. Access the East Capital Rampart after defeating the boss and locate the first Site of Grace.
  3. Progress through the city streets to find a gate leading to the second Site of Grace.
  4. Continue your journey to reach the Stone Dragon and ascend it to discover the third Site of Grace near a retaining wall.
  5. Head towards the giant roots of the Erdtree.
  6. Traverse the shacks’ rooftops to find the Alberich Armor Set.

The Alberich Armor Set is an early-game Mage Armor set that can provide valuable protection for magic-focused characters. Acquiring it is a rewarding endeavor for mages in Elden Ring.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 10.9

Strike Defense: 8.6

Slash Defense: 10.9

Pierce Defense: 10.9

Magic Defense: 25.3

Fire Defense: 23.6

Lightning Defense: 24.6

Holy Defense: 25.3

Immunity: 93

Robustness: 55

Focus: 159

Vitality: 170

Poise: 15

Armor Weight9.7 is the total weight

17- Zamor Armor

Zamor Armor Elden Ring
Zamor Armor Stats

I’ve encountered the Zamor Armor and it’s a lightweight set that offers decent physical and magical defense. The standout feature of this armor is its high robustness, allowing you to absorb significant damage from both physical and magic attacks. It’s worth noting that some players might overlook the Zamor Armor due to its slightly tricky acquisition process. The Zamor Armor set consists of four primary pieces: the Zamor Mask, Chest Armor, Bracelets, and Leg Wraps.


To get the Zamor Armor Set, follow these steps:

  1. Unlock the Grand Lift of Rold by defeating Morgott in Leyndell’s Capital City and obtaining his medallion.
  2. Use the medallion to activate the lift, then travel east along the main road in the Forbidden Lands.
  3. Navigate to the Mountaintops of the Giants, facing challenging adversaries.
  4. Proceed northeast to a frozen lake, cross it, and head west to find the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave.
  5. Enter the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave, battle the Ancient Hero of Zamor, and claim the Zamor Armor Set from the defeated foe.
Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.2

Strike Defense: 18.6

Slash Defense: 24.2

Pierce Defense: 21.2

Magic Defense: 17.2

Fire Defense: 17.2

Lightning Defense: 11.9

Holy Defense: 15.6

Immunity: 47

Robustness: 147

Focus: 16

Vitality: 37

Poise: 38

Armor Weight20.5 is the total weight

18- Malenia’s Armor

Malenias Armor
Malenias Armor Set

If you’re looking for a good lightweight armor set that has the ability to grant decent protection being light enough, then the Malenia’s Armor Set is a great choice. The Armor is made of unalloyed gold and is worn by Malenia, Blade of Miquela.


The only way to get the Melania Armor set is by defeating Malenia. Make sure to upgrade your weapons, enhance your attributes, and craft some spells before facing her.

You can find Malenia near the Brace of the Haligtree, at the bottom of Elphael. Once you have defeated this sturdy boss, go to Enia to purchase the set for 56,000 runes.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 23.3

Strike Defense: 17

Slash Defense: 24.3

Pierce Defense: 21

Magic Defense: 14.4

Fire Defense: 17

Lightning Defense: 11.4

Holy Defense: 18.4

Immunity: 108

Robustness: 90

Focus: 36

Vitality: 36

Poise: 37

Armor Weight20.5 is the total weight

19- Lionel’s Set

Lionel Armor Set Elden Ring
Lionel Armor Set

Lionel’s set is one of Elden Ring’s most liked heavy Armor. It might not look like the best Armor in appearance, but the overall balance between weight, damage resistance, and poise is pretty impressive. Lionel’s set is a splendid choice for Strength builds and can be worn in serious battles due to its high Endurance. The complete set is composed of four primal pieces, which are Lionel’s Helm, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, and Greaves.


Lionel’s Armor set is relatively easy to get as you can find this Heavy Armor in the west of the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace in Leyndell, Royal Capital, where it is placed in a tiny bedroom.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 33.5

Strike Defense: 31.5

Slash Defense: 36.4 

Pierce Defense: 37.2

Magic Defense: 26.5

Fire Defense: 28.9

Lightning Defense: 25.6

Holy Defense: 26.5

Immunity: 150

Robustness: 235

Focus: 100

Vitality: 100

Poise: 86

Armor Weight50.5 is the total weight

20- Spellblade Set

Spellblade set Elden Ring
Spellblade Armor Set

The Spellblade Armor is another Mage Set with impressive perks and decent resistance against enemies’ attacks. The spellblade set is ornamented with an intricate, aristocratic decoration that enhances its immunity effect.

This powerful Armor has the ability to dodge great magical damage negation, including the Glintstone attack. The Armor Set comes with four primal pieces, which are a Pointed Hat, Travelling Attire, Gloves, and Trousers. All the pieces boost the performance of Glintstone sorcery skills.


The Spellblade Armor set is obtained from the Sorcerer Rogier. To get the Armor, you either have to kill Rogier or complete his questline. It is recommended to go for the quest as it is relatively easier than fighting the Sorcerer, but it will consume more time.

Damage DenialResistances
Physical Defense: 8.9

Strike Defense: 5.9

Slash Defense: 8.9

Pierce Defense: 8.9 

Magic Defense: 25.11

Fire Defense: 22.6

Lightning Defense: 23.5

Holy Defense: 25.1

Immunity: 86 

Robustness: 44

Focus: 141

Vitality: 151

Poise: 15

Armor Weight8.6 is the total weight

My Thoughts On The Best Armor After Playing Elden Ring For 750 Hours

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours on Steam

Armor is a crucial part of any build in Elden Ring, but it’s highly subjective, depending on your build and weight limit. As a Faith and Strength user with dozens of hours, I’d recommend going for the Veteran’s Armor Set since it’s got the best blend of weight and protection. For mid-weight and lightweight builds, the ideal choices are the Carian Knight and Blue Cloth set, respectively.

elden rinng profiles waterjuice
My Elden Ring save slots on Steam

As mentioned, I find armor extremely important, which is why I recommend using weight-enhancing talismans like Radagon’s Scarseal or the Great-Jar’s Arsenal. Ultimately, you need to ensure that your weight limit stays under ‘Heavy Load’ to avoid fat-rolling.

That wraps up my extensive guide on Elden Ring’s best armor sets, detailing their location and stats. Of course, as highlighted, focus on your Weight Limit to ensure you have the best armor possible, but avoid reaching Heavy Load since it lowers your invincibility frames. Besides that, check out the best thrusting swords and best fist weapons in Elden Ring to pair with your preferred set.


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