Elden Ring: The BEST Paladin Build 

This Elden Ring Paladin Build aims to help players become deadly with their attacks and decimate enemies with ease!

Elden Ring has introduced countless builds that experienced, and newer players can experiment with and see what fits them best to conquer every battle they step into. With the Elden Ring Paladin Build in hand, players can expect to take over tougher foes in no time. 

Main Points:

  • You are recommended to invest in Faith, Endurance, and Vigor to get the greatest damage out of the Paladin Build.
  • The weapons we recommend are Noble’s Slender Sword, Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, and Serpent God’s Curved Sword.
  • The armor sets we recommend are Knight Armor Set, Knight Helmet, Knight Armor, Knights Gauntlets, Knight Greaves, Mausoleum Knight Set, Mausoleum Knight Armor, Mausoleum Gauntlets, and Mausoleum Greaves.
  • The Talismans we recommend are Green Turtle Talisman, Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, Curved Sword Talisman, Blessed Dew Talisman, and Erdtrees Favor.
  • For the spells, we recommend Blessing’s Boon and Aspect of the Crucible: Tail.
  • The Ashes of War you should try out are Golden Vow, Sacred Blade, and Barricade Shield.

Elden Ring Paladin Build 

Fextralife has inspired this Paladin build that we will discuss today. It beautifully combines the aspect of a melee build with healing capabilities provided to adventurers that try out this build, all the while being able to decimate enemies with the deadly block counters with the Best weapons supplied alongside personal offensive and defensive buffs being included. For other melee-based builds, take notes from the Elden Ring Melee Build!

Attributes To Invest Into

Elden Character Attributes
Character Attributes

Players are highly advised to invest in three main attributes to get the greatest damage out of the Elden Ring Paladin Build to get the greatest damage out of the Elden Ring Paladin Build. Like these attributes, the Elden Ring Strength Build might help you in the future with other builds. 


Faith is one of the primary attributes that players will be highly advised to invest in, especially when aiming for a mid-game build here. Faith controls a player’s capability to launch out potent spells and incantations that will leave the enemies with their HP depleted and dead on the battlefield. 

Faith will also control the ability of adventurers to wield weapons that can be enhanced with incantations. Another thing to note is that spells and incantations that primarily scale off of Faith will improve their attack power, which can be highly useful for paladin builds like these. 

The higher the points invested into Faith, the better the overall damage output. Therefore players should look into Faith. Check out this other Elden Ring Faith Build that might inspire you! 


Another important attribute is Endurance, which typically controls how well a player will be able to have control over their stamina, which is crucial for the Elden Ring Paladin Build. Players will be consistently making their way across the battlefield. Therefore investment in Endurance is essential. 

Endurance also controls a player’s control over their max Equip Load Limit, which is used to discern how much armor they can pair on, how many talismans they can use, etc. Therefore, if you want to benefit from the load limit, you are advised to invest points into Endurance. 


While Endurance and Faith are primary attributes, Vigor is also equally important, as it controls the overall Health Points of players. While in the heat of the battle, players need to ensure that their Health Points don’t get depleted by enemy or boss attacks launched at them. 

The overall Fire Resistance is also enhanced while also giving buffs to the adventurer’s Immunity, allowing them to stay for longer on the battlefield and obliterate opponents with ease. 

Weapons To Equip 

There are three solid options that mid-game players can expect to use in the Elden Ring Paladin Build, as it will greatly aid them during their battles and allow them to conquer the arena and always achieve victory. 

Noble’s Slender Sword 

Elden Noble Slender Sword
Noble Slender Sword

To get the best out of the paladin build, the Noble’s Slender Sword is an excellent contender, as it can provide just the right amount of physical damage, which can deal melee attacks to the opponents and slash and thrust through them with little to no effort. Still, with that, the sword itself is excellent for long-reach attacks. 

The weapon itself scales off of Dexterity and Strength, and the high crit of 110 allows it to be an excellent weapon for this build—the weapon skill. “Square Off” allows the players to take a solid stance and continue charging toward enemies with normal attacks and thrust down on them and decimate them. 

With the weapon scaling off Dexterity C and Strength E, players must invest in at least 11 Dexterity Points and 8 Strength Points to wield the weapon. 

Physical Damage101
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage110


Physical Guard43
Magic Guard29
Fire Guard29
Light Guard29
Holy Guard29
Boost Guard29

Lordsworn’s Straight Sword 

Following through, if you feel like the last weapon isn’t to your fit, then the Lordsworn’s Straight Sword is an excellent replacement, as it offers the same amount of melee damage output, with a bit higher physical damage output, and the same amount of crit damage concentration while in the battlefield. 

The weapon again scales off of strength and Dexterity, and the weapon skill, “Square Off,” allows players to perform the same skill as the Noble’s Slender Sword and slash their way through the toughest of opponents and with excellent reach too. Players can combo their attacks ranging from normal to charged attacks to take down enemies. 

With the weapon scaling off of Dexterity D and Strength D, it needs about 10 Dexterity Points while also requiring 10 Strength Points. 

Physical Damage115
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage110


Physical Guard45
Magic Guard30
Fire Guard30
Light Guard30
Holy Guard30
Boost Guard30

Serpent God’s Curved Sword 

Elden Ring Paladin Build Serpent God's Curved Sword
Serpent God’s Curved Sword

The last weapon option may be unconventional for the Elden Ring Paladin Build, but it is still a viable contender. With the curved sword in hand, players can thrust and hit enemies with ultimate brute force, healing themselves anytime they kill off an opponent while they are in the middle of a battle. 

The weapon scales off of Dexterity E and Strength D. With the weapon skill, “Spinning Slash,” adventurers can easily rotate about on an axis while hitting their foes with spinning attacks and landing a final charged attack on them, killing them off. The curved sword needs 9 Dexterity Points and 13 Strength Points. 

Physical Damage113
Magic Damage0
Fire Damage0
Light Damage0
Holy Damage0
Crit Damage100


Physical Guard44
Magic Guard33
Fire Guard33
Light Guard33
Holy Guard33
Boost Guard27

Armor Sets To Use

Let’s keep going with the Elden Ring Paladin Build; we have some options for armor sets that players can use and tank hits that will help them gain victory faster and take over enemies that seemingly seem impossible to beat otherwise. 

Knight Armor Set 

The Knight Armor Set is the first option that adventurers can benefit from. It is typically a heavy-armor set that will allow players to gain considerable personal protection. The armor set will naturally come with its Chest Armor, Helmets, Gauntlets, and Greaves. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation28.5
Strike Negation29.3
Slash Negation29.3
Pierce Negation29.3
Magic Negation22.8
Fire Negation22.8
Light Negation20.6
Holy Negation19.0
Immunity Resistance66
Robustness Resistance75
Focus Resistance43
Vitality Resistance43
Poise Resistance40
Knight Helmet 
Elden Ring Paladin Build Knight Helmet
Knight Helmet

Kicking things off with the Knight Helmet greatly helps the player survive during the battle by being adorned on the head and helping them be saved from all kinds of headshots aimed at them by the toughest of foes. With the guard of the knight helmet, players can easily retaliate with heavy blows to enemies. 

The helmet itself is not considered extremely heavy, therefore, will not contribute a lot to the Equip Load Limit. The main focus will always be to enhance the overall physical damage negation and strike negation. You can check out the damage negation stats and numbers below. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation4.4
Strike Negation4.2
Slash Negation4.8
Pierce Negation4.8
Magic Negation3.8
Fire Negation3.8
Light Negation3.4
Holy Negation3.1
Immunity Resistance12
Robustness Resistance22
Focus Resistance8
Vitality Resistance8
Poise Resistance6
Knight Armor 
Elden Ring Paladin Build Knight Armor
Knight Armor

Perhaps the most important piece that a player will need for the Elden Ring Paladin Build is the Knight chest armor that will protect and guard them against any kind of attacks that the enemy dares to launch at the player. With the knight armor in the adventurer’s arsenal, they can decimate enemies with their melee attacks. 

The armor itself can be considered heavy armor, but it can still allow players to equip all sorts of talismans, etc., with ease. While physical and strike damage negation is focused on the most, elemental negation is not ignored. Players will experience enhanced robustness and immunity resistance too. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation12.4
Strike Negation11.9
Slash Negation13.5
Pierce Negation13.5
Magic Negation10.9
Fire Negation10.9
Light Negation9.5
Holy Negation8.8
Immunity Resistance28
Robustness Resistance50
Focus Resistance18
Vitality Resistance18
Poise Resistance19
Knights Gauntlets 
Elden Ring Paladin Build Knight Gauntlets
Knight Gauntlets

Next up, the Knights Gauntlets are part of the medium-weight armor set. While it is adorned over the player’s arms and hands, adventurers can easily get near the opponents and hit them with melee attacks, whether they are normal or charged attacks. 

The knight’s gauntlets do not contribute a lot to the Equip Load Limit, therefore providing great mobility to the players, allowing them to stay protected and sprint around and hit enemies while not on their way. You can check out the resistance and the damage negation stats down below. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation3.1
Strike Negation2.9
Slash Negation3.3
Pierce Negation3.3
Magic Negation2.7
Fire Negation2.7
Light Negation2.3
Holy Negation2.1


Immunity Resistance9
Robustness Resistance17
Focus Resistance6
Vitality Resistance6
Poise Resistance4
Knight Greaves 
Elden Ring Paladin Build Knight Greaves
Knight Greaves

Packing the knights set, we have the Knights Greaves, which can protect players from attacks aimed at the legs and allow them adequate mobility to move while they are in combat and hit enemies with ease. There is ample personal protection and defense provided while players are under the guard of these greaves. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation7.1
Strike Negation6.8
Slash Negation7.7
Pierce Negation7.7
Magic Negation6.2
Fire Negation6.2
Light Negation5.4
Holy Negation5.0
Immunity Resistance17
Robustness Resistance31
Focus Resistance11
Vitality Resistance11
Poise Resistance11

Mausoleum Knight Set 

Taking the Elden Ring Paladin Build forward, we have the Mausoleum Knight Set, it is quite an unconventional set, as it is only comprised of three main pieces, namely the Chest Armor, Greaves, and Gauntlet. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation24.5
Strike Negation20.7
Slash Negation26.6
Pierce Negation23.5
Magic Negation19.8
Fire Negation20.7
Light Negation18.5
Holy Negation20.7


Immunity Resistance69
Robustness Resistance107
Focus Resistance47
Vitality Resistance45
Poise Resistance37
Mausoleum Knight Armor 
Elden Mausoleum Armor
Mausoleum Armor

Kicking the set off with the Mausoleum Knight Armor is meant to be worn around the adventurer’s stomach while aiming to protect the prayer when they are in PvP or PvE combat with the worst of bosses. Without feeling scared, players can confidently charge forward with utmost confidence and launch deadly attacks. 

The armor itself offers great mobility to the players while keeping them safe and guarded. The main focus is on physical, strike, slash and pierce damage negation while immunity, robustness, and focus resistance are buffed to the player. See below for stats and numbers. Take a look at the Elden Ring Arcane Build that will assist you in future battles! 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation13.5
Strike Negation11.4
Slash Negation14.6
Pierce Negation12.9
Magic Negation10.9
Fire Negation11.4
Light Negation10.2
Holy Negation11.4


Immunity Resistance35
Robustness Resistance55
Focus Resistance24
Vitality Resistance23
Poise Resistance21
Mausoleum Gauntlets
Elden Paladin Mausoleum Gauntlets
Mausoleum Gauntlets

Another piece to the puzzle is the Mausoleum Gauntlets, which can be adorned on the arms, and when players are under the guard of the gauntlets, their HP will not be depleted, and they will be able to move swiftly across the battlefield. Personal protection and defense are the main priority of the gauntlets. 

The weight is around 3.9, they do not add a lot to the Equip Load Limit, allowing for easy movement. All types of damages are negated while personal resistance is also catered to. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation3.3
Strike Negation2.8
Slash Negation3.6
Pierce Negation3.2
Magic Negation2.7
Fire Negation2.8
Light Negation2.5
Holy Negation2.8


Immunity Resistance12
Robustness Resistance18
Focus Resistance8
Vitality Resistance8
Poise Resistance4
Mausoleum Greaves 
Elden Paladin Mausoleum Greaves
Mausoleum Greaves

Ending it off with the Mausoleum Greaves, they offer the same amount of protection for the player as all the other sets, and they are considered heavy armor. Players can pair it with the Knights set for a cooler look to replace the mask. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation7.7
Strike Negation6.5
Slash Negation8.4
Pierce Negation7.4
Magic Negation6.2
Fire Negation6.5
Light Negation5.8
Holy Negation6.5


Immunity Resistance22
Robustness Resistance34
Focus Resistance15
Vitality Resistance14
Poise Resistance12

Talismans To Equip 

Moving on with the Elden Ring Paladin Build, these few talismans will make your overall build even more potent and break down the guard of enemies with ease. Amongst classes like Confessors, Bandits, there is also an Astrologer class, which you can take inspiration from the Elden Ring Astrologer Build

Green Turtle Talisman

Elden Green Turtle Talisman
Green Turtle Talisman

Starting with the Green Turtle Talisman, when players are busy in combat, whether the battle may be PvP or PvE, players will need to run around and sprint around the arena while beating down their worst enemies. The green turtle’s talisman’s main aim is to support the player with stamina recovery. 

Upon equipping the talisman, players will experience increased recovery of their Stamina. This will allow them to launch heavier attacks and kill off enemies. 

Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger 

Elden Assassin's Cerulean Dagger
Assassin‘s Cerulean Dagger Talisman

We have the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, which will greatly help players by giving back a certain amount of their Focus Points whenever they launch an attack on enemies and land a critical hit. 

For every critical hit that a player lands, around 15 Focus Points will be restored. These points are calculated independently and not collectively, meaning the more crits an adventurer lands, the higher their FP restoration will be. 

Curved Sword Talisman

Elden Curved Sword Talisman
Curved Sword Talisman

The Curved Sword Talisman is yet another viable option for talisman equipment for players aiming to take advantage of the Paladin build. When the players have this talisman on hand, their guard counters will be increased and buffed, meaning that every time they parry an attack, it will counter with a lot more effectiveness. 

The overall effectiveness of the guard counter is increased by 20%, which can greatly help the players who want to decimate enemies while they are in combat. 

Blessed Dew Talisman 

Elden Blessed Dew
Blessed Dew Talisman

Since the paladin build also focuses on the healing aspect of the battle, players can take help from the Blessed Dew Talisman, which can slowly but surely heals the player when they are in the middle of the fight. Players are bound to lose a bit of HP when they are being hit with normal or charged attacks by enemies; thus, a talisman that can restore it is crucial. 

While the overall restoration is quite small, it can still pack up over time and help the player if they are on the verge of dying. 

Erdtrees Favor 

Elden Paladin Erdtree's Favor
Erdtree’s Favor Talisman

Lastly, the Erdtree’s Favor is yet another healing and personal health talisman, as it mainly aims to support the player by enhancing their overall HP, which can help them when players are on the battlefield, and the extra HP can help prevent them from dying and instead of gaining victory against their foes. 

The Erdtree’s Favor also bumps up the overall Stamina, allowing players to sprint around more and launch deadly melee attacks while also wearing heavy weaponry and armor due to the enhanced Equip Load Limit talisman also provides. 

Spells To Invest In 

As far as the spells go, for the Paladin Build, players can typically choose one or two solid spells that will be able to carry them throughout their battel and have them gain victory by the end of their combat. 

Blessing’s Boon 

Elden Blessing's Boon
Blessing’s Boon Incantation

Firstly, the Blessing’s Boon is an excellent spell in your arsenal. As we mentioned before, maintenance of HP is extremely crucial if you want to get close and personal without having to consistently worry about your HP depleting every passing second. 

For that, the blessing boon can come in handy. Upon casting the incantation, it will give the players and their party members a special blessing. Players will experience that their overall hP slowly increases as the battle goes. 

The incantation itself takes up around 30 stamina and uses one memory slot. Every time the incantation ticks, it will heal a total of 8 HP for the player, continuing for 90 seconds. 

Aspect of the Crucible: Tail

Elden Aspect of the Crucible Tail
Aspect of the Crucible Tail Incantation

Another excellent incantation that players can equip is the Aspect of the Crucible: Tail spell, which can come in handy when players aim to get rid of enemies as fast as possible and launch as deadly attacks as possible. 

With the incantation in hand, players will dominate the battlefield, as upon casting the spell, a tail will appear before the adventurer that will move around the arena and hit enemies and “sweep” them with deadly attacks. While the tail is sweeping enemies, players can also charge in with their normal attacks. 

The incantation requires 27 Faith points and needs 42 stamina. 

Ashes of War To Try Out 

Ashes of war can provide the players with countless buffs that can help them dominate the battlefield and murder enemies in their wake. We suggest that you use these ashes of war for the Paladin Build in Elden Ring

Golden Vow 

Starting with the Golden Vow, this ash of war can come in handy when players want to decimate enemies. The ash of war itself will buff and enhance the overall personal defense of the player so that they can tank more attacks and charge forward with even deadlier attacks towards the opponents. 

It will also increase the overall Sacred affinity of the adventurers while also enhancing the holy damage output and improving personal protection. However, a small side effect of using this ash of war is that it will slightly reduce the total physical damage output. The ash of war lasts for a total of 45 seconds. 

Sacred Blade 

The ash of war Sacred Blade offers to perfectly aid the players by helping them improve on their Holy damage. With the skill, players can enhance their overall attack damage output. The weapon will also launch a projectile toward the opponent after launching a normal attack with their melee weapon. 

Melee weapons that do not scale off of Faith will get enhanced holy damage, allowing for even more increased damage. 

Barricade Shield 

Lastly, the Barricade Shield provides the player with the skill that allows adventurers to improve their shield strength by making it stronger and allowing for increased protection against any attacks that the enemies launch. The ash of war can come in handy when players are low on health. 

Paladin Build Tips

The Paladin Build in Elden Ring is focused mostly on a melee build aspect combined with lots of healing to protect players from dying, combined with a high damage output using ample block counters while also decimating enemies. 

With the Noble’s Slender Sword in hand, players can slash their way through the enemies while also reaching long toward them. With the Blessing’s Boon spelling in hand, players can easily slowly heal over time, and survive for longer, combined with the Aspects of the Crucible, which can sweep enemies in their wake. 

The talismans such as the Green Turtles Talisman are pretty universal as it buffs Stamina. At the same time, the Curved Sword Talisman will improve on the guard counters, and the Erdtrees favor will buff the maximum HP of the player. 

Pair it all with the Golden Vow, which aims to improve the personal defense of players. Stay under the protection of the Knight Set and continue with the battle without fear of your HP depleting. Finish off enemies with ease at the end! With that, this is the Paladin Build all wrapped up! Let us know what you think in the comments down below! You can check out our other builds such as the Elden Ring Best Builds! 

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