Elden Ring Spells Tier List: Incantations & Sorceries Ranked

In our Elden Ring spells tier list, we have ranked all spells including Incantations & Sorceries so that you can dominate the ranged combat.

Elden Ring is a brand-new addition by Fromsoftware; the game features an amazing open-world that players are required to explore to defeat various bosses and collect various items. The bosses in Elden Ring are hard to beat, and players would often need much more than raw melee damage dealing weapons to beat them. Therefore, players can look for different spells to make combat more interesting. These spells can aid in combat by their damaging or various support functions. So, we have carefully curated this Elden Ring spells tier list that will rank every spell in the game from best to worst. 

Key Highlights

  • Elden Ring divides its massive collection of spells into groups of two. There are a total of 70 Sorcery Spells and 101 Incantations. 
  • Each spell is fit enough to render different types of damage–Magic, Fire, Holy, Support, Rot, Blight, Lightning, Frost, and Bleed.
  • Both types of Elden Ring Spells are ranked based on their overall damage or support output and usage convenience. 
  • Elden Ring Incantations that are worthy of your attention are Elden Stars, Placidusax’s Ruin, and Ekzykes’s Decay. 
  • The best Sorceries of the game are Comet Azur, Gavel of Haima, and Rykard’s Rancor. 
  • Elden Ring’s top Incantations and Sorceries picks will ensure you are supported with enough powers, and the opponent continues taking the most lethal damage.  

There are two types of spells in Elden Ring, namely Incantations and Sorceries; getting both types of spells is worth it, especially if you are going for a magic build because these spells will be useful during combat. Sorceries are usually used when you want to dish out serious damage. While Incantations may inflict great damage, they are mostly used for support that can aid you in combat in various ways. You would need a staff to cast Sorceries and a sacred seal to use Incantations.

Elden Ring Spells Tier List

Elden Ring Spells Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers IncantationsSorceries
S-Tier Death Lightning, Scarlet Aeonia, Elden Stars, Placidusax’s Ruin, Black blade, Borealis’s Mist, Ekzykes’s Decay, Agheel’s Flame, Fortissax lightning spearRanni’s Dark Moon, Ambush Shard, Comet Azur, Rennala’s Full moon, Rykard’s Rancor, Gavel of Haima
A-Tier Theodorix’s Magma, Litany of Proper Death, Great Heal, Burn,o Flame, Bloodboon, Dragonice, Dragonclaw, Wrath of Gold, Dragonfire, Protection of the Erdtree, Rotten Breath, Smarag’s Glintstone Breath, Blessing of the Erdtree, Magic Fortification, Law of Causality, Golden Vow, Giantsflame Take Thee, Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear, Fire’s Deadly SinGreat Glinstone Shard, Glinstone Icecrag, Frozen Armament, Loretta’s Greatbow, Gravity Well, Gelmir’s Fury, Star Shower, Swift Glintstone Shard, Eternal Darkness, Meteorite of Astel, Collapsing Stars
B-Tier Whirl, O Flame!, Order’s Blade, Flame, Grant me Strength, Electrify Aramament, Assasin’s Approach, Flame, Fall Upon Them, Scouring Black Flame, Barrier of Gold, Vyke’s Dragonbolt, Lord’s Aid, Lord’s Heal, Lord’s Divine Fortification, Gurrang’s Beast Claw, Bloodflame Blade, Black Flame, Bloodflame Talons, Magma Breath, Flame of the Fell God, Dragonmaw, Surge, O Flame!, Aspect of the Crucible Tail, Aspect of the Crucible Horns, Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike, Poison Armament, Frozen Lightning SpearGlintstone Pebble, Glintblade Phalanx, Comet, Founding Rain of Stars, Carian Phalanx, Crystal Torrent, Tibia’s Summons, Terra Magicus, Fia’s Mist, Meteorite, Crystal Barrage, Ancient Death Rancor, Great Ocular Bubble, Stars of Ruin, Explosive Ghostflame, Cannon of Haima, Zamor Ice Storm 
C-Tier Black Flame Blade, Bestial Constitution, Urgent Heal, Law of Regression, Flame Fortification, Radagon’s Rings of Light, Glintstone Breath, Flame, Cleanse Me, Flame, Protect Me, Black Flame Ritual, Lightning Fortification, Flame of Frenzy, Unendurable Frenzy, Erdtree Heal, Immutable Shield, Greyoll’s Roar, Frenzied Burst, Stone of Gurranq, Dragonbolt Blessing, Flame Sling, Aspect of the Crucible Breath, Triple Rings of Light, Blessing’s Boon, Beast Sling, Lightning StrikeThop’s Barrier, Glintstone Cometshard, Scholar’s Shield, Glintstone Stars, Crystal release, Carian Greatsword, Oracle Bubbles, Briars of Sin, Briars of Punishment, Shard Spiral, Greatblade Phalanx, Carian Piercer, Rock Blaster, Shatter Earth, Night Shard, Adula’s Moonblade, Shattering Crystal, Magic Downpour, Unseen Form, Loretta’s Mastery
D-Tier Heal, Cure Poison, Howl of Shabriri, Golden Lightning Fortification, Divine Fortification, Poison Mist, Catch Flame, Order Healing, Honed Bolt, Inescapable Frenzy, Discus of Light, Lightning Spear, Lannseax’s Glaive, Pest Threads, O, Flame!, Bestial Vitality, Bestial Sling, Rejection, Swarm of Flies, Shadow Bait, Black Flame’s ProtectionFreezing Mist, Night’s Maiden Mist, Lucidity, Unseen Blade, Carian Retaliation, Rock Sling, Starlight, Magic Glintblade, Night Comet, Roiling Magma, Magic Bubble, Rancorcall, Glintstone arc, Crystal Burst, Magma shot
Elden ring spells tier list
Elden Ring Spells Tier List

There are many spells available in Elden Ring that players can equip for a better combat experience. These spells can be obtained after beating a boss, completing quests, or exploring. Players can use two types of spells, namely Incantations and Sorceries. Various spells can work differently, either dealing elemental damage or providing Support. Elemental Damage may include Magic, Holy, Rot, Blight, Lightning, Frost, and Bleed. Various enemies can be weak against certain elemental damage types. In the Elden Ring spells tier list, we have ranked various Incantations and Sorceries into separate tiers.

Elden Ring Incantations Tier List

Elden ring Incantations tier list
Elden Ring Incantations Tier List

The Incantations in Elden Ring can be used once you get the sacred seal. These Spells can be useful in various ways, especially when it comes to supporting, though many of these Incantations can deal great damage. We have ranked every Incantation in Elden Ring from best to worst.

S-Tier Incantations

These are the best Incantations in Elden Ring, choose these, and you will not be disappointed. These Incantations are amazing whether it comes to dealing damage or support. Many of them cost high FP, but they pack a great punch and inflict massive damage on enemies and bosses alike, allowing the player to ease through the game. Finding some of these may prove challenging, but it’s worth the effort to get these best spells in our Elden Ring Incantations tier list.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Black bladeMagic26
Placidusax’s RuinMagic80
Elden StarsMagic47
Scarlet AeoniaRot56
Death LightningBlight46 (12)
Fortissax lightning spearLightning64
Agheel’s Flame,Fire36
Ekzykes’s DecayRot48(6)
Borealis’s MistFrost48(6)

A-Tier Incantations

Do not underestimate these Incantations just because they belong in the A-Tier in our Elden Ring Incantations Tier list. These Incantations are second to none when inflicting great damage during tough and challenging boss battles or exploration. Making an effort to get these Incantations is worth it as they are amazing in our Elden Ring spells tier list.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Burn,o FlameFire30
Great HealHeal45
Litany of Proper DeathHoly17
Theodorix’s MagmaFire21
Protection of the ErdtreeSupport30
Wrath of GoldMagic40
Law of CausalitySupport22
Magic FortificationMagic Support20
Blessing of the ErdtreeHeal60
Smarag’s Glintstone BreathMagic36(6)
Rotten BreathRot36 (4)
Fire’s Deadly SinFire26
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning SpearLightning32
Giantsflame Take TheeFire24
Golden VowSupport47

B-Tier Incantations

These Incantations are decent and useful in various boss battles and exploration. Obtaining a lot of them may be easy. Getting a few of these Incantations will be worth it, especially if you want damage buffs to inflict massive damage on the enemies. There are a few decent healing and damage dealing Incantations in our Elden Ring Incantations tier List.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Assasin’s ApproachSupport15
Electrify AramamentLightning Support27
Flame, Grant me StrengthFire Support15
Order’s BladeHoly Support22
Whirl, O Flame!Fire21
Lord’s Aid           Heal9
Vyke’s DragonboltLightning Support27
Barrier of GoldMagic Support30
Scouring Black FlameFire16
Flame, Fall Upon ThemFire24
Noble PresenceMagic20
Black FlameFire15
Bloodflame BladeFire Support20
Gurrang’s Beast ClawMagic21
Lord’s Divine FortificationHoly Support30
Lord’s HealHeal42
Surge, O Flame!Fire1(1)
Flame of the Fell GodFire20
Magma BreathFire30
Bloodflame TalonsFire, Bleed18
Frozen Lightning SpearFrost, Lightning36
Poison ArmamentPoison Support15
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning StrikeLightning27
Aspect of the Crucible HornsMagic30
Aspect of the Crucible TailMagic32

C-Tier Incantations

These spells are below average though these Incantations can be useful if you want damage buffs depending on your character. There are a few decent healing Incantations in the C-Tier. However, better healing spells are available in our Elden Ring spells tier list, so these are not recommended. Still, getting a few of these Incantations might be worth it, especially during the early game, because it is easy to obtain many of them.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Flame FortificationFire Support20
Law of RegressionHeal55
Urgent HealHeal16
Bestial ConstitutionHeal10
Black Flame BladeFire Support15
Black Flame RitualFire24
Flame, Cleanse MeFire Heal14
Flame, Protect MeFire Support30
Glintstone BreathMagic28(4)
Radagon’s Rings of LightMagic29
Immutable ShieldSupport15
Erdtree HealHeal65
Unendurable FrenzyFire42
Flame of FrenzyFire16
Lightning FortificationLightning Support20
Flame SlingFire14
Dragonbolt BlessingLightning Support20
Stone of GurranqMagic15
Frenzied BurstFire22
Greyoll’s RoarSupport75
Lightning StrikeLightning17
Blessing’s BoonHeal30
Beast SlingMagic7
Triple Rings of LightMagic23
Aspect of the Crucible BreathFire28

D-Tier Incantations

These Incantations are not worth it as their damage dealing potential is much less than other Spells in Elden Ring. These spells are weak in their damage output, providing very limited support and healing. However, some of these spells might be helpful depending on the situation during explorations and combat, as they are the weakest spells in our Elden ring Incantations tier list.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Divine FortificationHoly Buff20
Golden Lightning FortificationLightning Support30
Howl of ShabririSupport21
Cure PoisonHeal7
Inescapable FrenzySupport32
Honed BoltLightning12
Order HealingHeal15
Catch FlameFire10
Poison MistPoison18
Discus of LightMagic11
Lightning SpearLightning18
Lannseax’s GlaiveLightning35
Pest ThreadsRot19
O, Flame!Fire16
Shadow BaitSupport15
Swarm of FliesBleed14
Bestial SlingMagic7
Bestial VitalityHeal18
Black Flame’s ProtectionFire Support30

Elden Ring Must-Have Incantations

These are the must-have Incantations in Elden Ring, along with their abilities explained.

Ekzykes’s Decay

This is one of the best spells to inflict rot damage on the enemies. A lot of bosses are weak against the rot spell, including Radahn. Ekzykes’s Decay will allow you to defeat bosses easily as the rot magic would slowly deplete hp. So, this spell is one of the most useful spells in our Elden Ring spells tier list.

Placidusax’s Ruin

This spell is one of the most highly damaging spells in Elden Ring. Placidusax’s Ruin can transform your character into a dragon that can inflict massive fire damage. This spell might prove extremely useful, especially in challenging boss battles.

Elden Stars

Elden Stars is another great spell with high damage outputs. Elden Stars, when used, shoots off some projectiles at the enemies that can damage them greatly. The damage is increased when the enemies directly contact the projectile. The Elden Stars spell is useful, especially when many enemies surround you.

Elden Ring Sorceries Tier List

elden ring spells tier list
Elden Ring Sorceries Tier List

To use Sorceries in Elden Ring, you require staff to cast magic. These sorceries are mostly used for substantial damage-dealing though a few sorceries can be used for good support. Here are all sorceries ranked from best to worse.

S-Tier Sorceries

Sorceries have the potential to inflict massive damage on bosses and enemies, and these sorceries in our S-Tier are truly a beast when it comes to damage outputs. Getting these sorceries might be hard, but the sheer damage these spells can cause makes it worth the effort to get them. Utilize the sorceries in our Elden Ring sorceries tier list, and you will not be amazed by their potential. They will help you ease through the game, whether facing bosses or traveling around the open world.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Rykard’s RancorMagic35
Rennala’s Full moonSupport55
Comet AzurMagic40(10)
Ambush ShardMagic16
Ranni’s Dark MoonSupport62 (25)
Gavel of HaimaMagic37

A-Tier Sorceries

If not the best, these Sorceries can be amazing at damage dealing. The A-Tier Sorceries consist of various spells that can inflict good magic damage at a low FP cost. A few of the A-Tier sorceries can be great at support and can improve your combat experience much more. Utilize these A-Tier spells as they should not be underestimated. These Sorceries in our Elden Ring spells tier list will be helpful during combat and exploration.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Gravity WellMagic12
Loretta’s GreatbowMagic32
Frozen ArmamentCold Support20
Glinstone IcecragFrost12
Great Glinstone ShardMagic12
Meteorite of AstelMagic60(12)
Eternal DarknessSupport25
Swift Glintstone ShardMagic3
Star ShowerMagic36
Gelmir’s FuryFire21(3)
Collapsing StarsMagic18 (24)

B-Tier Sorceries

The B-Tier sorceries in our Elden Ring Sorceries tier list are decent, if not the best. Utilizing a few might be worth it during exploration and combat. Most of the B-Tier sorceries are great for dealing with magic damage. Getting a few spells from the B-Tier in our Elden Ring sorceries tier list is worth it as they are much easier to obtain and can inflict good damage if not dishing out high damage outputs.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Carian PhalanxMagic26
Founding Rain of StarsMagic69
Glintblade PhalanxMagic20
Glintstone PebbleMagic7
Fia’s MistFrostbite, Blight25
Terra MagicusSupport20
Tibia’s SummonsMagic20
Crystal TorrentMagic24
Explosive GhostflameFire36 (25)
Stars of RuinMagic50
Great Ocular BubbleMagic16
Ancient Death RancorMagic24
Crystal BarrageMagic14(2)
Zamor Ice StormFrost22
Cannon of HaimaMagic45

C-Tier Sorceries

These sorceries are below average though it doesn’t imply that they are useless. They can be useful to deal decent damage to the bosses while also providing support to your characters. Depending on the situation, you can utilize these spells though better sorceries are available in our Elden Ring spells tier list.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Crystal releaseMagic38
Glintstone StarsMagic14
Scholar’s ShieldSupport30
Glintstone CometshardMagic25
Thop’s BarrierSupport7 (7)
Shard SpiralMagic16(14)
Briars of PunishmentMagic13(14)
Briars of SinMagic9
Oracle BubblesMagic12
Carian GreatswordMagic16
Night ShardMagic7(32)
Shatter EarthMagic12
Rock BlasterMagic30(5)
Carian PiercerMagic23
Greatblade PhalanxMagic43
Loretta’s MasteryMagic50(12)
Unseen FormSupport20
Magic DownpourMagic25
Shattering CrystalMagic32
Adula’s MoonbladeFrost26

D-Tier Sorceries

These Sorceries aren’t great at inflicting damage; hence, they rank in the D-Tier in our Elden Ring sorceries tier list. Utilizing a few may be worth it, as getting them is easier. Some of these spells might be good during the game’s early stages. However, it is recommended to replace them with better spells as soon as you obtain some.

Spell NameSpell TypeFP Cost
Carian RetaliationSupport8
Unseen BladeSupport18
Night’s Maiden MistMagic35
Freezing MistFrost20
Roiling MagmaFire32
Night CometMagic32
Magic GlintbladeMagic12
Rock SlingMagic18
Magma shotFire24
Crystal BurstMagic14
Glintstone arcMagic10
Magic BubbleMagic12

Elden Ring Must-Have Sorceries

These Incantations should have a place in your inventory as you would not want to miss on the greatness of these Sorceries.

Rykard’s Rancor

Rykard’s Rancor is useful sorcery that can aid you in combat. This spell sends off some spirits that can inflict massive damage on the enemies upon explosion. The explosions occur in intervals, allowing players to regularly dish out great damage numbers.

Gavel of Haima

Gave of Haima is an amazing spell to inflict massive damage to the enemies and bosses. The spell summons a huge weapon that can cause huge damage on impact from a height. Getting this spell is worth it as it is one of the most powerful sorceries in our Elden Ring spells tier list.

Comet Azur

Comet Azur is one of the most highly damaging sorceries that decimate your enemies. It creates a giant Comet that can dish out high damaging outputs upon impact. You can increase the power of this spell if you keep holding the damage button. 

Spells Tier List Criteria

There are two types of spells in Elden Ring: Incantations and Talismans. Both spell types are categorized into separate tier lists depending on their damage and support potential. Thorough research was conducted to determine their damage outputs and support abilities to rank them in our Elden Ring spells tier list.

Ranking Based on Experience and Research

Various spells were ranked in this tier list depending on their capabilities. Rigorous research was carried out on the potential of various spells, their FP cost, and damage types. Moreover, the experience of various Elden Ring players was also considered.

Why Trust Us?

We understand that tier lists are subjective, though we strive to create as unbiased tier lists as possible depending on facts and figures. Moreover, our team does thorough research before curating a tier list.

That’s all about the Elden Ring spells. No spell in Elden Ring is truly bad as a lot of them can be helpful against various bosses and explorations if utilized well. It’s important to consider the type of magic the boss is weak to, as it will aid you in combat. What are your favorite spells in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below!

While you are here and most likely new to the game, we highly recommend reading our Elden Ring Weapon Tier List and Bosses TIer List.

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