Elden Ring Spells Tier List: Incantations & Sorceries Ranked

In the Elden Ring spells tier list, I have ranked all spells including Incantations & Sorceries so that you can dominate the ranged combat.

Elden Ring is a brand-new addition by Fromsoftware; the game features an amazing open world that players are required to explore to defeat various bosses and collect various items. The bosses in Elden Ring are hard to beat, and players would often need much more than raw melee damage-dealing weapons to beat them.

Therefore, players can look for different spells to make combat more interesting. These spells can aid in combat by their damaging or various support functions. So, I have carefully curated this Elden Ring spells tier list that will rank every spell in the game from best to worst.

Key Highlights
  • Elden Ring divides its massive collection of spells into groups of two. There are a total of 70 Sorcery Spells and 101 Incantations
  • Both types of spells are ranked based on their overall damage or support output and usage convenience. 
  • Elden Ring Incantations that are worthy of your attention are Elden Stars, Placidusax’s Ruin, and Ekzykes’s Decay. 
  • The best Sorceries of the game are Comet Azur, Gavel of Haima, and Rykard’s Rancor. 
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Elden Ring Incantations Tier List

Elden ring Incantations tier list
Elden Ring Incantations Tier List

The Incantations in Elden Ring can be used once you get the sacred seal. These Spells can be useful in various ways, especially when it comes to supporting, though many of these Incantations can deal great damage. I have ranked every Incantation in Elden Ring from best to worst.

Complete Rankings Detailed

Stats for all the Spells and Incantations: 

Spell NameTier TypeFocus PointsSlotIntelligenceFaithARC
Death LightningSBlight4620470
Scarlet AeoniaSScarlet Rot5630350
Placidusax’s RuinSMagic6230360
Black BladeSMagic2620460
Borealis’s MistSFrostbite48102315
Ekzykes’s DecaySScarlet Rot48102315
Agheel’s FlameSFire36102315
Fortissax Lightning SpearSLightning6410460
Ranni’s Dark MoonSDebuff6226800
Ambush ShardSMagic1612300
Comet AzurSMagic4036000
Rennala’s Full MoonSDebuff5527000
Rykard’s RancorSMagic35140180
Gavel of HaimaSMagic2512500
Theodorix’s MagmaAFire45102114
Litany of Proper DeathAHoly17117170
Great HealAHeal4510150
Burno FlameAFire3010270
Wrath of GoldAMagic4010320
Protection of the ErdtreeABuff3010350
Rotten BreathAScarlet Rot36101512
Smarag’s Glintstone BreathAMagic36102315
Blessing of the ErdtreeAHeal6010380
Magic FortificationAMagic, Buff2010100
Law of CausalityABuff2212900
Golden VowABuff4710250
Giantsflame Take TheeAFire3220300
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning SpearALightning4210320
Fire’s Deadly SinAFire2610190
Great Glinstone ShardAMagic1211600
Glinstone IcecragAFrostbite1211500
Frozen ArmamentAFrostbite, Buff2011500
Loretta’s GreatbowAMagic2812600
Gravity WellAMagic1211700
Gelmir’s FuryAFire21128150
Star ShowerAMagic2312400
Swift Glintstone ShardAMagic311200
Eternal DarknessADebuff2513500
Meteorite of AstelAMagic6025500
Collapsing StarsAMagic1813600
Whirl, O Flame!BFire2110130
Order’s BladeBBuff, Holy22113130
Flame, Grant me StrengthBFire, Buff2810150
Electrify AramamentBBuff, Lightning2710150
Assasin’s ApproachBBuff1510100
Flame, Fall Upon ThemBFire1810280
Scouring Black FlameBFire2110280
Barrier of GoldBMagic, Buff3010240
Vyke’s DragonboltBBuff, Lightning2710150
Lord’s AidBHeal, Bleed, Sleep,
Lord’s HealBHeal4210200
Lord’s Divine FortificationBBuff, Holy3010270
Gurrang’s Beast ClawBMagic2110150
Bloodflame BladeBFire, Buff, Bleed2010120
Black FlameBFire1510200
Bloodflame TalonsBFire, Bleed14101315
Magma BreathBFire30101410
Flame of the Fell GodBFire4220410
Surge, O Flame!BFire11090
Aspect of the Crucible TailBFire2810270
Aspect of the Crucible HornsBMagic2010270
Ancient Dragons’ Lightning StrikeBLightning3610260
Poison ArmamentBPoison, Buff1510100
Frozen Lightning SpearBFrostbite, Lightning3610340
Glintstone PebbleBMagic711000
Glintblade PhalanxBMagic2012200
Founding Rain of StarsBMagic3225200
Carian PhalanxBMagic2613400
Crystal TorrentBMagic2414700
Tibia’s SummonsBMagic20128200
Terra MagicusBBuff2012000
Fia’s MistBFrostbite, Blight25123180
Crystal BarrageBMagic1412300
Ancient Death RancorBMagic24134240
Great Ocular BubbleBMagic16125018
Stars of RuinBMagic3814300
Explosive GhostflameBFire29142300
Cannon of HaimaBMagic4512500
Black Flame BladeCFire, Buff1510170
Bestial ConstitutionCHeal, Bleed101090
Urgent HealCHeal161080
Law of RegressionCHeal5513700
Flame FortificationCFire, Buff2010100
Radagon’s Rings of LightCMagic29131310
Glintstone BreathCMagic28101512
Flame, Cleanse MeCFire, Heal, Poison1410120
Flame, Protect MeCFire, Buff3010240
Black Flame RitualCFire3010420
Lightning FortificationCLightning, Buff2010100
Flame of FrenzyCFire, Madness1610160
Unendurable FrenzyCFire4210310
Erdtree HealCHeal6510420
Immutable ShieldCBuff15119190
Greyoll’s RoarCDebuff75202817
Frenzied BurstCFire2210220
Stone of GurranqCMagic1510130
Dragonbolt BlessingCLightning, Buff2010210
Flame SlingCFire1410120
Aspect of the Crucible BreathCFire2810270
Triple Rings of LightCMagic23123230
Blessing’s BoonCHeal3010240
Lightning StrikeCLightning2110280
Thop’s BarrierCDebuff711800
Glintstone CometshardCMagic1913600
Scholar’s ShieldCBuff3011200
Glintstone StarsCMagic1411300
Crystal releaseCMagic3814100
Carian GreatswordCMagic1412400
Oracle BubblesCMagic12119915
Briars of SinCMagic910240
Briars of PunishmentCMagic1310210
Shard SpiralCMagic1412700
Greatblade PhalanxCMagic3512900
Carian PiercerCMagic1912700
Rock BlasterCMagic2512100
Shatter EarthCMagic1211500
Night ShardCMagic711800
Adula's MoonbladeCFrostbite2613200
Shattering CrystalCMagic3213800
Magic DownpourCMagic2011500
Unseen FormCBuff2011600
Loretta's MasteryCMagic4314600
Cure PoisonDHeal, Poison71080
Howl of ShabririDDebuff, Madness2110330
Golden Lightning FortificationDLightning, Buff3010240
Divine FortificationDHoly, Buff2010100
Poison MistDPoison1810120
Catch FlameDFire101080
Order HealingDHeal, Blight15111110
Honed BoltDLightning1210240
Inescapable FrenzyDDebuff, Madness3210210
Discus of LightDMagic9113130
Lightning SpearDLightning1810170
Lannseax's GlaiveDLightning3510400
Pest ThreadsDScarlet Rot1910110
O, Flame!DFire1610160
Bestial VitalityDHeal1810120
Bestial SlingDMagic710100
Swarm of FliesDBleed14101116
Shadow BaitDDebuff1510130
Black Flame's ProtectionDFire, Buff3010300
Freezing MistDFrostbite2012100
Night's Maiden MistDMagic3511400
LucidityDHeal, Sleep,
Unseen BladeDBuff1811200
Carian RetaliationDDebuff811700
Rock SlingDMagic1811800
Magic GlintbladeDMagic1211400
Night CometDMagic2413800
Roiling MagmaDFire32121120
Glintstone ArcDMagic1011300
Crystal BurstDMagic1411800
Magma ShotDFire24119100
Tier Description
S-Tier These Incantations are the best, offering powerful damage or support abilities. They may have high FP costs but are highly effective in combat and exploration.
A-Tier Excellent Incantations that are highly effective in dealing damage and providing support during tough battles. They are worth the effort to obtain.
B-Tier Decent Incantations that are useful in various situations, especially for damage buffs and healing. They are easier to obtain and can be valuable in combat.
C-Tier Below-average Incantations that may provide some utility but are generally outclassed by better options. They are not recommended unless no other options are available.
D-Tier The weakest Incantations with limited damage output and support abilities. They are not worth prioritizing and should be replaced as soon as better options are available.

Elden Ring Sorceries Tier List

elden ring spells tier list
Elden Ring Sorceries Tier List

To use Sorceries in Elden Ring, you require staff to cast magic. These sorceries are mostly used for substantial damage-dealing though a few sorceries can be used for good support. Here are all sorceries ranked from best to worse.

Tier Description
S-Tier These Sorceries inflict massive damage on bosses and enemies, making them highly valuable for combat. They may be harder to obtain but are worth the effort.
A-Tier These Sorceries are excellent for damage dealing and some may provide support. They are effective in combat and exploration.
B-Tier Decent Sorceries that are easier to obtain and can still inflict good damage. They are useful for dealing with magic damage.
C-Tier Below-average Sorceries that can still be useful in certain situations, but there are better options available.
D-Tier Sorceries that are not effective at inflicting damage and are generally not recommended unless no other options are available.

Spells Tier List Criteria

There are two types of spells in Elden Ring: Incantations and Talismans. Both spell types are categorized into separate tier lists depending on their damage and support potential. Thorough research was conducted to determine their damage outputs and support abilities to rank them.

Ranking Based on Experience and Research

Various spells were ranked in this tier list depending on their capabilities. Rigorous research was carried out on the potential of various spells, their FP cost, and damage types. Moreover, the experience of various Elden Ring players was also considered.

Why Trust Us?

We understand that tier lists are subjective, though we strive to create as unbiased tier lists as possible depending on facts and figures. Moreover, our team does thorough research before curating a tier list.

That’s all about the Elden Ring spells. No spell in Elden Ring is truly bad as a lot of them can be helpful against various bosses and explorations if utilized well. It’s important to consider the type of magic the boss is weak to, as it will aid you in combat. What are your favorite spells in Elden Ring? Let us know in the comments below!

While you are here and most likely new to the game, we highly recommend reading our Elden Ring Weapon Tier List and Bosses Tier List.

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Law of Regression is an absolute S tier in PvP, but yeah not much use in PvE


Comet Azur is kinda overrated imo. Great for PvE but trash in PvP

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