Elden Ring Weapons Tier List [Patch 1.07]

Our ultimate Weapons Tier List ranks all the best weapons in Elden Ring from katanas, swords, staff, daggers, bows, and much more. 

Elden Ring is the culmination of all the previously released soulsborne games and features most of the core elements FromSoftware has designed in the last decade. Keeping in mind how intense the Elden Ring’s open-world can get, you can’t certainly miss out on using the powerful weapon. From Katanas to whetstone knives, double-edge swords to Glintstone Staves, and whatnot, Elden Ring is filled with a massive collection of armaments. Therefore here’s a definitive Elden Ring Weapons Tier List to help you through the best weapon saga! Also, you might like our Elden Ring Item List.

Key Highlights
  • With 30 primary types and even more subtypes, Elden Ring features a massive range of equipable weapons. 
  • Nevertheless, not all are strong enough to lay down the mighty bosses; therefore, careful weapon selection is advised. 
  • We calculated this strength after factoring several defining factors into our ranking, including all weapons’ Range, Attack Velocity, Critical Damage, move pool, compatibility with Ashes of War props, and Defending potential.

  • Elden Ring weapons that succeed in mustering a substantial overall impact in competitive gameplay include Black Knife, Astrologer’s Staff, Bolt of Gransax, Eleonora‘s Poleblade, Scepter of the All-Knowing, Moonveil, Banished Knight’s Halberd, Hookclaws, Lion Greatbow, Sword of Night, and Rosus’ Axe.

  • Meanwhile, weapons that manifest a compromised overall yield in Eldin Ring are Sword of Milos, Caestus, Scythe, Wooden Greatshield, Simple Flail, and Simple Whip.

Elden Ring Weapons Tier List

Elden Ring Tier List Table
S-Tier Black Knife, Crystal Knife, Moonveil, Rivers of Blood, Uchigatana, Scepter of the All-Knowing, Cranial Vessel Candlestand, Fallingstar Beast Jaw, Gargoyle’s Blackblade, Inquisitor’s Girandole, Death Ritual Spear, Cross-Naginata, Carian Glintstone Staff, Astrologer’s Staff, Academy Glintstone Staff, Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, Rotten Crytal staff, Golden Halberd, Winged Scythe, Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, Banished Knight’s Halberd, Fingerprint Stone Shield, Grafted Dragon, Veteran’s Prosthesis, Hookclaws, Lion Greatbow, Misbegotten Shortbow, Pulley Crossbow, Full Moon Crossbow, Bloodhound’s Fang, Starscourge Greatsword, Claymore, Onyx Lord’s Greatsword, Maliketh’s Black Blade, Eclipse Shotel, Sword of Night, and Flame, Godslayer’s Greatsword, Death’s Poker, Rosus’ Axe, Gargoyle’s Black Axe, *******’s Stars, Steel-Wire Torch, Chainlink Flail, Magma Whip Candlestick, Jar Cannon, Blue-Gold Kite Shield, Golden Beast Crest Shield, Gilded Iron Shield, Iron Roundshield,  Beastman’s Jar-Shield, Coil Shield.
A-TierIvory Sickle, Wakizashi, Blade of Calling, Glintstone Kris, Wing of Astel, Crystal Sword, Carian Knight’s Sword, Royal Greatsword, Ruins Greatsword, Magma Blade, Blasphemous Blade, Dark Moon Greatsword, Marai’s Executioner Sword, Spiked Caestus, Dragon Halberd, Loretta’s War Sickle, Halo Scythe, Great Turtle Shell, Beast Crest Heater Shield, Carian Knight’s Shield, Blue Crest Heater Shield, Brass Shield, Kite Shield, Dragonclaw Shield, Visage Shield, One-Eyed Shield, Chainlink Flail, Nightrider Flail, Giant’s Red Braid, Twinned Knight Swords, Eleonora‘s Poleblade, Devourer’s Scepter, Dragon Greatclaw, Troll’s Hammer, Nox Flowing Hammer, Serpentbone Blade, Meteoric Ore Blade, Nagakiba, Butchering Knife, Winged Greathorn, Golem Greatbow, Harp Bow, Erd Tree Greatbow, Crepus’ Black-Key Crossbow, Longbow, Azur’s Glintstone Staff, Meteorite Staff, Demi-Human Queen’s Staff, Partisan, Crystal Spear, Cleanrot Spear, Clayman’s Harpoon, Bolt of Gransax, Inquisitor’s Girandole
B-TierMisericorde, Cinquedea, Hand of Malenia, Axe of Godfrey, Ghiza’s Wheel, Marika’s Hammer, Beastclaw Greathammer, Battle Hammer, Brick Hammer, Ringed Finger, Godskin Peeler, Gargoyle’s Twinblade, Torch Pole, Pike, Rotten Crystal Spear, Carian Regal Scepter, Gelmie Glinstone Staff, Gargoyle’s Halberd, Haligtree Crest Greatshield, Bloodhound Claws, Red Branch Shortbow, Horn Bow, Soldier’s Crossbow, Albinauric Bow, Bloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Helphen’s Steeple, Sacred Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword, Axe of Godrick, Icerind Hatchet, Hoslow’s Petal Whip, Ice Crest Shield, Riveted Wooden Shield, Icon Shield
C-TierReduvia, Scorpion’s Stinger, Venomous Fang, Nightrider Glaive, Grave Scythe, Rift Shield, Blue-White Wooden Shield, Hand Ballista, Beast-Repellent Torch, Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, Great Club, Envoy’s Long Horn, Great Mace, Great Stars, Curved Club, Dragonscale Blade, Rusted Anchor, Composite Bow, Heavy Crossbow, Bloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Helphen’s Steeple, Sacred Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword, Digger’s Staff, Winged Spear, Simple Twinblade
D-TierParrying Dagger, Celebrant’s Sickle, Bloodstained Dagger, Greatbow, Arbalest, Jawbone Axe, Highland Axe, Sacrificial Axe, Monk’s Flamemace, Simple Hammer, Stone Club, Varre’s Bouquet, Short Spear, Iron Spear, Celebrant’s Rib-Rake, Simple Glintstone Staff, Prince of Death’s Staff, Staff of the Guilty, Staff of Loss, Simple Torch, Scripture Wooden Shield, Red Thorn Roundshield, Scythe, Guardian’s Swordspear, Hook Claws, Grafted Blade Greatsword, Omen Cleaver, Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword, Scimitar, Falchion, Scavenger’s Curved Sword, Flowing Curved Sword, Mantis Blade, Great Epee, Sword of St Trina, Alabaster Lord’s Sword
E-TierLight Crossbow, Serpent Bow, Zweihander, Dismounter, Shotel, Broadsword, Iron Greatsword, ******* Sword, Forked Greatsword, Banished Knight’s Greatsword, Flamberge, Gargoyle’s greatsword, Katar, Star Fist, Raptor Talons, Golem’s Halberd, Commander’s Standard, Buckler, Flame Crest Wooden Shield, Hawk Crest Wooden Shield, Spiralhorn Shield, Shield of the Guilty, Smoldering Shield, Pillory Shield, Perfumer’s Shield, Crystal Staff, Glinstone Staff, Spiked Spear, Winged Greathorn, Stormhawk Axe, Celebrant’s Cleaver, Ripple Blade, Morning Star, Mace, Celebrant’s Skull, Giant-Crusher
F-Tier Great Knife, Simple Dagger, Erdsteel Dagger, Shortbow, Black Bow, Forked Hatchet, Warped Axe, Hand Axe, Iron Cleaver, Battle Axe, Club, Spiked Club, Warpick, Spear, Albinauric Staff, Carian Glintblade staff, Simple Flail, Simple Whip, Rickety Shield, Large Leather Shield, Marred Leather Shield, Flame Crest Wooden Shield, Briar Greatshield, Wooden Greatshield, Simple Halberd, Pest’s Glaive, Lucerne, Ripple Crescent Halberd, Vulgar Militia Saw, Vulgar Militia Shotel, Scythe, Cipher Pata, Clinging Bone, Iron Ball, Caestus, Maliketh’s Black Blade, Longsword, Morgott’s Cursed Sword, Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, Zamor Curved Sword, Short Sword, Ornamental Straight Sword, Cane Sword, Frozen Needle, Antspur Rapier, Knight’s Greatsword, Sword of Milos
Elden Ring Weapon Tier List
Eldin Ring Weapon Tier List (S-F)

Daggers Tier List

Daggers are the most prominent weapon that players are most likely to find in their initial matches of the Elden Ring. Though daggers offer a limited range, the gap is filled by their relatively rapid attack velocity and decent Critical Damage. These qualities allow the weapon to launch destructive Ripostes and Backstabs.

Here is a quick look at the stat comparison between some of the Best Daggers in the game:

Weapons (Dagger)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Black Knife134.065.0100.052.0
Crystal Knife82.032.0100.015.0
Ivory Sickle60.026.0100.015.0
Blade of Calling71.031.0110.015.0
Glintstone Kris57.023.0110.015.0
Scorpion's Stinger79.038.0110.016.0
Parrying Dagger75.035.0110.015.0
Celebrant's Sickle79.035.0100.015.0
Bloodstained Dagger81.036.0110.015.0
Great Knife75.035.0110.015.0
Simple Dagger74.035.0130.015.0
Erdsteel Dagger67.036.0110.015.0

If your game strategy includes a few sneaky plans like backstabbing foes or Parries, Daggers may be the best pick for you. These weapons are employable with multiple Ashes of War props, enabling players to make variable, more potent combinations to meet the needs of the battlefield. 

However, the restriction is that only Reduvia Daggers can be utilized as only they possess a matching skill of combining– the Reduvia Blood Blade. Nevertheless, a tiered ranking of all the different daggers according to their damage stats is: 

 Elden Ring Daggers Tier List
S-TierBlack Knife, Crystal Knife
A-TierIvory Sickle,Wakizashi, Blade of Calling,Glintstone Kris
B-TierMisericorde, Cinquedea
C-TierReduvia, Scorpion’s Stinger
D-TierParrying Dagger, Celebrant’s Sickle, Bloodstained Dagger
F-TierGreat Knife, Simple Dagger, Erdsteel Dagger

Glintstone Staves Tier List

Are you a fan of casting sorcerer charms on the foes? An Eldin Ring Glintstone Staff is a must-have for that. The staves equip no superb skill other than being the only weapon type to support magic spells (with Sacred Seals, of course). Therefore don’t forget to sync them with a secondary or tertiary weapon to help your character survive in the arena. 

Here are all the Glinstones along with their in-game stats:

Weapons (Glinstone)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoostSorcery
Carian Glintstone Staff25.025.0100.015.0163.0
Astrologer's Staff25.025.0100.015.0116.0
Academy Glintstone Staff25.025.0100.015.0130.0
Lusat’s Glintstone Staff24.025.0100.015.0179.0
Rotten Crystal Staff24.025.0100.015.0179.0
Azur’s Glintstone Staff24.025.0100.015.0161.0
Meteorite Staff39.
Demi-Human Queen’s31.
Carian Regal Scepter24.025.0100.015.0162.0
Gelmie Glinstone Staff29.023.0100.014.00.0
Digger’s Staff38.028.0100.017.0141.0
Simple Glintstone Staff25.025.0100.015.0116.0
Prince of Death’s Staff25.025.0100.015.0144.0
Staff of the Guilty38.028.0100.017.0127.0
Staff of Loss22.023.0100.014.0154.0
Crystal Staff31.028.0100.017.0168.0
Glinstone Staff25.025.0100.015.0116.0
Albinauric Staff17.023.0100.014.00.0
Carian Glintblade staff22.023.0100.014.0131.0

Also, Glintstone Staves can not be affected by Ashes of War. Nevertheless, Spears can! Spears are another primary type of weapon made available in the Eldin Ring. The weapon assists players to combat within a safe melee range. 

 Elden Ring Glintstone Staves Tier List
S-TierCarian Glintstone Staff, Astrologer’s Staff, Academy Glintstone Staff
Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, Rotten Crytal staff
A-TierAzur’s Glintstone Staff, Meteorite Staff, Demi-Human Queen’s Staff
B-TierCarian Regal Scepter, Gelmie Glinstone Staff,
C-TierDigger’s Staff
D-TierSimple Glintstone Staff, Prince of Death’s Staff, Staff of the Guilty, Staff of Loss
E-TierCrystal Staff, Glinstone Staff
F-TierAlbinauric Staff, Carian Glintblade staff

Spears Tier List 

If you are looking for the best Eldin Ring melee weapon, then spears are great options. As said earlier, you can tweak a spear’s skills and damage potential in whichever way you like wielding the Ashes of War.

Let’s first have a brief look at how these Spears fare against each other in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Spears)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Inquisitor’s Girandole102.056.0100.037.0
Death Ritual Spear99.054.0110.036.0
Crystal Spear110.048.0100.033.0
Cleanrot Spear102.049.0100.033.0
Clayman’s Harpoon99.049.0100.033.0
Bolt of Gransax98.060.0100.040.0
Inquisitor’s Girandole102.056.0100.037.0
Torch Pole104.048.0100.034.0
Rotten Crystal Spear104.048.0100.033.0
Winged Spear78.040.0100.035.0
Short Spear112.040.0100.030.0
Iron Spear112.040.0100.030.0
Celebrant’s Rib-Rake109.0100.040.033.0
Spiked Spear120.046.0100.034.0

With that covered, here is how we have ranked the Spears.

 Elden Ring Spears 
S-TierInquisitor’s Girandole, Death Ritual Spear, Cross-Naginata
A-TierPartisan, Crystal Spear, Cleanrot Spear, Clayman’s Harpoon,
Bolt of Gransax, Inquisitor’s Girandole
B-TierTorch Pole, Pike, Rotten Crystal Spear
C-TierWinged Spear
D-TierShort Spear, Iron Spear, Celebrant’s Rib-Rake
E-TierSpiked Spear

Twinblades Tier List 

Another spear and staff-like weapon type that’s very famous in the Eldin Ring for its slashing attack is a Twinblade. Though challenging to maneuver, the weapon can be used single-handedly as well as with both hands to give a more significant edge over the opposition. If you like hitting multiple targets simultaneously, Twinblades are for you.

Before the Tier list rankings, let us first review the stats of the Twinblades in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Twinblades)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Gargoyle’s Blackblade102.060.0100.046.0
Twinned Knight Swords122.047.0100.031.0
Eleonora‘s Poleblade72.033.0100.028.0
Godskin Peeler121.047.0100.031.0
Gargoyle’s Twinblade123.048.0100.032.0
Simple Twinblade119.045.01000.030.0

Moving on, here is how we rank all the Twinblades found inside Elden Ring.

 Elden Ring Twinblades Tier List
S-TierGargoyle’s Blackblade
A-TierTwinned Knight Swords, Eleonora‘s Poleblade
B-TierGodskin Peeler, Gargoyle’s Twinblade
C-TierSimple Twinblade

Hammers, Warhammers, and Other Colossal Weapon Tier List

Hammers and Warhammers are both designed to inflict powerful but slow attacks that can render significant damage to the Elden Ring Enemies and Bosses

Both weapons prove especially vital against enemies with solid shields or those covered in top-notch guard suits. However, to employ Warhammers to their fullest, players need to muster high Strength stats.

This is not necessary in the case of hammers as they output slightly less impactful damage than Warhammers do; hence If you lack sufficient Strength stats, resort to the hammers only.

While we’re at it, why not get a quick look at the stat comparison between the Hammers/Warhammers in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Weapons/ Warhammers etc)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Scepter of the All-Knowing99.036.0100.027.0
Cranial Vessel Candlestand98.071.0100.048.0
Fallingstar Beast Jaw131.070.0100.050.0
Devourer’s Scepter112.062.0100.042.0
Dragon Greatclaw120.066.0100.047.0
Troll’s Hammer153.066.0100.046.0
Nox Flowing Hammer122.051.0100.034.0
Axe of Godfrey165.075.0100.050.0
Ghiza’s Wheel156.073.0100.048.0
Marika’s Hammer101.044.0100.033.0
Beastclaw Greathammer116.062.0100.042.0
Battle Hammer131.068.0100.044.0
Brick Hammer122.074.0100.048.0
Ringed Finger121.038.0100.028.0
Prelate’s Inferno Crozier156.082.0100.055.0
Great Club154.070.0100.047.0
Envoy’s Long Horn120.058.0100.039.0
Great Mace134.071.0100.038.0
Great Stars135.068.0100.044.0
Curved Club114.045.0100.030.0
Monk’s Flamemace126.049.0100.033.0
Simple Hammer124.051.0100.036.0
Stone Club122.052.0100.036.0
Varre’s Bouquet46.038.0100.025.0
Morning Star118.047.0100.031.0
Celebrant’s Skull138.063.0100.040.0
Spiked Club114.045.0100.030.0

Like Hammers and Warhammers, Elden Ring also carries a bunch of more beating weapons called the Colossal weapons. They are bulky mallet-like weapons capable of dishing significant destruction against enemies. However, they are not very rapid and might leave you vulnerable if your opponent turns out to be more speedy.

Hammers, Warhammers, and all Colossal Weapons of the Elden Ring area can sync with Ashes of War for further modifications.

 Elden Ring Hammers, Warhammers and Colossal Weapons 
S-TierScepter of the All-Knowing, Cranial Vessel Candlestand, Fallingstar Beast Jaw
A-TierDevourer’s Scepter, Dragon Greatclaw, Troll’s Hammer, Nox Flowing Hammer
B-TierAxe of Godfrey, Ghiza’s Wheel, Marika’s Hammer, Beastclaw Greathammer,
Battle Hammer, Brick Hammer, Ringed Finger
C-TierPrelate’s Inferno Crozier, Great Club, Envoy’s Long Horn, Great Mace,
Great Stars, Curved Club
D-TierMonk’s Flamemace, Simple Hammer, Stone Club, Varre’s Bouquet
E-TierMorning Star, Mace, Celebrant’s Skull, Gianr-Crusher
F-TierClub, Spiked Club, Warpick

Katanas Tier List

This weapon type in Elden Ring is a mid-range combat specialist that’s efficient enough to render devastating thrust and slash attacks. Also, in many cases, Katanas can help cause the famous Hemorrhage Status Effect, which can inflict considerable, non-curable damage to the foes. Read more on this in Elden Ring Best Katanas.

Since there is so many things to consider while choosing a Katana in Elden Ring, we decided to provide you with a stat comparison table.

Weapons (Katanas)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Rivers of Blood76.036.0100.031.0
Serpentbone Blade120.045.0100.030.0
Meteoric Ore Blade112.050.0100.033.0
Hand of Malenia117.049.0100.033.0
Dragonscale Blade110.035.0100.030.0

Katanas also own a very different moveset, attracting even more players towards its uniqueness. The weapon is open to modifications using multiple Ashes of War which can alter its Skills or even Damage Type! For players who always admire a more comprehensive customization option, Katanas can be their favorite pick.   

 Elden Ring Katanas Tier List
S-TierMoonveil, Rivers of Blood, Uchigatana
A-TierSerpentbone Blade, Meteoric Ore Blade, Nagakiba
B-TierHand of Malenia
C-TierDragonscale Blade

Axes Tier List

Axes in the Eldin Ring perform just as they do outside the Eldin Ring. They are big and heavy, and so is their damage. Axes can be maneuvered with one hand and offer a wide array of attacks, including even those hard to manage with other weapons.

Here is the stat comparison between the Best Axes found in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Axes)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Rosus’ Axe112.044.0100.033.0
Gargoyle’s Black Axe100.049.0100.037.0
Butchering Knife134.058.0100.037.0
Winged Greathorn130.065.0100.042.0
Axe of Godrick142.065.0100.042.0
Icerind Hatchet115.040.0100.027.0
Rusted Anchor147.068.0100.044.0
Jawbone Axe130.049.0100.036.0
Highland Axe128.047.0110.031.0
Sacrificial Axe133.049.0100.033.0
Winged Greathorn130.065.0100.042.0
Stormhawk Axe136.049.0100.031.0
Celebrant’s Cleaver125.047.0100.033.0
Ripple Blade75.047.0100.031.0
Forked Hatchet106.040.0100.027.0
Warped Axe124.056.0100.043.0
Hand Axe117.042.0100.028.0
Iron Cleaver125.051.0100.034.0
Battle Axe128.047.0100.031.0

Axes prove especially useful if Eldin Ring’s PvP meta and hence are best for close combats. Like most weapon types of the game, Axes can also be tweaked as per the player’s preferences using any Ashes of War.

 Elden Ring Axes
S-TierRosus’ Axe, Gargoyle’s Black Axe
A-TierButchering Knife, Winged Greathorn
B-TierAxe of Godrick, Icerind Hatchet
C-TierRusted Anchor
D-TierJawbone Axe, Highland Axe, Sacrificial Axe
E-TierWinged Greathorn, Stormhawk Axe, Celebrant’s Cleaver, Ripple Blade
F-TierForked Hatchet, Warped Axe, Hand Axe, Iron Cleaver, Battle Axe

Bows Tier List

With these ranged weapons, players can utilize the opportunity of inflicting massive damage on the opponent’s side even from a considerable distance. This quality also makes up for the drawbacks of bows: no guard protection against immediate retaliation. By the way, we did a separate article on Best Elden Ring Ranged Weapons, so make sure to check that as well.

Let’s have a quick glance at the stats of these Elden Ring Bows:

Weapons (Bows)Physical (ATK)CritRng
Lion Greatbow120.0100.050.0
Misbegotten Shortbow68.0100.025.0
Pulley Crossbow65.0100.042.0
Full Moon Crossbow50.0100.042.0
Golem Greatbow130.0100.050.0
Harp Bow62.0100.029.0
Erd Tree Greatbow60.0100.050.0
Crepus’ Black-Key Crossbow68.0100.047.0
Red Branch Shortbow65.0100.029.0
Horn Bow65.0100.050.0
Soldier’s Crossbow54.0100.042.0
Albinauric Bow82.0100.050.0
Composite Bow65.0100.029.0
Heavy Crossbow64.0100.042.0
Great Bow125.0100.050.0
Light Crossbow58.0100.042.0
Serpent Bow75.0100.050.0
Black Bow70.0100.050.0

Because bows can not be wielded without a bunch of arrows, don’t forget to equip your character with substantial arrow reserves before starting an Eldin Ring match. Also, Bows cannot be modified with Ashes of War; hence keep in mind that you need to adjust with the pre-build damage skills. 

 Elden Ring Bows
S-TierLion Greatbow, Misbegotten Shortbow, Pulley Crossbow, Full Moon Crossbow
A-TierGolem Greatbow, Harp Bow, Erd Tree Greatbow, Crepus’ Black-Key Crossbow, Longbow
B-TierRed Branch Shortbow, Horn Bow, Soldier’s Crossbow, Albinauric Bow
C-TierComposite Bow, Heavy Crossbow
D-TierGreatbow, Arbalest
E-TierLight Crossbow, Serpent Bow
F-TierShortbow, Black Bow

Swords Tier List

Swords in Eldin Ring includes the subtypes: Straight Swords, Greatswords, and Curved Swords. The Straight Swords inflict a lot of damage for Bosses and Enemies as they are excellent in offering an outstanding balance of thrusting and slicing attacks at the same time. You may want to read our separate assessment through Elden Ring Best Sword article.

Before getting into a little more detail, here are all the stats you need to know regarding Swords in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Swords)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Bloodhound’s Fang141.068.0100.044.0
Starscourge Greatsword129.065.0100.052.0
Onyx Lord’s Greatsword118.057.0100.044.0
Maliketh’s Black Blade127.068.0100.055.0
Eclipse Shotel77.035.0100.025.0
Sword of Night and Flame87.036.0100.031.0
Godslayer’s Greatsword119.063.0100.045.0
Death’s Poker119.063.0100.045.0
Wing of Astel65.028.0100.023.0
Crystal Sword106.044.0100.033.0
Carian Knight’s Sword88.036.0100.031.0
Royal Greatsword112.071.0100.052.0
Ruins Greatsword124.082.0100.056.0
Magma Blade96.044.0100.027.0
Blasphemous Blade121.072.0100.050.0
Dark Moon Greatsword82.057.0100.044.0
Marai’s Executioner Sword94.068.0100.046.0
Bloody Helice121.057.0100.034.0
Antspur Rapier98.047.0100.021.0
Helphen’s Steeple101.066.0100.046.0
Sacred Relic Sword118.062.0110.042.0
Inseparable Sword98.059.0100.044.0
Grafted Blade Greatsword162.080.0100.053.0
Omen Cleaver142.068.0100.044.0
Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword114.066.0100.050.0
Scavenger’s Curved Sword105.040.0100.025.0
Flowing Curved Sword109.042.0100.026.0
Mantis Blade112.044.0100.027.0
Great Epee124.052.0100.031.0
Sword of St Trina107.039.0100.028.0
Alabaster Lord’s Sword128.056.0100.039.0
Iron Greatsword149.073.0100.047.0
******* Sword138.065.0100.042.0
Forked Greatsword124.061.0100.039.0
Banished Knight’s Greatsword142.068.0100.044.0
Gargoyle’s greatsword133.071.0100.046.0
Maliketh’s Black Blade127.068.0100.055.0
Morgott’s Cursed Sword120.055.0110.035.0
Lordsworn’s Straight Sword115.045.0110.030.0
Zamor Curved Sword125.061.0100.039.0
Short Sword102.042.0100.028.0
Ornamental Straight Sword101.042.0110.028.0
Cane Sword96.041.0100.027.0
Frozen Needle99.040.0100.020.0
Antspur Rapier98.047.0100.021.0
Knight’s Greatsword141.058.0100.044.0
Sword of Milos141.068.0100.044.0

These swords are more of a basic sword hence don’t expect anything more fascinating from them than just what regular swords are supposed to do. When paired with a potent Shield, Straight Swords enable players to relish swift follow-up assaults after blocking. 

Greatswords are also proficient in dishing out lethal damage to the foes, in fact significantly more than Straight Swords do. However, you need to deal with their mobility issue as it leaves the players vulnerable to the opponent’s strikes.

Nevertheless, with high risk comes a high reward as you can blow a vast pancake of Bosses and Enemies with a single sweep of your Greatsword. 

Last but not least, Curved Swords are just as mighty as the Greatsword with absolutely no risk of vulnerability as they have no mobility issue. They are far more speedy in dishing slash-attacks than many other melee weapons in Elden Ring. Don’t know how to handle super-flashy foes? Equip yourself with the best Greatsword, and you are good to go!  

Straight Swords, Greatswords, and Curved Swords can be synced with Ashes of War for further changes in skills and damage type. 

 Elden Ring Swords (All-Types)
S-TierBloodhound’s Fang, Starscourge Greatsword, Claymore, Onyx Lord’s Greatsword, Maliketh’s Black Blade, Eclipse Shotel, Sword of Night, and Flame, Godslayer’s Greatsword, Death’s Poker
A-TierWing of Astel, Crystal Sword, Carian Knight’s Sword, Royal Greatsword, Ruins Greatsword, Magma Blade, Blasphemous Blade, Dark Moon Greatsword, Marai’s Executioner Sword
B-TierBloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Helphen’s Steeple, Sacred Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword
C-TierBloody Helice, Antspur Rapier, Helphen’s Steeple, Sacred Relic Sword, Inseparable Sword
D-TierGrafted Blade Greatsword, Omen Cleaver, Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword, Scimitar, Falchion, Scavenger’s Curved Sword, Flowing Curved Sword, Mantis Blade, Great Epee, Sword of St Trina, Alabaster Lord’s Sword
E-TierZweihander, Dismounter, Shotel, Broadsword, Iron Greatsword, ******* Sword, Forked Greatsword, Banished Knight’s Greatsword, Flamberge, Gargoyle’s greatsword
F-TierMaliketh’s Black Blade, Longsword, Morgott’s Cursed Sword, Lordsworn’s Straight Sword, Zamor Curved Sword, Short Sword, Ornamental Straight Sword, Cane Sword, Frozen Needle, Antspur Rapier, Knight’s Greatsword, Sword of Milos

Fists and Claws Tier List

Fists and Claws are similar types of weapons in the Eldin Ring that are equipped in both hands to yield maximum damage in short-range combat. The weapons allow players to inflict rapid attacks that quickly eliminate enemies off the battleground.

Despite being an unpopular category, it’s still worth knowing how these weapons stand up against each other in Elden Ring. Here’s a quick look at the Comparison table of Fists and Claws weapons.

Weapons (Fists and Claws)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Grafted Dragon89.027.0100.022.0
Veteran’s Prosthesis83.030.0100.024.0
Spiked Caestus91.035.0100.020.0
Bloodhound Claws99.038.0110.022.0
Venemous Fang97.036.0100.019.0
Star Fist105.041.0100.023.0
Raptor Talons86.033.0110.019.0
Cipher Pata0.09.0100.019.0
Clinging Bone80.031.0100.021.0
Iron Ball101.038.0100.022.0

Both are lightweight equipment usually paired with Dexterity Builds for more incredible, more impactful damage outcomes. Also, Claws and Fists can both be used with Ashes of War for customization.  

 Elden Ring Fists and Claws 
S-TierGrafted Dragon, Veteran’s Prosthesis, Hookclaws
A-TierSpiked Caestus
B-TierBloodhoud Claws
C-TierVenemous Fang
D-TierHook Claws
E-TierKatar, Star Fist, Raptor Talons
F-TierCipher Pata, Clinging Bone, Iron Ball, Caestus

Halberds and Reapers Tier List

Halberd enables the player to maintain a safe distance from enemies while also rendering moderate damage. It does this by combining wide-swinging attacks and straight-thrusting strikes. Reapers, on the other hand, also pair a unique sweeping moveset with its long-reach potential.

Before reviewing the tier list, let’s first go through the stat comparison between Halberds and Reapers in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Halbers and Reapers)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Golden Halberd134.065.0100.052.0
Winged Scythe87.030.0100.030.0
Gargoyle’s Black Halberd103.054.0100.050.0
Banished Knight’s Halberd125.055.0100.042.0
Fingerprint Stone Shield139.0100.0100.077.0
Dragon Halberd135.058.0100.047.0
Loretta’s War Sickle110.057.0100.046.0
Halo Scythe118.042.0100.031.0
Gargoyle’s Halberd131.066.0100.050.0
Haligtree Crest Greatshield116.0100.0100.071.0
Nightrider Glaive129.066.0100.050.0
Grave Scythe144.049.0100.033.0
Guardian’s Swordspear139.057.0100.044.0
Golem’s Haldberd158.075.0100.050.0
Commander’s Standard138.064.0100.049.0
Simple Halberd125.055.0100.042.0
Pest’s Glaive120.055.0100.039.0
Ripple Crescent Halberd86.056.0100.043.0
Vulgar Militia Saw126.055.0100.042.0
Vulgar Militia Shotel121.055.0100.042.0

Halberd and Reapers prove particularly great for sneaking some damage behind strong shields if swung cleverly with the right angles and spacing. 

 Elden Ring Halberds and Reapers
S-TierGolden Halberd, Winged Scythe, Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, Banished Knight’s Halberd, Fingerprint Stone Shield
A-TierDragon Halberd, Loretta’s War Sickle, Halo Scythe
B-TierGargoyle’s Halberd, Haligtree Crest Greatshield
C-TierNightrider Glaive, Grave Scythe
D-TierScythe, Guardian’s Swordspear
E-TierGolem’s Haldberd, Commander’s Standard
F-TierSimple Halberd, Pest’s Glaive, Lucerne, Ripple Crescent Halberd, Vulgar Militia Saw, Vulgar Militia Shotel, Scythe

Shields Tier List

Though not remarkable for damaging as it’s not an attacking weapon, shields are a perfect way of defending yourself against lethal attacks launched by your foes. The more efficient a shield you employ, the better chances you have of surviving in the Elden Ring battle. Shields are primarily equipped in the off-hand, but there is no restriction of holding it into the other. 

Here are some Shield Stats that you should know about before equipping them in Elden Ring:

Weapons (Shields)Physical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
Blue-Gold Kite Shield80.0100.0100.053.0
Golden Beast Crest Shield104.0100.0100.060.0
Gilded Iron Shield74.078.0100.041.0
Iron Roundshield74.080.0100.041.0
Beastman’s Jar-Shield71.095.0100.050.0
Coil Shield92.065.0100.029.0
Great Turtle Shell81.087.0100.049.0
Beast Crest Heater Shield77.0100.0100.051.0
Carian Knight’s Shield63.0100.0100.049.0
Blue Crest Heater Shield77.0100.0100.050.0
Brass Shield84.0100.0100.056.0
Kite Shield78.0100.0100.051.0
Dragonclaw Shield118.0100.0100.061.0
Visage Shield186.0100.0100.075.0
One-Eyed Shield175.0100.0100.067.0
Ice Crest Shield74.077.0100.041.0
Riveted Wooden Shield72.074.0100.039.0
Icon Shield133.095.0100.059.0
Rift Shield70.076.0100.038.0
Blue-White Wooden Shield72.073.0100.039.0
Scripture Wooden Shield70.070.0100.038.0
Red Thorn Roundshield70.068.0100.038.0
Flame Crest Wooden Shield76.089.0100.047.0
Hawk Crest Wooden Shield76.090.0100.045.0
Spiralhorn Shield75.061.0100.035.0
Sield of the Guilty75.068.0100.033.0
Smoldering Shield58.079.0100.041.0
Pillory Shield71.068.0100.040.0
Perfumer’s Shield67.066.0100.037.0
Rickety Shield70.061.0100.037.0
Large Leather Shield75.085.0100.046.0
Marred Leather Shield75.081.0100.046.0
Briar Greatshield76.089.0100.047.0
Wooden Greatshield95.091.0100.056.0

Let’s now go through the tier list ranking for each Shield.

 Elden Ring Shields
S-TierBlue-Gold Kite Shield, Golden Beast Crest Shield, Gilded Iron Shield, Iron Roundshield,  Beastman’s Jar-Shield, Coil Shield
A-TierGreat Turtle Shell, Beast Crest Heater Shield, Carian Knight’s Shield, Blue Crest Heater Shield, Brass Shield, Kite Shield, Dragonclaw Shield, Visage Shield, One-Eyed Shield
B-TierIce Crest Shield, Riveted Wooden Shield, Icon Shield
C-TierRift Shield, Blue-White Wooden Shield
D-TierScripture Wooden Shield, Red Thorn Roundshield
E-TierBuckler, Flame Crest Wooden Shield, Hawk Crest Wooden Shield, Spiralhorn Shield, Sield of the Guilty, Smoldering Shield, Pillory Shield, Perfumer’s Shield
F-TierRickety Shield, Large Leather Shield, Marred Leather Shield, Flame Crest Wooden Shield, Briar Greatshield, Wooden Greatshield

Ballista Tier List 

As the name suggests, Ballistas in Eldin Ring are ballistic equipment that shoots giant bolts to rip off the enemy’s stance, making it vulnerable to upcoming attacks. It can destroy even the strongest shields or guard suits the opponent Enemy or Boss might be carrying. 

If you like battling from a safe distance and don’t want to compromise on damage stats either, Ballistas are an excellent pick for you. These long-ranged weapons can synergies with quite too many Ashes of War to match your playstyle. 

 Elden Ring Ballistas
S-TierJar Cannon
C-TierHand Ballista

Elden Ring Other Weapons Tier List

The never-ending list of Eldin Ring weapon types also includes the powerful Flails, scorching Torches, magic chanting Sacred Seals, and sharp Whips. Flails are long-reach devices that are slow but can render single power strikes of damage against opponents. 

Next up are Whips. They are fast, but the damage they render is a little too moderate and won’t do much against a giant Boss or Enemy. However, you can still utilize it against the smaller ones! Torche, on the other hand, is also known to render minor damage. Nevertheless, if you choose a mighty Torche, it may even scorch a bulky enemy into the fire.

For fans of sorcery, Sacred Seals are made available by the Elden Ring makers. It’s somewhat like the Glintstone Staff and casts incantations to disappear Bosses away.

Here is a brief look at the stats of these weapons piled up together:

Other WeaponsPhysical (ATK)Physical (Guard)CritBoost
*******’s Stars68.032.0100.020.0
Steel-Wire Torch61.025.0100.019.0
Chainlink Flail112.043.0100.024.0
Magma Whip Candlestick72.021.0100.015.0
Nightrider Flail115.037.0100.021.0
Giant’s Red Braid82.024.0100.015.0
Hoslow’s Petal Whip110.028.0100.017.0
Beast-Repellent Torch58.023.0100.019.0
Simple Torch54.021.0100.019.0
Simple Flail112.036.0100.020.0
Simple Whip100.025.0100.015.0

Here is our take on all of these weapons and where they rank on our tier list.

 Elden Ring Flails, Whips, Torches, and Sacred Seals 
S-Tier*******’s Stars, Steel-Wire Torch, Chainlink Flail, Magma Whip Candlestick
A-TierChainlink Flail, Nightrider Flail, Giant’s Red Braid
B-TierHoslow’s Petal Whip
C-TierBeast-Repellent Torch
D-TierSimple Torch
F-TierSimple Flail, Simple Whip

Top 5 Must-Have Elden Ring Weapons

Top 5 Best Elden Ring Weapons to Equip

Now that you know what weapon is more worthy than the others, it’s time for us to highlight the picks that we think are the best of all and can be equipped easily early in the game. They are: 

Bloodhound’s Fang: Best Sword 

As soon as you outnumber the Leonine Misbegotten at Castle Mourne, Eldin Ring will unlock the fascinating and very powerful Grafted Blade Greatsword. That would be your first experience of getting welcomed by a weapon that’s super sturdy and very rewarding. However, you will instantly forget its charm as soon as you come across the best of all: Bloodhound’s Fang.

The Bloodhound’s Fang is a curved greatsword housing severely high mobility stats that range from airborne attacks to incredible wide-sweeping actions. It’s so powerful yet swift that it makes the player feel like an acrobat, jumping and twirling its armored limbs around. The weapon has an exceptional bleed passive onboard along with stunning boot damage.

The weapon scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength. It is an excellent sword for dishing lethal melee attacks against the Bosses and Enemies and instantly getting to a safe distance from them. Bloodhound’s Fang also equips unique weapon skills found with none other items of the Eldin Ring arena, not even with the help of customization granted by the Ashes of War. 

Moonveil: Best Katana

Moonveil is the most potent Katana we have come across in the Elden Ring’s battlefield up till now. You can easily find this weapon after beating Magma Wyrm Boss at the Gael Tunnel in Caelid. 

This device is remarkably strong and owns the most robust Ash of War than any other weapon. The Transient Moonlight skill in Moonveil shoots out an illuminating bolt of light whenever the player is inflicted by the enemy’s attack, performing a follow-up attack in return. 

It quickly draws the blade for an instant slash attack, allowing the player to land a critical hit. The very famous Hemorrhage Status Effect (a massively severe damage posed against enemies) is another treat offered by Moonveil. Read more through Moonveil Katana Build.

Banished Knight’s Halberd: Best Halberd

Are you struggling with crowd control? Well, your misery won’t last long with the Banished Knight’s Halberd in your weapon arsenal. It is one of the mightiest crown control devices you can get early in the game that requires a severely immense amount of swinging force. 

When synced with the correct Ashes of War like the Spinning Strikes, it turns the player into an irresistible halberd-equipped brutal force. Like the Bloodhound’s Fang, this weapon scales primarily with Dexterity and Strength. 

The Banished Knight’s Halberd can even restrict projectiles launched by the opponent. To find this weapon, you need to reach the Whispering Peninsula spot in Castle Mourne. 

Reduvia: Best Dagger

Talking about dexterity and missing the Dagger category of weapon in the Elder Ring will be a little unjust. Especially now, when the already long collection of Daggers has been swelled even more after Elder Ring has recently added intricately designed units. One of these designs is also the Reduvia Dagger.

Reduvia is a sturdy-looking attack weapon ideal for players who admire ranged damage and melee damage, all housed by a single weapon. It is fast and bolsters a unique skill called the Blood Blades, which launches crescent loads of blood. Reduvia also offers decent critical damage stats and a rapid attack rate and can land strong slashes.

The summoning requirements demanded by Reduvia are also not much hence making this weapon a go-to option for beginning players. You can find Reduvia along the river that leads to Eldin Ring’s  Murkwater Caverns. 

Cipher Pata: Best Fist 

Though not as mighty in terms of damage infliction as the Swords, Daggers, and Katanas we have just been through, the Cipher Pata fist weapon is definitely one of the coolest devices of the Elden Ring realm.

Cipher Pata handily attaches to the player’s wrist, opening up its blades built of ancient symbols. These blades lunge forward to slice through the enemy’s skin. The weapon scales Faith, up to 30 of them, which is astonishingly huge to be obtained through the early Elden Ring matches, but if scaled, it can prove to be an excellent New Game Plus weapon.

Cipher Pata can be found in Elden Ring after beating  Mad Tongue Alberich in Roundtable Hold’s main chamber. 

Elden Ring Weapon Tier List Criteria 

A weapon’s efficacy and in-game yields are the essential criteria our team has been following for every weapon tier list and Elden Ring Weapon Tier List in no difference. We didn’t advocate melee or long-reach picks but only those that performed well across the board. 

Learning curves, Physical Damage stats, rate of Critical damage, and overall potency was considered before placing each weapon to their rightful ranks. 

Here are the basic criteria for ranking all weapons in Elden Ring

  • S-Tier: Includes all excellent weapons that are the best options for the current meta. All of them possess great damage stats and summoning benefits. They fit the character’s style well and mix well with other equipment. 
  • A-Tier: Solid options but not as mighty as the top-tier weapons. They will prove significant in dishing out damage to the foes with their decent physical damage stats. 
  • B-Tier: Good weapons but not vital for every build. Meaning you need to carefully match it with the characters in use and the setting you are playing in to extract the best from these weapons. For niche-specific use, Tier-B weapons are as mighty as the Tier-S choices. 
  • C-Tier: Weapons of this tier hail as average choices for players. They are neither too good nor terrible and hence are attributed as the middle of the pack. 
  • D-Tier: These choices are slightly on the bad side of being called average. Although some may shine for niche-specific uses, not all perform very well. 
  • E-Tier: Weak weapons that will only work fine if paired with a good build and potent character.
  • F-Tier: Though not outrightly worst, weapons of this category seem too weak to be used in front of the weapons placed in the top tiers. These weapons lack impressive damage-rendering stats. Anyways, if combined with a matching build, E-tier weapons might perform a little better.  

Ranking Based on Experience And Research

As told earlier, only the individual performance and stats of weapons did help us determine a criteria parameter through which we ranked Elden Ring weapons into a tier list format. Being professional gamers yourself, we also infused our experience of playing Elden Ring to put forth the best possible hierarchy as we could. 

We tested almost every unit discussed in the tiers discussed above and had been using them for a while in various Elden Ring arenas, modes and meta, with different settings so every niche could be served by our knowledge packed in this tier list. Also, we would like to credit all the authoritative sources and other veteran players of Elden Ring, who we consulted for acquiring popular opinions and preferences. 

Why Trust Us

We have been following Elden Ring and its updates since the video game was first announced until today when it was finally released. Throughout this affiliation, we haven’t missed a single weapon’s nerf and buff and hence are confident of the ranking we have produced using our experience. 

Our ranking factor and the curated Elden Ring weapons tier list are not only derived from our experience of the game but also the help of the web and the preferences of casual and professional players.

Nevertheless, tier listing has always been a subjective matter which is why our ranking might not fully relate to your stance. With that being said, our overall weapons ranking and guide are open for further discussions in the comments below.

We understand that a massive collection sounds fascinating, and you just can’t resist entering the battlefield; it also makes your weapon acquiring task a little daunting. No worries, though. Keep on reading our Elder Ring Weapon Tier list, and we’ll run you through all essential details regarding all weapons. Keep in mind, these are all Elden Ring Weapons Ranked – thus, if you want the Best Elden Ring Weapons, we have different guide.

Changes Due To Latest Patch

Last Updated: Version 1.07

Here are all the minor and major tweaks the Dev made for some of the weapons on Elden Ring in their latest relevant update.

  • The following weapon’s speed and distance have been increased and their recovery time has been reduced: Daggers, Hammers, Axes, and Flails (Dual Wielded).
  • The following weapon’s speed has been increased but their recovery time has been reduced: Twinblade (Two-Handed), Reaper, Fist, and Claw.
  • When using Colossal Swords, the speed of crouching and rolling has been slightly increased.
  • Increased Axes guard counters stagger damage.
  • Poise is increased when attacking using two-handed hammers and Claws.
  • Poise damage of Transient Moonlight has been increased but the poise damage of magic wave has been decreased.
  • Speed of crouching attacks done by using Thrusting Swords and Heavy Thrusting swords has been reduced.
  • Stagger caused by using double-handed Heavy Thrusting swords has been reduced.
  • Pose damage has decreased for weapons in Hammers, Great hammers, and Colossal weapons categories.

What Are The Weapons In Elden Ring 

Weapons are pieces of offensive equipment that are used to deal damage to the strong enemies and bosses of Elden Ring. There are a total of 309 weapons in Elden Ring that including some weapons that we have seen before in the previous Souls games. They can be wielded single or double-handedly. 

There are many types of weapons but the most sought-after weapons that many players wish to acquire are the Remembrance Weapons. These Legendary weapons are dropped by bosses and demigods in the game and can provide you with many perks and advantages during combat.

Furthermore, you can change the Damage Type of any weapon by using Ashes Of War on them. They can be equipped in the Sight Of Grace. Some of the best weapons in our tier list are the ones that have a higher damage type in Elden Ring. 

Ending Remarks

Elden Ring is a gaming masterpiece, filled with fascinating things to do all over. The tarnished ones can spend hours adventuring a dozen dungeons and secret chambers, funky yet brutal enemies, and so much more. Out of these items, there’s also an enormous range of weapons that Elden Ring has for its players. Weapons in the Elder Ring are just as important as they are in any soulsborne or RPG game but with a surprisingly extensive collection, choosing weapons wisely is even more critical.

The game features unique weapons and a few taken from previous Souls games. The game puts up to 30 different kinds of weapons at a player’s disposal, each holding a further extensive range of subtypes. Though the exact number of subtypes is yet to be worked out by players as Eldin Ring has just recently opened its horizons for dwellers of the gaming realm, we can at least inform you about what category will enable you to build the best-fit armory for yourself.

Also, because some enemies tend to lack certain types of damage, and each weapon kind in Elden Ring possesses its own damage rendering ability, it’s vital for you to learn about each one of them thoroughly. Hence our go-to Eldin Ring Weapon hierarchy should serve you in picking the best primary in-game weapon type. Every category has a separate ranking of sub-weapons, so you can easily find what’s best for your playstyle. 

Our Elden Ring Weapons Tier List and guide to some of the best choices you can have in your early stage of game tours you through everything you ought to know. So what are you waiting for? Go and unleash the vibrant Elden Ring fields with the most up-to-date weapon information we have just poured on to you! 

  • Last Updated: 20th March 2023.
  • Added: Patch notes of version 1.07.
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