How To Get Elden Ring Hookclaws [Location]

Our Elden Ring Hookclaws Location Walkthrough guide entails step by step process of how you can get the best bleed weapon early game.

Similar to previous soulsborne games where some of the best weapons, talismans, and armor sets dictate the overall playstyle of players, the same is the scenario in Elden Ring. Players get tons of weapon variety ranging from small fist weapons to average-sized swords and then colossal hammers, swords, and much more. However, when most tarnished ones pick the heaviest weapons to pack a punch, one must know that small weapons such as Hookclaws also offer a unique playstyle. That is why our Elden Ring Hookclaws Location guide entails how you can get this weapon early game and possibly upgrade it so as to keep using it for the mid to late game.

Key Highlights
  • Hookclaws is a really good Early to Mid game weapon. But as you move on the game you will realize that there are a lot of other claw-like weapons that can replace hookclaws such as Raptor Talons, Venomous Fang and many more.
  • The hookclaws can be found in the Stormveil Castle Limgrave Region. You will find it on a corpse. The first thing you will need to do is kill Margit, The Fell Omen.
  • Make your way to the Ruin Fragments and follow the steps provided in this article. You will encounter the Guard, who you can kill by backstabbing him for an easy kill.
  • The HookClaws, in its very base form is said to contain 89 physical damage and 110 Critical Damage.

You may continue reading the guide or watch our detailed video walkthrough about Hookclaws in Elden Ring.

Hookclaws Location In Elden Ring

In this guide, we have mentioned the location of Hookclaws in Elden Ring. The step-by-step location guide along with images should give you a clear picture of where to go and how to get your hands on Hookclaws in Elden Ring. So, without wasting more time, let us get into the nitty-gritty details regarding this weapon’s location.

Reaching Stormveil Castle

Elden Ring Hook Claws Location
stormviel main gate

The Hookclaws can be found on a corpse in Stormveil Castle Limgrave Region. The first thing you are actually going to do before getting this weapon is killing Margit, The Fell Omen. After killing the boss you will approach the Site of Grace near the Stormveil Castle’s main gate.

stormviel castle back entrance
stormviel castle

Moving on with our Hookclaws Location guide in Elden Ring, as shown in the image above, enter the Castle through the back entrance, making your way up through the Ruin Fragments. You will encounter birds in the area, be sure to kill them, for they can be pretty tempting and a nuisance. From there, move left where you can retrieve Smithing Stone.

Elden Ring Hook Claws Location
hug the wall and go behind main gate – Hookclaws stormveil

Now, jump off from the rocky cliff and traverse your way forward among the trees. Here you will encounter the Stormveil Cliff Site Grace in the area. Head upstairs and defeat enemies along the way who can be an annoyance.

fighting through narrow passage
site of grace new hookclaws

Encountering the Guard

Elden Ring Hook Claws Location
backstab axe enemy and get hookclaws

Enter the building and kill the two commoners. Head below the stairs where a guard is roaming; you can backstab the Guard for an easier kill. There’s another way in which you don’t have to kill the Guard, but just move to the left and pick up the item. The Hookclaws can be found on a corpse at the corner.

Hookclaws Weapon Stats

Hookclaws is a Claw weapon type in Elden Ring, and it is a light weight weapon that can be two-handed as well for some nice extra and beefy damage. It is a great weapon gear and quite effective because of its surplus blood loss effect in addition to the physical damage that this weapon causes. Arguably, Hookclaws is one of the best dexterity weapons in the early game, and a peculiar quality it offers is that it allows you to dash forward and backward or in any direction really quickly.

Hookclaws scales primarily with strength and Dexterity, and it also has Quick-Step Ash of War. Dash is a bit quicker than dodge roll, which gives you the ability to reposition yourself for a fatal attack. However, using Dash also consumes FP, but that shouldn’t be a problem since only 3 FP is consumed each time you use the Dash weapon art of Hookclaws.

It also has a nice heavy attack combo, and better still, you can jump from the air and really look like Wolverine; now, who doesn’t want to do that. Not only do the Hookclaws look amazing, but if you wish, you can also enchant them with some of the best incantations, and this unique attribute makes Hookclaws more stronger. And let’s be honest, they look pretty cool too.

As mentioned above that Hookclaws is more of a Dex weapon than STR. Right off the bat, you get Dex C-scaling on this weapon which can be improved by further leveling up this weapon by visiting the Blacksmith. If you want to put a number on it then this Claw category of weapon comes with 60 Bleed Build up, which is even higher than the Samurai starting class’s Uchigatana. The weapon, in its base value, comes with 89 physical damage with Critical damage of 110. 

Hookclaws Location Tips

Overall, Hookclaws is an excellent early to mid game weapon in Elden Ring, and players who’d want to have a blood build or pure dexterity build will surely enjoy this game. However, as you progress further in the game during mid and late game content, you get tons of other claw category weapons that will easily replace Hookclaws in Elden Ring. Other Claw weapons such as Raptor Talons, Venomous Fang, and Bloodhound Claws are simply much better than Hookclaws. But for early game, this is the best claw category weapon in Elden Ring.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about Elden Ring Hookclaws Location. Did you find this weapon in your first playthrough? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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