Elden Ring Item Tier List: Best & Worst Items

Want to unleash a featureful version of the Elden Ring? Our Elden Ring Item Tier List will help you pick up all the vital in-game items! 

Elden Ring offers its users the most intense combative duel they might have ever seen with the massive horde of weapons and exciting collection of bosses on the leash. The thrill doesn’t end here as the Elden Ring holds yet another essential set of equipment to heat the intensity–called items. How could we resist either? Similar to our Elden Ring Weapons tier list and bosses tier list, here’s a complete Elden Ring Item Tier List to help you make the most of this utility too! 

Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring has a massive collection of Items as its Weapons, Spirit Ashes, and Bosses. There are more than 150 Elden Ring Items currently available in the game.  
  • The vast array is divided into six distinct types that define an item’s use. The types are Great Rune, Key Item, Remembrance, Consumable, Upgrade Material, and Multiplayer Material. 
  • We rank all Elden Ring Items based on the overall value shown by each Item for their individual purpose and whether or not they are worthy of looting from lethal Bosses, chests, or the Lands Between.
  • Sewer-Goal Key, Remembrance of the Dragonlord, Godrick‘s Great Rune, Rune Arc, Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, and Small Golden Effigy are currently the highlight Items in Elden Ring. 
  • There are no worst-performing Items in Elden, but definitely, such that are not worthy compared to most. They are Fireproof Dried Liver, Smithing Stone, Torch, and Maps
  • The S-Tier ranked Elden Ring Items are an absolute must-have equipment for winning players that will help you in every situation. A-Tier Items can instead be skipped.
Elden Ring Item Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Items
S-TierGodrick‘s Great Rune, Rusty Key, Academy Glintstone Key, Drawing-room Key, Sewer-Goal Key, Rold Medallion, Dectus Medallion (Left Part), Stonesword Key, Dectus Medallion (Right Part), Imbued Sword Key, Discarded Palace Key, Rune Arc, Remembrance of the Dragonlord, Radahn Great Rune, Carian Inverted Statue, Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left Part), Haligtree Secret Medallion (Right Part), Rykard Great Rune, Malenia Great Rune, Flask of Cerulean Tears, Morgott Great Rune, Remembrance of the Grafted, Larval Tear, Elden Remembrance, Iron Whetblade, Remembrance of the Blasphemous, Spirit Calling Bell, Crafting Kit, Whetstone Knife, Remembrance of the Starscourge, Glintstone Whetblade, Remembrance of Horah Loux, Memory Stone, Spectral Steed Whistle, Fire Monks’ Playerbook, Two Fingers Playerbook, Tailoring Tools, Roped Fire Pot, Wraith Calling Bell, Holy Water Pot, Lost Ashes of War, Mohg Great Rune, Ghost Glovewort [9], Great Ghost Glovewort, Somber Smithing Stone [8], Somber Smithing Stone [9], Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Small Golden Effigy, Smithing Stone [8] , Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone , Crave Glovewort [9], Great Crave Glovewort, Limgrave East Map, Limgrave West Map, “Please Help” Prattling Pate, Tarnished Wizened Finger, Duelist’s Furled Finger, Small Red Effigy, Caelid Map, Siofra River Map, Leyndell Capital Map, Weeping Peninsula Map 
A-TierRed Hot Whetblade, Bone Knife, Black Whetblade, Throwing Dagger, Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen, Host’s Trick Mirror, Heavy Meteorite Fragment, Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor, Flask of Crimson Tears, Kukri, Ruin Fragment, Remembrance of the Blood Lord, Gravity Stone Fan, Royal House Scroll, Furled Finger’s Trick Mirror, Baldachin’s Blessing, Ancient Dragon Playerbook, Gravity Stone Chunk, Dragon Heart , Conspectus Scroll, Neutralizing Boluses, Fire Grease, Great Rune of The Unborn, Starlight Shards, Remembrance of the Fire Giant, Dragonwound Grease, Remembrance of the Naturalborn, Blood Grease, Academy Scroll, Assassin’s Playerbook, Talisman Pouch, Remembrance of the Rot Goddess, Rowa Raisin, Dragoncult Playerbook, Staunching Boluses, Stimulating Boluses, Remembrance of the Black Blade, Preserving Boluses, Sleep Pot, Remembrance of the Omen King, Amber Starlight, White Cipher Ring, Exalted Flesh, Rot Grease, Sancrified Whetblade, Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, Fire Pot, Mending Rune of the Fell Curse, Cured Immunizing Meat, Mending Rune of Perfect Order, Somber Smithing Stone [1 to 7], Pickled Turtle Neck, Fireproof Dried Liver, Remembrance of the Lichdragon, Mending Rune of the Death Prince, Smithing Stone [1], Smithing Stone [2], Smithing Stone [3], Smithing Stone [5], Smithing Stone [6], Smithing Stone [7], Crave Glovewort [1 to 8], Ghost Glovewort [1 to 8], Rainbow Stone, Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Bloody Finger, Taunter’s Tongue, Scriptstone, Blue Cipher Ring, Glowstone, “Hello” Prattling Pate, “Apologies” Prattling Pate, Mimic’s Veild, Finger Severer, Festering Bloody Finger, Dragonbarrow Map, Ainsel River Map, Telescope, Torch, “Thank you” Prattling Pate, Western Mountaintops Map, Eastern Mountaintops Map, Liurnia North Map, Liurnia East Map, Liurnia West Map, Mohgwyn Palace Map, Lantern, Lake of Rot Map, Deeproot Depths Map, Consecrated Snowfield Map

S-Tier Elden Ring Items S-Tier

S-Tier Elden Ring ItemsThe S-Tier includes items you must possess to further your adventure in the realm of Elden Ring. Though many of these will not be a direct key for opening the next challenge along the Elden Ring pathway, they will still prove significantly crucial.  

For instance, some Remembrances or Consumables of this tier may seem useless to you as not every offering suits everyone. Still, you may require it against a necessary-to-defeat boss at some point in the game. Therefore every Elden Ring Item mentioned below is worth your attention. 

Nevertheless, items ranked in this tier don’t necessarily imply that players initiate a blind quest of finding them. You will come past most of the S-Tier items along the way, and you just need to prioritize picking them.

Elden Ring ItemsTypeShort Description
Sewer-Goal KeyKey ItemOpens the Sewer-Goal gate beneath Leyndell.
Drawing-room Key Key ItemUnseals Volcano Manor drawing room.
Academy Glintstone KeyKey ItemOpens two sealed Academy gates.
Rusty KeyKey ItemUnlocks a door in Stormveil Castle. 
Godrick’s Great RuneGreat RuneOffers a buff to every players’ attribute/stat. 
Discarded Palace Key Key ItemKey to the treasure chest possessed by the Carian Princesses.
Imbued Sword KeyKey ItemUnlocks sending gates throughout the Elden Ring world
Stonesword Key Key ItemIt is used to access imp statues throughout the world of Elden Ring.
Dectus Medallion (Left and Right PartsKey ItemJoin both parts to initiate the Grand Lift of Dectus. 
Rold MedallionKey ItemUnseals the Grand Lift of Rold, which is later to be activated via Haligtree Secret Medallion.
Haligtree Secret Medallion (Left and Right Parts)Key ItemWave the medallion with both parts joined together to activate the Grand Lift of Rold. The Grand Lift of Rod will grant you access to a hidden path that connects Leyndell to the Mountaintops of the Giants.
Carian Inverted StatueKey ItemKey revealing the secret region of the Carian Study Hall.
Radahn Great RuneGreat RuneIncreases your maximum Stamina, FP, and HP significantly (almost 15%).
Remembrance of the DragonlordRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Placidusax’s Ruin or the Dragon King’s Cragblade heavy thrusting sword.
Rune ArcConsumableGrants Great Rune blessing upon use.
Remembrance of the GraftedRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 20,000 Runes and traded to get Grafted Dragon weapons or the Axe of Godrick.
Morgott Great RuneGreat RuneSignificantly increases HP only.
Flask of Cerulean TearsConsumableRestores FP.
Malenia Great RuneGreat RuneRecovers HP with each attack made.
Rykard Great RuneGreat RuneRestores a portion of HP upon successfully defeating enemies.
Spirit Calling BellKey ItemIt helps in summoning spirits that facilitate in combating bosses who are accompanied by lethal spirits of their own. It also helps engage enemies while you think of an effective strategy without getting sprayed with attacks.  
Remembrance of the BlasphemousRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 50,000 Runes. Exchange it in the roundtable Hold to unlock the Blasphemous Blade weapon and Rykard’s Rancor sorcery.
Iron WhetbladeKey ItemGrants additional Quality, Keen, or Heavy affinity to upgrade weapons.
Elden RemembranceRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 50,000 Runes and traded to get Sacred Relic Sword or Marika’s Hammer
Larval Tear Key ItemGrants Rebirth.
Remembrance of Horah LouxRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Horah Loux’s Earthshaker Ash of War or Axe of Godfrey weapon.
Glintstone WhetbladeKey ItemGrants additional Magic or Cold affinity to upgrade weapons. Especially useful for Glintstone Staves. 
Remembrance of the StarscourgeRemembranceIt can be consumed or sold for 40,000 Runes and traded to get Lion Greatbow or the mighty Starscourge Greatsword.
Whetstone KnifeKey ItemGrants additional battlearts and affinities to upgrade weapons.
Crafting KitKey ItemAllows crafting of valuable items, including HP improving consumables and Ammo, from the main menu. The item can be bought from Merchant Kalé, who’s found in Limegrave at the Church of Elleh. 
Tailoring Tools Key ItemAllows adjustment of weapons. 
Two Fingers PlayerbookKey ItemUnlocks Lord’s Heal and Lord’s Aid– two excellent HP boasting spells
Fire Monks’ PlayerbookKey ItemHelps acquire new fire incantations including ‘Surge, O Flame!’ and ‘O Flame!’ to aid in beefing more than a few Mini-bosses who lack against fire. 
Spectral Steed Whistle Key ItemSummons Spectral Steed that’s extremely necessary to adopt a torrent strategy for outclassing bosses. 
Memory StoneKey ItemAdds new memory slots. 
Mohg Great RuneGreat RuneGrants a Blessing of Blood Phantoms and passes on a Phantom Great Rune upon successful invasion.
Lost Ashes of War Key ItemIt helps in duplicating Ashes of War.
Holy Water PotConsumableDeals Holy damage.
Wraith Calling BellKey ItemConsumes FP to summon prowling wraiths.
Roped Fire PotConsumableDeals explosive fire damage when thrown from behind.
Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments to +10.
Somber Smithing Stone [9]Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments to +9.
Somber Smithing Stone [8]Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments to +8.
Great Ghost Glovewort Upgrade MaterialReinforce renowned ashes to +10.
Ghost Glovewort [9]Upgrade MaterialReinforce renowned ashes to +9.
Great Crave Glovewort Upgrade MaterialReinforce ashes to +10.
Crave Glovewort [9]Upgrade MaterialReinforce ashes to +9.
Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +25.
Smithing Stone [8] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +24.
Small Golden EffigyMultiplayer MaterialAllows you to send a sign to the Summoning Pool.
Small Red EffigyMultiplayer MaterialAllows you to send a PvP sign to a Summoning Pool.
Duelist’s Furled FingerMultiplayer MaterialCreates a red summoning sign.
Tarnished Wizened Finger Multiplayer MaterialUsed to send messages to others.
“Please Help” Prattling Pate Key ItemProduces a voice that says, “Please help.”
Limgrave East MapKey Item Map of Limgrave’s eastern section.
Limgrave West MapKey Item Map of Limgrave’s western section.
Weeping Peninsula MapKey Item Map of Weeping Peninsula and adjoining areas.
Leyndell Capital MapKey Item Map of Leyndell Capital and adjoining areas.
Siofra River MapKey Item Map of Siofra River and adjoining areas.
Caelid MapKey Item Map of Caelid and adjoining areas.


Elden Ring Items A-Tier
A-Tier Elden Ring Items

This tier holds all Elden Ring items that aren’t an absolute must-have for players if they aspire to reach the end of the game; however, these choices will surely help along. 

Elden Ring ItemsTypeShort Description
Remembrance of the Full Moon QueenRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 20,000 Runes. Gives access to Rennala’s Full Moon sorcery or the Carian Regal Scepter stave.
Throwing DaggerConsumableThrow at an enemy to inflict damage.
Black WhetbladeKey Item Grants additional Poison, Blood, or Occult affinity to upgrade weapons.
Bone KnifeConsumableCraftable. Inflicts damage when thrown. 
Red Hot WhetbladeKey ItemGrants additional Fire and Fire Art affinity to upgrade weapons.
KukriConsumableInflicts damage when thrown towards enemies and escalates blood loss. 
Flask of Crimson TearsConsumableRestores HP.
Remembrance of the Regal AncestorRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get the Ancestral Spirit’s Horn artifact or Winged Greathorn weapon.
Heavy Meteorite FragmentConsumableEmits gravitational shockwaves when thrown on the ground.
Host’s Trick Mirror Key ItemHelps to take on the appearance of your ally.
Furled Finger’s Trick Mirror Key ItemHelps to take on the appearance of Host of Fingers.
Royal House ScrollKey ItemOffers a lot to enhance a player’s sorcery approach, including Carian Slicer and Glintblade Phalanx. 
Gravity Stone FanConsumableActs as a wave emitting fan that creates gravitational shockwaves without being thrown on the ground.
Remembrance of the Blood LordRemembranceGet 30,000 runes by selling it or avail the Remembrance to access Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear or the Bloodboon incantation.
Ruin FragmentConsumableCan be thrown on enemies for inflicting damage or used for crafting.
Conspectus ScrollKey ItemUnlocks Star Shower and Glintstone Cometshard.
Dragon Heart ConsumableGrants dragon powers at the Dragon Communion altar.
Gravity Stone ChunkConsumableCauses gravitational explosions.
Ancient Dragon PlayerbookKey ItemUnlocks Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear.
Baldachin’s BlessingConsumableBoosts poise temporarily.
Remembrance of the Fire GiantRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Burn, O Flame! Incantation or the Giant’s Red Braid whip weapon.
Starlight ShardsConsumableRecover FP but slowly.
Great Rune of The UnbornGreat RuneUsed to Perfect Rebirth.
Fire GreaseConsumableInflicts fire damage by coating weapons.
Neutralizing BolusesConsumableHelps get rid of poison buildup.
Academy ScrollKey ItemAids in learning new sorceries if offered to a sorcerer. 
Blood GreaseConsumableInflicts bleed by coating weapons.
Remembrance of the NaturalbornRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Waves of Darkness Ashes of War or the Bastard’s Stars weapon.
Dragonwound GreaseConsumableInflicts harm on dragons by coating weapons.
Assassin‘s PlayerbookKey ItemHelps acquire new incantations like Assassin’s Approach.
Staunching BolusesConsumableMends impending hemorrhage
Dragoncult PlayerbookKey ItemHelps acquire new incantations that may prove viable against Knight bosses. 
Rowa RaisinConsumableRestores HP when fed to spectral steed on horseback. It is craftable.
Remembrance of the Rot GoddessRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 50,000 Runes and traded to get Hand of Malenia weapon or the mighty Scarlet Aeonia incantation.
Talisman PouchKey ItemIncreases Talisman slots 
Remembrance of the Omen KingRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes. Exchange it in the roundtable Hold to unlock the Regal Omen Bairn and Morgott’s Cursed Sword weapon.
Sleep PotConsumablePuts enemies to sleep by emitting a soporific purple haze.
Preserving BolusesConsumableCures rot and reduce scarlet rot buildup.
Remembrance of the Black BladeRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Black Blade incantation or the Maliketh’s Black Blade as a weapon.
Stimulating BolusesConsumableReduces sleep buildup.
Sancrified WhetbladeKey ItemGrants additional Lightning or Sacred affinity to upgrade weapons.
Rot GreaseConsumableInflicts  Scarlet Rot by coating weapons.
Exalted FleshConsumableBoosts attack temporarily (craftable).
White Cipher RingMultiplayer MaterialUsed to request a hunter when your world has been invaded.
Amber StarlightKey ItemCreates peculiar draught.
Mending Rune of Perfect OrderGreat RuneUsed to mend the fractured Elden Ring when disowned by the Lord. It offers an alternative ending after the last boss falls. 
Cured Immunizing MeatConsumableBoosts immunity temporarily.
Mending Rune of the Fell CurseGreat Rune Used to mend the fractured Elden Ring when disowned by the Lord. It offers an alternative ending after the last boss falls. 
Fire PotConsumableExplodes to inflict small-scale fire damage.
Gold-Pickled Fowl FootConsumableExtends rune acquisition temporarily (craftable).
Mending Rune of the Death PrinceGreat RuneUsed to mend the fractured Elden Ring when disowned by the Lord. It offers an alternative ending after the last boss falls. 
Fireproof Dried LiverConsumableIncreases fire damage negation temporarily.
Remembrance of the LichdragonRemembranceCan be consumed or sold for 30,000 Runes and traded to get Death Lightning incantations or Fortisax’s Lightning Spear.
Pickled Turtle NeckConsumableFastens stamina recovery temporarily. It is craftable.
Somber Smithing Stone [1 to 7] Upgrade MaterialReinforce special armaments from up to +1 to +7.
Ghost Glovewort [1 to 8]Upgrade MaterialReinforce renowned ashes from up to +1 to +8.
Crave Glovewort [1 to 8]Upgrade MaterialReinforce ashes from up to +1 to +8.
Smithing Stone [7] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +21.
Smithing Stone [6] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +18.
Smithing Stone [5] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +15.
Smithing Stone [4] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +12.
Smithing Stone [3] Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +9.
Smithing Stone [2]Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +6.
Smithing Stone [1]Upgrade MaterialReinforce armaments to +5.
Furlcalling Finger RemedyMultiplayer MaterialMakes summon signs of other players visible for you. 
Rainbow StoneConsumableThough a Consumable, this item works as a Multiplayer material. It emits a colored light to serve as a guide.
GlowstoneConsumableThough a Consumable, this item works as a Multiplayer material. It emits a faint light when placed on the ground.
Blue Cipher Ring Multiplayer MaterialAllows you to answer calls for help.
ScriptstoneConsumableThough a Consumable, this item works as a Multiplayer material. It reveals messages from other worlds.
Taunter’s TongueMultiplayer MaterialLure’s invaders to your game world.
Bloody FingerMultiplayer MaterialAllows invading another player’s world.
Festering Bloody Finger Multiplayer MaterialAllows invading another player’s world.
Finger SevererMultiplayer MaterialIt enables you to go back home (to your world).
Mimic’s VeildKey ItemDrains FP to mimic nearby objects.
“Apologies” Prattling Pate Key ItemProduces a voice that says, “Apologies.”
“Hello” Prattling Pate Key ItemProduces a voice that says “Hello”.
“Thank you” Prattling Pate Key ItemProduces a voice that says, “Thank you.”
TorchKey ItemIlluminates dark spaces to help in looking out for potential enemies. It can also be used to inflict small-scale fire damage to enemies. There are multiple magic charms and items that serve the same purpose, though. 
TelescopeKey ItemAllows players to view distant things—for instance, a demigod lurking in a faraway castle. 
Ainsel River MapKey Item Map of Ainsel River and adjoining areas.
Dragonbarrow MapKey Item Map of Dragonbarrow and adjoining areas.
Mohgwyn Palace  MapKey ItemMap of Mohgwyn Palace and adjoining areas. 
Liurnia East MapKey ItemMap of Liurnia’s eastern section.
Liurnia West MapKey ItemMap of Liurnia’s western section.
Liurnia North MapKey ItemMap of Liurnia’s Northern section
Western Mountaintops MapKey ItemMap of Mountaintops (West).
Eastern Mountaintops MapKey ItemMap of Mountaintops (East).
Consecrated Snowfield MapKey ItemMap of Consecrated Snowfield and adjoining areas. 
Deeproot Depths Map Key ItemMap of Deeproot Depths and adjoining areas. 
Lake of Rot MapKey ItemMap of Lake of Rot and adjoining areas. 
Lantern Key ItemAn attached-to-waist version of a torch that can illuminate regions, enabling players to see through the dark. Smaller visibility range than a handheld torch. 

How I Built This Tier List

We put a substantial amount of time and effort into curating game tier lists after thoroughly experiencing the play ourselves. The Elden Ring item tier list is no different, either. The items ranked above are not only placed into respective tiers merely on stats but also on how viable their effects can prove for individual players. 

Our team has tried to induce every necessary, most up-to-date information possible so our readers couldn’t miss any. However, because Elden Ring is a new release and we as gamers are still experiencing its vast fields filled with intense, new challenges, this tier list may lack some speck of information. 

Our overall Elden Ring items ranking and guide are open for further discussion in the comments below.

Tips: We previously curated the Elden Ring Spells tier list based on usability; make sure to read that as well.

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