Elden Ring: How To Get & Farm Rune Arcs

Here is everything you need to know about how to use and get Rune Arcs.

One item that perhaps might be the strongest in Elden Ring is going to be the Rune Arc when used correctly. This special item is used a lot, and you can even Farm Rune Arcs offline in Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • Rune Arcs are a shard of an Elden Ring that has been shattered.
  • Rune Arcs can give you an extra boost in health but are more effective when used to activate Great Runes.
  • You can find Rune Arcs all over the map, some are in chests, and others are just lying around
  • You can farm Rune Arcs by fighting and killing bosses in multiplayer or by killing Giant Rats.

At first glance, rune arcs don’t seem that powerful or interesting. However, once you discover their full potential, you will be hunting for them all over the map. According to the game’s lore, a Rune Arc is one shard of the Elden Ring that has been shattered. It is a consumable item that you can use to give you different buffs in the game. It has two main uses: both will make you stronger and breeze through the game more easily. 

You can carry around 99 Rune arcs with you if you can collect them. And if you somehow get 600 Rune Arcs, you can store them, but that’s the limit. However, having that many seem excessive, seeing that they resell for only 200 runes

What Is The Usage Of Rune Arc?

Elden Ring Great Rune
Rune Arc Used To Activate Great Rune- Image by eXputer

Firstly, the normal use of Rune Arc in Elden Ring is that you can consume it normally. That will not give you much boost and only increases your maximum health in the game. That alone does not sound too appealing, so why would you want them? Well, the second use turns you from a mortal into a skilled warrior. 

In the game, you get items by defeating the main bosses. One of the most consequential items they dropped will be the Great Runes, which can grant the player specific perks that allow you to become stronger and surpass your limits. However, you still need a Rune Arc to activate a Great Rune. 

  • Once you have unlocked a Great Rune’s power from the Divine Tower, you can equip it at a site of Grace.
  • However, equipping it does not mean you get the buff.
  • Once it is equipped, go into your inventory and consume a Rune Arc to activate the Great Rune’s Perks.
  • The Great Rune perks only last until a player’s death. Once you die, you will need to redo the process. 

Rune Arc Locations

Elden Ring Rune Arc Locations
Locations Of Rune Arc – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

There are three ways that you can get your hands on Rune Arcs. You can find them in different locations and loot them. Defeat enemies for a chance for the enemies to drop them, and lastly, you can purchase them. 

Locations Where Rune Arcs Can Be Found

The first way will be to find them all over the map in Elden Ring. You can find them on corpses, near Erdtrees, or even in chests. They are shattered all over the most waiting for you to discover them. 


All Rune Arc Chests
Chest With Rune Arcs In Elden Rune – Image Captured by us

There are four chests where you can find Rune Arcs, and they will be pretty easy to locate. One of the four Rune Arc chests will be located near the Atlas tunnel. You can get the Rune Arc here without any difficulty cause no enemies are protecting the chest. The chest is located in a cave closed off by a door near the site of Grace present in the area. You can simply walk into the room and locate the chest; once you open the chest, you will receive the Rune Arcs. 

The Second One will be the easiest to get as it is just next to a site of Grace at the Coal Mine. It’s pretty hard to miss it, and no mobs guarding the second chest, either. 

The Third Chest is a bit hidden, and you must maneuver your way around the tower. The Third chest is located at the snowy peaks of Albinauric Rise located at the Consecrated Snowfield. The chest will be hidden on a platform you will have to reach by finding a way to get down to it. 

The Fourth and final chest will be a bit hard to get to since it will be guarded by a Great Sage. It shouldn’t be too difficult to beat it if you know what you are doing. The chest is located at the Academy Crystal Cave and has its Great Sage guarding the chest with its life. Once you have cleared the Great Sage, you can open the chest and recover the Rune Arcs from within. 


Elden Ring Rune Arc Corpses
Corpses With Rune Arcs – Image by eXputer

The most frequent place where you will find Rune Arcs in Elden Ring will be Random Corpses that you find while wandering the lands. Be sure to check them. Here are some that you can keep an eye out for:

  • You can find two corpses near the Dragon temple. One near the Phantom Tree located on the outskirts of the temple, and one near a deteriorating pillar inside the Dragon Temple. 
  • Another two corpses holding Rune Arcs are located around the Liurnia of the Lakes. One of the two corpses will be out in the wild, and it’s relatively near a merchant who is situated in the area. You can also find some boulders near the locations of the corpse. The second One will be located inside enemy territory. You will have cleared the outpost that is located at The Four Belfries. It will not be easy since the number of enemies is a lot. 
  • You can find two corpses next to a small fire in two different locations, one in Castle Sol and one in Dragonbarrow.
  • Another couple of corpses can be found in the Catacombs. One is located in a hidden room, whose door is activated by a lever at the Unsightly Catacombs. The other is located at the Road’s End Catacomb near the stairs.
  • Moreover, you can find another pair in two tunnels. The first will be hanging in the main cave at Sellia Crystal Tunnel. The second will be at the Sealed Tunnel next to the Abductor Virgin

Once you slay the Omenkiller present in the village of the Albinaurics, you can look around to locate a corpse with a Rune Arc in the area. The rest of the four corpses holding the Rune Arcs will be located at Caria Manor, Fort Gael, Spiritcaller’s Cave, and Caelid, respectively. They are out in the open and easy to spot, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them. 

Other Locations 

Elden Ring Other Rune Arc Locations
Rune Arc Other Locations – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

A few of the Rune Arcs in Elden Ring won’t be in chests or on corpses. Some are just found sitting at random spots in the game, such as under the staircase at Cliffbottom Catacombs. You can find two at Rune Arcs at the Leyndell Royal Capital. 

For the first one, you will have to get to the room located under the dragon’s wing, and the second is internal to the Fortified Manor. You will find a table that is covered with swords with the Rune Arc on it. One Rune Arc can also be found under the Erdtree, which is located in Caelid

Places To Purchase Rune Arcs

Shops To Buy Rune Arc
Rune Arc Shops – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The second mode will be purchasing them from various game shops or vendors. They are fairly easy to purchase. However, it wouldn’t be sustainable to keep buying them. Their prices vary from place to place, and each shop has a limited supply

There are five shops overall in the Elden Ring where you can purchase Rune Arcs. Four of the five shops only sell three Rune Arcs, while the fifth One sells five Rune Arcs. The four shops selling 3 Rune Arcs are in Liurnia of the Lakes, Mountaintops of the Giants, Hermit Merchant’s Shack, and Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. The One that sells five Rune Arcs is located at the Roundtable Hold.

The Prices of the Rune Arcs vary according to the location you buy them from. Most Merchants sell them at 4000 runes per Rune Arc, while others sell them for 8000 runes. You can only get a limited supply from these places, so it’s better to farm them and save your precious rune for leveling up your stats. 

Kill Enemies To Gain Rune Arc

Rune Arc Enemies
Elden Ring Enemies – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The third and most effective method will be to kill enemies and obtain it from the loot they drop. You can even team up with friends and defeats bosses together, which is an easy and reliable way to get them. There are Mobs in the game that have a certain chance to drop Rune Arcs. You can reset mobs and keep on killing them to farm Rune Arcs. 


Rune Arc Single Player Farming
Elden Ring Single Player Rune Arc Farming- Image Captured by us

There are two main spots to get Rune Arcs from in the Single Player mode. You can do the Volcano Manor’s mission in which you have to assassinate a few targets. Three of these targets will give you Rune Arcs once you successfully defeat them. Old Knight Istvan, Rileigh the Idle, and Great Horned Tragoth all three will drop Rune Arcs upon death. The second way is to kill Giant Rats which have a slight chance of dropping a Rune Arc


Rune Arcs In Multiplayer
Elden Ring Multiplayer – [Image credit: eXputer]
There are three bosses you can beat as an invader in multiplayer. Once someone summons you, you can defeat the Furled Finger to gain the first Rune Arc. The other two are relatively easier. While you are an invader, slay a Host of Fingers and a Hunter to gain two Extra Rune Arc drops

Rune Arc Farm 

Farm Rune Arcs In Elden Ring
Elden Ring Rune Arc Farm – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

If you want to farm Rune Arcs, there isn’t really an overpowered method. Currently, the two methods to farm Rune Arcs in Elden Ring are quite time-consuming and require you to put your back into it. The first way will be to get into as many multiplayer games as possible to defeat bosses. Each boss kills as an invader gets you Rune Arcs, so you need to make the most out of these opportunities. 

However, you won’t be getting into multiplayer games all the time, so you will have to find a way to farm some Rune Arcs Offline in Elden Ring. The Best way to Rune Arc farm offline in Elden Ring will be by slaying Giant Rats. Even though the chance of them dropping the Rune Arc in quite low locations, such as Castle Morne, makes for the best Rune Arc farm in Elden Ring Offline. 

You can head to a location with Giant Rats and a site of Grace nearby. Giants rats are quick and easy to kill; you can reset them by sitting at a site of Grace. Once you have reset it, go back and do it all over again. If you do this long enough, it should be a one-time deal and should last you a while. Since the effects last until death, if you play safe, you won’t need a lot of Rune Arcs. 

Final Words

You will need Rune Arcs to make the game easier. However, you will need to know the best class in Elden Ring to survive in the game. Check out our guide on Elden Ring Best Classes and Best Swords guide, so you are prepared for boss fights. You can also try different Builds, such as BEST Faith Build or Blood Build, to find the Best build that suits your play style. 

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