Elden Ring Rileigh The Idle Location Walkthrough

The one thing that expands a gaming titles’ shelf life is an abundance of content. This ensures that there are always new areas to explore and quests to complete. The amount of time that you can keep a player hooked has a direct impact on your games’ reputation. With a playtime of 120+ plus hours, Elden Ring has certainly checked that box. In the game, there are always new weapons to try and new quests to complete. Every questline you complete gives you valuable items that can make the process of progressing in the game child’s play. Here is a step-by-step guide to finding the Elden Ring Rileigh the Idle Location which is a key part of completing the Volcano Manor Quest.

Key Highlights
  • Rileigh the Idle is the second assassination target for the Volcano Mano questline.
  • Before you can fight him, you need to accept Tanith’s quest at Volcano Manor.
  • The first target is Old Knight Istvan, whom you can find at Stormhill after accepting the first letter.
  • After accepting the second letter from an NPC at Volcano Manor, you can summon Rileigh the Idle in Atlus Plateau.
  • Rileigh drops a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, Crepus’s Vial, and 20 Black-Key-Bolt arrows.
  • Tanith rewards you with the Serpentbone Blade for killing Rileigh the Idle.

Locating Rileigh The Idle In Elden Ring

Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring
Locating Rileigh the Idle

Rileigh the Idle is an enemy that can be found at Altus Plateau in Elden Ring. It is one of the assassination targets that are given in the Volcano Manor questline. To locate and fight Rileigh, you will have to travel to another dimension through a summoning point.

Prerequisites To Locating Rileigh The Idle

Finding Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring is an extremely fruitful endeavor. The rewards that are obtained by killing this enemy make it worth the effort. It is also an essential element of the Volcano Manor questline and you cannot progress without encountering Rileigh. But before you can encounter this enemy, you will have to complete a series of prerequisites.

Journey to the Volcano Manor

Journey Starting Point to Locating Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring
Erdtree Gazing Hill

To locate the Volcano Manor, you will start your journey at Erdtree Gazing Hill. Speaking of Erdtree, here is our guide on how to find the Erdtree Greatshield Location in Elden Ring that can make your journey easier.

Erdtree Elden Ring
Erdtree Journey Starting Point

Once you are there, you will make your way through an open field until you get to an area surrounded by large rock structures. This can be a long journey so you can use a horse to cut it down by half. After making your way to these structures, you will encounter a small tornado that will carry you up the cliff.

Erdtree Tornado
Tornado Leading to the Bridge

Once you make your way to this cliff you will see another tornado that will take you to the Erdtree bridge.

Erdtree Bridge
Bridge Leading to Mt.Gelmir

Running across this bridge will take you to Mt.Gelmir.

Mt.Gelmir Elden Ring

Here you will encounter a series of different enemies. You can fight these enemies but it can be a massive waste of time and valuable resources. The better option will be to ignore these enemies and get to the ladder that is right next to a mountain.

Mt.Gelmir First Ladder

When you are done climbing the ladder, you will come across a passageway that will be crawling with enemies. You can avoid these enemies and keep running straight to reach a stone bridge.

Stone Bridge
Mt.Gelmir Stone Bridge

Making your way up the bridge will take you to a series of four long ladders.

Finding Entrance To Volcano Manor

Climbing these ladders will take you one step closer to Locating Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring. Here you will find another tornado that will carry you to the Mt.Gelmir summit.

Mountain Summit Overlooking the Rileigh the Idle Location in Elden Ring
Mt.Gelmir Summit

From here, you will make your way down the mountain to locate the Volcano Manor entrance.

Volcano Manor Leading to Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring
Volcano Manor Entrance

Defeating Old Knight Istvan

After making your way to the Volcano Manor, you will have to talk to a series of NPCs starting with Tanith. She will give you a drawing-room key that will grant you access to that room.

Drawing-Room Key

Once you get there, you will talk to the NPC sitting on the chair.

Start of First Quest
NPC with first Assassination Letter

He will give you the letter containing the assassination order for Old Knight Istvan.

1st Letter
1st Assasination Letter

Old Man Istvan can be summoned at Stormhill to start the battle.

Spawn Location
Old Knight Istvan Spawn Location

This battle will be long and extremely challenging so make sure that you come prepared. Once you have defeated Intvan, you can start the part of the quest that tells you the Location of Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring.

Old Knight Istvan
Old Knight Istvan Fight

Returning Volcano Manor For Second Target

Once you have defeated Istvan, make your way back to the Volcano Manor. Here, you will be given a Magma Shot by Tanith as a reward for assassinating the first target.

Magma Shot Reward

After receiving this reward, you will head to the corridor on the right to talk to another NPC.

2nd NPC to Locate Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring
NPC with the Rileigh Assassination Letter

This NPC will give you the second Letter from Volcano Manor. This letter will give you the quest of Locating Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring and assassinating him. After that conversation concludes, you will make your way to the summoning point of Rileigh the Idle.

Fighting Rileigh the Idle

Rileigh the Idle Location Elden Ring
Rileigh the Idle Spawn Location

After arriving at the destination specified by the map, you will see blood splattered on the ground. Interacting with this will teleport you to Altus Plateau where you will engage in a battle with Rileigh the Idle.

Rileigh the Idle Battle Elden Ring
Rileigh the Idle Fight

The fight itself can be relatively straightforward if you know the correct way to approach it. Rileigh deals a significant amount of damage so rushing at him is not the best call. You can use the hit and roll approach if you don’t have good weapons. However, if you have a high-tier weapon, you will be able to kill him without breaking a sweat. Find out which weapons you can use by going through our Elden Ring Weapon Tier List.  

Rewards Obtained by Defeating Rileigh

Killing Rileigh will drop a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, a Crepus’s Vial, and 20 Black-Key-Bolt arrows. Furthermore, if you make your way back to the Volcano Manor, Tanith will give you the Serperntbone Blade as a reward for killing him.

Serpentbone Blade
Serperntbone Blade Reward

It will also take you one step closer to completing the Volcano Manor and encountering Rykard. You can learn more about him in our Elden Ring Boss Tier List.

This concludes our step-by-step guide on how you can find the location of Rileigh the Idle in Elden Ring. If you liked this walkthrough, feel free to view our guide on the Fingerslayer Blade location in Elden Ring. Let us know what you thought about this guide in the comments below!

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