Elden Ring Volcano Manor Location [3 Ways]

Our detailed guide on the Location of Volcano Manor in Elden Ring and the different ways you can get there.

The Volcano Manor is one of the Legacy Dungeons in Elden Ring, and it is home to Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, a shard bearer of the Elden Ring. 

Key Takeaways
  • Players can reach Volcano Manor at the northwest edge of Elden Ring’s world map through three methods.
  • Method 1: 
    • Head west from Corpse Stench Shack, climb the ladder, go to Ninth Mt. Gelmir Grace, and jump down.
  • Method 2: 
    • Receive an invitation from Rya after completing the first part of her quest.
    • Experience the Abductor Virgin’s body trap attack, respawning at the Subterrain Inquisition Chamber grace site below the Manor.
  • Method 3:
    • Spare Patches at Murkwater Cave, then meet him at the Scenic Isle Grace site.
    • Use Sacrificial Twig or Twiggy Cracked Tear to retain some runes if the Abductor Virgin kills you.

Reaching Volcano Manor On Foot

First of all, you need to either start from:

The Route Towards Volcano Manor

After starting from either of these two locations, I have provided the remaining route as follows: 

  1. Erdtree in Atlas Plateau (Near the Bower of Bounty Grace site) 
  2. From the Bower of Bounty Grace site, head straight northwest until you see a bridge; this bridge will lead you to the Bridge of Iniquity Grace site.  
  3. From here, you need to head almost northwest to the Corpse Stench Shack. 
  4. Once you get to the Corpse Stench Shack, you will find a ladder almost southeast of the shack. Climb the ladder and head west again to the Ninth Mt. Gelmir site of grace.  

Once you reach this location, you will see a boss, the Full-Grown Falling Star Beast. You can defeat this boss or run past it to the platform, where you can jump down and reach the Volcano Manor.

In my experience, I felt relatively under-leveled when fighting the beast, so chances are you might feel under-leveled at this stage, too.

Map Walkthrough For Volcano Manor

The image below is a complete road map of your journey with all the landmarks and sites of grace. I recommend using it as a reference if you decide to go there on foot.

Volcano Manor Raodmap
A complete roadmap that shows your on-foot journey to the Volcano Manor.

1. Reaching Volcano Manor By Rya’s Questline

Another way of reaching the Volcano Manor is to complete the first part of Rya’s Questline. Rya is an NPC who works as a scout for the Volcano Manor.  

Rya’s First Location 

To complete the first part of her quest, you must go to Liurnia of Lakes.  

Once you reach the area, head eastwards from the Scenic Isle Site of Grace. There you will find Rya in a pavilion next to the Birdseye Telescope. Her exact location is in the image below. 

Rya's First Location
Rya’s First Location at Liurina of the Lakes

She will ask you to do her a favor when you talk to her. Complete the task, and you will have completed the first part of her questline.  

Rya’s Second Location 

After completing the first part of Rya’s questline, you can move on to her second location.  

  • If you have collected both parts of the Dectus Medallion, you will find her on top of the Grand Lift of Dectus. 
  • If you cannot access the Grand Lift of Dectus (You have not completed the Medallion), you will find her at the Lux Ruins.  

Either way, when you reach her second location and talk to her, she shall invite you to the Volcano Manor and teleport you right next to Tanith. 

Rya’s questline was the second method to discover the Volcano Manor Location in Elden Ring. In my opinion, this is the most straightforward way of getting to the Volcano Manor. It is by far more manageable than walking all the way there. However, if you want to get there at your own pace while exploring the open world along the way, then you are more than welcome to go there on foot.

2. Reaching Volcano Manor By Enemy Capturing

Another creative and fun way of reaching the Volcano Manor is to be teleported there by an enemy.

Before you try this method, here are some prerequisites and warnings I found out:

  1. Spare Patches after you defeat him in the Murkwater Cave. 
  2. This method requires you to die willingly from an enemy, so you will lose all your runes.
  3. So, use all your runes before trying this method, or use a Sacrificial Twig or a Twiggy Cracked Tear to recover them. 
  4. You will have to face difficult bosses along the way. 

3. Defeat Patches  

Patches is a merchant, NPC, and boss you meet for the first time in the Murlwater cave. There, he will appear as a boss who will surrender when his health is low. Once he surrenders, you will have the choice to either kill him or spare him.

At this point, it is crucial that you spare him, or else you will not be able to try this method. If you’ve never reached Patches, read our Elden Ring Patches NPC Location guide and find this infamous backstabber in the game.

If you are having trouble finding the location of Murkwater Cave, then here is an image I have provided with its location.

Murkwater Cave location
Murkwater Cave Location in Elden Ring

Meet Patches Again 

After completing the first step, you will meet him again at the Scenic Isle site of grace. He will tell you about an Abductor Virgin at Raya Lucaria Academy with teleporting abilities when he tells you about this, head to the west of the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. You will find a water wheel elevator, which you can take to the bottom. 

Abductor Virgin Capturing

Once you are at the bottom, an Abductor Virgin will be in this area. You must get killed by this Abductor Virgin via the attack where it traps you in its body.

When you get killed, you will respawn at the Subterrain Inquisition Chamber site of grace in the Volcano Manor’s underground caverns. Now, all you must do is resurface to Mount Gelmir.  

Find Your Way In Volcano Manor

Here are a few steps I would recommend following if you are having trouble finding your way out of the cavern:

  • Jump from pillar to pillar until you reach a cave to the south.
  • A crumbling section of the ground is near the back of the cave.  
  • Fall through in the section into another cavern. Head south along the linear path. This path will take you to a fog wall where you will have to fight two Abductor Virgins. 
  • When you defeat the Abductor Virgins, you will now access the Abductor Virgin site of grace and exit the cavern to Mount Gelmir. 
  • From hear, pass the Hermit Village heading north towards the Ninth Mt. Gelmir site of grace. The rest is the same as the first step (On Foot). 

After all this discussion, I would say that Rya’s quest is the most peaceful way to get to Volcano Manor. If you are still inclined to try the other ways, you are more than welcome to try them.  

My Experience Going Through Volcano Manor

During my experience playing Elden Ring, the Volcano Manor was one of the few locations that made me feel lost positively. I came across Mount Gelmir only accidentally when trying to reach a certain church in Altus but was met with my favorite Legacy Dungeon in all of the Lands Between.

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

I swiftly did the side quest to fight Praetor Rykard, and while he wasn’t very difficult, I still had a fun time. I also came across many other side quests that introduced me to Ashes of War I would’ve never found if I hadn’t gone to Mount Gelmir considerably early. In subsequent playthroughs, I always come here to experience the liveliness and dialogue of the NPCs and their questlines.

This was all you needed to know about the Volcano Manor Location in Elden Ring and how to get there. Did you find this guide helpful? Which path will you take to get there after reading this guide? Let me know in the comments below.  

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