Elden Ring Patches NPC Location & Items List

My Elden Ring Patches Location guide lists how to find infamous NPC called Patches in the game and the list of items you can buy from him.

You know what they say about a FromSoftware game. It’s only good if it has three things in it; Moonlight Greatsword, tough fights with bosses, and the most lovable NPC ‘Patches’. Ever since Elden Ring’s release on February 21, 2022, players have tried to find Patches’ location. Some succeeded, others failed, but there is still much more yet to be found out about the most annoying yet infamous NPC called Patches.

Elden Ring Patches Location Summary

Patches is a deceptive boss in Elden Ring, more skilled at manipulation than combat. Here’s how to encounter and interact with him:

  1. Find Patches in Murkwater Cave after defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus outside. Forgiving Patches opens Patches Emporium; revisit for a chest leading to Mistwood Outskirts.

  2. Survive three bears in Mistwood Outskirts to prompt Patches to move.

  3. On Scenic Isle at night, Patches offers a Volcano Manor shortcut via the Iron Virgin at Raya Lucaria Academy. Get caught by her for access.

  4. At Volcano Manor, complete tasks for Tanith, meet Patches, get the Serpentbone Blade.

  5. Patches tasks you to assassinate The Great Horned Tragoth. Defeat it in Ruin-Strewn Precipice to get the Magma Whip Candlestick.

  6. After defeating the Rykard Boss, Patches relocates but remains elusive.

Patches offers various items for sale, including Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, Fan Daggers, Margit’s Shackle, and more.

Who Are Patches 

Patches is a boss, NPC, and a merchant that you will find in Elden Ring. He is the most recurring character in Fromsoftware games and he is notorious for playing the part of a betrayer or a liar. You can find him in the Murkwater Cave and he is an optional boss so you do not need to defeat him in order to progress in Elden Ring.

When you battle him and he reaches low health, he will offer to surrender. If you accept his surrender, he will then open up a small shop in Murkwater Cave. You can also have him as an NPC summon battle Starscourge Radahn. Since he is weak to lightning you can use Lightning Attacks to deal critical damage to him.

Patches Location 

Patches Elden Ring
Patches boss fight

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In my opinion Patches is legendary. People have long wondered where he could be hiding now. Patches is a weak boss who focuses more on deceiving with words rather than overpowering. He’s most skilled at fooling people and using them for his own benefit.

Patches always try to get the better of us despite knowing he can’t beat us and that’s why he’s one of the most fascinating characters across the franchise. Now, Patches’ character is at a stage where the thought of having a game without him in it sounds incomplete. Lastly, here are the locations that I would recommend

Murkwater Cave, Limgrave

Bloody Finger Nerijus fighting
Bloody Finger Nerijus

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Before entering Murkwater Cave in Elden Ring, you may be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus, a formidable NPC who can deal heavy damage. I recommend you evade him by getting his attention and then running away. When you return, you won’t be confronted by him. Inside the cave, you’ll encounter weaker enemies that should pose little challenge.

Upon reaching a chest, you’ll encounter the legendary Patches for the first time. Patches will be his usual witty self and attempt to harm you. Avoid retaliating and causing his death. When he’s taken 50% damage, he’ll surrender and raise the white flag. At this point, stop attacking and initiate a conversation with him.

Mistwood Outskirts and fight against the bears
Mistwood Outskirts

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In Elden Ring, you have two options when encountering Patches:

  1. Kill Him: If you choose to seek revenge for his past actions, you can kill Patches on the spot, putting an end to his character.

  2. Forgive Him: If you decide to forgive Patches for his past transgressions, he will open a shop called Patches’ Emporium. He will offer various items and services in his shop.

Additionally, if you visit Patches again after forgiving him, he will present you with a chest that was prepared for a special customer. However, this chest is a transporter trap, sending you to Mistwood Outskirts where you’ll face three formidable giant bears. Surviving this encounter, you’ll find Patches in a new location, inviting you to return to Patches’ Emporium.

The choice you make regarding Patches in Elden Ring will determine your future interactions with him and the rewards you receive.

Scenic Isle

Patches in scenic isle in elden ring
Patches Sitting by a bonfire

I recommend that without getting into a fight with any Bosses on the way, head to the Scenic Isle, a small island south of Liurnia of the lakes and north of Stormveil Castle. Make your way at night-time, when you’ll once again find Patches in Elden Ring sitting beside a bonfire. Here, Patches will greet you once more and tell you how his business is still up and running and if you ever need to buy something, you can always come to me.

Talk to patches and he’ll tell you a shortcut to Volcano Manor. Patches said, “There’s a surviving Iron Virgin at the bottom of the big waterwheel in the academy of Raya Lucaria”.

Now the twist is that he’ll ask you to get caught by the Iron Virgin. If you’re a sane person, you won’t trust Patches in Elden Ring or anywhere he makes an appearance. But you know as they say, ‘Higher risk, Higher reward’. This time, when you do get caught by the Iron Virgin and let it kill you, you do get transported to the Volcano Manor. Well, first time for everything huh!!

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let it catch you
Iron Virgin

Volcano Manor

The notorious Volcano Manor
Volcano Manor

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Now that you’re saved from the trouble of finding Volcano Manor, you head in and talk to Tanith, the proprietress of the Manor. She invites you to join the Volcano Manor to fight against the Erdtree. Accept her invite and you will receive the keys to the drawing-room, where you’ll find Patches sitting. You’ll receive two letters to assassinate two NPCs.

After doing so, you’ll be rewarded with the Serpentbone Blade. Next, go to patches and he’ll request you to assassinate The Great Horned Tragoth for him. Accept it and go to Ruin-Strewn Precipice.

Great Horned Tragoth Elden Ring Patches
Great Horned Tragoth

First, you’ll encounter Magma Wyrm Makar. A boss capable of dismantling their opponent in no time. But that won’t be enough because after going through it, you have to face another potent enemy, The Great Horned Tragoth. The Great Horned Tragoth will drop the Bull-Goat Armor set which is one of the Best Armor and has the highest poise in Elden Ring. Return to Patches and he’ll reward you with a Magma Whip Candlestick. Later, after you defeat Rykard Boss, Patches says he’s moving on to a different place. He has not been found since!!

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Magma Wyrm Makar in Elden Ring Patches
Magma Wyrm Makar

What do Patches Sell?

Here is everything Patches sells in Patches’ Emporium.

  • Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot- A consumable that boosts rune acquisition for a time. Sold for 600 Runes.           
  • Fan Daggers- A consumable that throws fanned-out knives at enemies to inflict damage. Sold for 160 Runes.
  • Margit’s Shackle-A reusable item that briefly binds Margit, once imprisoned to earth. Sold for 5000 Runes.
Elden Ring Patches Margit's Shackles
Margit’s Shackles
  • Grace Mimic- A consumable that lights the path, but without order. It is sold for 100 Runes.          
  • Glass Shard-Worthless consumable. Sold for 100 Runes.              
  • Parrying Dagger- Dagger which is sold for 1600 Runes.  
  • Missionary’s Cookbook (2)- Expands crafting repertoire and is sold for 800 Runes.           
  • Stonesword Key- Used to break one Imp statue Seal and is sold for 5000 Runes.
Elden Ring Patches Stonesword Key
Stonesword Key
  • Festering Bloody Finger- A consumable to invade other players’ worlds. It is sold for 1000 Runes.  
  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy- A consumable for co-op and hostile summoning signs. It is sold for 1000 Runes.               
  • Great Arrow- Arrow that is sold for 300 Runes.  
  • Ballista Bolt- A Greatbolt that is sold for 300 Runes.
  • Horse Crest Wooden Shield– Medium Shield that is sold for 1000 Runes.
Horse Crest Wooden Shield Elden Ring Patches
Horse Crest Wooden Shield

Sacrificial Twig- Lost on death in place of runes and is sold for 5000 Runes.

And that is all you need to know about Patches The Untethered. Let me know if this guide was useful. Consider dropping a comment to give feedback. Let me know if I’ve missed anything about Patches Locations in Elden Ring. 

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