Elden Ring: How To Get White Mask [Location]

The guide takes a look at the location of the White Mask, worn by Varre, in Elden Ring and it's incredible damage negation and other stats.

Elden Ring gives you the creative freedom to make some of the best builds, ranging from agility-based builds to heavy tank builds. But there are many more niches to the character build side of things as players can also create builds focused on attributes such as blood loss. For a Bleed Build, you could opt for the White Mask in Elden Ring. This guide basically focuses on the White Mask, which is one of the best helms for Blood Build playstyle. We’ll help you with the location of the Build and the Location of the White Mask.

Key Highlights
  • The White Mask is a very exciting headgear in Elden Ring as you can equip and make a build entirely based on preventing blood loss while taking damage from enemies.
  • To acquire this item you must reach the Mohgwyn Palace. In order to reach it you can use the map and pass through the gate in the Consecrated Snowfield.
  • This area can be found using the Haligtree Secret Medallion.
  • Make your way to the region which is filled with red liquid which can be found east of the Mausoleum and west of the Palace. Here you will get to face the White Mask Invaders.
  • Keep defeating and looting the White mask invaders until one of them drops the white mask.
  • It is essential to not defeat Mohg, Lord of Blood, or else the white mask invaders will not show and you will not be able to obtain the White Mask.

White Mask Location in Elden Ring

The White Mask is a pretty exciting piece of headgear in the \Elden Ring World. Players can use the White Mask to create a character build that is entirely focused on preventing blood loss when taking damage from enemies. The headgear also has a special bonus that allows you to have a 10 percent increase in attack power for at least 20 seconds when there is blood loss nearby. 

This is pretty powerful when combined with weapons like the Rivers of Blood Katana or Eleonara’s Pole Blade. The steps to getting the White Mask can be rather detailed, but this guide will make things pretty easy for you. So, let’s move on to the location of the White Mask in Elden Ring.

White Mask in Elden Ring
An approximate location of the Nameless White Mask Enemies.

So you want the White Mask pretty bad? Well, don’t worry. We got things covered for you. Simply make your way to Mohgwyn Palace. You’ll have a couple of options to make your way to traverse to this location. You could make use of the Pureblood Knight’s Medal to directly teleport to Mohgwyn palace, which can be accessed through the White-Mask Varre’ Quest.

To make things simple, players can navigate their way to the Mohgwyn Palace by passing through a gate located in the Consecrated Snowfield. The area is located by making use of the Haligtree Secret Medallion, the location of which is shown below.

Haligree Medallion Location
Location of the Haligree Medallion

The second half of haligtree medallion is located in Castle Sol. You must first defeat Commander Nial to access the location where the medallion is available. 

No matter which route you take to the Mohgwyn Palace, players need to make their way to the specific location in that region, which is filled with red liquid. The area is located to the east of the Mausoleum and west of the Palace. Make your way to The Ledge-Road Site of Grace, and you’ll encounter some feisty crows. To make things worse, you’ll also encounter some Nameless White Mask Invaders in the Red Liquid.

But pay attention, as these are a part of the puzzle in obtaining the White Mask. Rinse and Repeat. It’s time to farm. Keep farming the White Mask Invaders until one of the NPCs drops the Mask. Three White Mask enemies appear in the location, and players must spawn in and out of the location to make the enemies and respawn.

Repeat this process and slay the White Mask Enemies till you finally get the White Mask. With all that said and done, you’ll finally be the proud owner of your very own White Mask in Elden Ring!

A note to keep in mind: The Nameless White Mask Enemies will not spawn if you defeat Mohg, Lord of the Blood. In case you’ve defeated Mohg, you can’t get the White Mask. Not unless you start a new game or a new game plus.

Stats of White Mask in Elden Ring

The White Mask in the Player’s Inventory.

Now that you’ve finally gotten your hands on the White Mask in Elden Ring, let’s take a look at its stats. The White Mask is essentially a part of the War Surgeon Set in Elden Ring. It’s a pretty lightweight helm that barely affects your ability to traverse the Lands Between. It weighs around 3.2 units. The helm is pretty balanced as there’s a good distribution between its physical and magical defense capabilities.

The Mask applies defensive properties to make sure the player does not take any unnecessary damage from enemy bosses. The Mask also changes up your appearance and gives you the look of a creepy nun from a horror movie. The lore states that the Mask is stained with Blood and bears a slight grin. It was worn by the War Surgeons that were effectively mercy killers. The Lord of Blood’s curse allows the player to gain advantages when Bloodletting occurs. It slightly raises your attack power when blood loss occurs nearby.

Damage Negation

  • Phy 2.7
  • VS Strike 3
  • VS Slash 3.3
  • VS Pierce 2.7
  • Magic 3.5
  • Fire 3.7
  • Light 3.9
  • Holy 3.7


  • Immunity 23
  • Robustness 18
  • Focus 21
  • Vitality 22
  • Poise 2


White Mask in Elden Ring
The White Mask in its Full Glory.

Now that we’ve finally gotten the White Mask in Elden Ring, it’s pretty much the end for today’s guide. Make sure to check out many more of our Elden Ring Guides on Exputer, or if you’ve got a taste for other games, we’ve got you covered there as well!

If we’ve missed anything or if you’ve got any questions, let us know down below, and we’ll be quick to answer your queries. With that said, thank you for getting to the end of the guide with us. If you’re interested in reading more guides, you might want to check out the links below!

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