Elden Ring Castle Sol Location, Items & Boss

Elden Ring: Castle Sol location and walkthrough Step by step guide on how to defeat guards and knights to Boss Commander Niall.

Every time I play Elden Ring, it surprises me with its dynamic, open-world with prominent places and locations. Each new place has its own story in itself, and as a player, you enjoy it a lot roaming to different places encountering enemies and achieving unique things in the shape of gifts and rewards. Castle Sol is also one of those places which is a dungeon or call it a cell. 

Key Highlights
  • To reach Caste Sol, you must make your way through a bunch of enemies and Commander Niall.
  • A Golden Rune[10] item is in the right corner at the main gate, where you fight the two lion guardians.
  • There’s a site of grace in the building after the one with some guards and a knight.
  • The Eclipse Shotel can be found inside the church, left of the room with the grace site.
  • You can obtain a Rune Arc after proceeding straight from the ladder at the end of the circle-type path, found after exiting the side door of the church.
  • During the boss fight, finish off the knights before going for Command Niall.
  • After the boss fights, proceed through the door that opens to find the Haligtree Secret Medallion.

Castle Sol Location In Elden Ring

Castle Sol is located at Mountaintops and the Giants. To get there, players must defeat a variety of enemies in a way such as big lions, eagles, guards, and finally, Boss Commander Niall. You have to find and mark it on the map and get there.

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Beat Two Lion Guardians

After reaching the Castle Sol gate, there will be two lion guardians; you have to beat them. You can easily beat them; all you have to do is to trap them. You can do that by stepping back to the gate from where you entered and letting them come at you, then use a sword and finish them off. They can’t respawn or reappear; you just have to kill them once. We have attached pictures below to make it easy for you. After killing the lions, walk to the corner on your right there. You will find Golden Rune[10]

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Castle Sol map
Castle Sol Main Gate on map
mountaintops of the giants
Here you are at Mountaintops of the Giants, and in front of you is Castle Sol gate.
Castle Sol location
Finish of the lion
exploring dungeon
After collecting Goden Rune, Take a straight path to the stairs

Moving Past the Eagle And Wolves Enemy Mob

Moving on to our Elden Ring Castle Sol Location guide, after facing the lions, you have to run straight there; you will find a wooden built-up place just to use stairs one after another. There will be an eagle right at you with a full-scale attack; you have to kill it. Once you kill the eagle, which is not that difficult, there will be wolves; you have to kill them as well.

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traversing vast maze
This Second stair will take you to the top to face the eagle
castle sol enemies
Kill the eagle
castle sol tough encounters
kill the wolves to

Discovering The Lost Grace

Now take a straight path again, which will lead you into a big building; take the right side, and you will find stairs that will lead you to the rooftop. There you will face multiple guards and a knight; you have to kill them, which is tricky because the knight will be using the shield; what you have to do is get behind him and swing the sword at his back. Do this multiple times, and he will be defeated. Then go straight and enter another building; on your left, there will be a small room that’s where lost grace is located.

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exploring the dungeon
After killing the eagle and wolves, walk into this building
running to find items
Take stairs in the corner to the rooftop
castle sol knights
This is how you kill the knight on the roof from behind
discovering lost grace in dungeon
Lost Grace Discovered

Collecting Eclipse Shotel

Afterward, come out of that small room where you discovered lost grace. On your left is the church; go inside. You will find praying spirits along with that collect Eclipse Shotel in a corpse. Then come out from the door on the side of the church and start walking on your right side; a circle-type path will lead you to the ladder.

While climbing on the ladder, multiple enemies will be shooting arrows at you just need to keep climbing when you will reach the top. One of the shooters will be right in front of you; just kill him with one swing of the sword. Then footing some steps forward, jump down and run straight. There will be Rune Arc close to the burning fire; you have to grab it, then mark the Church Of Eclipse on the map and travel there. If you collect the Shotel, our Elden Ring Castle Sol Location guide has served its purpose.

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eclipse shotel item
Eclipse Shotel at addressing the area of church
castle sol
On the right is, in between of church, is another door that leads us further
castle sol
This is a circle like a way to the ladder.
castle sol
That is, the ladder and guard are shooting an arrow at you
castle sol
This is another one; you have to kill them all
castle sol
That is the fire where Rune Arc is located
castle sol
After collecting Rune Arc, travel to church

After reaching the church, there will be a door at the center of the wall walk from that door, and in a straight direction, there will be another building walk through that building. There will be several enemies including guards, and knights kill them and cross through that building by running straight on the stairs. You will find an exit door walk from that door. You will be outside the area and run straight through the stairs again; there will be a boss fog wall and you will be facing Boss Commander Niall if you cross it.

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castle sol
This is the building where you fight with multiple enemies
castle sol
Knight in building
castle sol
walk through this door after the finish of the guards and knight.
castle sol
This stair and door up there will lead you to fight with Boss Niall

Defeating Commander Niall & Collecting Medallion

To defeat Commander Niall, players must be prepared in advance. Having some of the best weapons and Ashen Remains will be very useful. Otherwise, the Boss might easily cut you into pieces. When you enter the battle, Commander Niall will summon guards and knights first, but you must control the human instinct to go for bigger fish. First here, the player must finish off knights, then go against the Boss. The player must move his feet very fast as Commander Niall will use an electrical shockwave and Frostbite along with his long spear; it is best to attack him just after he finishes his strike.

After defeating Commander Niall, one of the doors will be opened up; walk through that door, and you will find multiple stairs, which will lead you to the building where the lift is located. The lift will take you to the top of the roof of the building. On the roof, again, you will have a few stairs footsteps which will take you to Haligtree Secret Medallion; just collect it and make a complete journey at Castle Sol. We have attached here pictures of the stairs and lift to make it easy.

castle sol
That is the door unlocked after defeating Niall walk through it
castle sol
On your right is the door of the building you have to walk in
castle sol
Shortly after to enter that building, a lift will take you to top
castle sol
That is one of few stairs which will lead you to the medallion
castle sol
Haligree Secret Medallion

This wraps up our Elden Ring Castle Sol Location guide. Castle Sol is a dungeon but a dynamic one. It is a great experience for players to play and explore this place because it offers multiple highly challenging and very engaging fights each time with a new type of challenging enemy. Players acquire and discover many things while roaming this place and will end up defeating Boss Commander Niall. While you are here, also check out Best Elden Ring Weapons & Builds.

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