Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion Location Walkthrough

Our Elden Ring Haligtree Medallion Location guide entails all the locations you must visit to find both halves of the Haligtree medallion.

What Is The Haligtree Secret Medallion

One of the most important key items in Elden Ring is the Haligtree Secret Medallion. When you join both halves of the medallion, you will be able to operate the Grand Lift Of Rold.

Therefore, you will be able to access a hidden path that lies ahead. Finding the medallion is not easy as both halves are miles away from each other. However, it is important that you find and combine them as they are important to visit key locations in Elden Ring.

Key Highlights
  • Medallion: When you join both halves of the medallion, you will be able to operate the Grand Lift Of Rold
  • Both halves of the Haligtree Medallions are in different places. The right half is easier to get compared to the left one.
  • Right Haligtree Medallion Location: The right half is located in the South-West corner of the Liurnia region. In the village of Albinaurics. The village of Albinaurics does not show up on the map. To reach it, read the full topic on the Right Half of the Haligtree Medallion.
  • Left Haligtree Medallion Location: The left half of the Haligtree Medallion is hard to get as compared to the right half. It is located in the Mountain tops of the Giant region. Which is swarming with enemies able to one-shot you. You need to be able to fight a boss as well in order to reach the Left Haligtree Medallions location. 
  • Using the Haligtree Medallion: After you have acquired both halves, you will also need to learn how to use the Haligtree Medallion. Go to the Grand Lift of Rold Site of Grace. Choose the option to Hoist The Secret Medallion, and the lift will take you to a secret region.
  • The secret regions unlocked are Consecrated Snowfield and Ordina, Liturgical Town.

Haligtree Medallions Location 

Haligtree Medallion locations
Haligtree Medallion Required to Operate The Lift

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Both halves of the Haligtree Medallion are located at separate places of the Land Between. To get to them, we’ll first start with the Right Haligtree Medallion as it is easier to get out of the two Medallion halves. Before you embark on this journey make sure you’ve equipped the best Weapons, Spells, and Armor because you’d need the top-tier or legendary armament to fight enemies and bosses ahead. 

Right Haligtree Medallion Location

Now, the Right Haligtree Medallion in Elden Ring is located in the SouthWest corner of the Liurnia region. It is in the Village of Albinaurics. But, the Village of The Albinaurics doesn’t show on the map. That’s because It is under the vast land area shown on the map. To get here, the player can follow this route.

To get to the Right Haligtree Medallion location in Elden Ring, travel to converted towers.
The converted Tower Site of Grace is one of the nearest fast travel locations to VIllage of The Albunarics.

Start from the Converted Tower Site of Grace. Then go down the hill and into the swamp, go across this swamp until you’re under the mountain. When you can see the mountain arc in front of you, look to your right, you’ll see some flags in front of an inclination.

Flags act as a landmark to get to the Village of the Albunarics
The Flags indicate the inclination to the Village of the Albunarics.

Now turn right and it will indicate that you’re entering the Village of the Albinaurics. Keep going up and you’ll start to see a few huts. If you go straight, you’ll find the Village of the Albinaurics Site of Grace.

This Site of Grace provides fast access to the Right Haligtree Medallion location in Elden Ring.
Interact with the Village of the Albunarics Site of Grace to unlock it.

Now, go to the left and keep going up. You’ll face a magic-casting Perfumer, kill it so that it doesn’t disturb you. Now, keep going up until you reach the cliff. Here you’ll find an odd-looking large pot. Hit it once and it will reveal an elderly Albinauric. Interact with it and it will give you the Right Haligtree Medallion.

The Right Haligtree Medallion's location in Elden Ring is with this Albunaric.
Interact with the Pot to talk with Albunaric with the RIght Haligtree Medallion.
You'll get the Right Haligtree Medallion.
Right Haligtree Medallion acquired.

Left Haligtree Medallion Location

In the Elden Ring, the Left Heligtree Medallion Location is relatively hard to get. It is located in the Mountaintops of the Giants region. The whole route is swarming with enemies that can 1-shot you if you’re not prepared. And you need to fight a boss to get to the Left haligtree Medallion’s location in the Elden Ring. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Bosses Tier List.

Okay so, for the Left Haligtree Medallion’s location, ascend using the Lift of Rold. From there, you need to keep going north and get to the Freezing Lake Site of Grace. If you’ve unlocked the map of this region, you can see Castle Sol on the north-most region of the map.

Left Haligtree Medallion's location is near the Freezing Lake.
To get to Castle Sol, start from the Freezing Lake Site of Grace.

Once you’re at the Freezing Lake Site of Grace, you need to go north until you get to the mountain cliff. From there, turn left and head on along the cliff. Then you’ll pass through a graveyard where the Giant skeletons will be rising. Walk past them and go to the point where the cliff’s fall is shorter. Jump down, but be vary that you’ll take a little bit of fall damage here.

To get to Left Haligtree medallion location, pass through Giants Graveyard.
Pass through the Giants Graveyard.

The Death Rite Bird will appear in the skies and fight you. Defeating it will take a lot of time so we suggest that you skip past it too. Using Torrent Horse here can make it easier for you to evade all of them. Now head down the inclination and you’ll see Castle Sol. By the gate of Castle Sol, you’ll see a Site of Grace, interact with it.

In Elden Ring, Left Haligtree's location is at Castle Sol.
Castle Sol Site of Grace makes it easier to fast travel and come back when you’re prepared to fight the boss.

Now, enter Castle Sol and get on the wooden platform in front of you. From there, you need to get up to the highest tower by going through a few rooms and stairs. And you’ll see a mist door leading to the boss of the Castle, Commander Niall. Two phantom knights accompany Commander Niall, so you need to defeat them first.

After defeating them, focus all of your attention on Commander Niall. He is a formidable foe, so you need to come prepared. As Mountaintops of the Giants is one of the final regions, you’ll already be of high level. If you’re not then you should be at least level 100 to fight Commander Niall. If you still haven’t reached Level 100, check out our Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide

Defeat Commander Niall to get to Left Haligtree Medallion Location.
Commander Niall’s Stage 2, where he uses electric attacks.

Once commander Niall is defeated, head on to the Lift and you’ll find the Left Haligtree Medallion on the ground. This will complete your hunt for Haligtree Medallions’ location in Elden Ring.

Left Haligtree Medallion is located on top of the Castle Sol in Elden Ring,
Left Haligtree Medallion acquired.

Using the Haligtree Medallion

Once you’ve acquired both left and right pieces of Haligtree Medallion, travel to the Grand Lift of Rold Site of Grace. Here, choose the option to hoist the Secret Medallion and the lift will take you to a secret region.

So, the regions that you unlock by combining these Medallion pieces are the Consecrated Snowfield and Ordina, Liturgical Town. Both of these locations are on the far north side of the continent. From there, the player can get to Miquella’s Haligtree. This is another optional location in Elden Ring.

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