Elden Ring Deathbird & Death Rite Bird Locations

One thing Elden Ring is not short of is the number of terrifying bosses it has. There is hardly any boss you’ll come across in the game that will not be challenging. Most of these bosses are important to complete the main story and get a proper Elden Ring ending, while some bosses are optional. Even though these optional bosses might not be necessary to defeat, they drop a huge amount of runes and some of the best weapons and Talismans that will help you in defeating some of the toughest bosses in the game. One such boss is the Deathbird and its variant the Death Rite Bird that spawns at multiple locations. Our guide below covers all the Deathbird and Death rite bird Locations in Elden Ring, so you don’t have to waste your time locating each and every one of them.

Deathbird And Death Rite Bird Explained In Elden Ring

The Deathbird is an optional boss in Elden Ring just like the Night’s Cavalry and the Death Rite Bird is its tougher and more challenging variant. These field bosses aren’t confined to a limited space like a boss arena. Instead, you’ll have to fight them out in the open world. Concepts like these make Elden Ring even more interesting for the players. You can even ride your Horse Torrent while fighting this boss.

These bosses are huge birds and their head is almost like a doll’s head. Fighting these eerie creatures is a nightmare but weapons like Carian Greatsword might help you in your combat. Also, it drops a huge amount of runes that you can use to buy spells and incantations. On the subject of runes, consider reading our Elden Ring rune farming guide if you want to level up faster in the game.

The huge open world of Elden Ring features the Night and Day cycle as well. The Deathbird and Death Rite Bird only spawn at night time. So in order to fight them, you will have to visit their spawn locations at the night. You can summon Spirits to help you fight these bosses. Below you will find each and every location where this boss spawns along with the rewards it drops. While you’re at it, why not read our Elden Ring Spirit Summon Tier List

Deathbird Locations In Elden Ring 

First, we will cover all four Elden Ring Deathbird Locations along with the rewards they will drop. There are some strategies mentioned below as well that you can use to fight this deadly bird. While you’re at it, consider reading our Law of Regression location guide.


Elden Ring Deathbird Locations
 Deathbird Location in Limgrave

Limgrave is the first region you will come across after getting out of the Stranded Graveyard. This is also where the Deathbird will spawn at night. You can find the Deathbird near the Warmaster Shack Site of Lost Grace in Limgrave. These huge birds are very fast and dodging their attacks is no piece of cake. This is why it is recommended that you stay mounted on Torrent while fighting the Deathbird. 

However, while you’re on the torrent, you cannot roll to dodge the deathly attacks of the boss and it makes you very vulnerable. So you’ll have to be very careful while fighting this boss on your horse. Use your best weapon here to defeat the Deathbird quickly.


When you defeat the Deathbird that spawns in the Limgrave, you will get the Blue Feathered Branchsword Talisman and 2800 runes.

Weeping Peninsula

You can go to the Weeping Peninsula by heading southeast from Limgrave. You will find the Deathbird in the Weeping Peninsula to the southwest of the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Lost Grace. There would be a merchant next to this Site of Lost Grace. 

Elden Ring Deathbird Locations
 Deathbird Location in Weeping Peninsula

The Deathbird will spawn near a massive ruin and you can fight the boss while mounted on Torrent, just like we did in Limgrave. Hit and run attacks are a good option here. Try using some of the best ranged weapons or ranged attacks or getting close to the bird on foot in intervals. A good strategy here is staying between the bird’s legs to avoid its attacks.

While it will be hard for you to fight on both horse and on feet, you can use Holy damage against these birds as they are extremely prone to it. Make sure you enter the combat fully prepared. The best strategy is to craft some buff items or to use your best spells.


Felling the Deathbird here will reward you with 3900 runes along with the Sacrificial Axe.

Liurnua of the Lakes

Elden Ring Deathbird Locations
Deathbird Location in Liurnia of the Lakes

One of the major continental areas of Elden Ring, Liurnia of the Lakes can be found in the northwest of Limgrave. This is also where the enemy fights would start increasing in difficulty like the lobsters in the water that would attack Tarnished consistently. The Deathbird Location here will spawn to the north of the Scenic Isle Site of Lost Grace in Elden Ring.

You’ll have to be extra vigilant while fighting this Deathbird because there would be plenty of other enemies around that you would have to deal with as well which would make your combat with Deathbird even more difficult.

One of the deadliest attacks of this bird is when it goes high up in the air and leaps towards you to attack. The timing is crucial here, so make sure you roll at the right time. 


Felling the Deathbird at the Weeping Peninsula will drop the Red-Feathered Branchsword and 6600 runes.

Capital Outskirts

Elden Ring Deathbird Locations
Deathbird Location in Capital Outskirts

Capital Outskirts is a sub-region that is located in the Eastern Area of the Altus Plateau. This region is just outside the Leyndell, Royal Capitol. The Deathbird here will spawn in the east of Hermit Merchant’s Shack down the road. This Deathbird will give you a tough time because it won’t be the only threat you’re gonna be facing here.

There would be several snail enemies around the area where the Deathbird would spawn that would attack the Tarnished. You should not overlook these enemies as they can make your fight with the Deathbird more difficult. It is suggested that you try to kill many of them as possible before the Deathbird spawns so you can focus completely on the boss fight.


If you manage to defeat the Deathbird in this area, you will get the Twinbird Kite Shield as a reward. This Shield can give you a buff of both the Red and Blue Feathered Branchsword Talismans.

Death Rite Birds Locations In Elden Ring

Now we will go through every location where the more challenging variant of the Deathbird, the Death Rite Bird will spawn. These bosses drop a higher number of runes and legendary weapons as well.


Elden Ring Deathbird Locations
Deathbird Location in Caelid

Caelid is situated in the east of Limgrave and you’ll recognize it but its red hellish environment Death Rite Bird is a far more challenging variant of the Deathbird. While their appearance and moveset are just like the normal Deathbird, their attacks are way more damaging and their area of effect attacks are stronger than those of their counterparts. The Deathbird in Caelid will spawn near the road that is on the east of the Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank Site of Lost Grace in Caelid Highway.

Their attacks are very fatal so you must keep the dodge timing on point. Don’t panic roll and try to keep up with its moves. You can beat this boss using ranged weapons like equipping the best bows from your arsenal. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Bow Build guide.


If you manage to defeat this powerful boss, you will get the greatsword Death’s Poker as a reward along with 15000 runes.

Liurnia of the Lakes

 Deathbird Location in Liurnia of the Lakes 

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This Elden Ring Death rite bird Location is near the Gate Town North Site of Lost Grace in Liurnia of the Lakes. Follow the strategy you used with the previous Death Rite Birds but it is recommended that you fight this Death Rite Bird on foot instead of using Torrent to handle your AOE fire ability efficiently. In this way when they do one of their leap attacks, you can dodge them readily and deal some blows too.

This variant of the Deathbird has a very deadly attack up its sleeve. It will go high up in the air and launch several spears all over the place that deal serious damage. 


Defeating the Death Rite Bird in Liurnia of the Lakes will get you 23400 runes and the Ancient Death Rancor.

Central Mountaintops of the Giants 

Deathbird Location in Central Mountaintops of the Giants

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The Mountaintops of the Giants can be found in the far northeastern area of the Lands Between. Exploiting the weakness of bosses in Elden Ring to certain status effects is the best strategy to help you win any boss battle. Holy Damage is the Deathbird and its variant’s weakness. Make sure you use their weakness against them by crafting weapons and buffs with Holy Damage.

Holy pots are also a good option and with a few well-timed throws, you can easily take this boss down. The Death Rite bird here will spawn near the closest Site of Lost Grace, Snow Valley Overlook on the east side of the map.


If you manage to kill the Drath Rite Bird in the Central Mountains of the Giants, it will drop the Death Ritual Spear as a reward along with 77000 runes. 

Western Mountaintops of the Giants

Deathbird Location in Western Mountaintops of the Giants

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This is where the final Death Rite Bird will spawn. You can find the boss near the Apostate Derelict Site of Lost Grace at the southeastern river. This Death Rite Bird is far more ferocious than any of the previous ones and its attacks are just as deadly. The location also plays a role here and you won’t have much area while in combat with the Death Rite Bird and this bird will be even faster in its attacks. You’ll end up receiving a lot of scaled-up damage from the boss.

You can use Scarlet Rot here. This is the only status effect the Death Rite Bird is prone to and will take a lot of time to heal.


Taking down the Death Rite bird here will drop the Explosive Ghostflame Sorcery and 220,000 Runes.

With this, we conclude our guide on all the Deathbird and Death rite bird Locations in Elden Ring. Feel free to leave any of your queries in the comments below.

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