BEST Elden Ring Quality Build

This Elden Ring Quality Build will help players come up with a versatile and universal build to easily decimate foes!

With the various builds and teams that Elden Ring offers players, it can be truly said that the builds in the game are one of a kind. With the player’s end goal being to achieve victory and win the battle against enemies, players can achieve it with the help of this Quality Build. 

Key Highlights:

  • By definition, a Quality build is a mixture of a strength and dexterity build that allows the players to not be restricted to a single type of weapon and allows them to add some much-needed variety to their play style.
  • The main attributes to focus on in a Quality build are Vigor, Strength, and Dexterity. Players should also keep upgrading Endurance along the sidelines but it shouldn’t be prioritized over the prior three stats.
  • The weapons which we consider to be the best for a Quality build are the Ghiza’s Wheel, Axe Of Godfrey, Bloodhound’s Fang, Zamor Curved Sword, Quality Claymore, and Nightriders Glaive.
  • Blaidd armor set and Zamor armor set are some of the very best armor sets for this build
  • Some of the best talismans for a Quality build are Erdtree’s Favour, Radagon’s Soreseal, and the Crimson Amber Medallion.

For players that are typically more confused about how to work on specific builds can benefit from this particular build, and we will cover some of the best weapon options, armor sets, basic talismans, and Ashes of War that might help the player along the way so let’s get started! Courtesy of FightinCowboy on Youtube for the build inspiration! 

Quality Build

With the way that the Quality Build in Elden Ring is set up to work in battles, it gives adventurers the flexibility with several weapon options along with universal talismans, and players can easily mix and match themselves what equipment they want to use in the fight. You can take inspiration from another one of ours Elden Ring Melee Builds for future references. 


Elden Ring Quality Build Character Attributes
Character Attributes

Players might need to invest in a few certain attributes if they want to take advantage of the build and deal excessive damage. The main qualities that we will focus on are Vigor, Strength, Dexterity, and a secondary attribute being Endurance. Like the above-mentioned attributes, players might want to take advantage of another Elden Ring Faith Build, as it is a crucial attribute too. 


Kicking things off with Vigor is one of the most crucial attributes that players need to invest in to come out victorious against enemies. For the Elden Ring Quality Build to take place, health maintenance is insanely important, as players will intake increased damage during their fight with opponents. 

This is where Vigor comes into play, as it primarily controls the player’s Health Points and takes care of how well a player can maintain their overall health. To stay alive during the battle, players are highly recommended to invest as many points as possible into Vigor. 

Vigor also boosts up the player’s overall Fire Resistance to Fire Damage launched by opponents and increases immunity. 


Following through, we have Strength which is yet another important attribute. Since the Quality build is so versatile for both mid-game and end-game players, some players might want to wield heavier weapons such as claymores, and the ability to hone a more serious weapon is controlled by Strength. 

Weapons that primarily scale off of Strength will have enhanced attack power. Players will be able to charge forward with heavy hits and obliterate their enemies without dying themselves. Physical damage launched at the adventurer by opponents will also be negated with investments made into Strength. Also, consider reading our Elden Ring Best Strength Build guide.


Keeping things going, we have yet another important attribute that controls how easily players can wield weapons that primarily scale off Dexterity. It will also contain the overall damage output that foes and opponents can deal with by the weapons in the hands of the player.

Suppose players want to improve their damage output. In that case, they should invest some points into Dexterity, as they will experience that they will be able to cast incantations faster as well, all the while being able to hold their footing while they are on the battlefield. 


Lastly, a minor attribute that players can look into is Endurance which will typically control the adventurer’s stamina bar and how easily they can sprint around the arena and slash through their enemies. The attribute will also control the Equip Load Limit, which is needed to wield heavy armor and weaponry. 

Weapons For Quality Build

The beauty of the Quality Build in Elden Ring is that there are various weapons to choose from that can greatly benefit the player and help them defeat opponents easier. 

Ghiza’s Wheel

Ghiza's Wheel
Ghiza’s Wheel

Starting things off, we have the Ghiza’s Wheel, an excellent weapon option for players who want to decimate enemies while in combat and take control over them on the battlefield. It is a superb melee damage dealer with great physical damage, and players can charge forward with their normal and heavy attacks to obliterate enemies. 

The weapon itself scales off of Dexterity and Strength, but the investment into Strength needs to be higher to take advantage of the weapon. With the weapon skill, “Spinning Wheel,” players can easily slam the weapon into the ground and cause it to spin; all the while, it will hit enemies and deal great damage. 

The weapon itself scales off of Dexterity D and Strength D and requires about 18 Dexterity Points and 28 Strength Points to be wielded. 

Physical Attack 156
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 58
Magic Guard43
Fire Guard43
Light Guard43
Holy Guard43
Boost Guard39

Axe of Godfrey 

Elden Quality Build Axe of Godfrey
Axe of Godfrey

Keeping things going with the weapon choices, the next option in line is the Axe of Godfrey, which is considered a Colossal weapon that will decimate any opponent that dares venture into the same area as the adventurer wielding the weapon. The weapon itself is excellent for melee attacks, having a high physical damage output. 

The weapon scales off of Dexterity and Strength, which is just what the player needs to use the Axe of Godfrey. With the weapon skill, “Regal Roar,” adventurers can let out a “signal” that will enhance the player’s overall attack power while converting all strong attacks into lunging attacks that will allow the players to Slash through their opponents and murder them. 

The weapon scales off Dexterity D and Strength D and requires 14 Dexterity Points and 42 Strength Points. 

Physical Attack 165
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 60
Magic Guard45
Fire Guard45
Light Guard45
Holy Guard45
Boost Guard40

Bloodhound’s Fang 

Bloodhound's Fang curved greatsword
Bloodhound’s Fang

Keeping the options open, players can also choose from some greatsword options. One of them is the Bloodhound’s Fang, an excellent weapon that will deal with melee damage that will render enemies useless and deplete their HP within a few potent hits launched from the weapon. Also, consider reading Elden Ring Bloodhound Step guide.

The weapon’s range is pretty decent, allowing one to maintain a certain amount of distance to keep oneself safe from hits from enemies. With the physical damage being 141, players will take over enemies with ease. The weapon skill, “Bloodhound’s Finesse,” allows the players to move swiftly forward and perform an upward slash and then flip back to protect themselves. 

The weapon itself scales off of Strength D and Dexterity D and needs 17 Dexterity Points and 18 Strength Points to wield it. 

Physical Attack 141
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 52
Magic Guard36
Fire Guard36
Light Guard36
Holy Guard36
Boost Guard36

Zamor Curved Sword 

Elden Quality Build Zamor's Curved Sword
Zamor’s Curved Sword

Moving forward with the Elden Ring Quality Build, another viable option is the Zamor Curved Sword, which is yet another curved greatsword that can be used to deal deadly hits to opponents that will kill them off nearly instantly. With just a few simple attacks, players can take advantage of the enemies and take them down. While you’re at it, consider reading our Elden Ring Best Swords guide.

The weapon itself specializes in causing Frost buildup on enemies, which will slowly but surely cause them to lose HP and eventually die. With the weapon skill, “Zamor Ice Storm,” adventurers can thrust their weapon on the ground, creating a storm that will cause severe frost buildup on opponents. 

The weapon scales primarily on Dexterity D and Strength D and needs 18 Dexterity Points and 16 Strength Points from adventurers. 

Physical Attack 125
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 47
Magic Guard33
Fire Guard33
Light Guard33
Holy Guard33
Boost Guard33

Quality Claymore 

Quality Claymore greatsword
Quality Claymore

The Quality Claymore is a highly viable option for players who would typically be running low on other stronger weapons but still want to decimate enemies. While the claymore has been upgraded with Quality, keep in mind that it is an option as a last resort. 

The physical damage is quite high, allowing for excellent melee damage output, and all the while, players will be able to achieve victory while battling enemies. With the weapon skill, “Lightning Slash,” players can launch down lightning from the sky that will land on the opponent’s head, rendering them useless. 

The weapon scales off Dexterity B and Strength B and needs players to place in 13 Dexterity Points and 16 Strength Points. 

Physical Attack 272
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 50
Magic Guard35
Fire Guard35
Light Guard35
Holy Guard35
Boost Guard38

Twinned Knight Swords 

Elden Quality Build Quality Twinned Knight Swords
Quality Twinned Knight Swords

Keeping it going with the Twinned Knight Swords is yet another excellent option for people who want a little bit of variety. The weapon itself can be pierced through enemies with insane accuracy, along with the pointed end to stab into their guts and render them useless. 

Players can dual wield the Twinblade or combine it with a spinning attack. The weapon skill, “Spinning Slash,” allows players to rotate their bodies on an axis, all the while being able to launch deadly attacks on enemies that will kill them off. The weapon scales off Dexterity E and Strength D and needs 18 Dexterity and 16 Strength Points. 

Physical Attack 122
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 47
Magic Guard31
Fire Guard31
Light Guard31
Holy Guard31
Boost Guard31

Nightrider Glaive 

 Nightrider Glaive halberd
Nightrider Glaive

Ending it all with the Nightrider Glaive, it is a weapon that scales off of strength and Dexterity once again, and it excellent for both melee and fast-paced combat, allowing players to hit with ease towards opponents. 

Physical Attack 129
Magic Attack0
Fire Attack0
Light Attack0
Holy Attack0
Crit Attack100
Physical Guard 60
Magic Guard42
Fire Guard42
Light Guard42
Holy Guard42
Boost Guard42

Armor Sets For Quality Build

Keeping the Quality Build in Elden Ring going, players can choose between several armor sets yet again, but we have picked out the two best options for this build. 

Blaidd Armor Set 

Starting things off, we have the Blaidd’s Armor Set, which can give the players the protection they need while still allowing them to go all out on the battlefield. Typically, the armor set will have its own helmet, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Chest Armor. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 31.8
Strike Negation28.0
Slash Negation31.8
Pierce Negation33.4
Magic Negation24.7
Fire Negation27.6
Light Negation22.7
Holy Negation25.8
Immunity Resistance 91
Robustness Resistance169
Focus Resistance60
Vitality Resistance60
Poise Resistance51
Black Wolf Mask 
Elden Quality Build Blaidd Wolf Mask
Blaidd Wolf Mask

Starting the set beautifully, we have the Black Wolf Mask, which looks incredibly cool when adorned on the player’s head, as it makes the player resemble a wolf. It gives the player the protection they need from all kinds of headshots that are launched at them from any direction. 

The main aim of the black wolf mask itself is to enhance the player’s overall damage negation, which includes both physical and elemental damage negation, all the while also providing them with ample resistance like Robustness and Immunity. You can check out the stats and numbers down below. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 5.2
Strike Negation4.6
Slash Negation5.2
Pierce Negation5.5
Magic Negation4.0
Fire Negation4.5
Light Negation3.6
Holy Negation4.2
Immunity Resistance 16
Robustness Resistance33
Focus Resistance11
Vitality Resistance11
Poise Resistance8
Blaidd’s Armor 
Elden Quality Build Blaidd's Armor
Blaidd’s Armor

The Blaidd’s Armor is meant to be worn around the player’s torso. It mainly does the job of guarding the player to conveniently charge into the battlefield in front of their worst opponents and launch heavy melee attacks that can easily take them down and decimate them, all the while never losing HP. 

The main focus of the damage negation for the Blaidd’s Armor is aimed towards physical, slash, pierce and strike damage negation, but it is not to be said that elemental dissolution is neglected. The armor itself is considered heavy-wear, therefore might add a bit to the overall Equip Load Limit. See below for stats. If you want to know where to find the set, check out the Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location guide. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 14.6
Strike Negation12.9
Slash Negation14.6
Pierce Negation15.3
Magic Negation11.4
Fire Negation12.6
Light Negation10.2
Holy Negation11.9
Immunity Resistance 38
Robustness Resistance76
Focus Resistance25
Vitality Resistance25
Poise Resistance24
Blaidd’s Gauntlets 
Elden Quality Build Blaidd's Gauntlets
Blaidd’s Gauntlets

The Blaidd’s Gauntlets are a must-have for players who want to decimate enemies and take them down while staying guarded under the protection of a pair of gauntlets that will last long. While the gauntlets themselves are not that heavy, they get the job done and aid the player greatly during the tough fight. 

Players will get enhanced personal protection and defense while they are under the guard of the gauntlets, and they will be able to launch potent attacks themselves. The main focus for individual resistance is placed on Robustness and Immunity. Check out the damage negation and resistance numbers here. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 3.6
Strike Negation3.2
Slash Negation3.6
Pierce Negation3.8
Magic Negation2.8
Fire Negation3.2
Light Negation2.7
Holy Negation2.9
Immunity Resistance 13
Robustness Resistance21
Focus Resistance8
Vitality Resistance8
Poise Resistance5
Blaidd’s Greaves 
Elden Quality Build Blaidd's Greaves
Blaidd’s Greaves

Ending it with the Blaidd’s Greaves, they will offer adequate protection to the adventurer from all kinds of shots directed toward the player’s legs while allowing for increased damage hits towards enemies. There is enough damage negation and enhanced resistance while wearing the entire set. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 8.4
Strike Negation7.3
Slash Negation8.4
Pierce Negation8.8
Magic Negation6.5
Fire Negation7.3
Light Negation6.2
Holy Negation6.8
Immunity Resistance 24
Robustness Resistance39
Focus Resistance16
Vitality Resistance16
Poise Resistance14

Zamor Armor Set 

If players do not wish to wear the Blaidd armor Set, they can take advantage of the Zamor Armor Set, which can help them greatly when using the Quality Build, as it can get the job done too. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 25.4
Strike Negation20.0
Slash Negation26.5
Pierce Negation23.0
Magic Negation18.3
Fire Negation18.3
Light Negation14.0
Holy Negation16.5
Immunity Resistance 47
Robustness Resistance147
Focus Resistance16
Vitality Resistance37
Poise Resistance28
Zamor Mask 
Elden Quality Build Zamor Mask
Zamor Mask

Starting things off with the Zamor Mask, it is to be worn over the player’s face. It will directly protect the player from attacks aimed at the face and the head, allowing the player to sneak up on the opponent, launch a heavy attack on them, and bring them down. 

The zamor mask has excellent protection and guard for the player and promises to protect them until the end. The main focus is on physical and magical defense, but others are not ignored. You can see the numbers below. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 4.2
Strike Negation3.4
Slash Negation4.4
Pierce Negation3.8
Magic Negation3.1
Fire Negation3.1
Light Negation2.1
Holy Negation2.8
Immunity Resistance 9
Robustness Resistance27
Focus Resistance5
Vitality Resistance8
Poise Resistance4
Zamor Armor 
Zamor Armor
Zamor Armor

Hands down, the Zamor Armor gets the highest points for being one of the coolest looking chest pieces in Elden Ring. not only does it look dope, but it also is considered a medium-weight chest piece that can be worn and can guard the player during the toughest fights with bosses. 

While adventurers are under the guard of the chest piece, they will experience that their overall defense and resistance, especially robustness, immunity, and vitality resistance, are greatly enhanced. The chest piece weighs 8.8, therefore not hindering the player’s mobility that much. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 11.9
Strike Negation9.5
Slash Negation12.4
Pierce Negation10.9
Magic Negation8.8
Fire Negation8.8
Light Negation6.1
Holy Negation8.0
Immunity Resistance 21
Robustness Resistance63
Focus Resistance11
Vitality Resistance18
Poise Resistance14
Zamor Bracelets 
Elden Quality Build Zamor Gauntlets
Zamor Gauntlets

Another excellent piece to the puzzle is the Zamor Bracelets, perfect for placing on your arms and protecting from every arm shot or hand shot. Players will have great defense and protection as long as they are under the protection of the gauntlets. Check out the negation and resistance below. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 2.8
Strike Negation2.1
Slash Negation2.9
Pierce Negation2.5
Magic Negation1.9
Fire Negation1.9
Light Negation1.3
Holy Negation1.7
Immunity Resistance 6
Robustness Resistance20
Focus Resistance0
Vitality Resistance4
Poise Resistance3
Zamor Legwraps 
Elden Quality Build Zamor Greaves: Leg Wraps
Zamor Greaves

Lastly, the Zamor Legwraps are here to give great physical strike, pierce damage negation, and increase personal resistance. The leg wraps are considered a medium-weight piece that will not affect the overall Equip Load Limit. 

 Damage Negation 
Physical Negation 6.5
Strike Negation5.0
Slash Negation6.8
Pierce Negation5.8
Magic Negation4.5
Fire Negation4.5
Light Negation3.0
Holy Negation4.0
Immunity Resistance 11
Robustness Resistance37
Focus Resistance0
Vitality Resistance7
Poise Resistance7


Moving right along with the Elden Ring Quality Build, players might want to take help from certain talismans that can buff them up while they are in a tough battle against enemies, and here are some of the universal ones available. 

Erdtree’s Favor

Elden Ring Erdtree's Favor
Erdtree’s Favor Talisman

Starting with the Erdtree’s Favor, it is perhaps going to be a player’s best friend while they are in combat with opponents, as the main aim of the talisman is to buff up the player’s overall HP, which is crucial to maintain while in the heat of the battle. It will also enhance the player’s overall stamina, which is needed to sprint around the arena and attack enemies. 

The Equip Load Limit will also be enhanced, allowing for easier wear of weight-heavy weapons, incantations, or armor that would otherwise reduce the playability. We highly recommend that players upgrade the talisman to +2, as it will enhance HP by 4%, Equip Load Limit will be buffed by 8%, and Stamina limit by 9.6%. 

Radagon’s Soreseal 

Elden Ring Radagon's Soreseal
Radagon’s Soreseal Talisman

This talisman is also a personal favorite for mid-game to end-game Elden players. It promises easier victory for players who want to get the fight done and over with quickly and effectively. The Radagon’s Soreseal is to enhance certain attribute points, which will further help in combat. Also, read our Elden Ring Radagon Icon Location guide.

The main attributes that will be buffed are dexterity, strength, vigor, and endurance, which are all essential for the Elden Ring Quality Build. The minor side effect of equipping the talisman is that players might intake enhanced damage incoming from the opponent’s end. 

Green Turtle Talisman

Elden Ring Green Turtle
Green Turtle Talisman

The Green Turtle Talisman allows players impeccable stamina support, as stamina maintenance is important for a successful combat victory; in the end, players need to always take note of how and where their stamina is being spent. The talisman comes into play, as its main aim is to recover the player’s overall stamina a lot faster. 

The total stamina recovery is around eight stamina points every second. 

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Elden Ring Dragoncrest Greatshield
Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Since the main aspect of this build is to focus on melee damage, players also need to be cautious of incoming physical and melee damage from opponents and need to take guard from it. This is when the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman comes into play, as it will greatly enhance the player’s physical damage negation. 

The enhancement allows for increased personal protection, allowing players to go all in and decimate any opponents that come near them. Like the Dragoncrest Greatshield talisman, here is a location guide for the Elden Ring Erdtree Greatshield

Crimson Amber Medallion 

Elden Ring Crimson Amber
Crimson Amber Talisman

Last but not least, players can take assistance from the Crimson Amber Medallion as it mainly supports the player by enhancing the max Health Points, which can help the players stay alive for longer while they are in combat and instead launch such deadly attacks that will render the enemies useless. 

Ashes of War To Equip 

Wrapping up the Elden Ring Quality Build, we will look at some of the best ashes of War that can help adventurers with personal buffs.

Lightning Slash

Already having mentioned the skill before, the Lightning Slash will grant the player the skill, which allows the player to summon a lightning bolt from the heavens down onto the opponent’s existence and give them such a shock that will instantly deplete their HP and kill them off. 


The next ash of war, Seppuku, greatly buffs up the player’s overall attack player, on the condition that they drive their wielded weapon into their stomach to incur blood loss upon themselves in exchange for a boost to the attack power. This allows players to take out opponents at a faster rate. 

Phantom Slash 

Lastly, the Phantom Slash ash of war allows players to call upon a former knight that will tell the player to swing up their weapon and continuously attack any incoming enemy. 

Quality Build Playstyle 

The Elden Ring Quality Build is incredibly versatile with the way it offers a variety of selections of weapons and talismans for players. Players can pair with melee weapons like the Ghiza’s Wheel, which can launch insanely heavy attacks, the Quality Claymore, or any other two weapons that can be duel-wielded to murder enemies in sight. 

Pair it with the Erdtree’s Favor talisman, which can boost HP and stamina, allowing players to sprint faster and obliterate opponents while having the Green Turtle Talisman, which will further grant a boost in stamina recovery. If you liked this build, you can look into our other Elden Ring Best Builds!

Using ashes of warlike Seppuku will make the player feel potent with the attack output while staying under the guard of armor sets like the Blaidd Armor Set. That finishes off the Quality Build; let us know what you think! 

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