Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location & Ranni Quest 

Ranni's questline is the longest quest & also allows you to get Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location. Read our guide & get this armor set

Elden Ring is littered with countless quests that invigorate the players and play on their emotions. Amongst them are quests like these that reward players with the Blaid Armor Set, which can significantly assist players. Players will need help from the Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location guide to get the most out of this quest. 

Key Takeaways
  • Blaidd is a Half-Wolf, Half-Human NPC who can be encountered at multiple locations in the game.
  • To obtain Blaidd’s Armor set, players must complete Ranni The Witch’s questline. 
  • At the end of the quest line, players will encounter a hostile Blaidd who has lost his mind.
  • After killing Blaidd at the end of the quest line, the players are rewarded with Blaidd’s Armor set along with a Royal Greatsword and Colossal Sword.
  • The Wolf Mask required to complete the armor set can be found at Seluvis’ Rise.

Blaidd’s Armor, accompanied by its mask, greaves, gauntlets, and Armor, can be acquired after going through treacherous dialogues, boss fights, and running around from one end. Blaidd himself is a Half-Wolf, Half-Human that used to be Ranni, The Witch’s Second Hand, and used to serve her. We will cover everything from top to bottom to get the complete armor set

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Blaidd’s Locations and Interactions In Elden Ring

Players will be able to come across Blaidd when they are venturing through the “Lands Between.” players need to be aware of the ties that they self-trigger the quest, as it can get quite confusing. Many of the quest itself is directly tied to the Elden Ring Ranni Quest. 

Here’s a breakdown of key interactions and locations to navigate Blaidd’s story:

First Time Meeting

  • Location: Mistwood in Limgrave.
  • Interaction: Use the “Finger Snap” gesture learned near the Church of Elleh to summon Blaidd atop Mistwood Ruins. He tasks you with defeating Darriwil at the Forlorn Hound Evergaol.
    Elden Ring Renna Interaction
    Renna The Witch
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Church of Elleh

Hound Evergoal

  • Challenge: Fight alongside Blaidd to defeat Darriwil. Blaidd rewards you with Smithing Stones.

Siofra River Meeting

  • Preparation: After meeting Ranni in Liurnia, proceed to the Siofra River Well in Mistwood and take the lift down.
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Siofra River Map Location
  • Interaction: Speak with Blaidd at Siofra River. He directs you to Preceptor Seluvis, then to Sorceress Sellen at Waypoint Ruins.
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Seluvis‘ Rise Map Location
    Elden Interaction With Blaidd
    Interaction With Blaidd

Seeking Radahn

  • Objective: After learning about Radahn from Sellen, relay this information to Blaidd at Siofra River. Plan to team up for the Radahn fight.
    Elden Sellen Interaction
    Sellen Interaction Dialogue

Redmane Castle and Radahn Fight

  • Festival: Join Blaidd at Redmane Castle in Caelid for the festival and battle against the demi-god Radahn. The victory triggers a star to fall in Mistwood, marking the entrance to Nokron.
    Elden Impassable Greatbridge Map
    Impassable Greatbridge Map Location

Post-Radahn Fight

  • Next Steps: After defeating Radahn, Blaidd shares insights on the star’s fall and hints at Nokron’s significance, linking back to Ranni’s quest.

Forlorn Hound Evergoal Revisit

  • Closure: Returning to Forlorn Hound Evergoal reveals Counselor Iji’s intervention and ties up loose ends in Blaidd’s storyline, merging it with the overarching narrative involving Ranni.

Blaidd’s questline not only reveals his deep connection to Ranni but also serves as a critical pathway through the game’s intricate plot.

Ranni The Witch Questline 

Ranni, The Witch, is the blood child of Radagon and Rannala, and she is an NPC that has countless quests tied and interlinked to her in the Elden Ring Ranni Quest

  1. First Encounter at Ranni’s Rise: Players meet Ranni, who introduces herself as Renna and tasks them with exploring Nokron to retrieve a treasure.
    Elden Ranni's Rise Map
    Ranni’s Rise Map Location
  2. Serving Ranni: Agree to serve Ranni and interact with her loyal NPCs—Counselor Iji, Blaidd, and Seluvis—for further instructions.
    Elden Serve Ranni
    Serve Ranni The Witch
  3. Heading to Nokron: After defeating Radhan, use the falling star’s impact site in Mistwood as an entrance to Nokron, where players will face the Mimic Tear boss. [Note:
    Elden Heading to Mimic Tear
    Heading to Mimic Tear Boss
    Elden Talking to 3 NPCs
    Talking To NPCs
  4. Retrieving the Fingerslayer Blade: Within Nokron, locate the Fingerslayer Blade and return it to Ranni, receiving the Carian Inverted Statue in exchange.
    Elden Fingerslayer Blade
    Fingerslayer Blade
    Elden Nokron Map
    Nokron Map Location
  5. Accessing the Divine Tower of Liurnia: Use the statue to navigate the tower, finding Ranni’s body and acquiring the Cursemark of Death.
    Elden Ranni Interaction
    Getting back To Ranni
  6. Miniature Ranni Doll: In Ainsel River Main, pick up the doll near the Site of Grace, leading to a quest to defeat the Baleful Shadow.
    Elden Ainsel River Entrance
    Ainsel River Entrance Gate
    Elden Ainsel River Map
    Ainsel River Map Location
  7. Defeating Baleful Shadow: Locate and defeat this mini-boss in Nokstella, freeing Ranni and receiving the Discarded Palace Key.
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Discarded Palace Key
    Elden Baleful Shadow Fight
    Baleful Shadow Fight
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Miniature Ranni Doll
  8. Acquiring the Dark Moon Ring: Use the key in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library to obtain the ring, an essential item for the quest’s culmination.
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Dark Moon Ring Key
    Elden Grand Lucaria Library Map
    Grand Lucaria Library Map Location
    Elden Nokstella Entrance
    Nokstella Entrance
  9. Lake of Rot and Astel: Navigate to the Lake of Rot and defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, in the Grand Cloister.
    Elden Ring Blaidd Armor Set Location
    Grand Cloister Entrance
    Elden Lake of Rot Map
    Lake of Rot Map Location
  10. Final Steps at Moonlight Altar: Use the Dark Moon Ring at the Cathedral of Manus Celes to free Ranni’s soul, receiving the Dark Moon Greatsword as a reward. Check out our Elden Ring Greatsword Build guide for tips on perfecting your greatsword playstyle in the game.
    Elden Ranni Interaction
    Ranni Interaction Dialogue

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Defeating Blaidd To Get Armor Set In Elden Ring

Elden Ranni's Rise for Blaidd Boss
Ranni’s Rise Map Location

Once you get rid of Ranni’s mystery, you can go on and head back over to Ranni’s Rise, where you will come across Blaidd, who is now no longer on your side; instead, he is ready to launch at you as he is feral. He will be in the main arena located in the Caria Manor Garden. 

Elden Blaidd Fight
Blaidd Boss Fight

He will be ready to attack you and take you down, so make sure that you have come fully prepared. Using the stealthiest and most potent build in your arsenal, take Blaidd head-on and obliterate him. After you are done, you will be rewarded with a few things. 

Rewards For Killing Blaidd 

Elden Blaidd Armor and Greatsword
Defeating Blaidd Rewards

Completing the Blaidd Armor Set Location quest rewards players with:

  1. Royal Greatsword: Ideal for players who prefer using a powerful greatsword to defeat enemies.
  2. Colossal Sword: Scales with Intelligence, Dexterity, and Strength, making it perfect for strength-based builds.
  3. Blaidd’s Armor Set: Includes Blaidd Chest Armor, Blaidd Gauntlets, and Blaidd Greaves, providing strong defense to withstand various attacks.

Getting the Wolf Mask 

Elden Seluvis' Rise for Wolf Mask
Seluvis’ Rise Map Location

To complete the entire set, players need the Wolf Mask. Find it at Seluvis’ Rise Tower’s entrance, head inside, and use the left wall to ascend. The Wolf Mask is hanging on a corpse.

Elden Blaidd Wolf Mask
Blaidd Wolf Mask

My Opinion On Blaidd’s Armor Set

As someone who’s platinumed Elden Ring and with well over 150+ hours, if you ask me, Blaidd’s armor set is easily one of the coolest among the many in the game. Blaidd, as a character, has so much depth, but I wish they could’ve done more with him during Ranni’s questline instead of feeling like a total minor character, especially if you consider his lore. Other than that, his armor set isn’t too hard to obtain and has some great stats, if I may add.

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