Elden Ring Seluvis Quest: Complete Guide

To trade with Seluvis in Elden Ring, players are required to progress their quest first. So it is important to know how to finish the quest.

Elden Ring’s Preceptor Seluvis is one of many NPCs that players will encounter who have their own agenda in the Lands Between and a side quest. Progressing in this quest is mandatory in case one wishes to trade/ purchase items from Seluvis, which can be important for players targeting a magic build therefore, knowing the location of this NPC and having knowledge of how to start and finish his quest is quite important.

Important: Seluvis’s quest overlaps with Ranni’s quest and Nepheli Loux’s quest, and certain decisions in Seluvis’s quest can fail the quests it overlaps with.
Key Takeaways
  • Elden Ring Seluvis Tower is right next to Ranni Rise in the “Three Sisters” sub-region. That is only accessible after progressing through the Carian Manor.
  • Initially, Seluvis will refuse to trade with you until you have completed his first task; which is to deliver a certain potion to Nepheli Loux.
  • Nepheli should appear in the Roundtable Hold after you have killed the Omenkiller in the Village of the Albinaurics.
  • Before you can give Nepheli the potion, you will have to talk to Gideon. After that, players will have the choice to either give the potion to Gideon, Nepheli Loux, or the Dungeater.
  • Once the deed is done, return to Seluvis and say that you have delivered the potion; now you will have to option to trade with him.
  • In order to further progress in the quest, players would need to stumble upon Seluvis’s puppet cellar, whose entrance is hidden in the “Three Sisters” sub-region.
  • Return to Seluvis and you will be tasked to find the Amber Starlight, which is located northwest of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace or you can just purchase it from Pidia.
  • Return to Seluvis and he will craft the Amber Draught. Now you will be presented with your final task which will be to give the Amber Draught to Ranni. However, this action will have some consequences.

Location Of Seluvis

seluvis elden ring
Location Of Seluvis [Image Captured by eXputer]
Seluvis is located in the Three Sisters sub-region of Liurnia of the Lakes but before we can actually reach this location. We will need to enter the Carian Manor and progress through that enemy-riddled area until we have defeated Loretta and reached the Three Sisters area. The Carian Manor is located northwest of Liurnia .

Upon reaching the location and besting the dragon that guards that area, we will notice that two of the three towers have a magic barrier that is preventing us from entering. In order to unlock Seluvis Rise, we would first need to visit Ranni in Ranni’s Rise and start the Ranni the Witch quest line.

Once we have sworn allegiance with Ranni, now we can go ahead and exit the tower. Now we can talk to Seluvis in person at Seluvis Tower. Unfortunately, we can not start purchasing sorceries from him right away.

Seluvis Quest Walkthrough

seluvis elden ring
Seluvis Rise [Image Credit: eXputer]
Upon our first interaction with Seluvis, one can notice that he does not like us or our kind very much. It may be tempting to kill him then and there but swearing allegiance with Ranni does have some downsides.

We will obtain a potion from Seluvis and will be ordered to deliver it to Nepheli Loux, and then he will straight up not talk to us until we have finished the required task. Seluvis’s quest is directly linked to the Nepheli Loux quest as well, however, some decisions made in Seluvis’s quest can fail Nepheli’s quest as well. Keep reading to save yourself from that faith.

Delivering The Potion

where to find nepheli
Village of Albainurics location [Image Taken by eXputer]
Now that we have been tasked with delivering the potion, the very first thing we’ll need to do is to meet Nepheli near the entrance of the Village of the Albinaurics. We’ll need to defeat the Omenkiller that resides in that area and Nepheli should automatically return to the Roundtable Hold.

After defeating the Omenkiller, we’ll need to return to the Roundtable Hold and head to the location where Master Hewg is smithing weapons. Now, this is a turning point for the quest where any decision we make can have an impact on Seluvis’s quest, Nepheli’s quest, or even the Dungeater’s quest.

After going down the stairs, we will find Nepheli depressed, to the point where we can’t even talk to her. The first thing we’ll need to do is to go upstairs and speak to Gideon. There he will provide some information about the potion and will ask us to give it to him so he can dispose of it. Now we have three choices.

  1. Give the potion to Gideon so he can dispose of it.
  2. Give the potion to Nepheli Loux. It will end her quest right then and there.
  3. Give the potion to the Dungeater. It will end his quest and we will be locked out of the Blessing Of Despair ending. While we are on the topic, consider reading our ranking of all six endings in Elden Ring.

Irrespective of the choice you make, you can still progress in Seluvis’s quest. If we decide to give the potion to Gideon, then he will just ask us to lie to Seluvis that we gave the potion to Nepheli.

Once we have made our decision on what to do with the potion, we’ll need to return to Seluvis and tell him that the deed is done. Now we can learn sorceries from him after exhausting his dialogue.

Locating The Puppet Cellar

In order to progress further in Seluvis’s quest, we will need to locate his puppet cellar, which is thankfully not far from Seluvis. Now, we need to head to the location shown in the image below.

puppet cellar in the three sisters location
Seluvis’s Puppet Cellar location [Image Credit goes to eXputer]
Once there, we’ll need to start attacking the ground to dispel an illusionary floor. After a few tries, we will find a secret entrance leading underground into a chamber. Upon traversing this tunnel, we will be greeted by something disturbing. Seluvis “puppets” are actually individuals who have been frozen after drinking this potion.

If we had decided to give Nepheli the potion and we can find her frozen body in this room as well. One other disturbing thing here is that if we head straight on, there is another illusionary wall. If we hit it then it will reveal a room that is a somewhat copy of Sellen’s room in the Waypoint Ruins, along with a puppet of Sellen as well.

seluvis elden ring
Sellen’s Room in the Puppet Celler [Image Captured by eXputer]
After exploring the Puppet Celler, we’ll need to return to Seluvis. Since he believes that he and I are working together. He will let us choose between two summonable ashes.

  • Jarwright Pupper
  • Finger Maiden Therolina Puppet

If we gave Nepheli the potion then we will also have the option to choose the “Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet”. Irrespective of what we choose, once we have purchased the rest of the puppets as well, Seluvis will tell us his plan.

How To Obtain The Amber Draught

After hearing Seluvis’s plan, the next thing we’ll need to do is find the Amber Starlight. This item can be found in the Altus Plateau region. We’ll need to head northwest of the Altus Highway Junction Site of Grace. From there, we’ll need to traverse the forest.

Keep progressing and we’ll need to head to the location shown on the map below. There we will spot a statue. We can also just purchase the key item from Pidia.

seluvis elden ring
Location of Amber Starlight [Image Captured by eXputer]
From here, we can obtain the Amber Starlight and now we need to return to Seluvis. With the help of the Amber Starlight, Seluvis will craft us an Amber Draught, while also giving us a Magic Scorpion Charm as a reward. Now the last thing he will ask of us is to give the Amber Draught to Ranni.

One thing to remember is that if we proceed in giving this key item to Ranni then she will wake up and she will denounce us thus locking us out of the Age of Stars ending. And that will also end Elden Ring Seluvis’s quest. But before you reach this point, in case you are dead set on completing this quest then there is one thing you should keep in mind.

If you have already given Ranni the Fingerslayer Blade from Nokron, Eternal City. Then Ranni will soon disappear from Ranni Rise and when Ranni does depart, Seluvis will also die thus ending his quest. If you wish to complete Seluvis’s quest and be sure not to give Ranni the blade.

Wrap Up

And that neatly wraps up our guide on Elden Ring Seluvis’s quest, in which we have listed his location, the quests that overlap his quest, and how to start and finish his quest. Seluvis may be one of the most hated NPCs in Elden Ring but his quest sure is an interesting one. In case this quest has left you confused and you wish to learn more about Seluvis then join in on the discussion at this subreddit post.  

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