Elden Ring: The Best Light Armor Sets [Hands-On Experience]

My Elden Ring Best Light Armor Sets guide entails 15 light armors that will be easy on your equip load & still offer the best protection.

Most players in Elden Ring are after getting some of the best spells, talismans, weapons, and heavy armor sets, and hardly anybody bets an eye on light armor sets. However, what many fail to realize is that light armors are easy on your equip load and still they offer the best elemental resistance.

My Elden Ring best light armor sets guide entails some of the best sets you should know and have in the game. 

Key Highlights

These are the best Light Armor Sets in Elden Ring:

  1. Azur’s Glintstone set: Found after completing Sellen’s quest, return to Primeval Sorcerer Azur’s location.
  2. Spellblade set: Strengthen Glintstone Sorcery kills, dropped by Sorcerer Rogier at the Roundtable Hold.
  3. Alberich’s set: Found at the Main Hall at Fortified Manor in Leyndell, Royal Capital, adorned with red Glinstones.
  4. Lusat’s set: Complete Sorceress Sellen’s quests, then find Lusat at the Sellia Hideaway, featuring Blue Glinstones.
  5. Mushroom set: Mushroom Crown at the southeastern corner of the Lake of Rot, other pieces in Seethewater Cave.
  6. Champion set: Provides resistance against all spells, some pieces available by choosing the hero class or buying from Nomadic Merchant in Caelid South.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the comparison between all of my chosen Light Armor sets in Elden Ring:

Armor setBest ForMagic NegationFire NegationLightning NegationHoly NegationPhysical Negation
Azur’s Glinstone setThe Highest Magic Def In Elden Ring29.224.625.226.513.6
Raya Lucarian Sorcerer SetThe Best Int-Boosting Crown (Twinsage Glintstone Crown)16.523.511.520.910.9
Spellblade setThe Best Set For Magic Skills25.1122.623.525.18.9
Alberich’s setThe Best Armor For Aberrant Sorceries25.323.624.625.310.9
Lusat's setThe Greatest Vitality In Elden Ring29.024.625.726.115.0
Mushroom setThe Highest Immunity In The Game26.110.925.325.612.5
Snow Witch setThe Best Set For Cold Sorceries23.423.423.223.410.1
Aristocrat setThe Best Robustness In Below-10 Weight Sets13.413.615.113.413.4
Champion setThe Best Pierce Defense In Under-15 Weight Sets15.418.519.818.513.1
Depraved Perfumer setThe Best Light Armor For Hybrid Builds26.025.224.825.212.8
Godskin Apostle setThe Highest Holy Defense In Light-Weight Armors25.023.924.727.212.8
Lazuli Sorcerer setThe Best Headgear For Int/Dex Boost25.724.823.424.512.4
Nomadic Merchant setThe Best Armor For Merchant Cosplay17.
Sanguine Noble setN/A23.420.722.923.710.1
Battlemage setThe Best Light Armor For Int/Str Boost25.723.724.625.011.1

1. Azur’s Glintstone Set

The Highest Magic Def In Elden Ring.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
13.6 29.2 24.6 25.2 26.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
109 63 204 186 21

The most prominent feature of Azur’s Glintstone set is that it has blue-green glintstones on the shoulders and a helmet attached to the ragged silk cloak. You also get Comet Azur spell from Master Azur and can make the best Comet Azur build in Elden Ring as well to melt bosses.

Azur’s Glintstone Crown

The crown provides various defensive mechanisms such as holy, and magical. The crown also helps in immunity resistance, focus resistance, and much more. It helps change the character’s appearance if the crown is well-equipped.

Azur’s Glintstone Robe

Azur’s Glintstone robe provides magical damage negation against enemies’ attacks. It also increases your focus resistance and vitality resistance. It has green glintstones over the shoulders.

Azure’s Manchettes

Azure’s Manchettes protect your arms by providing a magic damage negation and great focus resistance. Azure’s manchettes are corroded by glintstones that are bluish-green in color.

Location of Azure’s Glintstone Set

Once you have completed the Sorceress Sellen’s Questline, return to the Primeval Sorcerer Azur’s location, that is when you can take control of all three armor pieces of Azur’s Glintstone Set.

Elden Ring Azur's Glintstone Set
Azur’s Glintstone Set

  • Provides substantial magic defenses, Vitality, and Focus.
  • The crown buffs the dmg of Comet sorceries.

  • Possesses low physical dmg negation.
  • Increases the FP cost of all sorceries by 15%.

2. Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

The Best Int-Boosting Crown (Twinsage Glintstone Crown).

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.9 16.5 23.5 11.5 20.9


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
85 110 135 73 17

Moving on with Elden Ring Best Light Armor Sets, the main feature of the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set is its blue and red robe that provides a moderate defense mechanism against the enemy. The magic scholars of Raya Lucaria wear it. I consider the Raya Lucarian Sorcerer set to be one of Elden Ring’s top-tier light armor sets. It consists of four pieces; each one has its benefits. 

Karolos Glintstone Crown 

The Glintstone crown is known to increase your intelligence by boosting your stamina to harm the enemy. It helps increase your robustness and provides fire damage negation. The crown has blue glintstones on it. 

Raya Lucarian Robe

Once you wear this Raya Lucarian Robe, your immunity resistance increases, and the elegant blue garb increases the defense mechanism by physical damage. 

Sorcerer Manchettes

These Manchettes increase your focus and protect both arms against the enemy attack. 

Sorcerer Leggings

Sorcerer leggings again provide the most powerful slash damage with robust resistance when the enemy attacks you. These Sorcerer leggings are made up of simple cloth wrapped around your legs. 

Location of Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

You can find this Elden Ring best light armor set at the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Elden Ring Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set
Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set

If you’re having trouble farming it, I suggest going for the Astrologer Set for your mage builds in a similar weight bracket.

  • Has good Fire defenses and Focus.
  • The set bonus includes Death resistance.

  • Negligible poise and poor physical and lightning negations.
  • Needs to be farmed and thus difficult to obtain.

3. Spellblade Set

The Best Set For Magic Skills.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
8.9 25.11 22.6 23.5 25.1


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
86 44 141 151 15

The Spellblade set is more of a traveling attire with a unique style of pointed hat. The entire attire has aristocratic decorations on it, and it helps in strengthening your Glintstone sorcery skills. This is an essential set in my Light Armor Sets list. 

Spellblade Pointed Hat

The biggest protection that this hat provides to you is its high spell negations to decrease the enemy’s damaging effect and keep your head safe.

Spellblade Traveling Attire

This traveling attire protects while traveling, and it’s one of the most important pieces of the Spellblade attire. It can provide maximum damage negation through magic. It has blue embellishments on the shoulders. 

Spellblade Gloves

Spellblade gloves apply defensive properties through their magical powers and improve your vitality resistance. The glove has a big blue glintstone on it.

Spellblade Trousers

These ancient-style trousers protect your legs and feet with their magical effects on the enemy. The pointed toes look great on any player’s character. 

Location of Spellblade Set

You can find the entire set at Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold location. The Sorcerer Rogier drops all pieces of the Spellblade set. 

Elden Ring Spellblade Set
Spellblade Set

  • Increases dmg dealt by magic Ashes of War by 2% per piece of the set.
  • Has comparatively high Vitality, Focus, and Elemental dmg resistances.

  • Does not increase the damage of sorceries.
  • Provides relatively lower physical defense and poise.

4. Alberich’s Set

The Best Armor For Aberrant Sorceries.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.9 25.3 23.6 24.6 25.3


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
93 55 159 170 15

You can easily recognize this set by the red glintstones present all over the attire but mostly on the shoulder cape. These red glintstones are made up of the blood of sacrifices.

Alberich Pointed Hat 

The owner of this pointed hat is the Mad Tongue Alberich. Alberich’s hat displays the features of a heretical practitioner. Its vitality resistance is at its peak once you wear it. 

Alberich Robe

The red glintstones embellished on the cape are known to strengthen the thorn sorcery and increase the defense through holy negation and vitality resistance. 

Alberich Bracers

Your arms wear Alberich Bracers, and red glintstones provide strength to you. 

Alberich Trousers

Alberich trousers have nothing fancy on them, but they give you a great spell of damage to any enemy who tries to harm you. 

Location of Alberich’s Set

To get this Alberich’s set, I would suggest you go to the main hall on the first floor of the Site of Grace. This fortified manor is situated in Leyndell, Royal Capital.  

Elden Ring Alberich Set
Alberich Set

  • Buffs Abberant Sorceries by 6% for every equipped piece.
  • Provides comparatively high Elemental defenses, Focus, and Vitality.

  • The dmg buff is not applied on altered chest pieces and Legs.
  • Not suitable for melee builds due to very low poise.

5. Lusat’s Set

The Greatest Vitality In Elden Ring.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
15 29 24.6 25.7 26.1


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
109 55 181 209 21

Lusat’s set consists of brilliant blue glintstones that catch everyone’s attention. This set is worn by the Lusat, who is a primeval current sorcerer. I’ve frequently used it in mage builds and found it pretty effective.

Lusat’s Glintstone Crown

This crown consists of a giant glintstone that expels various holy and magic damage negations. It protects your head by vitality resistance. 

Lusat’s Robe

The lightweight chest armor not only strikes physical damage to the enemy but also spell damage which helps in increasing the defense mechanism against the enemy. When well-equipped, it increases vitality and focus resistance. The upper part of the robe is corroded with blue glintstones. 

Lusat’s Manchettes

These manchettes protect your arms with their damaging properties. Lusat’s manchettes are also corroded with blue glintstones. 

Old Sorcerer’s Legwraps

These leg wraps may look old but produce highly defensive powers against the enemy with their spell and slash damage negation. Once worn, your vitality resistance also boosts up. 

Location of Lusat’s Set

Once you have completed the Sorceress Sellen’s questline, side with Sellen, only then are you eligible to get the entire set. The entire set is present on the ground of Lusat’s location, at the Sellia Hideaway. 

Elden Ring Lusat's Set
Lusat’s Set

  • Substantial magic defense and the Highest Vitality stat in the game.
  • Is one of the best sets for dedicated mage builds.

  • Effectiveness drops in non-mage builds.
  • Requires completion of a rather lengthy questline.

6. Mushroom Set

The Highest Immunity In The Game.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.5 26.1 10.9 25.3 25.6


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
243 57 215 181 11

The key feature of this Mushroom set is that it is made up of mushrooms. It’s a moderate set that doesn’t offer much protection but has other great features. The Mushroom set has a total of five pieces. 

Mushroom Crown

The Mushroom Crown is the heaviest piece of the entire set. It increases the strike power, and if you are poisoned, it increases the immunity, protecting your head. The towering headpiece is made up of a huge mushroom. 

Mushroom Head

This is another headpiece below the crown that has ever-growing mushrooms. The mushroom head also provides protection. These mushrooms will keep growing and colonize your head. 

Mushroom Body

The Mushroom body can be worn around the torso, providing focus, immunity, and vitality resistance. 

Mushroom Arms

Once you wear these Mushroom arms, these overgrown mushrooms colonize your arms providing resistance and defensive properties, helping protect the arms. 

Mushroom Legs

Mushroom legs also work as mushroom arms do, and they have the same defensive properties. 

Location of the Mushroom Set

To collect the Mushroom Set, you can find the pieces in the following locations:

  1. Mushroom Crown: Located on a corpse hanging from a pillar ruin in the southeastern corner of the Lake of Rot.
  2. Other Set Pieces (Mushroom Cap, Mushroom Coat, Mushroom Trousers): These can be found in the Seethewater Cave, situated in a cavern with many mushroom people and a Giant Poison Flower nearby.
Elden Ring Mushroom Set
Mushroom Set

  • Has great Focus, Vitality, and the highest Immunity in the game (243).
  • Is great for traversal in swampy areas like Lake of Rot, etc.

  • Lower poise and robustness increase susceptibility to bleed and stagger.
  • Relatively low physical and fire defenses.

7. Snow Witch Set

The Best Set For Cold Sorceries.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.1 23.4 23.4 23.2 23.4


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
78 66 146 146 16

Snow Witch set is yet again another best light armor sets in Elden Ring. The main work of this set is to strengthen the cold sorceries by almost 10%. The color of the entire Snow Witch set is grayish-white. The set consists of three pieces. 

Snow Witch Hat 

The hat is the main piece of the entire set. I found that it helps increase your focus and vitality resistance. The pointed hat is frozen through. This style of hat is associated with the heretical sorcery practitioners. A witch first wore this hat.

Snow Witch Robe

The Snow Witch robe is extremely lightweight but provides good physical damage to take out the enemy. Once it is worn around the torso, it increases your vitality and focus resistance. The robe is also of a snowy grayish-white color. 

Snow Witch Skirt

This leg piece is slightly different from other leg pieces as it is in a skirt form. It protects the legs and feet with its resistance and defensive properties. 

Location of the Snow Witch Set

To get this Snow Witch set, you have to go to Ranni’s questline, and after a certain point, you will find a chest placed on Renna’s Rise upper floor, which is located at the back of the elevator. 

Elden Ring Snow Witch Set
Snow Witch Set

  • For the weight, the armor provides comparatively high elemental defenses.
  • There’s a 10% dmg buff to cold sorceries provided by the hat.

  • To obtain, you have to progress a certain questline.
  • Very low effectiveness against pierce damage.

8. Aristocrat Set

The Best Robustness In Below-10 Weight Sets.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
13.4 13.4 13.6 15.1 13.4


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
91 64 84 71 21

The Aristocrat enemies wear this lightweight set and usually wander around the roads in several groups. The entire set is made up of a specific cloth. The nobles of the capital mostly wear it. It has many beneficial features, and it consists of three pieces. 

Aristocrat Headband

The Aristocrat headband has goldwork embellishments. The lightweight headband provides focus resistance and protection against spellwork and physical damage.

Aristocrat Garb  

The Aristocrat Garb is a full costume that covers your chest and arms. It has golden threadwork all over it. This garb provides exceptionally good immunity resistance. Its defensive properties include strike, slash, and pierce damage negation.

Aristocrat Boots

These Aristocrat Boots will shield your legs and feet by executing physical damage negation. These boots are created from tanned leather, making them durable for both genders. 

Location of Aristocrat Set

To get the Aristocrat Set pieces, I suggest you follow these methods:

  1. Defeat Noble Sorcerers: These enemies are often found in large groups and can drop various pieces of the Aristocrat Set.
  2. Troll-Pulled Hearse Caravan: Near the Agheel Lake South at the site of grace, you can find the Aristocrat Headband as you progress downwards.

Remember that the Aristocrat Set pieces can only be obtained as drops from Noble Sorcerers and cannot be acquired in any other way.

Elden Ring Aristocrat Set
Aristocrat Set

Since it requires farming, you can opt for the Godskin Noble Set instead, for better overall stats albeit with a heavier weight.

  • Good weight-to-defenses ratio.
  • Suitable for both melee and mage builds.

  • Can be replaced with other options available.
  • Only obtained by farming certain foes.

9. Champion Set

The Best Pierce Defense In Under-15 Weight Sets.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
13.1 15.4 18.5 19.8 18.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
116 73 96 88 22

The Champion set is the best armor set resistance against all negative powers and spells. This set is especially for the brave characters of a badland. The set has four pieces, and one of my reasons for choosing it is that it’s a starter set.

Champion Headband

The Champion Headband boosts the Ligt and Holy damage negation. It helps in increasing the immunity resistance against any enemy forces. 

Champion Pauldron

This chest armor is only worn by those who have slaughtered multiple foes. It has the strongest Fire and Holy damage protection. It provides you with all different kinds of immunity and vitality resistance. 

Champion Bracers

Champion Bracers are worn around the arms. It’s great defensive equipment that provides you with different playstyles and motions. These bracers also protect the arms against attacks from the enemy. 

Champion Gaiters

Champion Gaiters not only give resistance against enemy attacks but also provide a more advanced movement to your character. Once you have worn this leg armor, your mobility increases greatly, and your defensive abilities also improve. 

Location of Champion Set

There are two ways you can get pieces of the Champion Set. Some pieces are present in the starting equipment of the Hero Class. Nomadic Merchant Caelid South also sells the Champion Set pieces. 

Elden Ring Champion Set
Champion Set

If you’re yet to obtain it, I suggest using the Confessor Set in the meantime, as it is a starting equipment and provides similar protection values but with more weight.

  • Can be accessed right away by choosing Hero class.
  • Has considerable resistance stats and lightning defense.

  • Provides rather low physical defense.
  • Lower poise makes it susceptible to interruptions and staggers.

10. Depraved Perfumer Set

The Best Light Armor For Hybrid Builds.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.8 26 25.2 24.8 25.2


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
162 55 140 200 20

The Depraved Perfumer Set has a different Robe, its most obvious feature. They get their name due to their slow self-destruction. It has four pieces. 

Depraved Perfumer Headscarf

This headscarf covers your head and neck by applying defensive forces against the enemy. It also provides vitality resistance. 

Depraved Perfumer Robe

The Depraved Perfumer Robe is known to increase physical damage negation and vitality resistance towards the enemy attack. The Robe is worn around the torso, covering your entire chest. 

Depraved Perfumer Gloves

These gauntlets or gloves cover hands and arms. They also protect the arms by their magical damage negation. 

Depraved Perfumer Trousers

The Depraved Perfumer Trousers also apply different defensive forces, including Fire, Holy, Light, and Magic damage negation. They help protect your legs and feet if worn properly. 

Location of Depraved Perfumer 

The Depraved Perfumer Set is located near The Shaded Castle. The Depraved Perfumer enemies can only farm the pieces of the Depraved Perfumer Set. 

Elden Ring Depraved Perfumer Set
Depraved Perfumer Set

  • High Immunity, Vitality, and Elemental Defenses.
  • Exceptional for many different magic builds.

  • Relatively lower physical dmg negation.
  • Can be tedious to obtain as requires farming.

11. Godskin Apostle Set

The Highest Holy Defense In Light-Weight Armors.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.8 25 23.9 24.7 27.2


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
105 52 169 158 19

The Godskin Apostle Set is known to provide minimal magical and physical damage. The set consists of 4 armor pieces. 

Godskin Apostle Hood

The Godskin Hood is made out of smooth skin patches sewn together. The Godskin Apostle Hood helps provide a better spell damage negation than the physical damage.

Godskin Apostle Robe 

This Robe is made the same way the Hood is made. Once you wear it around your chest and torso, your defensive and resistance abilities are increased in front of the enemy. The defensive qualities include the Holy and Magic damage negation with a great focus resistance. 

Godskin Apostle Bracelets

These Godskin Apostle Bracelets are worn around the arms, which helps exhibit good physical damage negation. It protects your arms by its focus resistance against any attack from the enemy. 

Godskin Apostle Trousers

These Godskin Apostle Trousers have the same effect on the enemy attack as they produce magic damage to counter any attack from the enemy, which protects legs and feet. 

Location of the Godskin Apostle Set

To get all the pieces of the Godskin Apostle Set, you need to reach the Divine Tower of Caelid. You can find this Divine Tower on the northern coast between two sections of Caelid. 

 Kill each enemy you come across. The enemies are tough to kill.

Elden Ring Godskin Apostle
Godskin Apostle Set

  • Provides high Focus and Vitality.
  • Has very impressive elemental defenses for its weight.

  • Low poise and Physical damage resistances.
  • Difficult for early players to get as requires killing a boss.

12. Lazuli Sorcerer Set

The Best Headgear For Int/Dex Boost.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
12.4 25.7 24.8 23.4 24.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
95 55 137 130 17

The Lazuli Sorcerer Set is made up of light cloth, and the crown has a glintstone on it. The Lazuli Sorcerers mostly wear this set in the Raya Lucaria Academy. This armor set comprises four pieces. 

Lazuli Glintstone Crown

The Lazuli Glintstone Crown has blue glintstones all over it. The weight of this crown is mediocre. The crown is worn over the head, and it helps in increasing your skill and intelligence. 

Lazuli Robe

Lazuli Robe is a simple grayish piece of cloth that is light in weight and easier to wear. The Robe is made up of two pieces, and it boosts your defensive powers when you wear this Robe around your chest. It greatly increases the focus and vitality resistance. 

Sorcerer Manchettes 

Sorcerer Manchettes are the gauntlets that protect your arms by increasing the focus resistance against the enemy’s attack. It’s made up of a simple cloth wrapped around the arms. 

Sorcerer Leggings

The Sorcerer Leggings are also cloth wrapped around the legs. It helps in increasing the Fire and Holy damage negation. 

Location of the Lazuli’s Sorcerer Set

To collect the Lazuli Sorcerer Set pieces in the Raya Lucaria Academy, follow these methods:

  1. Lazuli Glintstone Crown: Defeat crystal crabs found in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  2. Lazuli Robe: Dropped by Lazuli Sorcerers in the area.
  3. Sorcerer Manchettes: Also obtained as drops from Raya Lucaria Sorcerers.
  4. Sorcerer Leggings: These are dropped by the same Raya Lucaria Sorcerers.

These methods will help you acquire all the pieces of the Lazuli Sorcerer Set in the game.

Elden Ring Lazuli Set
Lazuli Set

  • Provides substantial elemental dmg negations, Focus, and Vitality.
  • The crown boosts Int and Dex by 3.

  • Relatively lower poise and physical damage reduction.
  • The stat boost comes at the cost of HP reduction (18%).

13. Nomadic Merchant’s Set

The Best Armor For Merchant Cosplay.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
14.6 17.2 17.2 17.2 16


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
116 66 146 95 25

The Nomadic Merchant’s Set is a bit different from the other light armor sets, mostly in white and gray colors. The Nomadic Merchant Set is made in different rainbow colors. The Nomadic Merchants wear it. 

Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau

The Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau is a headpiece. It is made up of a lightweight cloth and has a turban look to it. It has colorful gems on it. This Nomadic Merchant’s Chapeau has many defensive properties, including the Fire, Magic, and Holy damage negation. 

Nomadic Merchant’s Finery

The lightweight cloth set that is made in tones of purple and pink is used to cover your chest and arms. It offers defense and increases the focus resistance against all sorts of enemy attacks. 

Nomadic Merchant’s Trousers

The Nomadic Merchant’s Trousers protect both legs and feet by exhibiting Magic, and Fire damage negation. These trousers help in boosting up your focus resistance too. 

Location of the Nomadic Merchant’s Set

To get the full Nomadic Merchant’s Set, follow these steps using the Elden Ring map:

  1. Open the secret passage behind the altar.
  2. Descend the stairs and cross the narrow fallen rafter.
  3. Look to your left to find the Nomadic Merchant’s Set location.

However, to acquire it, you must destroy the tent and eliminate all enemies in your path.

Elden Ring Nomadic Merchant's Set
Nomadic Merchant’s Set

If you need a more easy-to-obtain option, I recommend choosing the Omen Killer Set instead, as it provides almost similar defensive stats.

  • Has good Focus and Immunity stats.
  • Decent elemental resistances and Poise.

  • Found in a secretive location which is a pretty challenging area.
  • Damage negation stats are not worth the hassle.

14. Sanguine Noble Set

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
10.1 23.4 20.7 22.9 23.7


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
97 37 156 144 17

Sanguine Noble Set is known for its Holy and Magic damage negations. This Sanguine Noble Set has three armor pieces.  

Sanguine Noble Hood

Sanguine Noble Hood is made up of black dyed cloth with golden embroidery and a red Glintstone. This hood doesn’t offer much physical damage negation but greatly helps in increasing the vitality resistance. 

Sanguine Noble Robe

This Sanguine Noble Robe is worn by the Nobles who are serving the Lord of Blood. It is also made up of black-dyed cloth and has fine golden embroidery all over the robe. It offers a great focus and vital resistance against enemy attacks. 

Sanguine Noble WaistCloth

Unlike other leg protections, this one is a skirt-type armor that protects your legs by applying different defensive forces. This waist cloth is made up of a lightweight black dyed cloth that is easy to carry.

Location of the Sanguine Noble Set

The entire armor set pieces of the Sanguine Noble are dropped by the Sanguine Noble NPC invasion, which is located in the Consecrated Snowfield, which is north of Yelough Anix Ruins.

Elden Ring Sanguine Noble Set
Sanguine Noble Set

  • High Focus and Vitality stats.
  • Excellent elemental defenses for its weight.

  • Pretty low physical defenses and Robustness stat.
  • Acquired in a secret end-game area.

15. Battlemage Set

The Best Light Armor For Int/Str Boost.

DMG Negation

Physical Magic Fire Lightning Holy
11.1 25.7 23.7 24.6 25


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
103 55 155 176 22

The Battlemage Set is made up of a specific cloth. It is known as a spellcaster set. The Battlemage enemies wear it. The Battlemage Set has 4 armor pieces.

Haima Glintstone Crown

I discovered that when you wear this Haima Glintstone Crown, your intelligence and strength against the enemy are increased. This crown is made in a pointed shape. 

Battlemage Robe

The Battlemage Robe is also made of a cloth known as spellcaster armor. It increases the magical damage negation and your Vitality resistance. It has a red and navy blue color of cloth. 

Battlemage Manchettes

These Battlemage Manchettes are made from wrapping cloth around the arms. It has many resistance and defensive features. 

Battlemage Legwraps

Battlemage Legwraps are made the same way as Manchettes and have the same resistance and defensive effects. 

Location of the Battlemage Set

A Battlemage enemy drops the Battlemage Set. The Battlemage enemy can be found at the east of West Windmill Pasture. This West Windmill Pasture can be found somewhere near the northern end of a collapsed bridge on a hill. 

Elden Ring Battlemage Set
Battlemage Set

  • Great for mage-oriented builds for its balanced Focus, Vitality, Immunity, and Poise.
  • Substantial elemental defenses for its weight.

  • Not suitable for melee builds due to low physical damage negation and Robustness.
  • Needs to be farmed and has a low drop rate.

Alternative Armors

While compiling my top 15 list for Light Armor Sets in Elden Ring, I came across several other viable options worth considering. However, due to various individual factors, I opted not to include them:

  • Black Knife Set: A good choice with stealth-enhancing properties, but acquiring this armor set takes some time.
  • Omenkiller Set: Although it possesses a moderate physical and magical defense, its robustness is low.
  • Noble’s Set: It offers reasonable magical defense but lacks significant physical protection compared to the other armor sets I mentioned above.
  • Nox Monk Set: Despite being resistant to magic and dark damage, it has low poise and is vulnerable to lightning and fire damage.

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My Experience Using Light Armor Sets

While I didn’t use light armor as frequently as heavy armor during the hours I’ve played Elden Ring, some of my personal favorite armor is the Champion Set and the Lusat Set. Since my very first playthrough of Elden Ring was with the strength build, the Champion Set was the ideal armor for me as it only weighed a little, allowing me to equip heavier weapons until I had enough endurance to equip heavy armor as well.

hammad ijaz elden ring save slot
My Elden Ring playtime on Steam (Steam ID: Future_Bird)

But the Lusat armor set easily takes the crown for being one of the most fashionable and eye-popping sets in  Elden Ring, to the point where it became my priority to obtain the Lusat Armor set as soon as possible during the intelligence build playthrough.

I hope you like this list of Elden Ring’s best light armor sets. If you like this guide, give me your feedback in the comments section below.

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