Elden Ring Comet Azur Location & Guide

Our step-by-step Elden Ring Comet Azur location guide lists how to reach and obtain this overpowered spell faster in the game.

Elden ring is the latest entry in the soul-crushingly hard soulsborne genre and without a doubt, a contender for the “next game of the year” award. The reason for that is because it is densely packed with a variety of weapons, skills, ashes of war, bosses, spells, and you name it. Now, if you’re here reading this, chances are you are a sorcerer looking for a spell that can practically one-shot your foes. Our Comet Azur location guide mentions how to reach the location of the spell and obtain it.

Key Highlights

  • Obtaining the Comet Azur spell requires the players to take quite a detour in the Altus Plateau area.
  • Once you reach Wyndham Ruins, north of the Lux ruins. Keep going by the cliff and jump in the River Ravine. Tread along the river until you reach the Terminus Site of Grace.
  • Once there, head toward the castle and make a sharp turn toward the south. Here you will find a dragon boss named Magma Wyrm. Players will also find Alexandar here if they have been following along with his quest.
  • After defeating the Magma Wyrm, keep following the path until players reach the Hermit Village.
  • Players will encounter some common enemies here and a mini-boss. Either kill them all or speed through them by using Torrent.
  • As you cross the ravine, take a left and you will find Azur chilling beside a site of grace. Keep interacting with him until you have obtained the Comet Azur spell.
  • Now all you need is the right staff and the proper upgrades to dominate all bosses with this spell.
  • The stat requirement for the Comet Azur is 60 Intelligence.

Here is our video guide regarding end game Intelligence build that focuses heavily on doing one-shot bosses in the game.

The Comet Azur spell in Elden Ring is extremely overpowered and can help you cheese out the most annoying and scary bosses and basically turns Elden ring into a cakewalk. Now, obtaining the comet Azur is no child’s play but believe us when we say “ it is worth the effort.” Also, if you plan on getting it, also go through our Comet Azur Build.

How To Get Comet Azur In Elden Ring

map location
map location

You can continue reading the guide or watch the complete walkthrough here.

Assuming you have all the things required to use the Comet Azur to its maximum potential, it is time to navigate through the Altus plateau. Once you step out of the lift, head north towards the Altus plateau. Here you will find the Lux Ruins, pass through them and keep going north till you reach the Wyndham ruins. Keep going by the cliff towards the west and jump into the river ravine. Tread along the river until it dips and turns left to find the terminus site of grace, we recommend resting at this site so in case the situation goes fubar, you can just skip the journey up to this point.

Magma Wyrn

Magma Wyrm
Magma Wyrm

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Once you’ve rested at the mentioned site of grace, head west towards a castle, then take a sharp turn towards the south. Here you will have to cross a lava lake guarded by a dragon boss called magma wyrm. You can choose to fight it for nineteen thousand runes, a dragon heart, and the magma breath if you are feeling confident but if you don’t feel so ready you can simply rely on your best friend the steed to dash through the lava lake effortlessly as it is relatively immune to fire. So, to reach Comet Azur location quickly, skip this boss and continue our guide. 

Hermit Village

Continue along the wall and into the left corner and keep going straight along the cliff, a bunch of regular enemies guard the cliff but again steed rocks so you can just speed past them on his back to reach the hermit village.


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Passing the Hermit village, you’ll encounter another boss at the end, the demi-human queen Maggie. Again you will be presented with the choice to either fight it or simply ignore the dumb hoe. However, defeating this boss will provide you with useful items and runes such as thirteen thousand runes, a memory stone, and a golden rune so we recommend fighting it provided you’re actually leveled enough to take her on.

Sorcerer Azur


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Now cross the ravine and take the left corner to find the primeval sorcerer Azur chilling beside a site of grace. First, rest at the site of grace and pat yourself on the back for you’ve made a long and treacherous journey. Then talk to Azur, well he really isn’t much of a social guy as he won’t utter a single word. Keep interacting with him until the pop-up shows up on the screen showing you’ve acquired the comet Azur.

comet azur overpowered Spell Elden Ring
Elden Ring spell Comet Azur

All you need to do now is equip the comet Azur, scream “Kamehameha” and laugh in the face of those bosses as you one-shot these heart-wrenching beings.

Requirements For Using The Comet Azur

Now that you’ve reached Elden Ring Comet Azur location and obtained the spell, you need to make sure that you meet the following requirements in order to actually use the Comet Azur.

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Investing In The Right Stats


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Before you can use this “Kamehameha wannabe” spell, you need to make sure that you have at least level 60 in intelligence and spend some decent points in one of the vital stats the “focus points (F.P)”, as the comet azur costs a huge amount of F.p to fire, so unless you plan to use it only once during a fight you want to upgrade your FP.

Now, if you are someone who did not level up in intelligence, then you can either spend days grinding to level it up or you can respect your character by getting larval tears after defeating Rennala, queen of the full moon. We recommend the latter method for time efficiency. However, if you are someone who is just starting out, here is a guide to creating an overpowered intelligence build.

Picking A Good Staff


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Another thing you need to use the comet Azur or any sorcery for that matter is a cool-looking staff with decent scaling. Here are some of your best options

  • Academy Glintstone Staff
  • Glintstone Staff
  • Astrologer’s Staff
  • Lusat’s Glintstone Staff
  • Azur’s Glintstone Staff
  • Digger’s Staff
  • The Staff Of The Guilty
  • Demi-Human Queen Staff
  • Meteorite Staff
  • Digger’s Staff

From the above-mentioned staff, you want to favor a staff with an ‘s’ or at least an ‘a’ scaling to utilize the full potential of your stats.

Campaign Progress

campaign progress
campaign progress

Since comet Azur is a late-game spell, you also need to complete the main game campaign to the point where you’ve reached mt gelmir in the Altus plateau.

The Dectus Medallion

Dectus Medallion-
Dectus Medallion-

The last thing you need to find is the Dectus Medallion divided into two halves to access the grand lift of Dectus. The left half of the medallion can be found in a chest at the top of the tower in fort height, the fort is guarded by a bunch of enemies but you can use the good old “run past em” tactic on them.

The right side of the medallion is found at the top of fort Haroth, this fort is guarded by a sleeping dragon so get on your steed, blaze through to the top of the tower and open the chest to obtain the right side of the Dectus medallion. Now use the medallion to access the grand lift of Dectus and reach Altus plateau at the top.

That wraps up our Elden Ring Comet Azur location guide. Let us know which has been your go-to spell in the game so far. 

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