Elden Ring BEST Frost Weapons And How To Get Them

Learn about the 10 Best Frostbite Weapons in Elden Ring, like the Frozen Needle, Zamor Curved Sword, along with how to get each of them!

Elden Ring best frost-infused weapons have many strategic advantages and can be found in specific areas only. They are very powerful in both PvP and PvE. Not only this, but they are also surprisingly easy to get, and their stat requirements are not very high. Remember, the best Frost Weapons Elden Ring are the ones that complement your playstyle!

Key Takeaways
  • Frost weapons in Elden Ring are powerful weapons that have the ability to inflict the Frostbite status effect on enemies.
  • Frost, when triggered on an enemy, deals a percentage of their maximum health as damage.
  • It lowers their damage absorption and reduces their stamina regeneration for a duration of 30 seconds.
  • Elden Ring’s best frost-infused weapons require specific stat investments, and knowing these requirements allows players to build their characters more efficiently.
  • Elden Ring’s best frost-infused weapons vary in type, from swords and halberds to unconventional tools like the Ghostflame Torch, offering diverse combat options.
  • Most Frost weapons are tied to unique enemies within Elden Ring’s vast world, making them strategic targets for players seeking such an arsenal.

Best Frost Weapons In Elden Ring

Following are the ten best Frost-inflicting weapons, listed according to their potency:

Serial No.WeaponStrengthDexterityIntelligenceHow to Get
10Ghostflame Torch101014Located in Nokron city.
9Frozen Needle1118-- Defeat Royal Revenant boss.
8Dragonscale Blade1220-- Defeat Dragonkin Soldier boss in Lake of Rot
7Dragon Halberd2210-- Defeat Dragonkin Soldier boss in upper Siofra River
6Icerind Hatchet1116-- Grab from chest in Temple Quarter.
5Royal Greatsword261822- Complete Ranni & Blaidd questlines. Defeat Blaidd outside Ranni's Rise.
4Helphen’s Steeple191022- Defeat Tibia Mariner south of Castle Sol
3Zamor Curved Sword1618-- Defeat Ancient Hero of Zamor in dungeon
2Death’s Poker151711- Defeat Death Rite Bird boss southeast of Aeonia Swamp.
1Dark Moon Greatsword161138- Finish Ranni's questline. Defeat Astel Naturalborn boss.

10. Ghostflame Torch

elden ring best frost weapons
Ghostflame Torch

While it functions as a light source in dim areas like the standard Torch, the Ghostflame variant differs in dealing with Magic instead of Fire damage. The Ghostflame Torch offers a substantial Frost buildup of 65 when used against enemies. 

How To Get

Nokron City elden ring
Nokron City
  1. Travel to the Meteorite Crater near Mistwood and enter the underground city of Nokron, Eternal City.
  2. Go towards the tower and time your jump from the edge of the platform for maximum distance.
  3. You will land on the out-of-the-way tower containing the Ghostflame Torch.
  4. Pick up the Ghostflame Torch before proceeding, as there is no way to come back once you drop down further into Nokron.
  5. If you miss the jump or the torch, you’ll have to start over from the Meteorite Crater entrance.
  6. With proper jump timing, you can successfully grab the unique Ghostflame Torch on the hidden tower in Elden Ring’s Nokron, Eternal City area.

9. Frozen Needle

elden ring best frost weapons
Frozen Needle (Image Credit: Cloud Plays YouTube Channel)

Despite its lower damage, the Frozen Needle has the advantage of launching a projectile during heavy and unique feint attacks, providing melee fighters with a ranged option. It’s nestled in the King’s realm Ruins, watched over by a Royal Revenant.

  • Frozen Needle is a small thrusting sword that may be overlooked due to its less impressive damage output compared to others.
  • Nevertheless, its unique feint attack and capability to launch a projectile gives melee combatants a ranged alternative.

How To Get

Royal Revenant
Royal Revenant
  1. Go to the Kingsrealm Ruins.
  2. Enter the underground tunnel in the northeast part of the ruins.
  3. Progress through the underground area until you reach the end room.
  4. There, you’ll encounter the boss, Royal Revenant. Defeat the Royal Revenant.
  5. Once the boss is defeated, access to the back room opens up behind where the boss was.
  6. Open the chest in this small room to claim the Frozen Needle thrusting sword weapon.
  7. Be aware that the Royal Revenant boss guards the Frozen Needle, so you’ll need to plan accordingly and potentially level up before attempting to defeat it.

8. Dragonscale Blade

elden ring best frost weapons
Dragonscale Blade

The Dragonscale Blade, more than a fancy-named katana, wields a distinctive Weapon Skill: Ice Lightning Sword. This induces a series of special attacks ending with a lightning bolt. Unfortunately, it’s located in the hostile environment of the Lake of Rot. Its Ice Lightning Sword skill triggers a series of attacks that end with a lightning bolt from the sky.

How To Get

Dragonkin Soldier
Dragonkin Soldier
  1. Travel to the Lake of Rot in the Grand Cloister area.
  2. Once in the Lake of Rot, look for the island with the Grand Cloister site of grace.
  3. From the site of grace, head north into the lake, and you’ll find a small island with a Dragonkin Soldier boss.
  4. Defeat the Dragonkin Soldier boss. 
  5. After defeating the Dragonkin Soldier, it will drop the Dragonscale Blade katana weapon.

7. Dragon Halberd

elden ring best frost weapons
Dragon Halberd

While the Dragon Halberd doesn’t initially induce Frost buildup, its unique Spinning Slash variant grants the weapon both lightning damage and Frost buildup capabilities. The weapon’s long-range and high attack bonuses can allow players to strike at large enemies from a safer distance. 

  • However, there are some limitations to consider.
  • Obtaining the weapon first requires completing a specific quest line.
  • Its two-handed design also prevents dual-wielding or using a shield simultaneously.
  • Swinging and recovery of attacks is slower than other armaments.

How To Get

Dragonkin Soldierbest frost weapons elden ring
Dragonkin Soldier
  1. Travel to the Siofra River underground area.
  2. The entrance is in Mistwood.
  3. Once underground, make your way to the upper sections of the Siofra River.
  4. You can find a portal to the upper area near the Worshiping Woods site of Grace.
  5. Look for a knocked-over stone pillar leading to a small tower – the portal is inside.
  6. After teleporting upstairs, head right towards the open lake area.
  7. There, you’ll find the Dragonkin Soldier boss.
  8. Dragonkin Soldier boss is weak to lightning damage, so prepare accordingly.
  9. Staying mounted on your horse Torrent while circling around its backside is an effective strategy.
  10. Defeat the Dragonkin Soldier boss.
  11. It primarily attacks with its arm swipes, so keep your distance behind it.
  12. Upon defeating the boss, you will be rewarded with the Dragon Halberd weapon.

6. Icerind Hatchet

elden ring best frost weapons
Icerind Hatchet

Icerind Hatchet is a Dexterity-focused axe that naturally induces Frost buildup. Although its Hoarfrost Stomp was ineffective, it’s still a potent skill that can target multiple foes or ensure hits on larger ones. It excels at building up frost effects on enemies through both direct strikes and area-of-effect attacks.

How To Get

Temple Quarter best frost weapons elden ring
Temple Quarter
  1. Travel to the Temple Quarter site of grace in Liurnia of the Lakes.
  2. From the site of grace, head south and slightly east into a ruined area.
  3. Look for a collapsed stone tower surrounded by a ring of flowers.
  4. Enter the tower and climb up the debris to reach a chest on the second floor.
  5. Open the chest to acquire the Icerind Hatchet axe weapon.
  6. The Icerind Hatchet can be obtained very early in the Elden Ring by retrieving it from this tower chest in the Temple Quarter ruins.

5. Royal Greatsword

elden ring best frost weapons
Royal Greatsword

Royal Greatsword is a scaling Colossal Sword that can deal immense damage, further enhanced by its explosive Frost and Magic damage-causing Weapon Skill. Royal Greatsword’s damage potential is amplified at higher levels due to its scaling in multiple stats. Its Weapon Skill, which involves a skyward leap followed by a frosty explosion, adds to its destructive prowess. 

How To Get

Ranni's Chamber best frost weapons elden ring
Ranni’s Chamber
  1. Complete both Ranni and Blaidd’s questlines.
  2. This involves helping Ranni become the new goddess and following Blaidd’s quest to its conclusion.
  3. After finishing their quests, travel to Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia.
  4. You will encounter the NPC Blaidd outside Ranni’s Rise. Prepare to battle him.
  5. Before initiating the fight, summon spirit ashes to aid you in the battle. Allies will make the fight easier.
  6. During the battle, use heavy jumping attacks from above to deal massive damage to Blaidd.
  7. Keep your distance and avoid his quick attacks until you have an opening to strike.
  8. Defeat Blaidd in battle outside Ranni’s Rise.
  9. After winning, you will receive the Royal Greatsword, along with Blaidd’s armor set pieces.

4. Helphen’s Steeple

Helphen’s Steeple is a peculiar-looking weapon obtained from a Tibia Mariner south of Castle Sol and is great for a Strength/Intelligence hybrid build. Elden Ring’s best frost infused weapons list is incomplete without Helphen’s Steeple.

It relies on its Ruinous Ghostflame Weapon Skill for Frost buildup, which offers significant Magic damage and Frost buildup boost. Helphen’s Steeple is a curious mix of magic and melee, with its dual Physical and Magic damage types. Its Weapon Skill, Ruinous Ghostflame, boosts its power significantly, adding Magic damage and Frost. 

How To Get

Tibia Mariner best frost weapons elden ring
Tibia Mariner
  1. Travel to the cliff area south of Castle Sol in Mountaintops of the Giants.
  2. From Castle Sol, head west and then south to overlook the Snow Valley Ruins below.
  3. You’ll find a ledge along the cliffs with a Tibia Mariner enemy.
  4. Engage the Tibia Mariner in battle on the cliffside.
  5. These are nimble enemies that use magic, so keep your distance.
  6. Defeat the Tibia Mariner miniboss on the rocky outcropping.
  7. After winning, the Tibia Mariner will drop the Helphen’s Steeple weapon.
  8. Examine the unique polearm and its ability to imbue ghostflame magic damage.

3. Zamor Curved Sword

elden ring best frost weapons
Zamor Curved Sword

Zamor Curved Sword is a frostbite-inflicting curved sword that has unique spinning attack animations and a special Weapon Skill, Zamor Ice Storm. It specializes in accumulating frost buildup with successive strikes against enemies. The chilling frost effects applied by the Zamor Curved Sword can gradually wear down foes while also debuffing their defenses. Its curved greatsword move set allows for wide sweeps that can readily accumulate frost.

How To Get

Ancient Hero of Zamor best frost weapons elden ring
Ancient Hero of Zamor
  1. Travel to the Giants region.
  2. Locate the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave dungeon.
  3. The entrance is along a cliff edge north of the Zamor Ruins.
  4. Make your way through the dungeon, defeating the various enemies within.
  5. At the end, you’ll encounter the Ancient Hero of Zamor boss.
  6. Defeat the boss to get Zamor Curved Sword.

2. Death’s Poker

elden ring best frost weapons
Death’s Poker

A unique Greatsword that scales predominantly with Dexterity, its Ghostflame Ignition skill scales exclusively with Intelligence. It is best used in Sorcery builds. The Death’s Poker greatsword stands out as the only weapon type that prioritizes scaling damage with Intelligence. This makes it uniquely well-suited for spellcasting builds like the Prophet, who want to incorporate melee combat. 

  • Investing in Intelligence will boost the damage to not just sorceries but also Death’s Poker itself.
  • Its unique weapon skill can be further enhanced through Intelligence as well.
  • For any magic-focused character looking to supplement their ranged spells with physical strikes, the Death’s Poker and its magic-scaling melee attacks are an excellent fit.

How To Get

Death Rite Bird best frost weapons elden ring
Death Rite Bird
  1. Travel to the Aeonia Swamp in Caelid.
  2. From the site of Grace, go south and slightly east into the forested area.
  3. At night, you’ll find the Death Rite Bird boss enemy.
  4. Engage the Death Rite Bird in combat.
  5. Stay mobile to avoid its ranged dark magic attacks.
  6. Defeat the Death Rite Bird boss.
  7. It is vulnerable to holy damage.
  8. After defeating Death Rite Bird, you will receive the Death’s Poker weapon as a reward.

1. Dark Moon Greatsword

elden ring best frost weapons
Dark Moon Greatsword (Image Credit: RageGamingVideos YouTube Channel)

It is the premier choice for Intelligence builds due to its high Intelligence scaling. The Moonlight Greatsword skill grants further Magic damage and Frost buildup. While not the single most powerful weapon in Elden Ring, the Dark Moon Greatsword has the potential to scale up into a highly formidable armament for endgame content. Elden Ring best frost infused weapons list is incomplete without Dark Moon Greatsword.

  • It boasts a balanced blend of medium range and strength when used for standard melee strikes.
  • But the real potential lies in the Dark Moon Greatsword’s scaling.
  • It prioritizes Intelligence foremost, followed by Dexterity and Strength.
  • By investing in these attributes and complementing the sword with equipment and gear that amplifies them, the Dark Moon Greatsword can transform into a powerhouse.

How To Get

Speak to Ranni
Speak to Ranni
  1. Start Ranni the Witch’s questline and progress through it.
  2. This involves assisting Ranni at Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia and completing objectives for her.
  3. Continue Ranni’s questline until you reach the underground cities of Nokstella and the Lake of Rot.
  4. In the Lake of Rot, defeat the Astel Naturalborn boss.
  5. This unlocks access to further areas.
  6. Later in Ranni’s quest, you’ll be instructed to find a key item in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  7. Locate the Grand Library and use the key on a chest to get the Dark Moon Ring.
  8. With the Dark Moon Ring, travel to the Moonlight Altar in West Liurnia, along the southwest cliffs.
  9. Use the Ring to break the seal on the altar and enter the boss room.
  10. Defeat the boss and open the legendary chest inside to claim the Dark Moon Greatsword reward.

This is it from my side. Hopefully, you know all about the Best Frost Weapons Elden ring by now. Feel free to check out our take on Elden Ring BEST Faith Build: Stats & Gear and Elden Ring Bandit Build.

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