Elden Ring Holy Build: Stats & Gear

With the Holy Build, I will go over some of the best Holy Incantations, sacred seals and Weapons in the entire game.

If you’re having trouble dealing with undead enemies or bosses, you should consider making an Elden Ring Holy Build. As the same suggests, this build uses the Holy element as its primary source of damage, and since undead foes are weak to this, players can make short work of them. 

Key Takeaways
  • Holy damage is instant extra damage, not a lingering effect like Poison or Frenzy.
  • Two weapon types: Sacred affinity weapons and magical armaments.
  • Weapons include Uchigatana, Coded Sword, Bloodhound’s Fang, Blasphemous Blade, and Sacred Relic Sword.
  • Recommended seals: Golden Order, Erdtree, and Giant’s seals.
  • Best incantations for Holy damage: Order’s Blade, Discus of Light, Law of Regression, Wrath of Gold, Erdtree Heal, Black Blade, and Elden Stars.
  • Armor choice varies; Raging Wolf, Haligtree Knight, and Azur’s Glintstone set excel in a Holy build.
  • Optimal Talismans: Flock’s Canvas Talisman, Godfrey Icon, and Marika’s Soreseal.
  • Crystal Tear recommendation: Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear and Faith-Knight Crystal Tear.

Following is an overview of the Holy Build in Elden Ring:

WeaponSacred SealsIncatationsArmorsTalismansCrytal Tear Combo
-Coded Sword
-Blasphemous Blade
-Blasphemous Blade
-Sacred Relic Sword
-Golden Order Seal
-Erdtree Seal
-Giant's Seal
-Order's Blade
-Discus of Light
-Law of Regression
-Wrath of Gold
-Erdtree Heal
-Black Blade
-Elden Stars
-Raging Wolf
-Haligtree Knight Set
-Azur's Glintstone Set
-Flock's Canvas Talisman
-Godfrey Icon
-Marika's Soreseal
-Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear
-Faith-Knot Crystal Tear


UchigatanaKatanaAttack = 115
Guard = 45
Guard = 30Guard = 30Guard = 30Guard = 30Attack = 100Guard = 30
Coded SwordStraight SwordAttack = 0
Guard = 13
Guard = 22Guard = 30Guard = 30Attack = 85
Guard = 58
Attack = 100Guard = 27
Bloodhound’s FangGreatswordAttack = 141
Guard = 68
Guard = 36Guard = 36Guard = 36Guard = 36Attack = 100Guard = 44
Blasphemous BladeGreatswordAttack = 121
Guard = 72
Guard = 39Attack = 78
Guard = 54
Guard = 39Guard = 39Attack = 100Guard = 50
Sacred Relic SwordGreatswordAttack = 118
Guard = 62
Guard = 33Guard = 33Guard = 33Attack = 76
Guard = 45
Attack = 110Guard = 42

There are two different types of weapons that I will be exploring in this Build.

The first of these are regular weapons that can have the Sacred affinity applied to them to let them scale with Faith and deal Holy damage, and they also usually require investment in secondary stats like Strength and Dexterity to wield properly. They can also be buffed up with Incantations like Order’s Blade to deal Holy damage without any affinities temporarily.

The second type is magical armaments that are elemental as a standard. They are much rarer in the game but usually deal more Holy damage than regular weapons. Most of these can also not be buffed or have their affinities changed.


Attack Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Critical
115 0 0 0 0 100

Guard Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Boost
45 30 30 30 30 30

Not only is the Uchigatana one of the best Katanas in the Elden Ring, but it’s also actually hands-down one of the best melee weapons in the entire game. You can start the game with this armament if you choose the Samurai class, but even if you don’t, it can easily be acquired within the first few hours via the Deathtouched Catacombs.

Coded Sword

Attack Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Critical
0 0 0 0 85 100

Guard Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Boost
13 22 22 22 58 27

If you’ve chosen to invest purely in Faith for your Holy Build and neglect any sort of Physical stats like Strength, then the Coded Sword is meant for you.

Bloodhound’s Fang

Attack Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Critical
141 0 0 0 0 100

Guard Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Boost
68 36 36 36 36 44

Now, the Bloodhound’s Fang is not exactly a Faith weapon, and it cannot have its affinity changed to Sacred. But it is one of the best greatswords in the entire game, and it’s also one of the few special weapons that can be buffed. So if you apply the Order’s Blade Incantation to it, you can temporarily get it to deal Holy Damage on top of Physical damage.

Blasphemous Blade

Attack Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Critical
121 0 78 0 0 100

Guard Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Boost
72 39 54 39 39 50

The Blasphemous Blade is a weird addition to a Build since the weapon does not deal with Holy damage at all. The stats necessary to wield it are also pretty high, requiring 22 Strength, 21 Faith, and 15 Dexterity. But it is a phenomenal weapon nonetheless that is capable of dealing tons of damage, and its primary stat is also Faith.

Sacred Relic Sword

Attack Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Critical
118 0 0 0 76 110

Guard Stats:

Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Boost
62 33 33 33 45 42

The Sacred Relic Sword is one of the best Holy Damage weapons in the entire game, but the catch is that you actually have to play through and beat the final boss to get it.

End Game Sacred Seals For Holy Build

Elden Ring Holy Build
Sacred Seals.

Sacred Seals are the catalysts for players to cast Incantations in Elden Ring. Although the game has a bunch of different seals you can find and use, you cannot be fully effective without first having the proper Seal equipped for your build.

  • Golden Order Seal: Requires 17 Faith and Intelligence, offers A rank scaling for both stats at +9.
  • Erdtree Seal: Requires 40 Faith, boasts S rank scaling at +5, and is considered the best seal due to high damage.
  • Giant’s Seal: Needs 14 Faith and 4 Strength, reaches S rank in Faith scaling at +15, boosts Fire Monk and Fire Giant spells, effective with other Incantations.

Best Incantations For Holy Build


As mentioned before, spells that deal Holy damage or provide Holy buffs are not restricted to one class like many other Incantations. Three distinct categories have Incantations like these, and they are the Golden Order, Erdtree, and Two Finger.

Order’s Blade

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Golden Order Incantations 22 Enchants right-hand armaments with holy damage

The Order’s Blade should be the basis of any Holy Build, allowing you to apply the element to any suitable weapon. This is an easy way to gain a source of Holy damage, especially if you are a more melee-oriented character and don’t intend to use many long-range spells.

Discus of Light

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Golden Order Incantations 3 Fires ring of light before the caster

The Discus of Light is a simple, yet extremely effective offensive spell that should make the cut for anyone willing to make a Holy Build. It only requires 13 points in both Intelligence and Faith to wield.

Law of Regression

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Golden Order Incantations 551 Heals all ailments dispels all special effects

When you use the Law of Regression, your character heals themselves of any status effect they might have incurred or any other special effects. So, instead of having to run back to a Site of Grace or using items, you can simply cast the Law of Regression and cure yourself instantly.

Wrath of Gold

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Erdtree Incantations 40 Produces golden shockwave that knocks back foes

Wrath of Gold is much more of a melee-range Incantation, as the spell requires you to get ridiculously close to your targets for it to be effective. It also requires 32 Faith to wield and 40 FP to cast.

Erdtree Heal

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Erdtree Incantations 65 Vastly heals HP for self and nearby allies

Erdtree Heal costs 42 Faith to wield and a further 65 FP to cast, but you can recover a tremendous amount of health in return. And if you’re playing with some allies, then they also gain the same recovery if they happen to be inside the range of the glyph that appears when you cast it.

Black Blade

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Erdtree Incantations 26 Black Blade spinning slash that emits wave of light

The Black Blade spell, not only does it damage your targets, but it also applies a temporary HP reduction debuff on them and even deals damage over time. The requirements for this one are pretty steep, as it costs 46 Faith to wield and 26 FP per use.

Elden Stars

Spell Type FP Cost Effect
Erdtree Incantations 41 Creates a stream of golden shooting stars that assail the area.

The Elden Stars Incantation is one of the handfuls of Legendary spells in the game, and it’s an extremely powerful one at that. It’s actually perfectly suited for the end game, and as such, its requirements also reflect its high damage. The spell requires a whopping 50 Faith to equip, and each cast costs a further 47 FP.

Best Armor Sets For Holy Build 

Elden Ring Holy Build
Arrmor SetPhysicalStrikeSlashPierceMagicFireLightningHoly
Raging Wolf Set25.923.025.924.919.822.113.818.5
Haligtree Knight Set26.524.626.526.520.422.619.122.6
Azur’s Glintstone Set13.612.69.710.929.224.625.226.5

Before listening to me or anyone else on the subject, simply pick a set you think seems right and see how it feels. The general rule is to go for something light if you feel confident in your ability to dodge roll and go for a heavier set if you are more likely to take hits from enemies.

Raging Wolf Set

Damage Negation:

Physical Vs Strike Vs Slash Vs Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
25.9 23 25.9 24.9 19.8 22.1 13.8 18.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
75 131 42 42 42

I will never miss the chance to recommend the Raging Wolf Set to players, and I have not done so yet. So let me continue my preaching by saying that this is not only one of the best-looking armors in the entire game.

Haligtree Knight Set

Damage Negation:

Physical Vs Strike Vs Slash Vs Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
26.5 24.6 26.5 26.5 20.4 22.6 19.1 22.6


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
84 135 57 59 47

As a complete set, the Haligtree Knight armor provides decent physical and elemental reduction. It’s not as effective as some other heavy armor in the game, but you can do much worse. What makes it worth using, however, is the +2 increase in Faith that the helmet provides.

Azur’s Glintstone Set

Damage Negation:

Physical Vs Strike Vs Slash Vs Pierce Magic Fire Light Holy
13.6 12.6 9.7 10.9 29.2 24.6 25.2 26.5


Immunity Robustness Focus Vitality Poise
109 63 204 186 21

Now, at first glance, the Azur’s Glintstone armor might look like a set that is more useful for Intelligence builds, and you’d be right. The armor improves the damage done by some of the most powerful Sorceries in the game by a respectable amount, and it even looks like something an Intelligence build would use.

End Game Talismans For Holy Build


Elden Ring features a large collection of Talismans that can change how your character behaves in and out of combat. Some Talismans provide simple benefits like reducing the amount of sound you make or enhancing your charged attacks, while others massively increase your core stats or provide health regeneration.

Flock’s Canvas Talisman

Flock’s Canvas Talisman increases the potency of all attack incantations in the game by a decent 8%, letting them do more damage than usual. Plus, the bonus granted by Flock’s Canvas Talisman also stacks with other similar Talismans to increase the strength well above the base by 8%.

Godfrey Icon

Godfrey Icon Talisman allows your charged Incantations to deal a further 15% damage on top of what they already deal with, letting you get the most out of them. Additionally, this bonus can stack with the bonuses granted by other items like Flock’s Canvas Talisman, easily bringing your total up to 23% or more.

Marika’s Soreseal

Marika’s Soreseal increases your Faith, Intelligence, Mind, and Arcane by +5 points each. Now, to be completely clear, this is a 20-level bonus provided to the player simply for equipping an item. It is an unbelievable boost to your stats, and the only downside to this is that you take 15% more damage from all sources.

Crystal Tear Combinations for Holy Build

We recommend the following crystal tears for the holy build in the game:

  1. Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear
  2. Faith-Knot Crystal Tear

This has been our Elden Ring Holy Build. While you’re here, why not also check out some of our other Builds:

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