10 Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons With Locations

Learn everything there is about the best faith weapons in Elden Ring

Faith is quite an interesting stat in Elden Ring. It aids you in casting incantations that can help give you buffs during battle. Faith is usually combined with another stat like Strength or dexterity, perhaps to create a powerful build. One example of such a build would be the confessor build that combines some of the best strength weapons with Faith. 

But more importantly, many weapons have certain requirements in accordance with stats like Faith, Strength, or dexterity before they can be equipped. Additionally, the mentioned stats aid in scaling the weapon and making it stronger as you invest more points toward them.

Key Highlights:

  • The Best Faith scaling weapons allow players to spice their Strength or Dexterity-focused builds up with an array of new possibilities.
  • Players can use most of the best faith weapons in builds, such as the Confessor Build, to take full advantage of the Faith sorceries that can be used alongside the weapons.
  • One such weapon that can be used with Strength and Faith builds is the Golden Halberd, which is dropped from the Tree Sentinel in the beginning hours of the game.
  • Each of the Best Faith weapons has different stats and special properties, so choosing one to play with can highly impact the play style in unique ways.

Best Faith Weapons

Coded Sword

Coded Sword is perfect to deal Holy Damage.
The Coded Sword deals 85 Holy damage.
Critical/ Boost10027

Up first, we have the Coded Sword. This sword is quite a unique yet odd sword. It has a pointy, jagged design as it is a Straight Sword capable of dealing holy damage. However, that is where its weakness lies as well. It can only deal with Holy damage.

Still, Coded Sword has one unique feature that works in its favor: its ability to cut through almost anything. Coded Sword’s unique skill allows it to break through the shields of many foes. However, its lack of physical damage does make it hard to use in many situations. It could be better used if it’s dual-wielded with a weapon that does inflict physical damage. Also, read our Best Swords guide if you fancy sharp and average-sized blades fighting style in the game.


You can acquire the Coded Sword in Leyndell, Royal Capital. When in the area, look for an abandoned horse stable. There will be a building next to it that you can climb into through the stable roof. Keep searching inside until you come across a broken round table with a double door near it. Enter the room beyond the doors where you will find the Coded Sword. If you are still confused, consider reading: Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough guide.

Stats and Requirements

Coded Sword is a pure faith weapon which is why it is part of Elden Ring Best Faith weapons. It requires 20 Faith and has an initial B scaling in Faith. It can get upgraded to have an A scale.

The weapon does lack damage and will require multiple strikes to kill enemies. That is due to its 0 physical damage, but it does have 85 holy damage.

It has a unique skill, Unblockable Blade. As the name suggests, it is an unblockable attack capable of even breaking shielded enemies’ posture. When the skill is activated, the blade extends in length and begins to glow. Then it sweeps down with its unblockable attack.

Cipher Pata

Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons Cipher Pata Gameplay
Elden Ring – Cipher Pata Gameplay
Critical/ Boost10019

Cipher Pata is a strange pure faith weapon. It is hard to categorize it. Although it may seem like a blade, you mount it around your wrists, making it like an extension of your arm, so it can also be classified as just using your fists. Regardless, the weapon is a pure faith weapon, which deals just Holy damage. However, unlike the coded sword, its damage is more significant.

The weapon is best used when it is dual-wielded. However, due to its short range, it may be one of those weapons that you use for fun if you’re rocking a heavy Faith build. Additionally, its skill can be quite useful for PvE against enemies with a sword, as the attack is unblockable.


You can find the Cipher Pata in the Roundtable hold. There is a side room to the left in the area where Mad Tongue Alberich invades you, which holds the weapon. The weapon can be found on a burnt corpse found on the bed.

Stats and Requirements

The weapon is purely Faith and has a 30 Faith requirement. That is quite a lot, and you will most likely only have these stats if you’re in mid-game. Although the weapon is strong and scales from C to A grade in Faith, it is not recommended to respec to meet the requirement of the blade. That is mainly because it deals with 85 Holy damage but 0 physical damage. You would be better off using some of the other weapons on the list. Regardless, its high Faith scaling and skill do make it valid for Elden Ring’s best Faith weapons.

As for the skill, it requires 17 FP and is called the unblockable blade. It cannot be applied to other blades via Ashes of War. The skill allows the player to strike forward with a sweeping attack that cannot be blocked, making it great for many PvP and PvE situations.

Golden Halberd

Elden Ring Best Weapons
Golden Halberd
Critical/ Boost10052

Golden Halberd is perhaps one of the earliest Faith weapons that you can get in the game. It is a halberd, making it quite capable of doing great damage. However, its high strength requirements do put it more towards a strength weapon with a touch of Faith. Therefore, it is more suited towards those that are going with a strength build mixed with Faith.


An optional field boss drops the Golden Halberd near the starting area in Limgrave. If you go slightly north of The First Step site of grace, you will encounter the Tree Sentinel that wields the weapon you are searching for. While mentioning boss fights, consider reading our Bosses Tier List and learn about the most challenging and the easiest boss encounters in the game. 

The Boss also rides a horse, so if you want to make the fight even, you can consider getting your own horse, Torrent, to help you out. A great tip to taking him down is using a shield, as his attack timing can vary quite a bit. On the subject of shields, consider reading our Best Shields guide.

Stats and Requirements

As mentioned, the weapon is quite on the strength side. That is why it has a requirement of 30 Strength, 14 Dex, and 12 Faith. Despite being able to acquire the weapon early on, you most likely will not be able to equip it because of these high requirements. But when you do, it’ll be worth it due to its 134 physical damage, 87 holy damage, and 100 critical damage.

Golden Halberd also scales in Strength, Dex, and Faith with an initial scale of D, E, D, respectively. You can upgrade the weapon with Somber Smithing Stones, capping the Strength, Dex, and Faith scaling to B, D, and D scale.

Furthermore, the Golden Halberd comes with a skill that can be applied to other weapons as well, the Golden Vow skill. It costs a whopping 40 HP and grants you and nearby allies a 45-second buff. The buff entails a 12% increase in damage and a 5% increase in damage reduction. A great weapon for those strength-based Faith builds.

Black Knife

Black Knife Assassin
Black Knife Assassin
Critical/ Boost10015

The Black Knife is part of Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons as it also leverages another skill to become quite strong. And that skill is Dex. The Black knife is a dagger and is not only capable of physical damage but also holy damage.

As the Black Knife is a dagger, it allows you to quickly wield and land successive strikes at close-range. But more importantly, it has a skill that allows it to deal long-ranged damage. Due to all these capabilities, the dagger is not only a great faith weapon but also great for any dex build.


The Black Knife is dropped by the Black Knife assassin, who is a field boss. There are multiple of them throughout the map, but the one you want to approach is the Black Knife Assassin in Sainted Hero’s Cave. Sainted Hero’s Cave can be found in Altus Plateau, but you will be needing 2 Stonesword keys to get past the imp statue blocking the entrance. The fight with Black Knife

Assassin is not too tough as she is easily staggered. Therefore, utilize any face-paced weapons that you have.

Stats and Requirements

After all, the Black Knife is a Faith weapon, so you will need a decent amount of points in Faith before you can equip it. That is 18 in Faith, 12 in Dex, and 8 in Strength. It is not too far off from starting stats, so you can equip the weapon in early to mid-game.

Black Knife has initial scaling of E, D, D in Strength, Dex, and Faith, respectively. You can upgrade it with Somber Smithing Stones, allowing you to max out the Dex and Faith scales to B and C grades. However, the scaling for Strength remains constant. 

The blade has 66 physical damage that goes up to 161 and 65 Holy damage that can go as high as 159. The blade comes with its unique skill, Blade of Death which requires 25 FP. The starting animation for the skill can be slow, so do make sure you have adequate distance before initializing it.

But once you do activate the skill, your character will lunge in the air as the blade glows with a red aura. After performing an acrobatic flip, the blade will send a red projectile wave, damaging any enemy in the way. It is quite a unique skill that one can use in many cases to jump over any oncoming attacks and to land your own.

Gargoyle’s Black Blades

Gargoyles black blades
Gargoyle’s Black Blades
Critical/ Boost10032

Gargoyle’s Black Blades is a Twinblade that is a great Faith weapon in Elden Ring. It leans more towards the strength side and has an array of move sets that one can employ amidst battles. Twin blades, in general, are a great improvement in Elden Ring as compared to the previous titles and provide a unique playstyle. They can take getting used to, but combat becomes quite enjoyable once you do. Not only that, but you can create fun builds using twin blades such as the Darth Maul Build.


Gargoyle’s Black Blade is dropped by a Field Boss, Black Blade Kindred found, before reaching Mountaintops of the Giants for the very first time. The Boss is actually quite tough and annoying due to the Halberd that he wields. It is capable of dealing with a lot of damage and can be hard to avoid.

Fighting him early in the game could be difficult, but you can gain the weapon by cheesing the Boss. If you run in and out of the building where he is, you should get a better chance of landing hits and avoiding any of his attacks. But suppose you do manage to beat him. In that case, you will be rewarded greatly as not only do you get the Gargoyle’s Black Blade, but you also get the Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, which is another faith weapon. 

Stats and Requirements

Gargoyle’s Black Blade is a strength and faith-based weapon. That is why it has a high requirement of 18 Strength, 22 Faith, and 15 Dex. Due to these requirements and the difficulty in acquiring the weapon, it can be considered a more mid-game weapon.

The weapon’s scaling is C, E, D for Strength, Dex, and Faith, respectively. Although Faith and Dex remain at a constant D and E scale, Strength can go as high as the B grade.

The Gargoyle’s Black Blade does have a skill, but it is not that unique: the spinning slash. The spinning slash is a regular skill found in many curved weapons and twin blades. Though it is a great skill to land a fast, strong attack as you can spin your body to a single powerful strike.

Envoy’s Long Horn

Elden Ring best faith weapons Envoy's Longhorn Skill
Elden Ring – Envoy’s Longhorn Skill
Critical/ Boost10039

Envoy’s Long Horn is a unique Hammer and a great addition to Elden Ring Best Faith weapons. This triple horn-shaped Hammer is quite strong and has a variety of moves, all with a good range. In Leyndell, Royal Capital, you may have noticed that the snowmen enemies are found wielding it. But perhaps you did not know that there is a chance that you can get that weapon from them after killing them.


There are two variants to the mentioned weapon; Envoy’s Long Horn and Envoy’s Horn. Although both are quite similar, the Long Horn is more powerful. To get the hammers, you need to make your way to Leyndell, Royal Capital, where you will encounter Oracle Envoys trying to attack you with the same weapon. If you kill them, there is a very small chance that you will be dropped the weapon. However, do note that it can be a grind as it may take you anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

To get the Envoy’s Long Horn specifically, you will need to fight the larger Oracle Envoy that can be found near the Easy Capital Rampart Site of Grace. The process is quite tedious, and you’ll have to reset each time at the site of graces. You can use the Memory of Grace item to speed up the process of resting at the site of grace. While we’re at it, why not read our Elden Ring Item Tier List.

Stats and Requirements

Envoy’s Long Horn is a strength-focused faith weapon and will need some initial leveling up before you can equip it. The reason for that is due to its stat requirements of 23 Strength, 11 Dex, and 18 Faith. The Hammer has a D scaling for those stats. Although the scaling for Dex remains constant, you can cap out the Faith and Strength scaling at B and C grades, respectively.

The weapon has base physical damage of 120, 78 holy damage, and 100 critical. But you can level up the weapon to have 294 physical and 191 holy damage, making it relatively strong.

Envoy’s Long Horn comes with an interesting skill that may not seem harmful but does quite the damage. It is called the Bubble Shower. As the name suggests, when the player blows on the horn, magical bubbles release from the top of the horn and spew out gently as they rain down on enemies.

It costs 16 FP, so you can use it multiple times, and the skill has a good range, making it good for mid-ranged attacks. Although the skill provides a good range, it is still advisable to carry some sort of long-range weapon like a bow. Therefore, consider checking out: 13 Best Ranged Weapons.

The Winged Scythe

Winged Scythe Gameplay Best Faith weapons
Elden Ring – Winged Scythe Gameplay
Critical/ Boost10030

The Winged Scythe is yet another great weapon. As in the name, it is a reaper scythe, and what makes it unique is its blood build-up, which the scythe comes with. Many of the faith weapons do not have that by default which is why The Winged Scythe makes its way to Elden Ring’s Best Faith Weapons.

Furthermore, the design of the weapon is quite nice as well. The blades are in the shape of wings and have a great move set. Not only that, but its light attacks combined with slashing damage can make it quite a deadly weapon.


You will need to make your way over to the northwest of Weeping Peninsula to acquire the Winged Scythe. In that area, you will find the Tombsward Ruins. When you go in, there is a set of stairs leading underground from the center of the ruins. You will find a door to a small room at the end. The Winged Scythe will be in a chest inside that room.

Stats and Requirements

The weapon can be equipped mid-game as it requires 16 Strength, 16 Dex, and 24 Faith. It also scales those stats with an initial E, D, and D grading in Strength, Dex and Faith. You can upgrade the weapon with Somber Smithing Stones at any blacksmith. Once you upgrade it, the scaling can reach as high as D, C, and C grades for Strength, Dex, and Faith.

The weapon has 87 physical damage and 104 Holy damage. These stats make it quite strong as compared to some of the other faith weapons. The stats cap out at 213 physical damage and 254 Holy damage as you upgrade the weapon.

The weapon comes with its unique skill, Angel’s Wings. It costs 17 FP and launches the player into the air as the attack builds up. Then the player thrusts downwards with a horizontal slashing attack that can deal great damage. It is great for blood build-up, but most importantly, it inhibits enemies from using a flask of tears to recover health. Due to this, it is a great skill to use in PvP and has a lot of use-cases. But if you want to make sure you have an extra edge in PvP, make sure you’ve collected all the sacred tears so that you can recover during battle as well.

Not to forget the Blood Build up as it can be used to take a good chunk of health from enemies. The bleed effect is great, but if you’re looking for a build with a weapon that takes the bleed effect to another level, consider reading: Rivers of Blood Build: Gear, Playstyle, & Class guide.


Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons
Elden Ring – Treespear Gameplay
Critical/ Boost10045

Treespear is a Great Spear and great for Dex-oriented builds. As it is a spear, it has quite a range in its attacks. Furthermore, it can be buffed with lightning or holy damage, allowing you to take the weapon further into your playthroughs. The fact that there aren’t many weapons that can be buffed in such a way makes it a great addition to Elden Ring’s Best Faith Weapons.

The far reach of the weapon makes it great for keeping your distance. Furthermore, it has a running thrust attack that you can open any encounters with to stagger your enemies.


Treespear can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes. From the Liurnia Highway South Site of Grace, you can follow a road that leads southeast. Eventually, you will come across a caravan. It will be at the edge of a collapsed bridge. On the caravan, you will find the Treespear. 

Stats and Requirements

As the weapon leans more towards the Dex side, you will need 22 Dex, 18 Faith, and 15 Strength to wield the Treespear. The starting scale for each of these stats is a D grade. The scaling remains constant except for Dex, which caps out at the C scale.

The weapon comes with 122 physical damage, 79 Holy damage, and 100 critical damage. But as you upgrade it, the physical damage can reach as high as 298, and Holy damage can reach 193. You can use Smithing Stones as well as Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone to upgrade the weapon.

Treespear comes with its skill, Sacred Order. It is not unique as it has its Ash of War variant that Teardrop Scarab drops in the Altus Plateau. The skill costs 18 FP and grants armament holy essence. The player will take a salute stance before covering the weapon with a golden Holy aura to acquire the buff. The buff is associated with the player themselves and not just the weapon. Therefore, you will have an overall +10% Holy damage if you use the skill.

Sword of Night and Flame

Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons Sword of Night and Flame
Elden Ring – Sword of Night and Flame
Critical/ Boost10031

Sword of Night and Flame is perhaps one of the, if not the best, faith weapons in Elden Ring. In fact, you can consider it one of the best overall weapons in Elden Ring as well. The abilities that it comes with are so strong that players tend to use them rather than their various incantations. Although the weapon did get nerfed in the latest patch, it still remains quite strong. While you’re at it, consider reading our Best Incantations guide. 

The sheer Strength of the weapon can be determined by the fact that there are builds in accordance with the blade. If you are looking to maximize the output of the blade, consider reading: Best Sword of Night And Flame Build guide.


The Sword of Night and Flame can be found in Liurnia of the Lakes. More specifically, in the Caria Manor. The blade is in a locked room behind the gardens on the east side of the Caria Manor. However, you can easily get inside using the walkways above the room.

If you make your way from the Manor Lower-Level Site of Grace, you can follow the rooftops that will eventually lead you to a ladder. The ladder will take you inside the small room with the chest that has the Sword of Night and Flame. Also, if you have intelligence build in Elden Ring then read our Carian Greatsword Location guide.  

Stats and Requirements

The weapon is quite demanding as it requires 12 Strength, 12 Dex, 24 Intelligence, and 24 Faith. However, the weapon is worth the rune farming to meet these stats due to its sheer power. It scales with E grade for Strength and Dex and D for Intelligence and Faith. Faith and Intelligence max out at a B scale as you upgrade it. In contrast, Strength and Dex reach as high as the D scale.

The weapon is capable of inflicting multiple damages. It has 87 physical damage, 56 magic and fire damage, and 100 critical.

But perhaps where the weapon truly shines is with its skill, Night and Flame stance. When you hold the stance, you get the option for two attacks. A normal attack will allow you to cast the Night Comet Sorcery, which is quite similar to the Comet Azur Spell.

Alternatively, you can use the sweep flame attack, which causes fire damage. With its low FP cost of 19-23, you can use the skill multiple times in a battle. It has been used to beat and even cheese many strong bosses such as the Godskin Duo.

Unfortunately, the Night Comet and Flame skills have been nerfed by -30% and -22%. Regardless, the weapon is still strong, and you can upgrade the Night attack with your intelligence level and the Flame attack with Faith.

Sacred Relic Sword

Sacred Relic Sword Skill Gameplay
Elden Ring – Sacred Relic Sword
Critical/ Boost11042

Sacred Relic Sword is most likely a weapon that you will not be able to use in your first playthrough, but with your NG+ as you need to defeat the final Boss to acquire it. However, it is still a great sword to use to clear up any other open-world activities. If you’re taking it in NG+, you will be able to use its special skill in many scenarios.


As mentioned, you need to defeat the final Boss of the game to acquire the blade. After you defeat the Elden Beast at the Elden Throne in an astonishingly cinematic fight, you will be given the Elden Remembrance. At the Roundtable hold, trade that with Enia for the Sacred Relic Sword.

Stats and Requirement

As you will be getting the blade near the end of the game, you most likely will be able to meet the stats. Regardless, the requirements are 14 Strength, 24 Dex, and 22 Faith. It scales on these stats as well with the E, D, and D scales, respectively. Upgrading with Somber Smithing Stones will allow you to increase Strength to D, Dex to B, and Faith to a C scale.

The weapon comes with 118 physical damage which goes up to 289. It has 76 Holy damage that can be upgraded to 186. And 110 critical damage.

Sacred Relic Sword comes with amazing skill, Wave of Gold. As the player activates the skill, the blade bleeds golden light. The player then sweeps across, sending out a golden wave of attack. The waves are out quite far and have a good range. The Wave of Gold is a devastating skill and can destroy multiple enemies at once. That is why it is a great skill for rune farming late in the game. If you go to Mahgwyn Palace, where you can find Mohg, there are some great rune farming locations there.

About The Game

Since its release, Elden Ring has quickly become players’ favorite game of 2022. Players have dived in and explored every corner of Elden Ring’s map. Not only that, but they have also come up with interesting playstyles by making some of the best builds like the comet Azur build or the greatsword build. These builds utilize some of the best armor sets and weapons in Elden Ring to create the most powerful character. Following that trend, this article will guide you on the topic of Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons that you can perhaps incorporate into your Faith builds.

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