5 Best Elden Ring Faith Weapons [Definitive Guide]

Learn everything there is about the best faith weapons in Elden Ring

Faith is quite an interesting stat in Elden Ring. It aids you in casting incantations that can help give you buffs during battle. Faith is usually combined with another stat like Strength or dexterity, perhaps to create a powerful build. One example of such a build would be the confessor build that combines some of the best strength weapons with Faith. 

But more importantly, many weapons have certain requirements in accordance with stats like Faith, Strength, or dexterity before they can be equipped. Additionally, the mentioned stats aid in scaling the weapon and making it stronger as you invest more points toward them.

Key Takeaways
  • The Best Faith scaling weapons allow players to spice their Strength or Dexterity-focused builds up with an array of new possibilities.
  • Players can use most of the best faith weapons in builds, such as the Confessor Build, to take full advantage of the Faith sorceries that can be used alongside the weapons.
  • One such weapon that can be used with Strength and Faith builds is the Golden Halberd, which is dropped from the Tree Sentinel in the beginning hours of the game.
  • Each of the Best Faith weapons has different stats and special properties, so choosing one to play with can highly impact the play style in unique ways.

Best Faith Weapons In Elden Ring

1. Coded Sword

Best Faith Weapon Against Shielded Enemies.
Coded Sword is perfect to deal Holy Damage.
The Coded Sword deals 85 Holy damage.
Stats Attack Guard
Physical 0 13
Magic 0 22
Fire 0 22
Light 0 22
Holy 85 58
Critical/ Boost 100 27
Stats Scaling Requirements
Faith B 20
  • Why I Chose This: The exceptional holy damage and the shield breaking ability.

The Coded Sword is a unique Straight Sword dealing holy damage. Its unique skill allows it to break through shields, but its lack of physical damage can limit its versatility. It’s best used in dual-wield setups with a physical damage weapon for balanced combat.


To get the Coded Sword in Leyndell, Royal Capital:

  1. Locate an abandoned horse stable.
  2. Next to the stable, find a building you can enter through its roof.
  3. Explore inside until you find a broken round table near double doors.
  4. Enter the room beyond those doors to find the Coded Sword.
  • High holy damage.
  • Can break through shields.
  • Lack of physical damage.

For more detailed guidance, consider referring to the “Elden Ring Coded Sword Location: Complete Walkthrough” guide.

2. Cipher Pata

Most Uniquely Designed Faith Weapon.
Elden Ring Best Faith Weapons Cipher Pata Gameplay
Elden Ring – Cipher Pata Gameplay
Stats Attack Guard
Physical 0 9
Magic 0 14
Fire 0 14
Light 0 14
Holy 85 61
Critical/ Boost 100 19
Stats Scaling Requirements
Faith C 30
  • Why I Chose This: I chose this faith weapon because of its high holy damage and the dual-wielding capability.

The Cipher Pata is a unique pure faith weapon that blurs the line between a blade and a fist weapon. Worn around the wrists, it deals Holy damage, surpassing the Coded Sword in damage output.

For optimal use, dual-wielding is recommended, though its short range makes it more suitable for fun in heavy Faith builds. Its skill, an unblockable attack, proves useful in PvE against sword-wielding enemies.


You can find the Cipher Pata in the Roundtable hold. There is a side room to the left in the area where Mad Tongue Alberich invades you, which holds the weapon. The weapon can be found on a burnt corpse found on the bed.

  • High holy damage and unique design.
  • Dual wielding capability.
  • Short range.

3. Golden Halberd

Most Versatile Faith Weapon.
Elden Ring Best Weapons
Golden Halberd
Stats Attack Guard
Physical 134 65
Magic 0 41
Fire 0 41
Light 0 41
Holy 87 56
Critical/ Boost 100 52
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength D 30
Dexterity E 14
Faith D 12
  • Why I Chose This: The effectiveness it provides in offense as well as on defense.

Golden Halberd is perhaps one of the earliest Faith weapons that you can get in the game. However, its high strength requirements do put it more towards a strength weapon with a touch of Faith. Therefore, it is more suited towards those who are going with a strength build mixed with Faith.


To obtain the Golden Halberd in Elden Ring, defeat the optional field boss, the Tree Sentinel, near the starting area in Limgrave. You’ll find it slightly north of The First Step site of grace. The boss also rides a horse, so having your own horse, Torrent, can help even the odds.

Using a shield is a good strategy against this boss due to its varying attack timings. For more information on boss encounters, consider checking out our Bosses Tier List. If you’re interested in shields, you can also refer to the Best Shields guide.

  • High physical attack.
  • High guard.
  • High strength requirement.

4. Black Knife

Best Dagger Ash of War in Elden Ring.
Black Knife Assassin
Black Knife Assassin
Stats Attack Guard
Physical 66 26
Magic 0 15
Fire 0 15
Light 0 15
Holy 65 42
Critical/ Boost 100 15
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength E 8
Dexterity D 12
Faith D 18
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility it provides in damage types makes it effective against different enemy types.

The Black Knife is part of Elden Ring’s Best Faith Weapons as it also leverages another skill to become quite strong. And that skill is Dex. The Black knife is a dagger and is not only capable of physical damage but also holy damage.

As the Black Knife is a dagger, it allows you to quickly wield and land successive strikes at close range. But more importantly, it has a skill that allows it to deal long-ranged damage. Due to all these capabilities, the dagger is not only a great faith weapon but also great for any dex build.


The Black Knife is dropped by the Black Knife assassin, who is a field boss. There are multiple of them throughout the map, but the one you want to approach is the Black Knife Assassin in Sainted Hero’s Cave. Sainted Hero’s Cave can be found in Altus Plateau, but you will need 2 Stonesword keys to get past the imp statue blocking the entrance. The fight with Black Knife.

  • Versatile damage.
  • A high critical chance allows for significant damage.
  • Low physical attack.

5. Gargoyle’s Black Blades

Best Faith Weapon For Strength Focused Builds.
Gargoyles black blades
Gargoyle’s Black Blades
Stats Attack Guard
Physical 81 32
Magic 0 26
Fire 0 26
Light 0 26
Holy 97 59
Critical/ Boost 100 32
Stats Scaling Requirements
Strength C 18
Dexterity E 15
Faith D 22
  • Why I Chose This: The high holy damage it provides with the high damage output it has.

Gargoyle’s Black Blades is a Twinblade that is a great Faith weapon in Elden Ring. It leans more towards the strength side and has an array of move sets that one can employ amidst battles. 


To acquire the Gargoyle’s Black Blade in Elden Ring, defeat the Field Boss, Black Blade Kindred, before reaching the Mountaintops of the Giants for the first time. This boss is tough due to their powerful halberd, making early-game combat challenging.

However, you can cheese the boss by repeatedly entering and exiting the building, making it easier to land hits and avoid attacks. If you defeat the boss, you’ll be rewarded with both the Gargoyle’s Black Blade and the Gargoyle’s Black Halberd, another faith weapon.

  • High holy damage.
  • High critical chance for higher damage.
  • Low dexterity scaling.

My Favorite Faith Weapons

Ever since the launch of Elden Ring, Faith builds have been one of my favorites and the strongest, and I highly suggest any player try them out. There are certain ones that are some of the best weapons in the entire game. Due to many Faith weapons being focused on range, the ones that maximize your range are the best, such as either of the Remembrance weapons you get from the final battle.

hours waterjuice
My Elden Ring hours (Steam ID: WaterJuice)

If you also wish to heal yourself, the Blasphemous Blade is a great option. Maximizing damage is a good alternative as well, so weapons such as Maliketh’s Black Blade or the Starscourge Greatsword, which deliberately stun enemies around you, can work very well. All in all, as you can see, Faith weapons have a lot of variety and can support tons of builds. Personally, I never found myself leaving the meta as a Faith build since most of them are universally praised among communities.

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