Top 21 Elden Ring Best Shields & How To Get

After having spent 900+ hours, Here are my best shields in Elden Ring for builds of every type.

Elden Ring has a wide variety of arsenal ranging from some of the best weapons, spells, and incantations to small, medium, and large-sized shields that lowly tarnished can equip. Even if you’re wearing a low-resistance armor set, a shield will pretty much do the trick to save up your breath, all the while shielding yourself from incoming attacks. With that said, today, I present to you the best shields in the Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • The main purpose of shields In Elden Ring is to guard you from enemy attacks. They can be additionally used for bashing, parrying, and even attacking.
  • There are three types of shields: small, medium, and large. Their ability to deflect attacks depends on their size.
  • The best small shields in Elden Ring are Iron Roundshield, Rift Shield, Man Serpent Shield, Blue-White Wooden Shield, Shield of the Guilty, and Perfumers Shield.
  • In terms of medium-sized shields, the ones I recommend are the Scorpion Kite Shield, Black Leather Shield, Silver Mirror Shield, Inverted Hawk Heater Shield, Brass Shield,  and Carian Knight Shield.
  • Lastly, the best Great shields in the Elden Ring are Erdtree Greatshield, Dragon Claw Shield, Visage Shield, One-Eyed Shield, JellyFish Shield, Dragon Tower Shield, Golden Great Shield, and Redmane Greatshield.

My Top Picks For Best Elden Ring Shields 

Here are the Best Elden Ring Shields that I suggest, all compared to each other:

Shield NameBest ForPhysicalMagicalFireLightHolyBoost
Iron ShieldThe Highest Physical Guard In Small Shields71.
Rift ShieldThe Best Starter Small Shield For Focus71.
Man Serpent ShieldThe Lightest No-Skill Small Shield65.
Blue-White Wooden ShieldThe Greatest Defense-To-Weight Ratio In Small Shields63.
Perfumers ShieldThe Best Small Shield For Parrying And Immunity61.
Great Turtle ShieldThe Best Stamina-Regen Shield In Elden Ring100.
Scorpion Kite ShieldThe Best Light-Weight Medium Shield For Parry100.
Carian Knight ShieldThe Best Early Shield For Magic Defense100.
Shield Of The GuiltyThe Highest Bloodloss In Small Shields62.
Black Leather ShieldThe Most Visually Stunning Medium Shield79.
Silver Mirror ShieldThe Highest Magic Defense Shield In Elden Ring100.
Inverted Hawk Heater ShieldThe Best Defense-To-Weight Ratio In Medium Shields100.
Brass ShieldThe Greatest Guard Boost In Medium Shields100.
Erdtree Great ShieldThe Best Greatshield For Magic Reflection100.
Dragon Claw ShieldThe Best Greatshield For Lightning Damage100.
Visage ShieldThe Highest Physical Damage Shield100.
One Eyed ShieldThe Best Greatshield For One-Shot Builds100.
Jelly Fish ShieldThe Lightest Greatshield In Elden Ring100.
Dragon Tower ShieldThe Best Overall Defenses Among Towershields100.
Golden Great ShieldThe Best Weight-To-Boost Ratio Greatshield100.
Redmane Great ShieldThe Lightest Greatshield With Highest Fire Defense100.

1. Iron Shield 

The Highest Physical Guard In Small Shields.

Iron Shield
A description of the Iron Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 74 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 80 42 42 18 42 0 41

The Iron Shield in Elden Ring scales with Strength and offers solid protection without impeding mobility. It requires a minimum Strength of 8, can be buffed with Ashes of War, and is accessible through the Bloody Wolf Class or from the Nomadic Merchant in the Coastal Cave’s southeast side for 900 Runes.

  • Is a starter item, so very easy to obtain.
  • Blank skill slot allows the usage of any skill, like parry.

  • Offers very little protective effect, especially against lightning.
  • You can find parry-specific small shields later in the game.

2. Rift Shield

The Best Starter Small Shield For Focus.

The Rift Shield

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 70 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 76 33 37 18 37 0 38

The Rift Shield, though small compared to others, excels in parrying due to its strength scaling. Being a player who prefers timely parries over blocking, I’ve frequently used this shield. Ideal for agile builds, it enhances traversal and style in fights.

Designed with a sinister rift appearance, it boosts focus and intimidates foes. Featuring the parry skill, you can infuse it with magic or Ashes of War for a combat advantage.

To acquire it, select the prisoner class, or buy it for 1800 Runes from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes if you chose a different class.

  • Easy to obtain as it’s a starting equipment.
  • Has a very low weight requirement and provides a passive Focus buff.

  • Has a very low guard boost value (38).
  • Is outclassed by other small shields in terms of defensive stats.

3. Man Serpent Shield

The Lightest No-Skill Small Shield.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 70 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 75 35 48 18 33 0 39

The Man Serpent Shield is lightweight and scales with strength, requiring a minimum strength of 8. It suits agile playstyles and offers good fire resistance due to being tempered in lava.

This round copper dome shield, once carried by Mount Gelmir’s man-serpents, lacks unique skills and I prefer it for a swifter approach. You can improve it with Ashes of War and bolster it with magic or consumables if needed.

To obtain it, you’ll need to farm Man-Serpents near Volcano Manor’s starting point, as it’s a relatively rare drop.

If you don’t have access to Man Serpent Shield, I suggest using the Guilded Iron Shield. It has slightly higher physical defense, parry skill, and higher holy damage absorption.

  • Modifiable Ashes of War provides customizability.
  • Provides ample protection against fire-type damage.

  • Guard boost value is pretty low (39).
  • Difficult to obtain as it needs to be farmed.

4. Blue-White Wooden Shield

The Greatest Defense-To-Weight Ratio In Small Shields.

The Blue White Wooden Shield
A description of the Blue White Wooden Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 72 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 73 45 35 22 52 0 39

The Blue-White Wooden Shield has a regal appearance with blue accents and is a small, lightweight shield requiring decent strength. Its manageable size is useful for agile classes with limited inventory space. I frequently used it in my first playthrough, and recommend new players to do so, too. Reinforced with metal, it’s user-friendly for beginners but offers less damage mitigation than metal shields.

You can easily find it scattered around buildings on the way to Raya Lucaria Academy.

In place of Blue-White Wooden Shield, you can also use Ice Crest Shield. It has similar strength requirement but slightly higher physical resistance and guard boost at the cost of 1 additional weight.

  • Can be affixed with useful skills like Shield Bash or Parry.
  • Easily equippable in any build thanks to low Str Requirement.

  • Has comparatively weaker defensive stats.
  • No passive stat-boosting skill.

5. Perfumers Shield

The Best Small Shield For Parrying And Immunity.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 67 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 66 35 35 16 35 0 37

The Perfumer’s Shield in Elden Ring boasts a stunning appearance with its golden shimmer and royal engravings. It requires some strength but is designed with lightweight materials, allowing you to wield it effectively even if you are low on strength. Originally used by Leyndell perfumers during their military service, it prioritizes agility over defense.

In my playthrough, I opted to use it as I like to parry frequently. Thus, I believe it’s ideal for fast-moving and agile character classes.

  • Has almost negligible weight requirement (1.5).
  • Provides a passive boost to Immunity.

  • Extremely low physical reduction (66).
  • Very low drop rate; can only be farmed.

6. Great Turtle Shell

The Best Stamina-Regen Shield In Elden Ring.

Great Turtle Shell
Some stats of the Great Turtle Shell
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 81 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 87 44 39 43 46 0 49

The Great Turtle Shell resembles a turtle’s back and demands significant strength to wield in Elden Ring. I found that it provides excellent balance between protection and weight, making it effective against swift, high-damage foes. However, it’s not as lightweight as a small shield, which hinders parrying.

To find the Great Turtle Shell, you have to navigate through the Weeping Peninsula from the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace. Head east from the Spirit spring using the Torrent to reach the tower section of the ramparts. You’ll discover the shield on a corpse atop the tower.

  • The passive stamina regen works even when two-handing weapon.
  • Innate skill Barricade Shield can be useful against strong blows.

  • Has low physical reduction for a medium shield.
  • The stamina regen is valuable, but low in quantity.

7. Scorpion Kite Shield

The Best Light-Weight Medium Shield For Parry.

Scorpion Kite Shield
A description of the Scorpion Kite Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 78 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 45 46 33 50 0 52

The Scorpion Kite Shield displays a golden Scorpion symbol, intimidating foes. It’s larger than a typical small shield, requiring additional strength.

This shield balances weight and defense well, but it hampers mobility. It excels at reducing damage and blocking attacks. Known for its sturdiness, the metal shield features a yellow scorpion on its front, inspiring fear in enemies. It includes the parry skill for deflecting and staggering foes, which I found to be pretty helpful. You can enhance this sheild with Ashes of War, magic, or consumables.

To acquire the Scorpion Kite Shield, you should visit the Nomadic Merchant, who sells it for 2000 runes near the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge ruins. Invest your runes wisely to fortify your Elden Ring build with one of the best shields available.

  • Has a full physical defense and solid guard boost (52).
  • Low weight requirement and customizable skill.

  • Obtained in a mid-game area, by which you have other options.
  • Has comparatively lower light dmg reduction and no passive.

8. Carian Knight Shield

The Best Early Shield For Magic Defense.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 63 63 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 71 28 19 54 0 49

Now, Carian Knight shield picks up the ante as it needs not only strength but requires you to have a decent amount of Intelligence and Dexterity under your belt as well. I believe that it offers great protection despite its weight and makes tanking up damage a breeze. On the subject of Int/Dex, read my Dex Build.

If you want to acquire this beautiful piece of craftsmanship that offers great protection, then you can loot it from the Carian Knight, Moongrum over at Raya Lucaria Academy. But, you have to be prepared in advance to defeat him.

In case you don’t have it, I suggest opting for the Blue-Gold Kite Shield. Although lower magic defence, it has higher guard boost, overall defences, and doesn’t require three stats.

  • Provides substantial physical and magic dmg reduction.
  • Gets a high upgrade to guard boost at maximum level (~61).

  • Carian Knight is a pretty tough nut to crack for beginners.
  • Has very low lightning dmg negation (19).

9. Shield Of The Guilty

The Highest Bloodloss In Small Shields.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 75 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 68 36 36 31 37 0 33

The Shield of the Guilty features a thorned design with a veiled maiden on the front, symbolizing a maiden’s transformation blinded by the Briars of Sin before rebirth in Elden Ring.

Despite its light weight, it causes a passive blood loss buildup of 50, which, I believe, is pretty handy. Its signature skill, shield bash, allows you to prepare, ram into foes while guarding, and potentially stagger or push weaker enemies. The shield can be enhanced with Ashes of War, magic, or consumables.

To obtain it, you need to visit the cellar in the Demi-Human forest ruins on the Weeping Peninsula, just before the main building with the Demi-Human Queen mini-boss. You can access the cellar by climbing a wall to reach the stairs.

  • Provides a passive boost to Focus.
  • The Shield Bash skill pairs well with its Bleed buildup.

  • Has very low defensive stats.
  • Inflicting bleed with a weapon is generally easier than a shield.

10. Black Leather Shield

The Most Visually Stunning Medium Shield.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 75 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 88 45 31 46 47 0 44

The Black Leather Shield, wrapped in black leather with a gold rivet pole star design, which, I found to be pretty attractive and sturdy as well. It’s medium-sized but on the larger side, ideal for blocking and parrying, requiring a strength of 10 to wield. It can offer you excellent protection against fire, damage, light, and holy attacks.

To obtain the Black Leather Shield, you have to visit Caria Manor. Locate a balcony above the Manor Lower Level Bonfire, accessible by dropping down the cliffs on the southwestern side in the Three Sisters sub-area. There, you’ll meet Pidia, a Carian Servant, who possesses the shield.

If you can afford a little more weight, I suggest going for the Kite Shield. It has higher overall defenses and guard boost, and similar stat requirement.

  • Has extremely low weight for a medium shield.
  • Provides a useful passive status resistance like Frostbite when blocking.

  • Doesn’t have a 100 physical dmg reduction despite being a medium shield.
  • Caria Manor is a later area, and you might have better alternatives by then.

11. Silver Mirror Shield

The Highest Magic Defense Shield In Elden Ring.

The Silver Mirror Shield - Best Elden Ring Shield
A look at the Silver Mirror Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 70 45 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 89 31 19 27 0 45

The Silver Mirror Shield is a stunning piece, resembling a sacred dewdrop and inspired by the rumor of Loretta’s Albinauric origins. Crafted from radiant silver and adorned with Loretta’s amber candle, it provides both physical and magic damage resistance.

This medium-sized shield demands experienced Elden Ring players, requiring Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence investment which, I think, can be helpful once you reach higher levels. Weighing 3.5 units, it maintains maneuverability while offering balanced protection.

Though lacking special skills or Ashes of War infusion, it excels in battle. You can find it as a treasure in the northern Consecrated Grounds, inside the Apostate Derelict destroyed church. There, you’ll discover the exquisite Silver Mirror Shield.

  • Has extremely high magic dmg negation (89).
  • Can be easily used by mages as it has very low Int requirement.

  • Has no skill, and a skill cannot be affixed to it either.
  • Obtained in Consecrated Snowfield, which is essentially the end-game area.

12. Inverted Hawk Heater Shield

The Best Defense-To-Weight Ratio In Medium Shields.

Inverted Hawk Heater Shield
A description of the Inverted Hawk Heater Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 77 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 49 49 34 49 0 50

The Inverted Hawk Heater Shield is a medium-sized shield offering excellent protection without hindering movement. I found it to be pretty effective against all types of enemies, be it bosses or common mobs, and bears the emblem of slave patrollers in the Eternal City.

Its signature ability is parrying, allowing you to counter and deflect incoming attacks, particularly useful against bosses and tough enemies. The shield can also be infused with Ashes of War.

To find it,you have to travel to the Siofra River and head southwest of the Siofra River Bank site, climbing a hill to encounter three enemies. Defeat or bypass them to discover a corpse containing the Inverted Hawk Heater Shield.

  • For a low weight requirement, provides substantial defenses and guard boost.
  • Carries the parry skill, which can also be changed as per liking.

  • Has slightly lower lightning dmg reduction and no passive boost.
  • Can be overshadowed by Brass Shield, if you obtain it.

13. Brass Shield

The Greatest Guard Boost In Medium Shields.

Brass Shield - Best Elden Ring Shield
A description of the Brass Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 84 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 55 59 39 54 0 56

The Brass Shield boasts a polished royal finish with a peacock engraving on the front. It’s larger for a medium shield and requires a strength of 16, which I consider to be a good choice for tank-focused players. It offers a solid guard rating of 56 but limits movement due to its weight.

While it lacks notable skills, you can enhance the shield with Ashes of War or buffs. It’s typically dropped by Godrick, the Grafted’s soldiers, or Raya Lucaria Soldiers, but the drop rate is low at 0.8%, requiring extensive farming. Locations for farming include the Gate front site of Grace and near the Raya Lucaria Academy.

  • Has the best all-around defensive capabilities in medium shields.
  • Can use good parry skills like Golden Parry, and has substantial guard boost.

  • Has extremely low drop rate when farming.
  • Comparatively higher weight, thus slight efficiency problems.

14. Erdtree Great Shield

The Best Greatshield For Magic Reflection.

Erdtree Greatshield
A look at the Erdtree Greatshield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 120 0 0 0 78 100 0
Guard 100 66 49 45 76 0 60

The Erdtree Great Shield, forged in gold by the Tree Sentinels, scales with both strength and faith. While it offers exceptional protection against bosses and tough foes, it significantly reduces mobility. Its special skill, Golden Retaliation, allows you to dispel sorceries and incantations. To obtain it, defeat the Tree Sentinel Duo near the Phantom Tree Grace in Altus Plateau.

  • Full Physical and high Holy dmg reduction.
  • Comes with Golden Retaliation, the best skill for anti-magic strategies.

  • Has a hefty 30 Str requirement.
  • The two Tree Sentinel situation can be highly intimidating.

15. Dragon Claw Shield

The Best Greatshield For Lightning Damage.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 118 0 0 76 0 100 0
Guard 100 52 52 76 47 0 61

The Dragon Claw Shield, crafted from an ancient dragon’s claw, is imbued with lightning and offers substantial damage but reduces mobility. It features a powerful shield bash that can push back or stagger foes. To obtain it, you must defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel in the Capital Outskirts.

The Dragon Claw features a shield bash which you can charge up to ram foes. This may either shove them back or even stagger them. Take advantage of the opening and hack your enemies down. You can also imbue it with the Ashes of War or even buff it with Magic and consumables.

  • Deals additional damage against Dragon-type enemies.
  • Has high lightning dmg negation, further useful against Dragons.

  • For a greatshield with 13.5 weight, has low guard boost value (61).
  • Its Shield Bash skill cannot be replaced by a better one.

16. Visage Shield

The Highest Physical Damage Shield.

The Visage Shield - Best Elden Ring Shield
A look at the Visage Shield in a user’s inventory
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 186 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 62 81 65 62 0 75

Yeah, the visage shield is pretty grotesque and gross, but it packs a solid punch despite being a protective shield, and is among the best shields in Elden Ring when it comes to raw damage. The shield is made with bronze and depicts the face of a fire giant. Several tongues are spewing out of its mouth. The shield has an instructional function and reminds enemies of the horrors of facing against a fire giant.

The grotesque Visage Shield, is exceptionally heavy at 24 units but offers substantial attack power and protection. Its special skill, Tongues of Wire, allows it to spray fire while walking, which, I think is pretty convenient. To obtain it, defeat the guarding Mad Pumpkin Heads in an underground area east of the Caelem Ruins.The Shield can be beefed up further using the Ashes of War, with magic and consumables.

  • Provides very high all-around dmg reduction and guard boost.
  • Can deal a ton of damage with its high dmg stat and fire-spraying skill.

  • Has a pretty tall Str requirement (44).
  • Requires investment in both Str and End because of its heavy weight.

17. One-Eyed Shield

The Best Greatshield For One-Shot Builds.

One Eyed Shield
A user wielding the One Eyed Shield
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 175 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 57 69 59 63 0 67

The One-Eyed Shield, a typical great shield, requires significant strength to wield due to its weight of 20 units. It slows you down but offers exceptional protection. Adorned with a stone build and carvings of a cyclops god, it possesses the unique skill “Flame Spit,” allowing it to launch fireballs for both defense and offense. Enhance it with the Ashes of War, sombering stones, or magic and consumables. To obtain it, defeat Chief Guardian Arghanthy on the mountaintop of giants.

You need to make sure that your strength is up to par with the weight needs of the shield, which alone weighs 20 units. Considering the hefty weight, it considerably slows you down, making it more difficult to traverse. But I believe robustness and protection make it excellent for users who want to go with a heavy build.

  • With proper buffs, the skill can one-shot a lot of things.
  • Equally viable for PVE and PVP encounters.

  • The skill has a rather high FP cost (28).
  • Obtained in the end-game area, so can’t be used in first playthrough.

18. JellyFish Shield

The Lightest Greatshield In Elden Ring.

JellyFish Shield - Best Elden Ring Shield
The Jelly Fish Shield changing colors.
Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 123 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 52 52 40 48 0 52

The JellyFish Shield is among the best shields, offering protection against holy, light, magic, fire attacks, and even resistance to boost attacks. To wield it effectively, you need both strength and dexterity. Despite lore stating it doesn’t protect against piercing attacks, it surprisingly offers 100% physical protection.

The shield features the Contagious Fury skill, granting a 20% damage buff for 30 seconds, removed when switching to a two-handed weapon. Find it at the foot of the four belfries near a dead body, guarded by four jellyfish in the Lands Between. Defeat them to claim the Jellyfish Shield.

  • For a greatshield, has very low weight (8.0)
  • Provides a substantial damage boost with Contagious Fury skill.

  • Two-handing weapon can remove the buff.
  • Has lower defenses than other greatshields.

19. Dragon Tower Shield

The Best Overall Defenses Among Towershields.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 115 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 61 67 55 64 0 69

The Dragon Tower Shield is historically associated with ancient dragons who used it for powerful damage negation. Although it’s a heavy shield, it compensates with exceptional light damage negation and boost attack capabilities. I found it to be ideal for heavy builds focused on precise timing in guarding and attacking, it’s one of Elden Ring’s best heavy protection shields.

To find the Dragon Tower Shield, visit the crumbling ruins of Farum Azula. Near stationary dragons, move right to find a ledge to drop down from. Proceed to lower levels by navigating ledges next to a pillar. Inside a chest atop a ladder, you’ll discover the shield. Be prepared to face a knight when obtaining it, and ensure your stats meet the requirements for wielding it effectively.

Since this is a very late-game shield, you can utilize Manor Towershield in the meantime. It has almost equivalent stats to the Dragon Towershield.

  • Offers sturdy all around protection and bears comparatively less Str requirement.
  • Ashes of War can be customized to more useful options.

  • Obtained in essentially the end-game area.
  • Possess little unique characteristics for such a late-game equipment.

20. Golden Great Shield

The Best Weight-To-Boost Ratio Greatshield.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 113 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 57 60 57 68 0 70

The Golden Great Shield, as its name implies, is a substantial great shield designed primarily for damage protection rather than parrying attacks. To wield this Elden Ring shield effectively, you’ll need significant strength, around 34 points.

While the shield itself lacks specific skills, it can inherit the skills of the wielded armament in the other hand. However, using this shield significantly reduces mobility. Enhance its power by infusing it with the Ashes of War and further boosting it with magic and consumables. Overall, it’s an excellent choice if you are seeking robust protection.

To obtain the Golden Great Shield, hunt down the dragon cult knights, humanoid enemies frequently found in Lirunia of The Lakes, south of the Artist’s shack, or within the Wyndham Catacombs.

  • With additional buffs, can reach 100 guard boost at max level.
  • Blank skill allows the usage of right-hand weapon’s Ash of War.

  • Has low drop rate and needs to be farmed.
  • Requires Endurance  investment to be used in heavy builds.

21. Redmane Greatshield

The Lightest Greatshield With Highest Fire Defense.

Stat Physical Magic Fire Light Holy Crit Boost
Attack 108 0 0 0 0 100 0
Guard 100 54 70 53 52 0 65

The Redmane Great Shield primarily relies on your strength stats, so it’s essential to invest in strength points to wield it effectively. This shield ranks among the best for providing unparalleled protection against enemy attacks, even from formidable bosses. It excels in guarding and damage absorption but sacrifices the parrying advantages of lighter shields.

To maximize its potential, infuse the shield with the Ashes of War and buff it with magic and consumables. You can obtain the Redmane Great Shield by defeating Redmane Knights in the lands of Caelid. Upon victory, claim the shield from the corpses of your fallen foes, adding one of the best shields to your inventory.

  • Offers balanced protection stats alongside a higher fire defense.
  • Has comparatively lower weight than other greatshields.

  • Needs to be farmed, and thus difficult to obtain.
  • Lacks any passive ability to boost stats.

Types of Shields in Elden Ring

There are three kinds of shields that you will find in the Elden Ring. Shields can be small, medium, or great, depending on their stats, physical damage reduction, and weight. 

Following are all the Shields arranged according to their type.

Small Shields

These Shields typically weigh very little and have low durability. They won’t protect you from most of the attacks, especially the fatal kind. If you prefer parrying instead of blocking the attacks, these shields are a good option for you.

Following are the small shields.

  • Rickety Shield
  • Riveted Wooden Shield
  • Blue White Wooden Shield 
  • Scripture Wooden Shield
  • Red Thorn Round shield
  • Pillory Shield
  • Buckler 
  • Iron Round Shield
  • Gilded Iron Shield
  • Man Serpent’s Shield
  • Ice Crest Shield
  • Rift Shield
  • Perfumer’s Shield
  • Shield of Guilty
  • Spiralhorn Shield
  • Smouldering Shield
  • Coil Shield

Medium Shields

These shields are more stable and have a higher physical damage reduction capacity. But their weight is greater than the small shields, making them difficult to equip and use in combat.

Following are all the Medium Shields. 

  • Hawk Crest Wooden Shield
  • Horse Crest Wooden Shield 
  • Candletree Wooden Shield 
  • Flame Crest Wooden Shield
  • Maren Wooden Shield 
  • Sun Realm Shield
  • Round Shield
  • Large Leather Shield
  • Black Leather Shield
  • Marred Leather Shield
  • Heater Shield
  • Blue Crest Shield 
  • Red Crest Heater Shield 
  • Beast Crest Heater Shield 
  • Inverted Hawk Heater Shield 
  • Eclipse Crest Heater Shield
  • Kite Shield 
  • Blue Gold Kite Shield
  • Scorpion Kite Shield 
  • Twin bird Kite Shield 
  • Brass Shield
  • Banished Knight’s Shield
  • Albinauric Shield
  • Beastman’s Jar Shield
  • Carian Knight’s Shield
  • Silver MirrorShield
  • Great Turtle Shield

Great Shields

These shields have the highest durability and stability and will greatly help you in your fights with the toughest bosses in the game. However, their only con is that they weigh a lot, so dodging while these shields are equipped can be hard.

Following are all the Greatshields available in Elden Ring 

  • Wooden Greatshield 
  • Lordsworn’s Shield
  • Briar Greatshield
  • Spiked Palisade Shield 
  • Icon Shield
  • Golden Beast Crest Shield 
  • Manor Towershield
  • Crossed Tree Towershield
  • Inverted Hawk Towershield
  • Dragon Towershield
  • Distinguished Greatshield 
  • Gilded Greatshield 
  • Cuckoo Greatshield 
  • Redmane Greatshield 
  • Golden Greatshield 
  • Halligtree Crest Greatshield 
  • Crucible Hornshield
  • Dragonclaw Shield
  • Fingerprint Stone shield 
  • Eclipse Crest Greatshield 
  • Ant’s Skull Plate
  • Erdtree Greatshield 
  • Jellyfish Shield
  • Visage Shield
  • One-eyed Shield

Other Honorable Mentions

There are several excellent options for the Best Shields in Elden Ring that I did not include in my top 21 list because of different reasons.

  • Beast Crest Heater Shield: Undoubtedly one of the greatest shields, but it has no set location; you need to farm it.
  • Marred Leather Shield: A shield that has a high base attack but no skill.
  • Blue-Gold Kite Shield: Despite reducing damage in the early game, Its limited nimbleness makes it a weaker option than the others.
  • Fingerprint Stone Shield: A good choice, but it typically consumes more stamina when blocking attacks. High stamina consumption can leave you vulnerable.

My Take On The Best Shields In Elden Ring

After having spent hours upon hours in Elden Ring, trying the many shields it has to offer in a variety of builds, what I came to understand is that there isn’t one best shield, but multiple choices can become the best option depending on the situation. Generally, I preferred the medium shields, specifically the Brass Shield and the Carian Knight Shield for their all around utility and weight to protection ratio.

When it came to parrying, small shields like Buckler and Red Thorn Roundshield become matchless. Similarly, when I wanted something with a little more damage plus protection combo, Visage Shield and One-Eyed Shield were my go-to options. I suggest you experiment with all the options available for you, and decide which one suits your builds the best.

That is pretty much it for the best shields in Elden Ring, ranging from small, easy maneuver shields with parrying capabilities to great shields that soak up enemy damage. I hope you enjoyed the guide and make the most of your journey with the shields you find along the way. If you’re looking for some keepsakes to enhance your experience, I’ve got you covered.

There are also tons of armors you can come across in the Lands Between. I’ve got you covered with the best Elden Ring Armors that will boost your stats to a whole other level. If you want to mix things up a bit more, check out my guide on Incantations vs sorceries to find out which spells suit you best. 

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Daniyal is a Guides Writer and Editor at eXputer with over one year of experience in content writing. He's had a passion for tech and gaming for more than 15 years. Ever since his first console, the PS2, he's constantly branching off to different genres, and his go-to at the moment is the Souls experience pioneered by FromSoftware, which is evident by his 1,500+ hours of game time on Elden Ring. You can learn some more about Daniyal's gaming journey on his Steam & Xbox profiles.

Experience: 1+ Years || Mainly Covers Guides || Education: Bachelors in Computer Sciences.

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