Elden Ring Class Tier List: All Classes Ranked [2024]

Don't know what starting class to pick in Elden Ring? Read my Elden Ring class tier list to know what's your best-fit class.

Before diving into the ranking, you need to know how Elden Ring’s classes work. The game has got ten different classes, each suited for different playstyles. Whatever choice you make, especially at the beginning, is what will ultimately define your playstyle. Considering all the factors, I have curated an Elden Ring class tier list for you. It’s basically a detailed guide where we’ll scrutinize each class, its strengths, and most importantly, which is best for a start.

Key Takeaways
  • S Tier classes are all potent enough to do considerable damage to your foes in the early stages. They are; Vagabond, Astrologer, Samurai.
  • A tier classes might not be as strong as S tier but they should not be ignored, given their unique stats. They are; Warrior, Prisoner, Hero, Confessor.
  • B Tier classes are best wielded with specific playstyles and by veteran players. They are; Prophet, and Bandit.
  • C Tier Class lacks a bit too much and is not recommended for beginner players. However, as someone who just likes experimenting or for a challenge, you can still try it. It is; Wretch.

There is no surprise that the class choice will also influence your first few hours in the game—for instance, the starting character’s stats and equipment. However, you always have the liberty to revamp your character later in the game. 

Long story short, the class you pick at the beginning will give you a little direction into Elden Ring and some gear to maneuver to the point from where you can take charge. Below is the Elden Ring class tier list, where all 10 Classes are ranked from best to worst.

Let’s look at the comparison between all Elden Ring Classes:

TierClassSoul LevelVigorMindEnduranceStrengthDexterityIntelligenceFaithArcane

Elden Ring Classes Tier List 

ER Class Tiers S-C (explained)
Elden Ring Class Tier List Explained!

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The primary reason you need an Elden Ring class tier list is that all of the 10 put at your disposal play differently. Hence, consequently, not all might be the best choice to mark your entrance into the game. 

Do mind that no class is weak. It’s just that some prove pretty flexible on all occasions while the others may only work at a particular point in the game. On this note, let’s get into it! 

S-Tier Classes 

These Elden Ring classes are the best of all the 10. All of them are potent enough to dish off considerable damage to your foes in the initial times. Though these classes aren’t entirely perfect, their failings are far more minor than the rest. 

For beginner players looking forward to starting with an unforgettable triumph, these Elden Ring classes are the best fit then. 


class tier list elden ring
Vagabond Class (Image by eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Vagabond) 
Level 9
Mind 10
Dexterity 13
Strength 14
Intelligence 9
Arcane  7
Vigor 15
Endurance  11
Faith 9

Players aren’t short of melee classes in the Elden Ring, but the utter tank here simply wins the contest. I believe this is primarily due to Vagabond’s sheer virtue of tackiness. It is undoubtedly one of the best Elden Ring classes for beginners, if not the best.

Vagabond houses a lot of punch, thanks to the great armor onboard. Players will enjoy the incredible synergy of Dexterity and Strength on offer and the fact that it starts with a Longsword and heavy shield. Meaning players can propel any way they like! 

With essential qualities for intense battles, it provides an ideal starting point. The class boasts high Vigor (15 points) and a robust health pool. Yet, it lacks in Faith, Intelligence, and Mind. Enhancing these areas could elevate the Vagabond to a tier rank beyond S!


elden ring class tier list

Elden Ring Class Stats (Astrologer
Level 6
Mind 15
Dexterity 12
Strength 8
Intelligence 16
Arcane  9
Vigor 9
Endurance  9
Faith 7

I don’t know whether any of you would like to hear about it or not, but astrology is evolving as the most potent way of conduct in the Elden Ring than any other. Keeping this in mind, an astrology-oriented class is necessary; fortunately, Elden Ring has one. 

The class supports both witchcraft and melee stance and begins with offering a minimal yet practical set of sorceries. They are not as flashy as the ones you’ll be eager to get hold of, but they efficiently help players digest and ultimately master the Elden Ring magic system.

With sorceries, this class also keeps some backup weapons at your disposal. This includes a sword, a small shield, and a staff. The Astrologer class gets better with the story, inducing fresher and more potent Sorceries that, later in the game, will do more good than harm. 


class tier list elden ring
Samurai Class (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Samurai) 
Level 9
Mind 11
Dexterity 15
Strength 12
Intelligence 9
Arcane  8
Vigor 12
Endurance  13
Faith 8

Embrace devastating power with the Samurai class, offering the opportunity to wield the agile and formidable Uchigatana. This mighty sword delivers powerful blows and inflicts a massive bleed effect.

The Samurai focuses on Dexterity, with close attention to Endurance and Vigor, while placing less emphasis on stealth. Enjoy a versatile playstyle with both ranged and melee attacks using a longbow, offhand shield, and fire arrows alongside the sturdy katana.

Survivability is enhanced through strategic point allocation, allowing players to fully explore Elden Ring’s open world from the beginning. However, addressing the downside of the Vagabond class requires additional points to boost faith and intelligence for sorcery compatibility.

A-Tier Classes

While not as extraordinary as the S-Tier classes, these picks can’t be ignored either. Given their unique stats that perfectly fit different niches, these classes are worth your attention.  


class tier list elden ring
Warrior Class (Image credit: eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Warrior) 
Level 8
Mind 12
Dexterity 16
Strength 10
Intelligence 10 
Arcane  9
Vigor 11
Endurance  11
Faith 8

The Elden Ring’s Warrior class is a powerful choice, almost on par with the Vagabond if not for its steep learning curve. This class is challenging but rewarding.

Among the melee classes, it can be tough for beginners due to the low initial damage output with scimitars and an offhand shield. However, wielding dual scimitars can deliver consistent damage, making the early sacrifice worthwhile.

If you ask me, the Warrior class becomes highly lethal once mastered, perfect for fans of fast-paced melee combat. You’ll also have 16 Dexterity points for substantial damage. However, investing in Strength and Vigor is essential for heavy armor and improved defense.


elden ring class tier list
Prisoner Class (Image Captured by Us)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Prisoner) 
Level 9
Mind 12
Dexterity 14
Strength 11
Intelligence 14
Arcane  9
Vigor 11
Endurance  11
Faith 6

With its powerful attacks and extended range, Sorcery is set to dominate RPG gameplay. In Elden Ring, the Prisoner class complements this dominance. While not as robust as the Astrologer, it supports Dexterity-based melee weapons with high Mind and Intelligence stats.

The Prisoner class begins with a moderate damage spell, Magic Glintblade Sorcery, ideal for introducing magical combat. Check our Elden Ring Spells Tier List for more spells to enhance your Prisoner’s abilities.

What makes the Prisoner class appealing is its balance between magic and melee. It equips you with a staff, shield, and sword. Invest in Endurance and Vigor stats to excel in melee, as the class leans more toward magic.


elden ring class tier list
Hero Class (Image Captured by eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Hero) 
Level 7
Mind 9
Dexterity 9
Strength 16
Intelligence 7
Arcane  11
Vigor 14
Endurance  12 
Faith 8

This class is yet another melee class you can rely on for the early game. It is not well-rounded for spellcasting but is designed to support a fast-paced melee character focusing more on Strength rather than Dexterity. 

Great Strength paired with substantial Stamina, high Vigor, and top-notch Endurance make the Hero class ideal for newbie Elden Ring combatants. Those who want to get the hang of the game in no more than a couple of hits only can make the most out of this class. 

The Hero class provides a substantial health pool and allows players to wield large weapons effectively. Players have the freedom to allocate stat points based on their preferences. Starting with a one-handed ax and a medium-sized shield, it’s a fair trade for a robust beginning


elden ring class tier list
Confessor Class (Image by eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Confessor) 
Level 10
Mind 13
Dexterity 12
Strength 12
Intelligence 9
Arcane  9
Vigor 10
Endurance  10
Faith 14

Named for its association with Stealth, the Confessor is a versatile “hybrid” class akin to the prisoner. It can serve as a competent melee attacker or a Faith-loaded caster. While not the best in either category, the Confessor excels as a two-in-one class, making it a great choice for melee enthusiasts interested in learning magic.

Opting for the Confessor class can help you learn a bit of the Elden Ring’s magic mechanism without having to digest the whole forcefully. The class dashes off with a mighty sword, finger seal, potential to synergize with Dexterity and Strength, and a solid shield to block incoming shots.

However, what plays the role of a magic glue here is the solid Faith and Vigor rating. It allows you to have multiple high-power weapons while also letting you use magic. However, you need to add extra points to defense stats in order to deal with hits in the initial game. 

B-Tier Classes 

Classes of the B-Tier should not be underestimated. Though they couldn’t make it to the top ranks, these Elden Ring classes are best if wielded with specific playstyles. We’ll recommend the below-mentioned classes to veteran players only.  Beginners might even try their luck, but once they have been in the game for at least some time. 


class tier list elden ring
Prophet Class (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Prophet
Level 7
Mind 14
Dexterity 10
Strength 11
Intelligence 7
Arcane  10
Vigor 10
Endurance  8
Faith 16

I know that most of the true Dark Soul fans are amazed to see yet another sorcery class in Elden Ring. The game has really left a lot of traditions behind. Nevertheless, this class isn’t as competent as the other sorcery classes. Please don’t assume it’s weak, though. 

Thanks to the impressive starting Faith stats, the Prophet class can be called one of the best spellcasters in the horde. However, due to no support for melee attacks, it’s not a hybrid pick. Moreover, it’s fragile and possesses weak starting items (just a finger seal and a spear). 

Until a player gets a good grip on maneuvering magic incantations and summons, wielding the Prophet class can be challenging. Players looking for a Faith-based starting class and those who know how to tackle magic may consider picking the Prophet. 


elden ring class tier list
Bandit Class (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Bandit) 
Level 5
Mind 11
Dexterity 13
Strength 9
Intelligence 9
Arcane  14
Vigor 10
Endurance  10
Faith 8

Stealth is a new stat introduced in the Elden Ring area, and I know you are super excited to get hold of it; however, that doesn’t mean you make any wrong decisions. Meaning doesn’t opt for the Stealth-oriented Bandit class before knowing about it. 

This class begins with a bow and arrow to take charge of the bosses from a distance, a decent knife, and a shield too. With Stealth, the class houses substantial Dexterity and Arcane as well. 

Because of them, Bandit will do fine while you tour through the game’s open world but won’t prove to be of much help against aggressive bosses.  

C-Tier Classes

These classes lack a little too much. For starter Elden Ring fellas, they are certainly not the classes I would prefer. However, being a pro gamer or someone who just likes experimenting with every possibility put forth by Elden Ring, you can still try them.  


class tier list elden ring
Wretch Class (Image credit: eXputer)
Elden Ring Class Stats (Wretch) 
Level 1
Mind 10
Dexterity 10
Strength 10
Intelligence 10
Arcane  10
Vigor 10
Endurance  10
Faith 10

As an experienced Elden Ring player, I find Wretch class fascinating in the end, but it’s tough for beginners due to its low stats, represented by a half-clothed character wielding a club.

Wretch’s initial challenges pay off as you progress. Being a Level 1 class allows for flexible customization, leading to powerful builds. Wretch offers cost-effective leveling with no wastage, making it one of Elden Ring’s most versatile classes.

However, this flexibility comes after a challenging early phase with questionable point allocation and stats.


That sums up my guide on the best classes in Elden Ring. Do note that none of the classes are substandard or entirely unsuitable to employ; as such players can do better with some once they fully understand the game mechanics. 

Which one do you like the most from my Elden Ring class tier list? And does it fit your playstyle? I personally found the Vagabond to offer a balanced play style. 

  Elden Ring Classes 
S-Tier  Vagabond, Astrologer, Samurai
A-Tier Warrior, Prisoner, Hero, Confessor
B-Tier  Prophet, Bandit
C-Tier  Wretch
ER Class Tiers S-C
Elden Ring Class Tier List At a Glance

Why My Tier List Ranking Matters

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