Player Becomes First To Finish Elden Ring 100 Times

"I doubt you could even imagine it."

Elden Ring is the latest action-adventure roleplaying game from FromSoftware. It is no shocker to assume that this title is the rightful successor to Souls-like games; the game has fitfully earned it. Elden Ring is hailed as the perfect amalgamation of fantasy and storytelling by many reviews that have given the game perfect scores. FromSoftware has added new spices to its formula and made the game more of an open-world experience than what the players were used to indulging.

Beating Elden Ring once alone is a feat, and the community will commend you for it. However, the speedrunners make the game appear like a toddler’s play. The NG+ in all Souls-like titles lets you start the game with most of your current equipment, provided the enemies are harder. So, finishing the game once is never enough to absorb the experience it provides fully.

While the game has been out for just a month so far, a player has already completed the game 100 times, thus reaching NG+ 100, which means that he has ventured from start to finish over a hundred times as hard as it is to swallow. However, that isn’t enough for him, as the player is now about to undertake his 101st journey through the Lands Between.

The talented speedrunner, Kogarrashi, is well known in the Elden Ring community. In a recent video uploaded onto the player’s YouTube channel, he goes over all the details about his astonishing accomplishment. According to the player, it took him nearly 18 hours to go from NG+ 67 to NG+ 100, all of which was streamed live onto his Twitch channel.

While the community is still scuffling with Starscrouge Radahn, this player has managed to defeat the Boss a hundred times. This feat is nothing short of amazing, considering how the game was meant to be enjoyed as a slow burner. Elden Ring came out just a month ago, and someone has shrunk the extensive length of the game into the palm of their hands.

At the end of the video, Kogarrashi describes how delighted he is to become the first player to have accomplished such an outstanding feat, as he should be. Many players and speedrunners alike have applauded him for this achievement, leaving the Elden Ring community in amazement.

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