Player Breaks Elden Ring Speedrun World Record Even After Patch

Despite the efforts of the developers, the Elden Ring speedrun world record has been beaten once again; this time, under 26 minutes only.

Over the years, speedruns have grown rapidly, and it has become a genre of its own, with players trying to achieve new world records every now and then. With the release of Elden Ring, becoming one of the best-selling games, players are now finding new and ingenious ways to create speedrun world records in the game. Last week, Distortion2 established the Any% speedrun world record for Elden Ring in just under 29 minutes. Now, the player has once again beaten his own world record, this time under 26 minutes only, and even this after the recent update that severely downgraded speedruns in the game.

Seeing the rise of speedrun trends in Elden Ring, the developers, FromSoftware, decided to make some changes to the game in hopes of stopping players from achieving speedruns in the game. However, it seems like that hasn’t stopped Distortion2 from breaking the boundaries set by the developers and achieving yet another speedrun world record in the game.

YouTube video

The player has successfully reclaimed his world record of beating Elden Ring the fastest. In a recent video uploaded onto their YouTube channel today, Distortion2 finishes Elden Ring in an astonishing 25 minutes and 29 seconds only. However, the reason that the player was able to beat the game in such a short amount of time is due to a glitch that they call the “zip glitch.”

With this glitch, any player can teleport from one place to another by simply blocking with their shield and pressing the forward-moving key (W-key on PC). The glitch is achieved by installing a small script into the game that anyone can get from the internet. Even though they were using the glitch, it still would make matters pressing when fighting against bosses, which can be tedious at times, and delivering everything perfectly, so this accomplishment is well deserved. It seems like other players think the same, as the reaction of the audience during the live stream was priceless.

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